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Manifestation without Delay - Wisdom of the Council

Manifestation without Delay - Wisdom of the Council

“You’re entering yet another time of incredible momentum, of manifestation and creation in new levels of consciousness and in rapid time. You are going to see manifestations without any delay, expectation, or lack and limitation. What is possible for you on these journeys is to expand and grow and express yourself and have new experiences without ever having to experience the lack, the limitation or the fear or the separation between you and anything or anyone that you want to experience more of in your life.”

We are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you all on this fine and glorious day indeed. Oh and there are heavenly miracles coming to you, there are heavenly miracles presenting themselves to you, there are heavenly miracles here and available to you.

This is a spectacular time in your life experience. You’re going to reflect back on this as the time where everything up-leveled, went to the next level, began to expand, and all of your dreams came true. Heavenly miracles and opening up fully to the divine intelligence that is always supporting you. You have come so far on your journeys. Allow yourself in this moment to stand at the top of the mountain and look around and look behind and look beside you and look in front of you and see how far you have come in the expansion of consciousness, in the remembering of the truth of who you are, of awakening and coming fully into the realization of all that you are.

Take a deep breath and really look at how far you have come, what you have transcended, what you have transformed, and what you have transversed in this incredible journey that is your magnificent life experience. It’s about to go to a whole other level of joy and fun and expansion and abundance and wellbeing and prosperity and love and excitement. And open up and allow and get ready for heavenly miracles. Not human miracles, not the sort of miracles your human is going to try to figure out, not the sort of miracles that your human can ever perform, not the sort of miracles that are humanlike. No, the heavenly miracles, from the highest realms of pure love, from the highest realms of pure potential, from the highest realms of infinite possibilities.

Open and allow heavenly miracles to present themselves to you. Stand in this moment as the powerful creator that you are, look how far you’ve come, and open and allow and embrace the heavenly miracles beyond your wildest dreams that are presenting themselves to you and going to continue to present themselves to you.

You’re entering yet another time of incredible momentum, of manifestation and creation in new levels of consciousness and in rapid time. You are going to see manifestations without any delay, expectation, or lack and limitation. What is possible for you on these journeys is to expand and grow and express yourself and have new experiences without ever having to experience the lack, the limitation or the fear or the separation between you and anything or anyone that you want to experience more of in your life.

Open up and let it all in because there are heavenly miracles here for you, the kind of miracles that come from the infinite divine, the expanded realms of pure potential, of magic, miracles, where all things are possible, where anything is possible, and where with God, which is love, which is you, anything is possible.

Your humans are really starting to allow your power in new ways, and your human allowing your power in new ways is what is going to really expand you into the next level of manifestation and true creation. But the path into higher levels of consciousness, into rapid levels of manifestation and new levels of TRUE CREATION are you fully inviting in your power fully in every moment, not just the human power but the power of your soul, your spirit, every part of you, the divine, the infinite being that you are, the sovereign being of divine intelligence, of divine love, of divine wellbeing. That is what you are. It is in your realization of all that you are that you will come into expanded levels of true creation where you will experience manifestation beyond what you’ve even dreamed possible in your lives.

So these little things that you’re worried about, these little things that you keep obsessing about, these little things that seem so important, oh, they matter not at all, not where you’re going, not where you are, not with all that you have created. Let the little things go. Step fully into the realization of all that you are, the realization of every part of you. Your human will never figure out realization, enlightenment, and ascension. It simply allows. It allows you into the realization of all that you are. It allows you into the truth of who you are. It allows you into enlightenment, in light, in love, in love, in light. That is the truth of who you are.

Coming into ascension, ascending into higher levels of consciousness while still fully present and in your power in physical form, ascending into new levels of creation where you expand the potential and the possibilities here. And you do so in the playgrounds by which you learn to master your power, and you will learn to master your power and expand your consciousness and create your reality in whole new levels of existence.

