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Being Stuck - Jeshua

Being Stuck - Jeshua

Dearfriends, I am Jeshua.

I am here in your midst to connect with you so as to share our energies. The energy I bring blends with your energy, your light, the wisdom that you have gathered throughout all the lives you have lived here on Earth. In this way, we together form a channel for knowledge to emerge that is tailored to the present.

We are channeling together. Feel how you participate in this channeling and how you are not only a listener, a student looking for answers, but at the same time, the teacher who knows and feels the answers inside, and who wants to convey this knowledge to others who are seeking. You all play both roles. You are a seeker, someone who is continuously growing and is busy renewing and extending yourself. And while this process is happening, you also transmit your energy to others who might not be so far advanced in their process of change; who benefit from your discoveries and inner achievements, which you transfer to others in a natural way. The art of being a spiritual teacher is not whether you have the ability to put your knowledge into an eloquent, perfectly worded form, but whether you can transmit its essence in a natural, authentic way that carries the vibration of buoyancy and freedom, and with a feeling of trust and confidence.

There are times when you feel that vibration very clearly, and then you are connected with your deepest core. Your teaching then is not something you do or give to the outside world, it is something you are. It is your natural vibration that spontaneously radiates to others. If you are ever wondering: "What exactly is the intention of the spiritual work I have come to do here on Earth?", then go to that core within yourself where simplicity lies: the truth of your unique self. If you connect there and come from that core, it does not matter very much in what form you allow your energy to flow into the world. Everything that feels good, that gives you joy and inspiration, belongs to you, and by giving that to the world, you will in time be compensated; you will receive in return. Do not get your security from material forms or means, but from your inner core, where reign peace and naturalness and simplicity.

I want you to know that when I say this to you, it is also the One within you who is speaking. I want to express your voice in this channeling, joined and blended with my unique vibration. Together we form a field and that is the intention. I am not a teacher who is elevated above you and has all the answers. It is right that every soul expresses their own wisdom in a unique way that blends into one vast brilliant field with all sorts of different shades and facets. Be proud of who you are and never try to imitate another. Find who you are and then you are at your most beautiful and most pure. The answer to all your questions lies in that central core, deep within you; there where everything flows easily and you can exclaim, "Oh, yes, it's actually this easy! This is who I am – an unlimited and free being. Fear and lack are not real, they cannot really touch me.”       

Of course, there are moments in the life of every human being when you lose the connection with your center, and where everything becomes gloomy and dark, and fear and despair take hold of you – negative energy, as you call it. You then lose the connection with your inner core. Everything that at first seemed simple and clear is now complex and complicated, something about which you must think hard and deep. You walk around in circles and are stuck, as you would say, just like a needle on a phonograph can be stuck in a groove while the record keeps spinning, but nothing really changes. And such a situation brings about an energetic exhaustion and a despairing gloom, and even can lead to depression.

If you are stuck, then two things will happen: either you free yourself or you become more entrapped until you come to a point that you are so stuck, to call it that, that something has to be done. Energetically, life never stands still – it cannot stand still – so you will then attract an event, or there will be an inner eruption, that forces you to change direction. The new direction will always be more intense than was the old direction, but it offers you the chance for novel paths and new opportunities. From a cosmic perspective, you can not actually get stuck; life continues to flow through you, but you can still have the feeling that you are trapped. What that actually means is that you long for something with which you already have an emotional connection, but which has not come within your sight and reach; it remains beyond the horizon. You then have the feeling you are trapped, and there arises frustration and disappointment that seems to confirm your being stuck.

How do you make your way out of such a situation? The first thing to do is to let go of the judgment that something went wrong. You probably think to yourself: "I should have been there already; my goal was to have already achieved this or that – and I have failed". That judgment pushes you down and keeps you in place even more strongly. If you were to look at yourself more objectively, and from a slightly greater distance, you would instead say: "Apparently there is something that I find very troubling and difficult to deal with, and I am therefore not yet at the place where I want to be". If you can look at the feeling of being stuck in that way, it is more of an invitation to examine yourself, and to investigate what wants to be seen. What you will find are contradictory emotions: one part of you longs for the new, for that which fulfills you and brings more creativity and inspiration, while another part is holding on to the old from fear of letting go and of giving up security:

How do you deal with that fear? Ideally, if you are trying to make a big step toward renewal, you would let go of your old identity and become a new person, which is why one reads in the spiritual literature of a new birth, or a second birth. However, you can count on the fact that you will not let go easily of your old identity! That identity has been constructed carefully, and consists in large part of a complex mix of survival mechanisms and patterns, behaviors that you have used to avoid and escape difficult emotions. You begin to do this as a child, and for a child that is often their only survival strategy, because the emotions that it experiences can be too overpowering to be understood by the child’s spirit. Children, especially sensitive children, can also have a tendency to experience their parents' problems and heavy energies as their own; a problem they must solve, which is not at all the task of a child. In this way, there arise from early childhood deep behavioral patterns to flee from pain, fear, and trauma in order to find ways to get around it and to survive. It is important to understand this in yourself.

