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The Flower of Life/Tree of Life - A Hathor Planetary Message

The Flower of Life/Tree of Life - A Hathor Planetary Message
A Hathor Planetary Message

Within the vastness of the evolving cosmos, we wish to bring to your attention a pivotal point, a benchmark within your own evolution.

You may be finding yourself in a most interesting and challenging position. As a human being you carry within you various, shall we say obstacles, through the birthing process that is your own Ascension.

Meanwhile as you contend with the demands of your own physical embodiment, the cosmos is rapidly evolving, and the pressure waves of change are coming to you from all angles. There is no escape from this cosmic evolutionary force. You are imbedded in, and a part of, this cosmic evolution.

You may, at times, feel overwhelmed and deeply challenged by both the rapid changes that are occurring around you and by the almost brutal internal experiences you may be having.

Tsunamis of subtle energies from the Central Sun of your galaxy, from all of the stars, galaxies and celestial planetary bodies and their alignments conspire to force you upward or downward.

Whether you move upward or downward in your spiritual evolution depends on you. We suggest you explore some of the latest photographs that are emerging from your science of astronomy and neurology. There is a striking similarity in your neural pathways and the gridwork of your universe.

If you explore these photographs (resources will be given at the end of this message) you may get the sense that your neural networks and the intracellular structures or your body are essentially identical. You are a living microcosm of the universe, and any significant change in the cosmos will affect you. This will be true for anyone living on Earth. If you are a sensitive individual, you might be very aware of these connections. If you are unaware of subtle energies you may have no idea that this is going on, but the cosmic alignments are affecting you and all other sentient beings in profound ways—whether you are aware of it or not.

The ancient Egyptian maxim, attributed to Thoth states, “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

You are a piece of the cosmic hologram and, like holograms in general, your body holds within itself the totality of the entire cosmos. Depending upon your current state of evolution, you may or may not be aware of your holographic nature.

Your holographic-light-body can open vast fields of information and life renewing energies if you know how to access it.

We are imparting this message along with a new sound meditation to assist you to make an evolutionary jump into your own Ascension.

We do this in order that you may become stronger within your subtle bodies and the cellular structures of your physical form.

In terms of planetary change, make no mistake about it, you have seen nothing yet. Your Universe (and all beings who reside therein) are poised to enter into what we would describe as hyperdrive.

The various planetary and stellar bodies strewn throughout the cosmos are vast quarries of energy and are, themselves shifting in response to the cosmic forces. Every star within the vastness of your Universe is interconnected and like the roots of trees that communicate directly with each other, the furthest celestial bodies at the edge of the known universe are connected to each other and thus to you.

The cosmos is birthing a new reality, and you are in the crosshairs. You are not an insignificant physical organism that simply lives and dies a transient and meaningless life. You are an embodiment of pure consciousness birthed from the Cosmic Mother—the primal feminine force that creates all things.

From our perspective the creative force is both masculine and feminine, what you would call God and Goddess. Both are needed. Your worldly religions emphasize the male principal (God) or eliminate the feminine principal (Goddess) altogether. This is a terrible situation, an error in thinking that has had, and continues to have devastating effects on your spiritual evolution. We encourage you to ferret out your own misunderstandings regarding the feminine nature of creation.

One way to connect with the feminine mystery is to be in nature without diversions. Open your physical senses and commune with the subtle energies generated by the plant kingdom.

If you consciously enter into a natural setting, even a small grouping of trees will work, open your physical senses and just be with the trees. Understand that they are sentinels of the cosmos that live upon your planet. They are wise and intelligent beings who will share with you the mystery of creation they hold.

You cannot do this using artificial reality devices, (such as Facebook’s Meta Quest ). You must immerse yourself in nature and the subtle field-effects of the trees, not a digital version of reality.

The sound meditation we are about to give is based on the activation of Ascension energies. It draws to you spiritual light from the highest etheric realms. The nature of this light is rapid and potent transformation.

Do not engage this sound meditation out of idle curiosity. It needs to be entered into with clarity of intent and a high degree of sobriety. The sound codes are direct vibrational messengers from the highest light realms. When you engage this meditation properly you are interacting with a force that can, and will, transform the subtle circuits within your body aligning you with the evolving universe you are a part of. If you work with this regularly you will create within yourself what we refer to as ascension seeds. These will open and assist you with the birthing process that is your own Ascension.

When we first contacted this channel many years ago, we mentioned to him our perception that his (and your) Universe was entering a more powerful and volatile stage of Ascension.

  • The birthing process has clearly begun.
  • Find yourselves good midwives.
  • Go to and commune with the trees.
  • Come back to your physical senses.
  • Free yourself from the digital mind-manipulation and toxicity that is engulfing your planet.

If you strengthen your subtle energy bodies and the subtle pathways within your physical form you will be able to endure the cosmic storm that is upon you. And you will be able to bear the extruding of negative emotions and toxins as the cosmic rotor rooter has its way with you.

If you look around you and observe your fellow human beings you might notice that there is greater irrationality, uncontrolled hostility, and violence toward each other. Do not engage these types of destructive behaviors that lead to lower states of evolution.