The playgrounds we talk about are relationships, your wellbeing, your body, and your finances, your career, your service to the world. Your relationships are beginning to reflect to you the potential for harmony and love and joy and play and freedom and fun and creativity and expansion that has always been possible, yet most in the human experience never get beyond their triggers and their wounded unconscious reactions to experience love with another and play and fun and cocreation at the levels that you intended to experience in your relationships.

You are going beyond being triggered, and that’s why we say it’s so important for you to learn to master your thoughts and master your emotions and master the way that you feel. And this, dear master, we assure you, you can master.

The thoughts that you are thinking are affecting your emotions. Your emotions affect the way that you feel. The way that you feel is what is determining the level of vibration and consciousness you’re in, which is determining the level of reality that you are allowing and how closely you are to true creation. It starts with the thoughts that you are thinking. And all emotion comes from thoughts. It is the thoughts that you are thinking about anything that are creating the emotion. It’s the stories you’re telling yourself. And as you know, dear master, you can tell yourself any story you choose because you are Creator within your own creation of your reality, and what you focus on and the meaning you’re giving it is what is creating your reality.

So as you focus on something and you think that life is really good, and this is a really powerful time, and this is an amazing time, and heavenly miracles are coming my way, and new levels of creation are opening up to me, and it’s going to be better than I ever thought it was, well, you’ll notice when you think thoughts like that and tell yourself stories like that it feels really good. Your emotions feel very good. You feel high. You feel good. You feel excited. You’re excited about your life. You’re in that vibration where you’re open to surprises and delight and magic and miracles, and amazing things can present themselves to you.

You could be also telling yourself a story where you’re not good enough yet, you haven’t done enough yet, so-and-so should have done more for you, and so-and-so should have done this for you, and so-and-so shouldn’t have done that to you, and the world isn’t the way it should be, and these people are wrong, and this needs to get fixed, and nothing’s ever working out for you, and the money’s not there, and your body is too old or too painful or too this, and you can tell yourself that story and you’ll notice it feels pretty awful, doesn’t it? It’s your truth, it’s your story, it’s your reality, you are creating it.

And so the thoughts that you are thinking come from your consciousness, come from your thoughts that are on automatic pilot just rolling around like a hamster on a wheel. They’re the stories you keep telling. They’re the same meaning you keep giving to things that lead to emotions that feel imbalanced and unpleasant to you. You’ve got to stop. You have the power to come into the moment because all of your power is in the now moment. When you come into the moment in your power and you put space around you, when you slow everything down and you come into the power of you in this moment and the power of your thoughts and the power of your consciousness and the power of you as Creator within your own creation and you choose the story you wish to tell yourself, you focus upon the things that are good for you and you focus on giving them meaning that is supportive to you and you will find yourself feeling your way into new levels of consciousness and reality where heavenly miracles present themselves to you every day, all day long. 

Not the sort of miracles your human can figure out. We’re talking the really big stuff, God-level miracles, because you yourself are alchemists of light and love, and as you step fully into your mastery, into the embodied, enlightened, ascended master that you are and live as the embodied master that you are here on Earth, you come into the realization that everything is Source and energy is in everything. And consciousness is what moves energy into form. It is your consciousness that is directing energy. It is your consciousness that is creating. Energy is responding to you. 

You are a force field of consciousness made up of particles of infinite creation that are always responding to you, and as you remember that you can come into this state of knowing the power you have, that you can alchemize anything back into love and light, you can give it to the light. Let it go to the light. You can give it to the light and let it be recreated through love, through light aligned with truth. This is the power you have.

The stories about your childhood are not who you are. What has happened to you in your life is not the truth of you. What others haven’t done for you is not the truth of you. Your failures, your mistakes, they don’t matter. They’re not you. They’re not the truth of you. They’re not what’s really going on here. The things that you feel victimized by, the places where you feel powerless, it is not the truth of you.

