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The Angels: Untether the Rope

The Angels: Untether the Rope

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have a saying upon your earth, "A rising tide raises all boats." We would add, "as long as the rope that tethers the boats to the dock is long enough to withstand the tide!" Can you imagine what happens to a boat tethered by a short rope during a high rising tide? You already know the answer – either the rope must break, or the boat will flood.

Think of yourself as one of those little boats tethered to a dock. imagine the dock is the foundation of beliefs you have espoused throughout your life – who you thought you must be in order to consider yourself a good person, what you decided you must do to please others, what you feel makes you lovable, worthy, desirable, spiritual, what you believe makes others lovable, who believe others must be to be good people, etc.

To the degree that you have granted yourself the freedom to decide which beliefs serve your heart, your joy, and your loving true self, and which do not, you have granted yourself a longer rope. To the degree you feel controlled by these beliefs, and controlled by others, you are tied to them by a very short rope.

So here you are now, flooded by tidal waves of the most intense and beautiful energies of love the planet earth has seen in centuries. Like those little boats, you are either riding the rising tide of love by being true to yourself in a given moment and allowing others the same, or like a boat on a short rope you are feeling the tugs, pulls, and strains of being tied to unloving beliefs and behaviors while the rising tide of love strives to set you free.

In very practical terms this means you will feel happy and free when you let yourself be who you really are in a given moment and when you choose to feel as good as you can, regardless of the conditions and behaviors of those around you.

Conversely, you will feel strained, frustrated, angry, stuck, or exhausted when you are tethered to "who you think you should be" and when you allow your joy to depend on the conditions and behaviors of others around you.

For example, suppose someone makes a request of you. If you honestly feel like doing it and you do, you'll feel happy, abundant, and inspired. If you don't feel like it and you kindly decline without any guilt whatsoever or offer an alternative plan, you'll feel good as well. In both cases, you're riding the rising tide of love by loving yourself enough to honor your own heart and inner compass. You're loving the other enough to be honest with them. Whether or not they accept your authentic answer with grace depends on the length of their own rope.

Now suppose you don't feel like doing this favor, but you do it anyway. You make nice, do it out of duty, or because you feel must in order to be a loving person. In this case, you're actually being unloving to yourself and dishonest with the other. You are tethered to beliefs about who you "should" be, and you are straining against the rising tide of love. As a result, you'll likely feel tired, bitter, resigned, or simply out of sorts depending on the degree of disconnection from your true feelings.

Similarly, if your happiness depends on the agreement or behaviors of others, or upon external conditions in your world, you have tethered yourself directly to them with a very short rope! You will feel the stress and strain of tugging against the rising tide of love that wants you to give yourself the freedom to create and to be happy regardless of the external world.

Dear ones, it is no longer possible to comfortably resist the love rising up within each and every one of you! Honor your own hearts. Be true to yourself. Love yourself enough to be lovingly honest with yourself and therefore lovingly honest with others. Love yourself through your less-than-loving moments and have the compassion for yourself to choose the next best feeling thought. Choose your own feelings. Create your own reality through a higher vibe and live your lives freely – untethered from the behaviors or beliefs of others.

And then when you are authentically able to do so, love the light – however dim it might be – within the "unlovable" enough to pray for their upliftment. As you fan the flames of truth with your prayers and loving intentions for all beings, you allow the rising tide of love to raise you up as well.

The tides of love are rising up within you. Don't fight them dear ones. Be gentle, kind, and loving to yourselves. Untether yourself from external conditions. Breathe, receive, and know that love very much wants to "float your boat" and carry you upward into a kinder, more honest, authentic, and harmonious reality. It may be a bit bumpy as you learn to untether yourselves – both individually and collectively – but more and more you are discovering what the freedom to love yourself and others truly feels like. Soon very soon, if not already, you will find that it feels very much like heaven on earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever seen someone forget to put the gas pump back in the station and try to drive off with it in their tank? It either rips off the pump or screws up the vehicle. That visually reminds me of the angels' "boat on a rope" metaphor today! It is time to untether ourselves from what no longer serves us, so we are free to go forward.

The energies on this planet are like choppy seas. One moment you feel great and the very next another emotion washes through you. If we're not careful to tune our thoughts to things that feel good, we're going to feel the wild waves around us. One moment you're content, the next frustrated. One moment you're inspired, the next tired. One moment clear, the next unsure about the future. You feel it. I feel it, and yet, the more we choose our own thoughts and feelings, the more we untether ourselves from these chaotic waves.

It really is a time to "let go of the rope." We can't control external circumstances. We can't control the behaviors of others. We can't control the world. We can't push ourselves without mercy, beat ourselves up, or ignore our hearts without becoming exhausted or downright cranky and attracting a corresponding mess in our lives.

However, the good news is that we can choose good feeling thoughts, honor our hearts, and learn to manage our own minds so we can stay in a high vibe. In this state of being, the things we want practically fly into our reality!

