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Be Most Willing To Release Everything ~ Arcturian Council of Light

council light

There is a strong acquittal that is due you.

But you must be willing to receive it.

You must be open to it 

and consider yourself worthy.

We ask you,

we recommend

and implore

to acknowledge all those places of darkness within

and bring them to the light.

Those places where you still don't think you are good enough,

harboring resentments against self 

or wishing you had started earlier.

What if it was all just an old fable 

being read out of an old storybook 

whose pages are worn and torn?

What if there is a new shipment of books

that have arrived 

for your review.

We recommend throwing out that old story

by bringing all aspects of it to the light.

Many of you think it is much harder than this.

That it simply isn't possible.

Some of you are claiming that you have already tried 

doing this

and nothing,



What if we are here to let you know

that the reason it didn't work before

is because you wouldn't let go.  ( I see an image of a tightly clenched fist)

Be most willing to release everything 

to the light now 

and receive the new book

about you. 

Arcturian Council of Light

Sunday, March 4, 2018

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