Do not be concerned when you experience your own negativity and toxins being extruded and breaking through into your conscious awareness. Do not condemn yourself. Rather use your innate ability to observe what is happening and understand that the universe is moving through you and the release of negativity or clearing, is simply part of the birthing into Ascension.

In a moment we will give you the basic instructions, but before we move into the practicality of how you are going to do this we wish to leave you with a thought.

As a carbon based being your body is made of stardust. And your nature is very much like coal. Like coal if you experience enough pressure, you will either be pulverized or become a diamond. This sound mediation will strengthen you so that you can bear the cosmic force that is squeezing you from all sides. Thus, you may, with enough clarity of intent and persistence, become a multifaceted cosmic diamond. That is your destiny—but only if you choose it.

The Flower of Life and the Tree of Life

The Flower of Life is a complex geometry that forms the basis for all life throughout the cosmos. And your body is no exception. The vast and intricate nerve pathways, meridians and nadis all exist within relationship to each other based on ratios within the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life continually feeds, nourishes and affects the Tree of Life—the vast network of nerves, meridians and nadis that permeate your body.

Indeed, if you look at drawings from anatomists, you will see that the nerve pathways look remarkably like a tree.

While aspects of your Tree of Life (i.e., the network of nerves) can be seen with your physical eyes when viewed through instruments such as a microscope, the meridians and nadis are not visible. They exist in a more subtle realm of the body called the etheric dimension.

The Flower of Life is more subtle still and cannot be viewed in any manner using technologies currently in use. This situation will change as your sciences develop ever more refined ways of viewing the world of minute particles within the human body. It will eventually be confirmed that the Flower of Life is embedded in every atomic particle that makes up your DNA.

The ramifications of this are immense, and we plan to address these in a future message(s).

But for now, let’s return to the sound meditation as it is a means for you to access the higher light realms and generate mental/emotional and physical states that are magical in nature.

We are imparting this unusual sound meditation so that you can enliven your own Tree of Life and to assist you greatly in the Ascension process.

This gift is imparted during a precipitous situation on your planet as Chaotic Nodes are increasing at a breath-taking rate. These include wars, pestilence, famine, social/political unrest, ecological stress and unprecedented cosmic alignments. Indeed, any of these Chaotic Nodes would create problems but combined together, they are creating what could best be described as a Super Chaotic Node whereby all of the lesser Chaotic Nodes interconnect and are amplified.

It is an irony of human existence that empowerments are sometimes timed and sometimes given under the worst of conditions. This gift of this Sound Meditation is being imparted under such planetary duress.

If you work with this sound meditation on a regular basis and with focused intent, the subtle energy pathways of your body will be transformed.

This is sacred or holy work (as in making yourself whole). It is an integration of the higher expressions of light with your body/mind complex and this type of light transforms anything it touches. Know this with certainty as you work with this rare gift.

Precise instructions for this sound meditation appear later in this message, but we now wish to invite you to join us, and many other illuminated beings, to energetically introduce calming and coherent energies to your planet’s emotional atmosphere.

The Celestial Sangha

The Celestial Sangh is an attempt, at a very subtle level of consciousness, to add positive, life-affirming energies to the tsunamis of hatred, desperation and confusion that are running rampant on your planet. As a co-creator and resident of your planet, you have the right to affect situations so that more grace and compassion unfolds in your world—even in the midst of such dire circumstances. If you are able to enter into this form of planetary service, you will sense it. And if you feel a strong calling, you are, in all likelihood, an Earth Protector. If you choose to work with the Celestial Sangha we bow to you and celebrate the extraordinary experiences that will unfold for you as you work with this form of planetary service—for nothing will expand your consciousness quite as radically as being in service to Gaia and her unfoldment.


It is imperative that you listen to this sound piece with stereo headphones or earbuds. The reason has to do with complex wave forms that interconnect and without listening with full stereo separation via headphones or earbuds it would be challenging to make sense of the auditory input. Also, DO NOT listen to this in situations requiring alertness.

The primary purpose of this sound meditation is to accelerate your own Ascension process. And as such, it should be entered into with sobriety and not idle curiosity.

To undertake this form of energy-work is nothing less than a radical up-leveling of your embodied form.

The meditation draws spiritual light into your subtle energy body (KA) as well as your flesh and blood physical body (KHAT) and circulates it through your body’s vast neural networks of both the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems. Furthermore, this spiritual light also flows into the meridian system, the body’s network of subtle energy pathways that circulate chi through the body’s organs and systems. And finally, the sound meditation activates the body’s most subtle energy pathways known as nadis, which hold the keys to expansive states of body and mind.

This is inner alchemy at one of its most profound levels as it transforms and elevates the subtle energies of your very life force and opens a foyer into the exquisite mysteries of your own body/mind/sprit complex. The sound meditation can be viewed as a means to enter into a conscious relationship with your own embodied form as a Living-Light Being. If you work with this on a regular and consistent basis, you will find that the spiritual light generated from the sound meditation flows throughout your body’s atomic, molecular and cellular structures. And there will be increased episodes of perceived light.

The more intently and regularly you work with the sound meditation the more rapid your unfoldment will be.

