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Cave of Creation - Mary Magdalene

Cave of Creation - Mary Magdalene

Greetings Dear Daughters and Sons of Light, yes it is I, Yeshua. I come to you on this most auspicious day, to honor your beautiful souls, and to honor the beautiful energy of the essence of that which you are. Today as you begin to deepen your connection to your own soul, and as you begin to deepen your connection to faith, that you are divinely guided by your own soul, with each breath that you take, then begin to allow yourself to feel this connection, in a most profound and most beautiful way.

So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to center in to the energy of your own soul. Begin to breathe into the energy and the essence, into your heart, beginning to tap into your own soul, beginning to feel the energy and the essence of your own divine power. And as Mary and I stand with you, we both hold what we call the frequency and the template for each of you to merge into your own oneness, into the wholeness and into the unity that your beautiful soul is seeking to return to love. With each breath that you take, we ask you to begin to deepen your connection, your energy into your own soul, as you begin to feel and trust within yourself. Beginning to deepen your connection with faith and hope, that you are truly connected to the energy of oneness, to all that is. And so I ask you Dearest Children of the light, to once again, and to once again to consider and to reconsider your soul and that which your individual souls are calling each of you to do at this time. Each of you have your own innate wisdom, each of you have your own internal guidance, each of you are holding the frequency of divine love within your own soul matrix. And know at this time that the essence of peace and the energy of love and the abiding light of God’s force field will bring forth the trajectory of your own soul into the next level of your soul and evolutionary pathway. With each breath that you take you are deepening your own connection to yourself. And so we say as you hold this frequency, begin to realize that you have more power than you can imagine yourself to carry. As you begin to deepen your faith within your soul and the trajectory of your life stream, your soul is guiding you moment by moment by moment, even if you are not aware on a conscious level that your soul is guiding force that is dictating and guiding your life. Your beautiful spirit, your beautiful soul, the essence and the matrix of you in your divine perfection is now being held, as they say, in the palm of your own hands. Can you begin to fully appreciate and hold faith that you are the master of your own destiny? You are the creator of your own life stream, you are not a victim to circumstances, you are not a victim to what is happening within the world, and you are truly a master. That each of you are holding the frequency of what you wish to create, moment by moment by moment, in your stream of consciousness. The vibration and the energy of faith is a powerful force that will simply allow you to shift your consciousness into love.

We speak of this frequently during these troubled times, because this is what is shifting upon your planet. This is indeed the shift to return to love for this planet. We continue to reinforce this thought form, for each of you to begin to truly feel a greater connection to yourself, to your own soul, to your own power, and to the frequency of love in which you were created, holding faith within yourself, deepening your faith within your own soul, so that you can truly know that you are the master of your own ship. During our lifetime, Mary and I understood about going into what we call the Cave of Creation, going in to the center of the earth and allowing our spirits and our souls to be renewed in the Cave of Creation. And there we began to deepen our faith in our connection to ourselves. You will begin to feel this energy of nurturance, we began to feel the strength of our own souls, as we could truly feel the connection to Mother Gaia, and feel this strength within our own physicality. It was needed and it was necessary in our time as I prepared for my crucifixion. It is also needed for each of your at this time as you prepare for the shift and change upon this earth plane. The planet is undertaking a massive transitional state of being. And the humans, the earthly population is indeed confused. And you see during these transitional times and for the ascension of this planet and all of creation, this energy is indeed quite confusing for many, it is why we are bringing it to your attention, for you to deepen your connection to your own soul, so that you know the truth of what is your own truth. That you begin to live in this state of divine grace, and that you are able to live and to navigate your life, from the perspective and from the energy of the faith of your own soul. That you are being divinely guided moment by moment by moment, regardless, as we have said before, of what is happening in the external world, you are able to move forward into your life and your soul evolutionary pathway with grace and ease, without obstruction, not allowing the outer circumstances of the earthly world to dictate to you how you are going to operate in your life, how you are going to respond to life, and certainly not to affect your level of peace. Because this is an important time, as we have said, to return to love, to return to peace, to return to the still point, that is why it is indeed very important, Dearest Children of the Light, to go into the Cave of Creation and allow yourself to feel this connection to your own soul. So I will step back and my Mary will lead you into a meditation into the Cave of Creation.

