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Channellings from the Masters: Changing the Face of Terror: Moving From Fear to Ascension Part 2


Part 2

Every thought creates a vibration which is emitted out to the wider world and, if people think negatively about another person or engage in gossip about them their thought forms attach energetically to the person they were intended for as a psychic hook or attack. They also become embedded in the fabric of the collective consciousness which surrounds the Earth like a blanket. In certain areas around the world where war, terrorism and oppression of the masses are rife, the vibration of the collective consciousness is extremely low and very dark. The effect of this low vibration is to bring everyone who is energetically connected to it down to its level, which means more people will begin to think, act and react in that vibration. To be energetically connected you do not have to live in any proximity to it. 

You can be on the other side of the world but still be hooked into the negativity and darkness through the media or internet. As every living thing on the Earth (and in the Universe) is connected to each other and to Source, one would be naive to think that one’s thoughts or actions do not affect the world’s vibrational frequency in one way or another. Human thoughts are a living consciousness with an energetic vibration that creates form; either by affecting the feelings or emotions of others or by creating ripples of energy that connect to other people’s auras or even to their cells. No-one is immune from the energy of thought patterns. If you have been psychically attacked by the negative or even vicious thoughts and words of another person, it is possible you will experience physical pain and discomfort until the attack has been removed. If you find yourself depressed for no reason it is possible that you are tapping into the collective consciousness and picking up on waves of fear, sadness and despair. That, Dear Ones, is the power of thought.

By connecting to the dramas in the world and investing your energy in them, either by just watching the news, by reacting or responding in some way or by physically engaging in acts of vengeance you are actively contributing to the dark and low vibrations and only perpetuating them. It is a never-ending vicious cycle that plays right into the hands of those who wish to rule and control through fear. The only way to avoid being a part of the cycle is to disengage completely from it. Do not watch the news. Disassociate yourself from the drama and become an observer who is sympathetic but not emotional or over-reactive. As hard as this may be, particularly if the people affected are family, friends or people known to you, a calm and un-reactive response is mandatory in order to avoid adding to the psychic vibrations in the collective consciousness. Send love: to the people affected, to the souls of the deceased, to Mother Earth herself.

Bring in the light of the Creator and pray for love to be sent where it is needed the most for the greater good and hold the energy in your heartspace before letting it go where it is needed. If you belong to a meditation group send love and light to the world, into the collective consciousness to erase the darkness and fear, to the animals, the plants, the water, the oceans and the mountains. Send it to the air and the earth, the forests and the deserts, even out to the Universe. Sending love and light with the highest and best intentions is the only action that will negate and reverse the fear and terror that is gripping the human collective consciousness at this time. In a group situation the power of your intentions will be magnified and even more powerful. If you ask your angels to help you the power will be magnified even more.

Watch your thoughts, Dear Hearts, for they are a force greater than you could ever imagine. Thoughts can become words and then take form as action which has enormous power, both to harm and to heal. To ensure your thoughts are the basis of healing you must endeavor to raise your own vibrations so that the events of the world do not attach to you and affect you in negative ways. It takes time, patience and considered effort to raise your vibrational frequency out of ego and drama and into a higher state of being, and you cannot do it when you are continuously immersed in and surrounded by drama and lower frequencies. There are many ways to begin moving into an ascended state, such as not watching the news or reality television, disengaging from gossip, eating organic and healthy food, exercising, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep.

The most effective way, however, of raising your vibrations is through meditation and connecting to your Higher Self and the Creator himself, for in the energy of the Creator everything just is and there are no conditions on love, for the love of the Creator is unconditional and all in the universe is one. In this energy of pure love there is no room for darkness or fear, injustice, intolerance or inequality, for every living thing on the Earth and, indeed, in the Universe, is one and the same. There is no separation, and that is the key to ascension, for separation causes people to feel disconnected, unequal in status and different from others. It also allows the ego to flourish and for the spirit to become fractured. The majority of the problems amongst humans on the Earth, Dear Ones, is caused by the illusion of separation and the disconnection of the spirit for the soul, Mother Earth and from Source.

I AM Lord Melchizadek


Credit: Victoria Cochrane

victoria_cochraneVictoria Cochrane is an Advanced Theta (TM) Healer and Reiki Master who connects with Divine Energy to witness powerful healings, channel messages from spirit and to give accurate psychic readings. She reads Tarot and Angel cards, can connect to passed over loved ones and return to people’s past lives to affect healings that then allow them to be 


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