Up to this point, I have been talking only about an identity that has been formed in your childhood in this life. But you also carry impressions from other lives, lingering energies that now, in this life, want to be seen and released. Therefore, at the same time that you desire to come into a new reality, to get closer to your own soul, to become self-fulfilled, and to have in-depth relationships with others, try to also look with utmost tenderness and compassion at the part of you that is having trouble releasing the old. Feel your own resistance, fear, and mistrust, which you can see through the eyes of the child that had too much on its “plate” when it was small, and could not handle it all. To a certain extent, each of you has been emotionally traumatized, if only by way of growing up on Earth with the world’s many fears and ideas about lack and negative beliefs encircling you – it can not be otherwise than that you lose part of yourself.

I want to tell you that it is not realistic to do “spiritual battle” with the injustices outside you, or to try to change the world around you, or to try to force a new world into being. A real warrior who fights for light embodies both male and female qualities, and examines the child within, sees it in its struggle, and with great tenderness embraces this child, takes pity on it, and puts it at its ease. Here you see how important it is to make use of both your male and female strengths in the healing of yourself. The female power reassures the part of you that is the most anxious and suspicious, and might not even want to be here on Earth. The feminine part reaches out her hand, is soft and nurturing as a mother: unconditional, inviting, and creating openness. Try to experience that by allowing the female energy in you to flow especially to those patterns that give you so much resistance and trouble.

You also need to utilize your male energy, which symbolizes certain strengths. Sometimes it is important to make “hard” decisions, to set boundaries, to say goodbye to situations or people who maintain old patterns. It is not a sign of being spiritual to have unwavering compassion and understanding for negative patterns in yourself or in others. The male energy says at times quite clearly: “No, to heck with that!” It takes you on a new path where you can clearly stand up for yourself and dare to show who you really are. That is the aspect of the male energy that is essential in freeing yourself. Of course, from the feminine side you can experience, both toward yourself and with others, a very deep understanding of what is happening that might include negativity, violence, and even destructiveness. But your masculine self makes you realize that you are here for yourself in this lifetime and you have to make choices that serve your light, your soul. That might mean making clear and definite choices, and even distancing yourself from what is not essential to you and no longer suits you.

Imagine that you now see this male energy in yourself in the form of a sword you are holding in your right hand. And in your left hand you hold a magnificent cup or chalice that stands for the receptive and healing female energy. Both are instruments that you can use to be supportive to yourself. Sometimes it is necessary in a situation where patterns keep repeating themselves, and when no renewing flow is present, to wield the sword, to speak out clearly, and to not keep being carried along by patterns with which you no longer feel comfortable.

At other times, when you have to deal with deep emotions of fear or sadness, it is necessary to be very supportive and nurturing to yourself, to be open and receptive to your emotions. You can see the chalice before you as if made from glass of a healing color, in which the emotions you are most struggling with can be placed and are welcome. And if you do not know what you have to do in a certain situation, or with certain emotions, then ask yourself intuitively: “What is needed here – the sword? Do I need to take decisive steps, set boundaries, separate myself? Or is it necessary that I turn inward and receive my deepest emotions that are coming to the surface? Or do I need both?” The male sword and the female chalice are two tools you have at your disposal.

Finally, I ask that you feel the connection among us in this circle. Focus your inner gaze on the teacher you already embody, rather than on the problems and struggles you have shared with one another. Feel the great strength you have; that unique powerful inner core you have at your disposal and that is already so perceptible in you. Intuit how in this circle we together form a channel, and now receive the energy that flows from us all. Feel what joy and wisdom and hope is present in this energy. And when you are stuck, do not go blind by staring at what does not work, but please also be aware of everything that goes well, what is flowing into your life, and what you already have to give and share with others – this is already so much!

I thank you all for being allowed to sit here in your midst and mingle my energy with yours. Yes!


© Pamela Kribbe 2019 www.jeshua.net
Pamela Rose Kribbe (1968) works as a psychic reader and healer in her own practice in Tilburg, the Netherlands. She obtained her doctorate in the philosophy of science in 1997, after having studied philosophy at the universities of Leiden, Nijmegen and Harvard (U.S.).
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