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The Archangels: New Frequency Accelerates Awakening!

The Archangels: New Frequency Accelerates Awakening!
Starting today and from now on, a new energy quality is in effect on earth! (…) This is the moment many souls have long been waiting for.

Starting today!

Starting today and from now on, a new energy quality is in effect on earth!

(Message received on Jan. 31st, 2022, annot. JJK)

The celestial light has reached a new level of strength, is vibrating in a higher frequency and holds an extraordinary quality to heal human hearts!

The CENTRAL SUN is sending these waves of liquid light directly to you, which causes a tremendous acceleration of human awakening from now on. And so it happens that heaven and earth unite in their great aspiration to enable the ascension of this world and the awakening of consciousness in mankind.

It has been decreed that nothing and no one can prevent or delay the process of this cosmic light flooding.

God’s power and His grace are omnipresent on earth – now and always – for all eternity.

The opportunity

Beloved human,

For you this means that you need to observe and, if necessary, resolve all your personal matters even more deeply, more courageously and more consistently now.

Everything happens at an incredible speed now. And so your healing, ANY HEALING, can now easily lead to quick and profound results.

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to clarify your relations on all levels!

Because oftentimes you stand in your own way, since you hold on to the old only because you are unable to see the new just yet.

Angels and archangels, countless masters, are standing by you during the redemption of each and every issue. You are never on your own! With their light of love, an uncountable number of beings of light support those human beings who are choosing to devote themselves to the light.

Whether you are awake or asleep doesn’t matter for us, because we do not need sleep. We are there for you when you call us and whenever you need us. We communicate with your omniscient soul, and so it doesn’t matter which worries your ego wants to hold on to and which fears your mind won’t let go of.

Starting today, a profound healing has begun because of your soul’s resolutions. Take this gift from the One and rejoice over the positive effects on your life.

Be ready to be reborn, and be ready to die small deaths for it.

That way you will take successful steps in your development that up until now you have only dreamed of, and miracles will happen that were out of your reach before. What it takes now is your readiness to receive the light of the CENTRAL SUN in your heart and to look at your life in this light of truth.


This is an initiation into this high frequency of divine light, this is the moment many souls have long been waiting for.

For from now on it is possible for many human beings to achieve enlightenment, redemption and ascension in this one lifetime. The only thing you must do is move. Move towards the light.

Proclaim to the universe:


Leave everything else to the omniscient divine light. Be prepared to accept and embrace any shift and change in your life.

This is how spiritual growth happens. This is how memory returns – the memory of your actual magnitude, your light and your true divine nature.

Now spiritual dwarfs are reborn as metaphysical giants, and unconsciousness gives birth to the new consciousness.

So go ahead, beloved human! Bring about your spiritual awakening and allow yourself to experience the gentle touch of the divine light.

The divine realm of grace on earth has dawned, and blessed is the human being who is aware of this.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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