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All Is Changing Continually - Pleiadian Collective

All Is Changing Continually - Pleiadian Collective

Friends Of Light!

Continue Your Journey Focused On Light!

For On This Path, You Will Arrive Where You Began.

The Many Voices Of Reason That You Hear As An Echo, Will Only Give You Power To Walk In Truth!

When Your Soul Activates In Strong Alignment With New Communication, Pay Close Attention.

As This Is The Silent Voice Of Light!

And You Will Discover Within The Depths Of Spirit, The Stillness Within Your Own Being, Is Indeed Your True Essence.

Until You Have Nothing Left To Lose And Nothing Left To Gain By Following The Narrative That Changes Like The Wind, Concerning Where You Go, And Who You Allow Into Your Home, You Will Feel Freedom.

Indeed You Arrived As A Free Soul Wrapped In Flesh.

Live Your Life NOW As This Freedom. Until This Moment Of Realization That Government Should Be ‘By The People And For The People,’ You Will Continue As Though You Are Hypnotized!

Become Truth And Peace And Nothing Can Prevent Your Path Of Awareness And Awakening.

YOU, Beloved Ones, Can Choose Everything You Want.

Have You Believed Lies For So Long That It Seems Natural?

Or Do You Feel You Can Barely Breathe From The Pressure In Your Chest And Heart?

In Moments Of Vivid Awareness, You Know Exactly What To Do!

Assistance With Great Love And Purpose Is Given Now.

You Remain With Free Will.

But You Are Not Alone.

You Will Continue To Manifest Life Circumstances That Will Put Your Understanding To The Test.

When Truth Is Clear To You, Hold On To This.

Nothing Can Remain But Light When Truth Covers You!

We Will Share A Simple Story To Magnify This Point Of Reference.

Open To Receive, Beloved Ones!

There Was A Man On The Streets Where Wind And Snow Surrounded Him.

He Was In Fear And Lack And Asked For Help As He Spoke Into The Darkness.

He Felt Helpless And Alone. Suddenly A Man Walking Toward Him And Handed Him A Large Warm Coat.

The Stranger Then Vanished Into The Night. The Man Held The Coat, But Began To Think And Remember All The Moments Of His Life Where He Had Been Tricked.

He Was Shivering In The Cold But He Could Not Put The Coat On His Body.

He No Longer Trusted Anyone.

He Had Tried This For Too Long.

It Never Worked.

He Held The Coat.

He Felt It Was The Answer And Would Save Him From Freezing.

But He Felt Anger And Remembered Lies Again.

Who Was This Stranger That Brought The Coat?

He Could Not Accept Kindness And Love From Someone He Did Not Know.

So, The Man Tossed The Warm Coat And Walked Slowly Onward.

Sinking To The Ground, He Lost His Way, Not Knowing That He Was Offered Transformation!

Beloved Ones!

You May Not Understand Or Comprehend All Messages Given, But Know They Are Gifted To You In Light!

The Intention Is Always To Assist And Uplift You As The Planet Moves Through Darkness Into Light!

You Are Transcending!

All Is Changing Continually And You Always Have The Answer Before You!

Within The Soul Of Every Being Is Sacred Truth.

The Moment You Go Within, You Find That You Are Not Alone.

You Are Life Itself!

This Temporary Experience On Earth Will Become Part Of Your Soul Journey, Infinitely Recorded In The Heart Chakra.

The Journey Never Ends, But The Struggle Of Duality Will Dissolve.

Find Common Ground As Much As Possible. Hold On To The Light That A Stranger Offers You! Soon, You Will Remember The Stranger As Family.

You Are Powerful Beyond What You Know In These Moments!

We Are Many And We Are Light!


We Love You So!

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