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Balance ~ Mother Mary

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Monday Message 2th October, 2017

Dearest Children of the Light,

It is I, Mother Mary continuing our connection from this day. I AM the Eternal Mother and I AM so very near to my Earth family at this most auspicious time of human evolution.

I wrap my arms around each of you, my children of LIGHT. As a Mother, I see and feel your anguish. I surround you all in my loving embrace and remind you of your Divine Mission. These times, as tumultuous and disturbing as they appear, were chosen by you for your Soul Graduation. I promised I would always by your side, to nurture, support and LOVE you through this incarnation, just as any Mother choses to do.

Those of you who are Mothers in this lifetime, are called to stand in their Light during this massive transformation. Women of the World are being asked to step forward and accept the mantle being offered to them. It is the Women, currently leading the way, not underestimating for one moment the valuable contribution and support of the Divine Masculine, for it is Balance that is required at this momentous time.

Women are being assigned the task of bringing back into balance the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine and to be the WAY SHOWERS toward anchoring PEACE once more on Planet Earth. Mother’s will no longer watch as their children are called to take up arms in any hostilities, which leads to fighting of any description on your beautiful Planet.

It will be the women, and in particular the Mother’s who will convince all to lay down their arms and negotiate for Peace to reign supreme on this New Earth.

Look around Dear Hearts and see the Divine Love energy that is exploding on your Planet. It is changing the status-quo. PEACE is all that will be permitted in the New Energy - there is no other option!

Recognise that as all humanity awakens, PEACE will be all that is desired. LOVE is the foundation stone for the New Earth and can only be maintained where PEACE flows.

Harmony is becoming the new currency for Planet Earth. I, as the Eternal Mother assist in ways that bring all toward Peace and Harmony - there is no other option - this is why you came at this juncture.

As Women of the World, and the Men who support this edit, join together and allow this New Earth to come into balance and alignment, watch as glory unfolds. As the newly awakened Divine Masculine stand with their Divine Feminine counterparts you will see how fast the changes transpire.

As your Eternal Mother, I call upon all inhabitants of this Blue/Green Orb to step forward and acknowledge that the time for Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to all inhabitants is why you chose this magnificent time.

I lovingly support and nourish your desire to achieve what is required to bring this New Earth to fruition.

There is an abundance of Love, Divine Light and resources available to each of you as you awaken to the calling of your Higher Heart.

Acknowledge the triumphs that have taken place to bring you to this moment. Dear Hearts, we know how much it has taken for each of you to negotiate this lifetime of tremendous pain and suffering, and now the ultimate triumph is in your grasp.

You are MASTERS Dear Hearts, you have earned the right to be called such, for you have triumphed over countless lifetimes to come out of the darkness, abolish separation and move once again towards the LIGHT and the ONENESS you truly ARE.

The amount of LIGHT each of you has contributed to this New Earth is radiantly sparkling and sending the message that darkness will no longer be tolerated on the Earth.

Dear Ones, Love each other, nurture each other, as I do each of you.

It is time now for you to align your energies, prepare to make this next shift towards all you have dreamed of and worked for.

PEACE will reign because that is what is in your Heart and your DNA. Abundance in all things you do Dear Hearts. You each have the ability to alchemically change everything that no longer resinates in anything but LOVE.

I say once again, LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVE YOU.

I, your Eternal Mother wipe each tear until the time we walk again together in the most glorious time of Infinite Joy on this magnificent New Earth.

Hold your hand on your Heart - I AM THERE.

Blessed Be Dear Hearts,


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