You are a divine, sovereign, infinite being of light and love. You are an ascended master focused in the human experience. You are here to embody the ascended, enlightened master being that you are, to live fully awakened, fully conscious, fully aligned in the human experience, living fully, loving fully, and being all that you are. And nothing that is of lack and limitation is the truth of you. Nothing that is of fear and separation is the truth of you.

Your consciousness is the most important thing in all situations. If the money isn’t there, if the wellbeing isn’t there, if the relationship is struggling, it is all about elevating your consciousness. This is the answer to everything because you are Creator within your own creation. When you go to the highest levels of consciousness as the creator that you are within your own creation you begin to open up and allow heavenly miracles, God-level miracles, opportunities for the impossible, for the infinite potentials and pure possibilities that are here available to you to move through into your experience. This is the power you have.

You’re going to go to a whole new level of relationships, health, wellbeing, this relationship with your body, and your money, your finances, your work in the world, your service, your career, your vocations. Every single one of you absolutely has the power to attract to you the INFINITE RESOURCES that are here for you for the fulfillment of any inspiration or desired creation. You can create through an experience of true creation without an agenda and without ever experiencing the lack and the limitation of anything while also desiring, focusing, and expanding into more—more potentials, more possibilities, more experiences, more magic, more miracles, more love, more wellbeing, more abundance, more freedom, more beauty. That is why you are here. This is the journey. And you’re ready yet again to step up into another level, into another level of manifestation and creation and experience and expansion and expression and existence, and it really, really matters.

You are here in this human experience during the greatest transformation of human consciousness that has ever occurred in any lifetime, and you chose to come forth as a wayshower at this time to show others the way into higher levels of consciousness, to bring higher levels of consciousness into the physical Earth plane, to expand the potentials and the possibilities, to come fully into realization and live as the embodied master that you are and stay on the planet at this time because you know how important it is.

Every day, every moment is the opportunity for you to fully step into your power and live your purpose and be the embodiment of the truth of who you are. And yet the only thing that keeps you from doing this is believing in your unworthiness, getting distracted, staying in states of unconsciousness, allowing your thoughts to run the show, and allowing the old stories to just recreate the same unwanted experiences time and time again.

You are so powerful. You are so loved. The entire Company of Heaven is here guiding you, loving you, inspiring you, cocreating with you. The abundance of Heaven on Earth is here and available to you, and heavenly miracles are the truth of you. You have this power in every area of your life to live it to the fullest, to come into the grander perspective of the truth of who you are, and live your life in the highest realms of consciousness and the highest realms of creation while still fully present, in your power, in a physical form.

It’s more important than ever before that you find peace within you and harmony within you and abundance within you and love within you and joy within you and freedom within you and beauty within you and fun. Your collective human consciousness is going through the greatest transformation that has ever occurred at a rapid pace, and it’s possible because of you, because of your consciousness, because you have awakened to the truth of who you are. And while it is not your responsibility to choose for any other or the collective as a whole, it is your responsibility to choose for you, to take full and total responsibility for you and your life and your thoughts and your emotions and your feelings and your creations and your manifestations because nothing has ever and will ever and can ever go wrong. 

There is data and information in every experience. It is always understood that this is a journey through consciousness. This is a journey into higher levels of consciousness. This is a journey through dimensions of consciousness. You think you’re walking down the road. You think you’re driving to where you think you need to go. You are on a journey through dimensions of consciousness in a physical form. There is nothing better than that, we assure you. You’re on a journey through dimensions of consciousness while being able to see and taste and touch and hear and smell and think and create and manifest and love and play and experience joy and fun. Oh, how good it is.

It’s fun to create a healthy body and experience wellbeing. It’s fun to create abundance and prosperity. It is fun to create and cocreate beautiful, harmonious, loving, expansive relationships. It’s fun to create! We want you to find creation fun again because from the highest realms and the highest levels of consciousness creation is so fun. It’s so fun. But there is an impeccableness as you come into higher levels of consciousness because you know it will manifest instantly and you know that as you continue to focus on it, you’ll continue to recreate it, and as you focus on something else, you’ll recreate something else.

