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Call This Energy In - Mary Magdalene

Call This Energy In - Mary Magdalene

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. We say to each of you, Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, that you are deeply loved, and deeply supported by so many beings of light that if you could see or feel their energy around you on a daily basis, you would never feel alone, frightened or fearful again. We bring this to your attention at this time because there are so many souls that are feeling an energy of disturbance, and chaotic energy within their own vibratory field.

As we have explained before, the energies on the earth plane are becoming lighter and lighter, and for those who are heavy with disturbances, mental, emotional and psychological, the lighter frequencies that are being emitted upon the planet are causing a greater level of chaos and fear within many individuals. So we wish to explain how important it is to re-remember that you have come to this earth plane with, as we have spoken before, a soul blueprint, a divine plan, and each of you have been assigned a personal guardian angel, each of you have many master teachers, guides and angelic hosts surrounding you to protect you and to guide you in your life journey. Today it is a remembrance that you are not alone, that regardless of what you are experiencing, you have the guides and you have your own I AM presence, your own higher self to guide and to assist you on your journey.

During each incarnation prior to your soul planning, you all are assigned a guardian angel and three personal angelic hosts that are protecting you and guiding you during the planning stage of your soul incarnation, and once you have entered into the physical body, your own spirit essence is deeply communing with these angelic hosts, and you are being guided and protected, and given information in vitro, during the gestation period in your mother’s womb, and once you leave the birth canal, at the time of your birth, you are supported by these angelic hosts, guides and master teachers at the time of your birth. Therefore know that every moment of your inception and your physical embodiment on this earth plane, that you are protected, guided, loved and supported at all times, through every transitional state of your life, you are being given so much information, you are being downloaded with so much love and so much support that you would never feel alone, frightened or disturbed again. For this is why it is indeed so important to begin to clear your frequencies and to begin to call in the universal energy of the white light of God, as if you are bringing in the white light through your crown chakra, allowing the energy to enter into your vessel, clearing all energies that are not of the highest vibration of love, peace, joy and harmony that are held within your physicality.

So we ask you once again to begin to take a deep breath, if you so shall, and begin to call in these frequencies, call in the light, call in the love, call in the energy of the white light of God. Beginning to infuse your frequency with this holy grace of divine light and once again, we ask you to take a deep inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in this frequencies, breathe in these frequencies, breathe in these frequencies of peace, love, harmony and joy, filling every cell, every fiber, every particle every pore of your being with the white light of God. Simply beginning to feel this energy and this essence surrounding you and protecting you, and now we ask you to begin to allow your senses, your own psychic sense to be able to now become aware of your own guardians, heavenly hosts, master teachers and guides, as if you can begin to feel and sense these beautiful energies around you, as they are hovering over you very close indeed. Know that they are watching you, whispering in your ear, and assisting you with your daily decisions and your own thoughtforms, 24/7. So Dearest Children at this time, we ask you to begin to acknowledge that these beautiful heavenly hosts are devoted onto you, and honor yourself, honor the energy of all these magnificent beings that are devoted onto you. For at times, humans begin to feel a sense of isolation, despair, loneliness, fear of separation. This causes the imbalances within the system, and if you can access these frequencies and begin to feel these energies around you, as you begin to tap into your sense, and begin to feel these beautiful energies that are supporting you, this will assist you in your daily life. Not in moments of despair, when you call out for guidance, but every moment of your waking life, where you are able to access these frequencies and feel the support, and help you in your journey here on this earth plane.

You were never intended to be left here alone, you were never intended to be unsupported, for each of you has a family of light that surrounds you and protects you and guides you. So we ask you at this time to begin to call in the family of light to your consciousness, and if you can, bring it in to your conscious awareness through your third eye, as you may begin to see, feel or sense the family of light, your cosmic heavenly hosts, that are your spiritual team, and your guardians that are supporting you on this journey. Just as you have your own biological or nuclear family, and extended family and friends and acquaintances, and community at large, you are part of the family of light, perhaps as they say, these unseen beings may seem to be untouchable but they are not. Call them in, call in your spiritual team, your family of light, your personal, heavenly hosts, and you will feel this sense of peace as if you’ve never felt that before.