I gazed last Sunday in total bliss. I felt the Oneness and the force of the tides of love running through me. Monday I couldn't honestly bring myself to do the newsletter. I just wanted to rest and bask in the energy flowing through me. So, I did. The newsletter came on its own later in the week – naturally, organically, and without struggle.

I had to get a new Driver's license last week as well. Waiting in the Motor Vehicle Division wasn't my cup of tea in the past, so in the present, I chose better thoughts. I decided to enjoy the trip, beam love, and have a good time. I got a wonderful associate helping me who had me howling with laughter. He could have been a comedian!

Him - "Sign this form here please and enter your social security number."
Me (looking at the form) - "OK, do you want me to date it too?"
Him (with an impish grin) - "No I don't think it's looking for a relationship!"

That led to a hilarious conversation about laughter, jokes, Siri, Alexa, and all the fun we have talking to our electronic devices. I not only had an easy time getting my new license; I also had rollicking, rolling time with another joyous human being.

In this rising tide of love, a commitment to keeping your vibe high brings all sorts of unexpected joys. I was wondering earlier in the week what kind of crafts people did with used wine bottles as I tossed mine in the recycling bin. Random, I know. Two seconds later an email from Martha Stewart rings in "What to do with those used wine bottles!" Yesterday I was talking to a friend about the delight of Epsom salt baths since we were both working really hard. Right after her email another one comes in "10 Wonderful Epsom Salt soaks."

It has been like this! In a high vibe, when you wonder, about something a wonderful answer finds its way into your life or your mind. In a high vibe when you have a wish, the ideas and guidance come to fulfill it. When you love, the warmth and glory of God flow through you. When you resist yourself, you trip up, drop things, or have complications. Life is a really good barometer right now as to whether or not we're living in a loving reality for ourselves and others.

According to the angel who comes through my friend Summer Bacon while she is in deep trance, we're in for several months of a wild ride here, while ugly truths that have been hidden come to light and the world has its reactions.

You don't have to participate in the adversity. You don't have to react. You can, instead, allow the rising tide of love well up within you, be true to yourself, and pray for souls hurting or lost in darkness.

As we untether ourselves from conditioning and external circumstances, we are free to respond to the love and light that guides us from within. We become part of the solution as we create a kinder and more loving world.

Here are a few pointers on how to untether yourself from conditioning...

1. Be here now.

The more present you are, the less the pain of the past or fears of the future can tether you to an unpleasant vibration. It is not a matter of being damaged and having to fix yourself, carrying baggage, or any of those other things we once believed. It is, instead, a matter of focus.

You can either focus on something you want to focus on or allow something or someone else to "grab your attention," in which case, you're tethered to it.

When unpleasant thoughts hijack your attention, distract yourself. Look around the room where you are right here and now and flow love towards the first thing you see. List as many things as possible that you are grateful for. Count your blessings. Consciously release yourself from pain in the past and fears of the future, by choosing to flow love now. Repeat a thousand times a day if you must, until it becomes a habit.

2. Change "what should I do" to "what loving thing do I want to do?"

Stop trying to be the "you you think you should be" as the angels say and be who you really are. You're innocent. You're loving. You've got things you are truly interested in. You're human. Sometimes you're tired, cranky, or sad. Love yourself anyway in those spaces. The rising tide of love you're letting in will start to make you feel better.

Try to do more of what you feel like and worry less about pleasing others. The irony is that as you allow yourself to be yourself, you become happier, more lovable, and more authentic. In this state of being the ones who love the real you will stick around, and those who don't will find their own tribe.

3. Catch yourself when you give your power away

Anytime you find yourself blaming others or the external world for a less than loving mood, make a decision to take your power back. It isn't always easy! Many of us were born and brewed in the guilt, blame, and shame game. All the same, you get to decide the thoughts you want to focus on and how you want to feel.

I joke that sometimes I have to alligator-wrestle my own thoughts to take charge of them but as I do bliss, joy, and a high vibe response from the universe are the reward.

The tides of love are rising. It can be an amazing and wonderful journey if you love yourself enough to be true to yourself and untether your joy from external conditions.

Be easy on yourself these days. Have compassion for yourself. These are new ways of thinking for most, and new ways of relating to self and others. It feels good to be true to you! It feels good to choose happier thoughts, no matter what others are doing. It feels empowering to know that the world will respond to us quickly and beautifully if we get ourselves in a higher vibe.

We're not going to be in a high vibe all of the time. It's OK. The universe doesn't keep score. It just responds to where we are now and now and now again. The minute you give yourself a longer rope and let the tides of love wash up within you, life will start to respond in a powerfully loving way.

And, as we've said so many times, this is when we become a real contribution and help our world move forward in love. A rising tide does raise all boats. Do your best to untether yourself from conditioning, be yourself, love yourself as is, and let this love wash up from within.

Have a beautiful week,
With love,

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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