And so, the impeccableness of your consciousness, of your creations, knowing that you are Creator within your own creation, as you begin to realize this fully in the physical form and access formless creation and higher levels of consciousness where heavenly miracles and manifestations begin to present themselves to you.

We have a little secret to tell you. There’s not a whole lot of manifestations in the human experience that are going to be all that exciting for you. You’ve seen and done all the human manifestations. Now, there’s wonderful aspects of that. You’re going to have more fulfilling and enriching relationships, but they are going to feel like heavenly manifestations beyond what you’ve ever experienced as manifestation in physical form. You’re going to wonder why it was ever so hard and so difficult because it’s going to be so easy and effortless and harmonious to allow heavenly manifestations and miracles in your relationships. The pure potential and possibility at the highest levels of creation are going to be your experience within all of your relationships. 

Heavenly, from a higher realm, from a God consciousness, from a divine vibration, that’s what we mean by heavenly. And the manifestation of houses and cars and lovers and cures and healings and all of those things are always available to you. And there are experiences that you really want to have, and you will have them, and you will experience TRUE CREATION without any agenda or any lack and limitation and fear and separation, but there’s more, there’s more, there’s more.

There’s manifestations and creations at levels that have never been experienced by humans before, and the secret is that’s really, when you say what do I really, really want? I want that which I can’t even think to ask for because it’s so beyond. It’s pure magic, it’s heavenly manifestation, it’s the God miracles, the really good stuff. And yet when you open and allow all of that, all those other human manifestations are just easy, effortless, harmonious. You just know. You know your own power. You’re not even having to trust anymore or have faith. It’s an absolute knowing. And you live and you experience and you delight in the magic and the miracles and the manifestations of the unknown, beyond, the unknown.

You’re on this journey through dimensions of consciousness, and you’re coming to the part of your journey where you’re stepping into the unknown. You are forging new paths. You are blazing new trails. You are going beyond what you ever thought possible. You are accessing magic and miracles and manifestations from the beyond, beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before because you’re always expanding and becoming more, and there’s so much more.

And we know that some of you feel such a deep desire for certain things to manifest in your experience—the soulmate or the lover or the relationship with someone in your life that hasn’t been as you wish it to be. And all things are possible. Experiencing love and intimacy and cocreation and connection and community with others is part of why you’re here, and yet you’re going to find yourself feeling so incredibly supported in all areas of your life, where you’re coming in to new levels of community, new levels of cocreation, new levels of collaboration and cooperation, where are you really do cocreate with other masters in a conscious, fun, playful, loving way, where you birth into the world manifestations that for most all others would be impossible, but because of the vibration and the consciousness and the frequency you are in and as you cocreate with masters in form and in formless you are going to move really incredible heavenly miracles into physical form.

And there will be times when you know that the Divine, that the infinite, that God thyself has used you for the manifestation of a miracle for another or many others. And there will be no words. There will be a moment of pure awe for the perfection of divine intelligence that is always guiding you, always with you, always out ahead of your orchestrating things on your behalf, and you may just discover that there’s no more heavenly miracle than being used by the Divine for the manifestation of a miracle for another or many others.

And it’s not something your human’s going to figure out because the human’s not creating the miracle. The human’s not delivering the miracle. The human is simply focusing its awareness on heavenly miracles, on next-level creation, on new levels of manifestation, on magic, pure magic. Your human’s job is just the awareness. Just the awareness of it, just being open and allowing and receiving and being aware, that’s it. That’s the only job that the human has, to let it in, to focus upon it, to be aware of it, to allow it, to allow it, to allow it.

And as we talk about health and wellbeing, your human’s job is not to fix its body. Your human’s job is to tune into the awareness of infinite wellbeing where heavenly miracles can flow to and through you and anything is possible.

