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Message From The Angels: Good Everywhere!

Message From The Angels: Good Everywhere!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Relax. Your world is not coming to an end. Your countries are not falling apart. Your world is not sliding downhill. 

Plenty of people who feed you information on a daily basis would like you to think so. Fear sells. Drama sells. Scarcity and lack mentality sell. Drama IS out there, of course, in so many ways. Dishonesty is out there. Greed is out there. Manipulation, bullying, and abuse are out there.

Of course, these things exist, but what is presented to you is by no means a representation of the whole of humanity. Billions of kind, loving souls quietly go about their business every day. The majority of them will never make your news. Nonetheless, every loving thought, word, or deed is celebrated as good news in heaven! If you could see the "news" from our perspective, the good far outweighs the bad.

There are wars. There always have been. However, countless souls are striving to create peace in their own hearts, homes, lives, and communities.

There are souls lost in greed and dishonesty, but many more live generous, kind, compassionate, caring, and honest lives.

There are indeed floods, earthquakes, asteroids, and volcanoes, and many are affected as Mother Nature releases collective emotional pressures. However, there are countless more individuals who are living in the only true security which is that provided by your connection to the Divine.

We know about your economy and your markets, but money – while necessary and fun – is not your security. Money is not the source of your generosity. Money is not the solution to your worries. Money is a by-product of your willingness to trust and believe in the abundant universe and the creator's love for you. Are you struggling to answer your own prayers, or are you acting on inspiration as we guide you to joyful solutions to your prayers? Are you focusing on life with appreciation or lack? We see an abundant universe. We are constantly striving to guide you to see it so you can experience it. We want you to know abundance in all areas of life – money, love, expression, play. We love you.

You get to choose your news. You get to choose your point of view. You get to choose your thoughts, or they will choose you, and without exception, the vibration you emanate will continue to attract thoughts, things, and people who vibrate on a similar level.

We are not casting aspersions on your media or your journalists.They are dear souls, responding to a collective vibratoinal askingThey help you see the situations you wish to change, and those you wish to empower. They are letting you know some of "what's on the menu" in the buffet of life, each from their unique perspective. Many journalists are courageous angels, diving into the dark situations, and often, also, finding the light. Many wish to share wonderful, positive, engaging stories, or even horrific stories with the intent of inspiring help. When the world wants more of the positive, more will be offered. Humanity is comprised of individual points of view, but you also create a mass consciousness, and larger organizations tend to respond to the collective vibration.

If you were to approach a buffet with your angels, we'd be so excited to point out the dishes we know that you'd love and adore. We'd bring you to the things that would delight you! We'd say, "Look here! Here's that dish your grandma made when you were six years old that you loved so much! Here is a dish you admired once while walking by a restaurant with the menu outside. Here are your favorite fruits and some you haven't tried that we know you'd love. Look here! Here's the desert section, and these, over here, will work fine for your body and delight your senses." Never would we say, "Watch out for that! Don't eat that! Don't look at that!"

Dear ones, we guide you only to what fulfills your desires. We guide you only to what delights and nourishes you – in response to all you have asked for throughout the course of your entire life. If fifty years ago, you had a wish and still have it, we still try to guide you to it! When you attract anything less than love, you have simply been in a vibration less than love that the world matches. We are always guiding you on the happiness path.

Imagine, however, that you have a complaint about an item at the buffet. Suppose you made your discontent clear the last time you visited. As you return, you go straight to the buffet and look for the offending item. We are whispering, "Look here, you'll love this!" but you are still looking for that thing you didn't want and don't like. Suppose you find it. Now you're really upset! "Look at that! It has no right to be on the buffet! I want to talk to the manager again!" Still, we whisper, "Look over here. Here's something you'd love." Dear ones, when you focus on the offending"items" in the buffet of life, you can't hear our subtle, loving guidance towards what you want.

You can choose to look for things that are pleasing in the buffet of life rather than focusing on the ones that aren't. Look for the kind people when you are out and about. Some days you'll notice only the scowling ones. Can you instead decide you will be a source of light and kindness? Can you focus on feeling genuinely good inside of yourself first and imagine emitting that feeling? As you shift your vibration, you will shift what you see and attract.

Good is everywhere dear ones. Your world is not coming to an end. Your countries are not falling apart. Your economy has no power to drive you to ruin. Every time you have a single loving thought, speak a single kind word or perform an action rooted in love, you become part of a vast stream of love moving your planet earth into a new era of light. Both the currents of love and the extremes of resistance to it are becoming increasingly obvious, but you don't need to worry. Love will prevail, one soul, one choice, at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

It was an exciting week on the planet with volcanoes, floods, an asteroid over Utah, the political circus going on; you name it! My inbox blew up with people having sudden physical challenges and sudden emotional meltdowns. So many people are exhausted and can't figure out why. It isn't surprising. We are energetic beings standing in a very rapidly increasing flow of love to this planet, and any resistance to this stream is becoming increasingly exhausting.