Greetings My Sons and Daughters of Light, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As Yeshua has said, we have come to help assist you to move into the consciousness and to the space of tranquility as you truly begin to deepen your connection to your own soul. And so as Yeshua and I take you into the Cave of Creation, we ask that you leave your troubles aside, allow your mental mind to be placed aside, and simply surrender to the energy of love. As if you are going on a magic carpet ride and the miracles and the magic and the wonderment of entering into another dimensional time and space and frequency will assist you to find peace and happiness. So I ask you Dearest Ones, once again to take another deep breath and to truly begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God, as if we are taking our hands one by one by one and we are going into the Cave of Creation, into the center of the earth, and there we are nurtured, we are encapsulated in love, and we are recalibrated into the energy of our own soul matrix. Where we are returning to balance, harmony and peace. So if you so shall, please allow me to take your hand one by one by one, we will hold hands, we will go into the Cave of Creation and we will feel the magnificence of the love of the Earth Mother as she nurtures our soul, soothes our mind, and restores and helps us to return to balance. So now as we enter into this beautiful web of light, as if we are in this most beautiful place that you have ever seen, and the sounds and the lights and the smells are heavenly, as if you are simply in your mother’s womb, and you are being recreated, you are being reborn, rebirthed, rejuvenated. And the silence is deafening, as they say, as there is a stillness within the Cave of Creation, that allows you to begin to listen to your own soul. So take a deep breath and begin to feel this silence, and begin to feel the energy and the essence of love, as you are nurtured and brought forth into this place of peace. Nurtured and yes embodied and encoded with what we call stillness, as if everything is being put into a standstill, as everything has stopped momentarily, and all you feel is stillness, quietness, as you are able to deepen your connection to your soul.

So with each breath that you take, begin to hold the energy inside of yourself, that this is truly a gift that has been gifted to you upon this day, a beautiful gift, as you enter into this state of grace, that truly all is in order and all is as it should be, that you have entered into this beautiful state of grace, all is in order and all is as it should be. You truly feel the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. So as you allow yourself to feel this silence, even if it is momentarily, transitory, beginning to feel this peace enter into your heart, and a calmness coming over you, as you begin to feel and trust your own soul. As you begin to listen to the still, quiet voice from within that allows you to ascertain and to guide you in your life. Now more than ever it is of great importance to begin to listen, so today Dearest Ones, can you feel, sense and trust within your own soul? Today letting go of a bit of your ego, your personality, and trusting that you are divinely guided and with each breath that you take, you are deepening your connection here in the Cave of Creation, to the essence of your being. Today as you feel this energy, and you feel this magnificence, you have entered into a beautiful state of grace, a transitory place perhaps, but nevertheless, this is of great importance, as you have gifted yourself this moment in time. To trust. That regardless of what you may feel, if your life feels stagnant, confusing, unproductive, perhaps even boring, whatever it is you are sensing. Trust, that today the soul is being renourished and renewed, and that what is occurring for you is an enrichment of your soul, and despite your human mind, and your human fears and frailties, you can now begin to deepen your connection and your faith to your own soul. That you will trust in this as the guiding light, moment by moment by moment, you are being divinely guided, and here in the still point, in the Cave of Creation, you are being divinely anchored into the energy of all that is. You are being rooted and connected to your own God essence. That the beauty of your own soul is grounded here in the Cave of Creation. You are being rejuvenated, restored, renewed, as if this is a time to take time out and to restore the true essence of your being. Because what you are being called to do in this new time period, in this new ascension, into this new earth, as new Earth Beings, you are being called to access aspects of your soul, your soul fragments, your different lifetimes, your parallel lifetimes, your past, future and present aspects of your soul, into the now.