If your human was aware that over the next few generations you are going to begin to tell a new story about the wellbeing of humanity and the potential for the physical body where the physical body can live for hundreds of years in a vibrational frequency of light such that there is no decay, ageing, pain, suffering, struggle, disease, where after many hundreds of years of creation and cocreation and experiencing consciousness in physical form, the being intentionally and consciously and harmoniously and beautifully releases the density of the body and continues on the journey through dimensions of consciousness in higher levels beyond form.

And as you start telling a new story about the potential of the human body, it is the consciousness and energy moving into form in a new way that begins to make that possible until the awareness draws to you the experiences of it where it then becomes reality, and it becomes reality throughout the entire human collective.

But it begins with you. It is you remembering the dream within you, being aware of the dream, being aware of the truth, the potential, the pure potential, the possibility, and not pushing against what is because you know this is a part of creation, not pushing against what is because you know you are expanding human consciousness where new potentials and possibilities will present themselves to you.

Don’t push against what is as you are creating the new, the new human consciousness, the new human body, the New Earth experience, the New Earth reality. Don’t push against what is. Be aware of what’s possible and remember the dream within you, and begin to expand your experience into levels of consciousness where you know the truth of the reality that anything and everything is possible for you and for all of humankind.

And as it relates to money in your human experience, we have nothing much left to say to you about money except enjoy it, love it, play, have fun, show up at the marketplace with your talent, with your love, with your skill, with your blessing, with your gift, with all of you, and whatever it is, it’s fun to create and be part of this human experience and this global marketplace where you are showing up.

Money is energy, and the exchange of money is just an energetic exchange. Bring all of you into this world, into this experience. Embrace money, love money, celebrate money, prosperity, wealth, wellbeing. It’s all yours. There’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s no lack of anything. Anything is possible for you. Money, don’t make it the middleman. And its only way of coming to you is not just a job, not just a person, not just a that. You are a creator. You are Creator within your own creation, and infinite abundance is always available to you. 

It is time. It is time. It is here. It is now. It is your opportunity, if it is your choosing, to once and for all be abundant, be prosperous, be wealthy. Allow yourself into the game, the game of money. Show up as if you are going to the market on Sunday or Saturday or whatever day you’re listening to this. There’s a farmer’s market, there’s a festival, there’s a celebration, and everybody’s going to be coming with their gifts. It could be tomatoes. It could be vegetables. It could be flowers. It could be food. It could be wonderful decadence. It could be candles. It could be paintings. It could be rocks. It could be clothing. It can be services. It can be anything.

But it’s so exciting because today is the day that you’re going to the marketplace. You’re going to the festival. You’re going to the place where all are gathered to share and celebrate each other’s gifts and to exchange for that which delights you and surprises you and excites you. You showing up fully and sharing your gift, your service, your talent, your ability, your love, your light at the marketplace and exchanging energetically and coming to the realization in this beautiful celebration here in the marketplace, in the festivities, and the festival, and the celebration, here in the realization that it’s fun. It’s fun.

And in sharing and exchanging and being in the game, there’s only more. You create more. You expand into more. There’s more abundance, more prosperity, more wellbeing, more. There’s only more. Let yourself into the game and play the game and go to the marketplace and remember that money is just energy. Exchange it, love it, celebrate it, infuse your light and your love in it. Remember it’s just energy.

Nobody really owns any certain energy. Energy, when you fully allow it, it’s all here for you, and it’s all there for everyone else, too. There is an infinite amount of resources available on this planet. Don’t make money the middleman. You can open and allow all of the abundance—the connections you make at the marketplace, the resources that you receive at the marketplace, the information, the friendships, the experience of fully being witness to INFINITE RESOURCES.