Resistance to love can be as simple as looking at things in a way that drags you down instead of thinking about life in a way that lifts you. One is energizing. One is exhausting.

Resistance to love can also look like focusing on the bad in the world instead of the good. There is so much good! There are so many good people. We just have to be a vibrational match to meet them.

Here's a fun example demonstrating how our vibration can attract good people and experiences. When I was much younger, a friend asked me why no one paid attention to her. Specifically, she meant men. I answered honestly. Your energy is all tucked in, in a protective stance. People sense you're on the defense. She thought about it and admitted it was the case. She asked what to do.

Just for fun, I decided to demonstrate. We were walking towards a large, crowded coffee shop on a beautiful Friday night. I stopped, shut my eyes, and "spun myself up" by choosing positive, engaging thoughts. "This is fun! I love meeting wonderful people. There are so many amazing people out there! They're going to love us. We're so much fun! We have a lot to offer. We're kind, caring, compassionate, and fun. We love to laugh! We help people feel good about themselves. We love ourselves..." I carried on like this for a few minutes until I felt happy, filled with energy, ready, and eager to meet and enjoy time with wonderful people. My friend and I were laughing at what felt like playful "let's pretend" silliness.

It didn't take long before the manifestation kicked in! A gentleman opened the door for us and gave us a kind compliment. The barista joked and chatted with us while the line built up behind. I was putting sugar in my coffee when someone made a sweet comment about me being sweet. A woman in the restroom told me she thought I was a positive, beautiful person. I was smiling and laughing with my friend at a table when two gentlemen came up and asked if they could sit and talk, then offered to buy us dinner. It was hilarious! I wasn't trying to "get attention" or get anything for that matter. I was enjoying my own thoughts about myself and life! That's it! I was emanating such a joyous vibe that anyone tuned into the frequency of joy in the vicinity was drawn to connect. That's all. Vibrational law was at work.

At that same coffee shop in the past, in a different mood, when we were talking about the sad news, the week's challenges, and our complaints, we ran into a very different cast of characters! Same place. Same time. Same regular customers. Different vibe.

This is a playful example that illustrates the point that when you're expecting good, looking for good, or feeling good about yourself, you'll attract and see more good. Conversely, if you're expecting or fearing the worse, looking for evidence of a negative trajectory, you'll see more of that. Both exist in this world. I'd rather choose my own vibration than allow the world to set it for me.

Every moment of every day, the good news is the good you choose to focus upon.

My good news today is that there are nearly a thousand parents who have suffered the loss of a child bravely gathered at the Helping Parents Heal conference, where I'm speaking, determined to keep the love, joy, and relationships alive.

The garden has good news too. My eggplant had twenty babies last week and is currently sprouting more. A group of visiting wasps put themselves to good use and pollinated it like crazy. Being sensitive creatures, we got along fine without disturbing one another. I had so many fruits that I made gluten-free lasanga to use up all the abundance!

In other news, there are two hummingbirds in the yard who like to chase each other and one who likes to visit me! The quail family runs through from time to time, and I have a flock of birds that sounds like a rainforest in the backyard tree. The tomatoes have gone dormant for the summer. The zucchini is still trying, and the sweet potatoes are taking over as much real estate as possible. Lantana has overcome the cucumbers and is growing under the garden bench. The lavender I was rooting didn't make it, but the mystery tree I put in a bucket is growing nicely. The basil is knee-high, and the sage offers furry leaves that tempt me to stop and pet them regularly. Oregano and thyme are doing well, and the roses are making a valiant effort despite the heat. I've put their teeny tiny blossoms in little mugs scattered around the house.

In the "recreation" department of this week's news, I learned to tea dye papers and bake them into a golden vintagy look without setting anything on fire. I finished two journals I'll give as gifts and made a delightful mess in the living room with craft supplies spread out all over.

The "weather channel" was amazing this week. Storms were coming my way. I wasn't aware but suddenly felt the urge to go outside and simply appreciate the yard. I watched puffy white clouds go dark and begin to swirl within minutes. I felt inspired to stand there in total respect and awe, thank the weather spirits in advance for treating me kindly, thank the angels for sending me out to pray, and emanate as peaceful a vibe as possible. The winds blew like mad, but while the dark clouds circled and raged all around, I had blue skies, sunshine, and a rainbow glistening just outside my window for over a half hour. I felt like I was living in a fairy tale..

That's my kind of news. The world can do what it wants. I'm choosing to feel as good as I can and focus on the good things and good people in my sphere of influence so I can enjoy my life and be of service. I do no good if I get sucked into the arguments and drama that are all too plentiful. I am far more helpful in the space of love and joy. I do myself no good worrying about the economy or even the weather. I do myself a favor when I live in a state of appreciation and faith – when I know my vibe makes a difference and tend to it carefully. The more I practice choosing to feel good and choosing thoughts that make me happier, the easier it gets. My old conditioned patterns are starting to weaken. The new ones are coming more naturally.