There are three primary areas of focus—your crown chakra where a clear crystal sphere hovers above your head and emanates a constant stream of coherent and transformational light. Its color is silvery-white, like the light of the full moon.

The second point of focus is your perineum, which is located midway between your genitals and anus. It is in this area that the Immortal Eight Cells reside. These immortal cells are comprised of subtle life-force energies and are held in your body’s etheric dimension—not the physical. They hold the subtle imprint or template of your divine self in embodied form. Activation of the Eight Immortals is one of the effects of working with this sound meditation.

The third and final area of focus is your Secret Channel (or Pranic Tube) that runs from your crown down through the center of your body to the perineum. This subtle channel is the central axis of your body’s electromagnetic field, and it is a conduit for subtle energies. By placing your awareness at your crown and the Eight Immortals at your perineum, the spiritual light that is emanated from the sphere at your crown descends and flows through the Secret Channel and down into the perineum area. As the pranic tube fills with slivery-white light, the light spontaneously flows into your body’s nerve and subtle energy pathways.

Go to and click on The Celestial Sangha in the Main Menu or click here.

Tom’s Comments

About halfway through taking down this message, both Judi and I heard a woodpecker pecking at the side of our house repeatedly and with great emphasis.

Enom, my main Hathor mentor, said that the bird was a messenger, and he was simply emphasizing the importance of this information for the animal kingdom.

And then when the Hathors got to the point where they explained the force of change that is upon us, the winds suddenly kicked up.

From a shamanic perspective these were not just interesting coincidences but rather a manifestation of a link between the Hathors as light-beings, the human and animal kingdoms as well as the air element, which is connected to rapid transformation or change.

The Mechanics of the Sound Meditation

As the light flows into your Central Channel from the sphere of white light at your crown and down to your perineum, the flow of light can take many forms including, but not limited to the sensation of liquid light streaming into your tissues and organs or pulsations of light that pulse from your Secret Channel and travel throughout your body. And in some instances, the light inside the Channel may generate kriyas (movements of the physical body) such as rocking back and forth, hands moving or holding mudras, and/or spinning around the magnetic axis of your body. If this occurs, just relax into the movements knowing that they are positive developments as they are a means for your body to release limited and restrictive energy patterns.

There is an important point to remember when engaging this practice—the potency of spiritual light. Due to its nature, this form of light transforms whatever it touches. Thus, when you work with this sound meditation, you may experience, from time-to-time, a detoxifying effect. If you start experiencing too many negative emotions or thought patterns, back off from listening. Put more space between sessions. And if your discomfort is too much, stop altogether for a while. Please, please pace yourself intelligently so that you do not become overwhelmed by the onslaught of negative thoughts and feelings (as well as physical toxins) that might be extruded from you as you move into higher vibratory levels (spiritually speaking).

You may find an article, called Psycho-spiritual Detoxification, of some help in this regard. You can find it in the Articles section or by clicking here.

The Statement of Intent

This is the first Hathor message where a sound meditation is preceded by a statement of intent.

When I asked them about this, they said that Ascension is an ever constantly expanding field of perception from which various spiritual powers blossom and develop. Furthermore, when the Statement of Intent is engaged with clarity and sincerity, a subtle yet powerful force is released within the body/mind/spirit of the one making the statement.

One of the fundamental spiritual powers, upon which the higher expressions of Ascension are predicated, is the development of non-localized awareness that transcends both time and space. The agency responsible for this is your own innate multidimensional Mind (big M).

Furthermore, the Hathors also contend that when we speak the words of intent (either silently or out loud), we engage a cosmic energetic loop that can positively affect other beings. And this will set a vibratory field into motion that not only benefits other beings but also us because we are all connected (whether we like it or not) to the web of life.

You do not need to engage the Statement of Intent for the mediation to be effective. But if you experiment with this you may find that your awareness starts to expand in remarkable ways.

This is the statement of intent as given by the Hathors…

For my own elevation and for the elevation of all life, may the benevolent energies of this meditation extend to all beings throughout the Multiverse.

Note that this extends to all beings throughout the Multiverse. This applies to all beings whether embodied or non-corporeal wherever they may reside within the vastness of the cosmos including other universes and dimensions of consciousness.

The Hathors suggest that you rest with your eyes closed for a few minutes after each listening session so that you can integrate your experiences. I have found this advice to be most helpful especially if the listening session was energetically intense.

The basic sound meditation is 5:20 minutes and you can hit repeat if you wish to work with a longer session. To listen to and/or download the sound meditation, click here.

I was personally so affected by the core meditation I created a longer version for myself for the purposes of psycho-navigation and to have more time to explore the fascinating interactions between spiritual light and my physical body. You can locate this mp3 audio file, which is 82+ minutes in length by going to the Online Store and looking up The Tree of Life (Extended Version) or click here.

Similarities Between the Human Brain and the Cosmos
Go to the Articles section or click here to access.

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon
©2024 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved
You may distribute this Hathor message in any media or format you wish so long as you don’t charge for it, don’t alter it in any way, and credit the author. The sound meditation, however, is not to be shared or posted without the written consent of the author. Thank you.
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