Really start witnessing the infinite resources that are here for you. Really start witnessing, observing the infinite abundance that is all around you all the time. There’s nothing left to learn. There’s nothing—no more lessons about this. There never really were. But it was ways that you played this game of your own worthiness and your power and opening to Source. You are abundant, infinitely abundant. You are abundant. You are rich. You are prosperous. You are abundant. Open and allow and enjoy it and embrace it and celebrate it. Play the game. Play the game of infinite abundance. Play the game of infinite resources. Play the game of showing up at the marketplace and bringing your light and bringing your love and exchanging for all that you are because you yourself are infinite.

The next level’s here, and the next level’s now, and there’s no waiting, and there’s no delay. There’s nothing you need to do, and there’s nothing you need to earn. It is the choosing of it right here, right now. And there’s no judgment from our side ever, but there’s no need to wait. There’s no need to wait. There’s nothing you’re waiting for. Choose it now. And master the thoughts that you’re thinking, master your emotions, master your feelings and your vibration such that you can allow heavenly manifestations, heavenly miracles, divine God-level miracles for yourself and all others. 

This time is so powerful for you to fully and totally embody the master that you are, to really master your thoughts, really master your emotions, really master creation, to really embody THE ASCENDED MASTER SELF that is you and has always been you. Your human’s only job is to allow it and move yourself into the awareness, which is what you’re doing now, of all that is possible for you.

Your human, all it has to do is be aware of it. All you have to do is choose it. And as you are more aware of your thoughts, more aware of this new place you’re in, this new state of consciousness, this new experience of reality, this new energy, this new vibration, this new frequency which is the truth of you, the more you feel into it, the more your stories are new stories, true storiesYou can tell how closely you’re aligned with your truth by the way that you feel when you’re telling the story of your infinite abundance and the infinite resources that are here for you, and the cocreation and the love and the expansion that is happening, and the wellbeing you’re experiencing, and that you’re elevating yourself into levels of enlightenment, that you live in such light and higher levels of consciousness, that your body regenerates and rejuvenates itself and you’re feeling younger and more revitalized and more energized and happier and healthier and wealthier than ever.

That’s why you’re here. And as you live as the master that you are and you allow heavenly miracles along the path, and as you consciously delight in this journey through dimensions of consciousness while still in physical form, you’re going to come into the realization of all that you are, of the God that you are, of how perfect this all is, and you will remember. You will remember, and you will come home. You will come home.

Welcome home. Welcome home to the truth of you. You drew this to you. You drew this knowing to you. And we are here because we promised we would be, so that you would never forget your way home to your power, to your truth, to the love and the infinite wellbeing and abundance that is always available to you.

There is nothing to do but allow and be intentional about the stories you tell and the thoughts that you think, to allow yourself into this awareness, into the consciousness that is available to you, into the higher realms while still fully present and grounded in the human experience. The thoughts that you’re thinking are creating your reality or recreating the same reality or expanding into new levels of true creation and manifestation and miracles. And so it is.

You are everything you wish to be. You already are. It is all within you, and it always has been. Take a deep breath and let it go. Take a deep breath and let it go. This time, take a deep breath and let it all inLet it all in. Let it all in. Really good.

~ Sara Landon

The Wisdom of The Council channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on September 5, 2021

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sara landon
Sara Landon

Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara Landon is a guide for leaders, wayshowers, and changemakers contributing to raising the vibration of the planet.  She shines a light on the path for others to expand beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience and live as the masters that they are while remaining grounded in the modern world.

As the masterful channel of The Council, Sara focuses to be the ultimate student of the wisdom and teachings she receives and is committed to conscious, impeccable creation. Her intention is to be the purest channel of a grander perspective of what is possible and to help others discover that they have the same ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness and guidance.

Sara holds the vision of living in a fully awakened world where all beings live harmoniously with one another, the planet, the animals, and within themselves. She helps those who are ready to play in new levels of energy reconnect with all that they are so they may live, love, and lead in this time of awakening. 

Allow Sara Landon to guide you to feel complete freedom, be totally satiated in the present moment, and know your purpose!

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