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Ascended Master Serapis Bey: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Second Round

Ascended Master Serapis Bey: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Second Round

Dear Brothers of the Planet Earth! I AM SERAPHIS BEY!

It is with great pleasure that I return to accompany you on this journey of forgiveness. This journey will consist of 7 rounds; let's say that the fourth round will be the apex of the ascent, not an ascent or descent, energetically speaking.

It's as if you were on the first round on the ground. You are going up and up until the fourth round. In the fourth round, you will learn equilibrium so that all the learning, all the passages made in the last 3 rounds, will be entirely rooted in your soul. And the final 3 rounds will be a return to reality. What do I mean? It will be the vision of all those things that need improvement and healing in your world, in your dimension.

We are in the second round. We can say that it is halfway up or almost halfway up. These are moments of great harmony, equilibrium, and relaxation. That's what we want. Cleansing your Souls doesn't require your participation. You can simply remain under the influence of our rays and let your body slowly absorb all that energy without any thought, question, doubt, or anything else.

Everything is happening precisely as we planned. There have been extremely smooth, beautiful, and balanced moments. The second loop is equilibrium, where you get in the middle of the circle; this point is the opposite to the start. So if you look from the point of departure, which is the same point of arrival, and you look forward into the circle, you will see the White Ray.

This is the threshold of this round. The White Ray is the ray of equilibrium that shows the before and the after. Nothing will happen that is so different from others; only the function of each ray differs in the treatments of your body. So don't wonder or have crazy thoughts about what's coming; everything will be very similar. What counts is the action of the White Ray, balancing the positive and negative forces within every aspect, bringing it to the center point.

Let's say it's the regulation ray, where your pointer points to a value far from the center. It's to balance it so that things are balanced on your journey. Just have fun with one more ray in this round. As we have always said, observe the day and whatever the light will bring. The important thing is what the light brings to you during its influence and your behavior under its influence. This is how you will clearly see where you need to change and improve.

So just observe, enjoy the observation phase, and be assured that you are being prepared for the most intense obstacles at every turn. This is not a case of frightening you; the aim is to bring you to the reality of how you will act and what choices will have to be made. Relaxation, the easy phase, is simply the preparation.

But one thing should always be very clear: you can stop or quit at any moment. Nothing is imposed on you. You have the choice, and you can choose to leave until the last ray of the last round, and that is all right. Your wishes will be respected. Those who surrender, those who authorize our action, will bear fruit and will be very near ascension.

Meditation 4

You should do this meditation lying down.

Relax. Just let yourself relax entirely on the surface that you are on.

Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out, visualize that all the bad, heavy things on your legs are going away.

Breathe in and out with this thought.

Now inhale and exhale, imagining that your arms are letting go of all the work they did today.

Breathe in and out with this thought.

Now you will inhale and feel that your whole torso becomes light as if you have the weight of a piece of paper.

Then inhale and exhale.

Now you breathe in and out, emptying everything inside your mind: thoughts, doubts, everything.

Empty your mind, then inhale and exhale with this intention.

Your body is now light, relaxed, and free of all the attachments of your daily life.

Feel energy vibrating in the front of your body, back, legs, and head.

And it is an energy that comes from the bottom up.

It is as if little branches of Light were coursing through your body.

No, there will be no pain; the Light never hurts, and you will find yourself penetrated by these branches of Light.

Feel all the energy of this Light.

It doesn't matter what color you created it; it will now become white, totally white.

It is so strong that you can no longer keep your eyes open.

So simply close your eyes and surrender to this Light.

At this moment, I am beside you, and I am taking you to an extremely pleasant place.

You are on a small lake, floating on it.

Feel as if the water is extremely safe.

You won't sink. Remember, I am by your side.

Relax in this lake.

Those White Light branches of yours touching the water dissolve and illuminate the whole lake.

Then just see yourself floating in this White Light lake, and let your thoughts and body quiet down.

Stay in this state for 15 minutes.

Don't forget: I will not leave your side. I will stay there all the time.

You won't sink. If you feel fear, put yourself in my arms and relax. After that time, there is no problem if you have fallen asleep; there is no need to repeat the process.

You were already in my arms, so I will take you back to where we started this little journey.

Keep your eyes closed.

I place my hand on your chest and activate the crystal placed there with my White Ray.

Feel it penetrate all over your body.

The Light of my ray will stay with you until the next ray, bringing balance to every point of misalignment.

There is no right or wrong; there is always a balance of forces, feelings, and desires.

Everything flows naturally, without suffering and anguish, when everything is in balance.

I am still by your side, and I want to leave a small gift for you to remember this process. It is a tiny pyramid, an incredibly perfect object with perfect measurements, made of white crystal.

This pyramid will be placed in your pineal, bringing perfection to every feeling and desire you have in your heart. Everything happens in balance, with perfection.

Do not confuse perfection with ego.

The perfection of nature is the balance where all forces are in equilibrium, neither more nor less.

When I finish my ray tomorrow, this pyramid will remain in your pineal helping you always to find the point of balance.

It will only come off if you ask me to take it off. Otherwise, it will remain with you forever.

I am no longer by your side.

Go on breathing deeply, and with each full breath, bring your body's consciousness back again; remember your body is as light as paper.

Then, do the reverse with each breath.

Feel the weight of your head; bring back the weight of your torso, your arms, and your legs.

Breathe deeply once more, and come back little by little to your consciousness.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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