Maintaining your vibration isn't complicated, but it is work that involves the will, patience with yourself, and a lot of repetition.

At the slightest indication of a concern, bad mood, or unpleasant feeling, I stop and spin my thoughts upward, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. As the storms barrelled towards me, I started to spin up. "Thank you, weather for being so beautiful! I love you! I love how you give our earth the gentle rains. I love gentle rains. I love how you take care of me. I love knowing I rest in the Divine. I love knowing all is well. I love the beauty of nature. I love my dinner, so you have to keep my electricity on. I love my neighborhood, so I know you'll be kind to it. I love this life. Oh, aren't you beautiful!" I went on, making up positive thoughts until I felt positively in love with the weather and life. The clouds parted, the sun came out, and the rainbow appeared. I just stood there in awe.

I might get up for a bit, and then a stray bad thought finds its way to my awareness. It doesn't feel good, so I spin up again. For example, the memory of someone unkind popped in. I don't choose to indulge in that old reaction. I start to spin up consciously. "There are so many good people in this world. I am so lucky to meet so many. I love my work. I love my life. I love my friends. I love my family. Everyone is doing their best. I've had tough days. I hope that person who was mean-spirited feels better soon. I love feeling good. I'm so happy I know I get to feel good..." While it sounds ridiculous and "Pollyanna-ish" to speak to yourself like that, it works! We can so easily allow our negative thoughts to spiral downward. Why not "take the wheel" of our own minds and "spiral up?"

The angels are right. There is so much good in the world. Take time each day or each week and ponder or journal your own good news. Look for it in all ways, great and small. "Seek, and ye shall find..."

Here are a few tips to help you focus on the good when you're not feeling that way...

1. Start with Small, Simple Shifts

If you visit your favorite ice cream shop, it is just as easy to choose a new flavor of ice cream as an old one. It's just a habit to choose the old one, and there's nothing wrong with it if you like it.

Likewise, it is just as easy to choose a new thought as an old one, and there's nothing wrong with the old one... if you like it.

We tend to choose the familiar, but we can choose something better with a tiny act of willpower

Start with small, simple shifts when you don't feel good about something or someone. Don't try to force yourself to feel better about something that feels terrible. Instead, shift your focus to something simple, small, and enjoyable.

The beauty of a single rose once changed my entire day after I had a real challenge. The smooth, comforting feel of cool water on my hands once lifted me up after someone had been unkind. We don't need big things to start shifting to the good. Look around you. Admire a color or a texture. Inhale a smell you like and have a moment of appreciation. Think of someone you love and a good memory there.

There is always something to appreciate or enjoy, and focusing on that is a good start to turn your vibe around.

2. Vibration vs Topic

As I mentioned above, the angels don't expect us to feel great about painful topics or situations. What matters is not that you feel good about a given topic but rather, you get your vibration where you want it to be.

Suppose you want a relationship but don't believe a good one is out there. You could try to make yourself think positive and fake it, but chances are you'd have better vibrational results shifting the subject. Focus on loving your life, friends, dog, and home. Focus on good people with good relations if you can. Focus on enjoying yourself. Although not directly related to feeling good about a partner, these things help you feel good, elevate your vibe, and help you allow all that you wish.

We change our chemistry and vibration as we seek anything that connects us with the feelings of love.

Vibration is more important than topic. Use anything you can to get to a good feeling space or stay there as much as possible to attract everything you want!

3. Be nice to your sweet self!

A single self-loving thought can turn a vibe around VERY quickly if you mean it. Stop talking trash to yourself and try to talk sweetly to yourself. It will feel silly at first. "Hi, beautiful! Good morning!" "That was well done! You make a great breakfast! You care so much. I'm so proud of you!" Imagine being your soul talking to your human self with nothing but love. This will high-vibe you pretty quickly and start to create results in life as well. Self-love is a choice. It is not a feeling at first but a choice that leads to a feeling.

I'm human still. I sometimes get stuck in old unhappy programs and have to use every ounce of willpower to comfort myself or spin up into something that feels better. I'm human still. I sometimes get stuck in old unhappy programs and have to use every ounce of willpower to comfort myself or spin up into something that feels better. When the louder ones in the world are obsessed with drama and negativity, it is easy to get sucked in. Nonetheless, there are so many quiet, kind, loving souls, so much beauty, so much to soothe, comfort, and assist.

There are countless videos online offering inspiration or wonderful music. If you want a laugh, ask Siri on your phone to tell you a joke, and you'll laugh at how corny they are! You can appreciate the beauty of nature or spend a moment savoring a perfect peach or a ripe strawberry. You can think about how loved you are by God, your angels, and your dear ones. You can focus on good memories instead of bad ones.

These things aren't always easy. We are loved just as much by heaven in our bad moods as our good ones. We feel better and attract better when we focus on the good. As the angels like to remind us, "You all deserve to feel good."

Have a beautiful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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