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All Is Well In My World, In This Now Moment ~ Archangel Michael

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Monday Message 27th November, 2017

Dear Ones,

Are you noticing the lighter energies?
Are you feeling the possibilities?
Do you sense magic in the air?

As this year of 2017 draws to conclusion, your “work” has been apparent. So much has be accomplished on Planet Earth - so many revolutions, revelations and evolutions having taken place.

All Light Beings in the Galaxy are cheering you on as never before. What is happening on your Planet is impacting all of the Galaxy and you are watched with great anticipation. Oneness is returning to your consciousness and you are experiencing what it is to be “connected” once again to the ALL THAT IS.

Your hearts have been enlarged, and you no longer feel the presence of separation from your fellow beings. This is being reflected all over your Blue/Green Globe.

Take a breath - hand on heart - feel at the core of your Be-ing all that I AM stating.

Breathe it in. Bring your conscious awareness to this moment in time, this NOW moment.

All is well in my world, in this NOW moment.

Take another breath - breathe that statement out into the Electro Magnetic Field and feel the resonance of the vibration reflect back to you.

Do this over and over until you “feel” the vibratory field ignite with the TRUTH of this.

Dear Co-Creators remember WHO YOU ARE.

You are Beings of Light and Love on a journey of discovery back to the TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE - ONE WITH ALL LIFE.

Breathe deeply once more.

Feel this resonance in every cell of your newly igniting Christalline Structure.

Be who you CAME TO BE Dear Hearts. You now feel the TRUTH of YOU and you are able to move forward at last as the current energies are assisting to propel you.

MASTERS you are, each and every one of YOU. I AM YOU, AND YOU ARE ME - ONENESS is truly all there is.

You are no longer caught in the old force fields - you now experience FREEDOM to return to the SOVEREIGNTY you have craved for eons.

Your world now MUST reflect who you are becoming. You are FREE and therefore ALL LIFE MUST BE FREE.

You are Abundant Beings and all life now reflects that Abundance.

You are at Peace - Peace must now reign on your Planet.

The Galactic Beings of Light and Love are assisting you in all ways to return yourselves to your sovereign state.

Much is being given to you on the waves of eternal Love and Healing that allows for ALL to accomplish well-being if you so choose.

You are no longer under the influence of the darkness that has ruled you for eons.

Take up the well earned mantle of Sovereignty, Freedom, Peace, Prosperity and Abundant Health, which are the order of the new day.

You are days from stepping into a new timeline in 2018 - take all that you treasure with you - leave the rest behind.

Breathe into the anticipation and delight of this New Year fast approaching, let go of what no longer serves you.

You may recall at the beginning of 2017 I stated that this year, the weeks would feel like days and the months would feel like weeks - has that been your experience Dear Ones? This shall continue for some time to come.

Allow yourself to be the freedom you wish to be, feel abundant, radiate perfect health and well being.

Dear Ones, it is time and you are the Ones.

So be it.


Channel: Leslie Anne Menzies
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