So call this energy in at this time, taking a deep breath and beginning to breathe in this frequency of peace. That you are loved, that you are cherished, and these magnificent beings who have been assigned to you are devoted to you. It may be hard to conceptualize, that these magnificent beings are devoted to your life stream, following your journey, helping you along your spiritual evolution, and yet this is truth. So Dearest Ones, begin to honor and value you, this is the time to let go of the lower frequencies of shame, blame, guilt and any energies that are not in alignment to the truth of who you are. For Dear Ones, each of you are magnificent souls, and powerful beings of light. And beautiful heavenly hosts in your own right. Many of you have been called earth angels upon this earth, as you too are guardians, and you have watched over so many. Yet today it is about you receiving and acknowledging that your own family of light, your own spiritual team, your own guardians are devoted onto you. Perhaps you have not felt this before, perhaps you have not thought about this before. How magnificent and special you are, the God, the Supreme One, has created a team for each of you so that you are not alone. So as you come together today as a family, here on this personal call, all those who have attended, now that you have come together as your own personal family of light, supporting and loving each other, and yet you have a greater family of light, a beautiful energy, a force field around you that will always stand with you.

Even in those times when you feel the confusion within yourself, not sure of what you are to do, what you are to be doing, what is being called for you to experience, we ask you to once again breathe this energy into your heart, breathing the energy of peace, asking your guides and master teachers to come into your heart, and they will show you and guide you. Therefore you will begin to have a greater sense of clarity and inner knowingness, and inner peace, and inner tranquility. That this is the right decision, this is the guidance that you are receiving, the knowingness within your own heart, that is coming not only from your I AM presence, but from your own family of light. You have your own entourage, as they say, your own entourage. So Dear Ones, in some ways, you are responsible for connecting to them, and keeping the connection open through your own sense of optimism, strength, tenacity and determination. As I say this again, there is a responsibility for each of you to acknowledge your spiritual team, for as you begin to acknowledge their presence within your life, you will begin to feel their support more deeply. They are able to help you as you ask them, as you are aware of them, as you receive their guidance on a daily basis.

You may call upon many of the ascended masters and magnificent beings of light who are guiding your life as well, for each of you have a personal team as they say, of which many of you may not be aware of. So know, Dearest Ones, that you are loved beyond measure and you are loved beyond comprehension, and your life, your purpose here on the earth plane is precious and indeed each of you are precious souls. We ask you to begin to acknowledge this and to feel this, and to begin to embrace this within your own consciousness, for many of you have a sense of a lack of value, regardless of all the good deeds, and all that you have brought forth into this life, there is a sense of perhaps, I am not worthy enough, I am not good enough. If you could feel the energy and understand that your family of light is indeed devoted onto you, because you are a precious soul, and your life stream is precious, your energy is precious, your magnificence is precious, this will help you again to hold a greater sense of value for yourself, knowing that you have support.

We know how difficult the earth can be, we understand the challenges, we understand the confusion, we understand that this life stream of the soul journey can be quite confusion, for this is why Yeshua and I come to you week after week after week, helping you to feel loved, feel supported and strengthened. We give to you lovingly in service week after week, our wisdom, our love, our peace, our joy and our light, so that you my continue to carry on and do all that you have agreed to do in this incarnation, to complete your soul journey, and to complete your mission and your divine purpose. This is why these heavenly hosts are devoted onto you, because as you complete your journey, as you complete your mission, you are assisting them as well. What you are experiencing, what you are receiving, they are experiencing and they are receiving, and you are helping them to grow as well. Each one teach one, each one lead one.