As if you are now integrating all that you have ever been, all that you shall ever be, into this moment of now. So that you are strengthened both mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically, that you are becoming stronger within your own sense of self, therefore letting go of any doubts and insecurities, any fears, and truly trusting in your own soul. For you see your soul has guided you through incarnations of time, from the beginning of the inception of when you chose to come to planet earth, your soul has guided you moment by moment, lifetime by lifetime, and even in this moment, your soul is communicating to you, through feelings, through thoughts, sensations, and so we are assisting you to be able to connect to the truth of who you are. It was what was necessary during our time to survive, for Yeshua to physically survive, and for me to mentally survive all that we had to go through. If we had not trusted within our soul, we certainly would not have been able to move through our physical lives as well as we had done. Because our humanness, our frailties as human beings, was indeed a challenge. So today as you move through these challenges, you are calling your soul to assist you, to strengthen you, to guide you, for yes your soul knows exactly what is happening for you, even if your personality and your consciousness, your mental mind tries to tell you something different. But you are being guided, and you are truly, truly supported, and so that is why Yeshua and I have chosen to take you into the Cave of Creation today, to deepen this connection, because many of you will be asked to do what we call insurmountable tasks, that you may not think you are prepared to do or ready to do. You may be called upon to be leaders, and to let your light shine, holding your energy for other people to feel your strength, to see your wisdom, as you share your truth, as you assist others in this ascension process during these difficult times, this rebirthing of one level to another, we are going through a rebirthing process, the earth is rebirthing itself, humanity is rebirthing itself, and what is happening is people are letting go of the false beliefs, and yes as we’ve said before, the collective consciousness fear that has been with humanity since the time of separation is rampant upon your earth plane and you are here to stay in balance, you are here to deepen your faith and your connection to your own soul, so that you do not move into this fear, that you stay focused in love.

So today as we allow you to go into this incubation, into the Cave of Creation, your heart is open, your mind is healed, and the love that is being brought forth to you is our gift onto you. So now take another deep, inhaling breath, and allow yourself to truly begin to embody this frequency, the stillness and the quietness, knowing that your soul will recalibrate itself, and then your mental mind and physical body can respond, and your emotions can respond as well. So as Yeshua and I stand here, we place our hands over your heart, may you deepen this connection to the truth of who you are, feeling the love, truly you are connected to all that is. So now Dearest Ones as you begin to slowly restore, and as we begin to leave the Cave of Creation, very quietly and very silently, we take each other’s hands and we move upward to the surface of the earth, protecting your energy field with a pink bubble of light, so that you are surrounded energetically with a pink bubble of light, as you quietly emerge from the Cave of Creation and return back into your consciousness, back into your physicality, back onto the surface of the planet, you will have a renewed sense of strength and vigor, and there you will feel the power of who you truly are. There you will able to move and carry forward all the love that you have now embodied, and remain at peace, as you have returned to love, deepening your faith and your connection to your own soul. And so truly, Dearest Ones, allow your heart to open to yourself, give thanks to yourself, give thanks to the energy of the Cave of Creation, to Mother Earth, giving honor to all of your fellow brothers and sisters who joined you, who also were a part of this sojourn of energy. So today as you feel this strength, begin to deepen your faith within yourself, that at any time you may enter into the Cave of Creation with permission, and we will help to guide you there so that you can return to stillness, peace and quiet, and hold tranquility upon your soul. So Dearest Ones, feel the love, and give thanks to yourself that you have gifted yourself this beautiful gift upon this most auspicious day, and as your heart opens, begin to feel this connection to your true divinity. Go now my children, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved. Loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension, truly know that you are loved. And open your heart to this divine grace, and feel the energy and the essence of the love that you are. Go now my children, be at peace, as Yeshua and I stand with you, we hold the template of Divine, Sacred balance for your own soul, as you move forward into this time as a new earth being, fully renewed, fully restored, as you return to grace. Go now my children, be at peace.


Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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