So that the decisions that you make, the choices that you make, are simply based on love. Love for all of life, love for all of creation, a deep, rich profound love that is at the seed and the core of all of your souls. A deep seed and core of love that is felt within all of your souls. As you begin to tap into this profound love, that each of you are holding and carrying and that you have been seeded with, you will be able to shed the illusion of your humanness and be able to tap into your magnificence as a beautiful spirit that you are. This is why all of your heavenly hosts, all of your family of light stand with you, because we are devoted onto you, because what you bring forth assists in the grand design for this planet. It is like a spider web, your energy is weaved into the fabric of the Great Design. What you bring forward into the greater scheme of life, into this life stream, onto this earth is encoded into the Great Design. Lifetime after lifetime you have left your energy, your imprint for all the earth to feel and all the earth to receive. Even now in this moment, as you are receiving this energy, and it is being downloaded and encoded within you, it is encoded within your own etheric blueprint, and it is being encoded into the grand design for humanity and all life forms. And for Mother Earth herself.

Your heavenly hosts, your family of light, they see the bigger picture for you, and they may whisper to you to guide you and make the decisions that will change and help you with your own thought forms that perhaps are not concurrent with the life stream of the energy in which you have agreed to come to this earth plane, to complete and to receive. So as you begin to hear the whispers and the still, quiet voice from within, acknowledge that you are being guided and protected with every step that you take, with every word, action and deed you are being divinely guided at all times. So Dearest Children step into this energy, step into your power, step into this frequency and feel the love, feel the love, feel the love. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Can you feel this energy and this essence of your powerful life stream, feeling the energy that is being emitted through you. It is time, it is time, it is time that you now begin to honor yourself, honor yourself above no other. Honor yourself. Allowing yourself to honor yourself as you honor all life.

So today as Yeshua and I stand with you we place a seal of love over your heart chakra so that you may begin to feel this energy of God’s living light and love within your being, it will simply allow you to be able to turn within and to feel the presence of your divinity. Feeling the energy of your beautiful life stream as you accept this gift upon this day of devotion, feeling this energy of pure love and devotion, for you. As if every day is your birthday, as if every day is a day dedicated to you. This is the excitement, and this is the anticipation that you are receiving, that you are being honored for being you. You are being honored for the force field of light that surrounds you, the beauty of your spirit is being honored. If you could see what we see, and feel what we feel, the magnificent beings that are honoring you, you would never question your worth or your value again. So today, Dearest Children, we ask you to feel the love, feel the love, feel the love. As the energy of devotion now settles into your heart, into your consciousness, into your subconscious, into all streams and aspects of your life. As you are appreciated, that you are loved beyond measure and beyond comprehension. Today as you feel this energy merging inside of you, allow yourself to awaken to the truth of who you are. That you are a powerful, magnificent being of light who has come to this earth plane to serve and to be served, to give and to receive, and the devotion you have given by coming to this earth is being supported by your family of light. You have devoted your life stream to coming to this earth plane, you have sacrificed your oneness, and have gone through the soul incarnations of life time and time again.

Not for naught, as they say. For you are assisting the grand design, you are a piece of the puzzle, you are a part of the cobweb as they say. You are the web of light that completes the whole. So today the force field of energy, of your family of light, honors you for this journey, the journey of life. Regardless of how long or short your life may be, you will have completed your mission, and have assisted in the web of light that is the energy for this earth to move through her cycle of completion. So today Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the love that you are, simply begin to breathe in your connection to your family of light, they support you, they surround you, they are indeed your guardians and protectors. You are never alone. Allow yourself to celebrate the joy of you, the magnificence of you, and the brilliance of your beautiful spirit essence that shines so brightly upon this earth plane, like a blazing star you have come to this earth to leave your mark, now Dearest Children receive the love, receive the accolades, receive the tender mercy that the family of light has gifted onto you. So Yeshua and I bow to you and we honor you, and we, too, continue to be devoted onto you. This is our covenant onto you, that we will continue to serve humanity and to bring the wisdom and healing, because it is our devotion onto you and our beloved Mother Earth and all life forms. Go now Dearest Children in peace, be still and know that you are loved. We honor you, we bless you, our beautiful devotees, we are here always in service. Namaste.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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