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El Morya - What We Talked About

El Morya - What We Talked About

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM EL MORYA!

Coming here is always a reason for joy for any of us. Being able to pass on some messages, teachings, guidelines, is always rewarding and we will do so whenever necessary.

My dear brothers, your world is changing, much is happening. Don't you see, don't you know? It doesn't matter, but what is important for everyone today is not to absorb what is negatively passed on to them. The good things, the things inherent in the evolution of the planet will not be shown. There is no interest in confirming what we say. There is an interest in showing that everything is getting worse, that everything is hopeless and that people are increasingly violent.

The interest in showing all of this is precisely so that you don't have faith, so that you don't believe what we say. So, distance yourself from this news. Look for good news, spread good times, don't replicate bad news, don't commit your bad times.

Each moment lived by you is accompanied by an energy. If it is a good moment, a pleasant moment, a moment of Light, there is an energy coupled there and in this case it is a positive energy, an energy that will help you to evolve, an energy that will help you to stay high, an energy that it will keep you cheerful, happy. And then you get into the habit of spreading it around, of commenting on your own happiness, of commenting on all the good things that happen to you. And I ask you: Will everyone like what you just said?

Of course not, the vast majority will not like it because they will ask themselves: “Why can't I get this and he or she can?” Many will answer: "Oh, but I don't care about that, I don't get that energy". Perfect. You think this way, you feel and you stand strong, and it's as if you create a great barrier around you and any energy of envy, comments, anger hits that shield and returns to the one who sent it, not reaching you .

Now I ask: are all of you like this? The vast majority are not. You don't have this armor, this shield. So, when you talk about the good things, you're one, now how many listen to you? Many. And if many emanate a contrary energy, it is much greater than their released energy, and then what happens? You get that load of envy, that load of anger, that load of various negative feelings. And what does this do to you? Scarcity, illnesses, because you become unbalanced, you start to live inside an aura of negative energy released by them, because you didn't protect yourself, you didn't create your shield.

But on the other hand, I ask you: Why do you need to comment, why do you need to tell others what the universe is giving you? I answer: Ego. It's what you call showing yourself, showing yourself superior, showing yourself lucky, showing yourself worthy, showing yourself in many things. So, there's a bad feeling there too.

So, I would say to you that you lose nothing if you close your mouth, if you learn to receive what the universe is sending you and remain silent.

Why expose your life? In a way, people will see your life, they will see your prosperity, they will see your elevation, they will see your growth, but you said nothing, they just watch. So, you haven't emanated anything to show for yourself either, you're just living your way, and if someone watches you and throws bad energy at you, it will be weaker because you haven't fed that energy. Do you understand?

I will try to explain again. When you show off, when you comment, when you spill out the supposed joy for something good that happened to you, you are showing off, you are trying to show the world that you are better than them. So, you also released bad energy; Added to that energy they throw back at you, imagine the size it takes.

So, you receive what you emanate and you receive what they are emanating and with a difference, when you speak, many listen to you. Now when you don't say anything, few are watching you, because their attention was not called to you, few would be watching you and you also didn't emanate anything to show off. Then the energy may even come in the opposite direction, but it will be weak, it will have almost no power.

Do you understand that? So, it's not enough for you to have that shield. “Ah, I can speak freely because I have a shield that protects me.” You may even have this shield, but something will come to you because you showed off, you made a point of showing the world everything you have, everything you've earned. For what? To show off, to show that you are luckier in the universe, to show that Father/Mother God has a greater appreciation for you, which is why He is giving you so many things.

So, I say to them: Keep silent. Don't want to show off the luck, the prosperity, the abundance that you have conquered through your journey to anyone. Let few just watch you. You don't need to show anything, you don't need to say anything. Decrease the negative energy, and of course always keep that shield. And what shield would that be? A very simple shield: Keep yourself in Love and Light, keep vibrating good feelings. Whoever does this have a constant shield against anything. But can you keep this shield 100% of the day? I will assure you not, because the external environment throws you out of balance and the shield sometimes falls.

Then start to reflect on what you say about the good things about your life. Now let's go to the other point. You comment on misfortunes, you comment on illnesses, you comment on everything bad that happened to you or that happens. There is energy there and when you comment on the bad energy it increases. it's like if you put yeast in it, you're focusing on the bad energy and it will increase more and more.

You are sick, but you need to comment on your illness so that everyone knows about it. For what? To feel sorry for you or to show you that you're very strong and that you're sick, but you're standing there? ego. Again: Ego. If you are sick, accept your journey, no one needs to know about it, no one needs to know about it; it is part of your walk. Why do you have to tell everything you feel that you go through or that you passed on to others?

So, I'll tell you: You are throwing negative energy onto others, the same one you are experiencing, and then what happens? You pushed each other and what happens next? She will come back to you. So, what do you do when you feed negative energy? You are increasing it, always. So, if you're sick, if you're short, if you're unhappy and you comment, what will you attract? More of the same and your ball of negative energy only gets bigger, it never gets smaller.

So, stop pushing your problems, your pains, your dramas on top of others. No one deserves this, no one asked you to throw this negative energy at them. So, you're causing two problems: One, you're sending something to people that they didn't ask for, that's already a problem, that's already an infraction to the universe. Another you sent, you'll get back, even more of what you're trying to get rid of.

Do you realize that the great evil of humanity is talking too much? Is it playing out your feelings? Where each one has a walk, each one has a mission and it is unique and exclusive to each one. Do you realize this? Could it be that you can't have another subject to comment on, except illnesses, lack of prosperity, unhappiness in Love, problems, problems, problems... Do you only know how to comment on this? Oh no, you also like something else, talking about other people's lives.

I won't talk about it. I would like you to think about it, what it means to talk about other people's lives, to gossip. Think about it, if this is something interesting for you and who is the focus of the subject. Many here are asking me: "So what am I going to say, I'm not going to say anything?" I'll answer you that if it's to show off or to put your dramas and pains on, keep quiet, it's the best thing you can do, because you won't get anything bad back and you won't be increasing what you already have. lives, that you already feel by commenting with others.

Do you want subject? Look at nature, see the beautiful work that Father/Mother God has done. Look at your world and see all the good it offers you. I would say to each one of you that you are very ungrateful because you have so many things compared to those who have nothing, but you are not able to look at it with Love and gratitude. No, you choose the negative side, you choose to comment on what you don't have or what you are living and that is not good, and everything else that is good, isn't it worth thinking about?

No, it's not to comment on what you eat every day, because there are people starving on the planet. So shut up stop showing off and stop passing your problems on to others, they are yours, yours alone. You don't need to share them with anyone. Learn to change your ways of living. You need to learn this. Emanating Love is not hugging and kissing everyone, that's not it. To emanate Love is to emanate gratitude, it is to emanate positive feelings for everything that is experienced, even for the bad moments. This is emanating Love, this is being Light, this is walking towards the Fifth Dimension.

Now I recognize that all this change is not easy for you, because the tongue, being loose inside the mouth, needs to move, needs to talk talk talk and no matter what. You don't think before you speak and many times, therefore, your lives are stagnant, because you only feed more of the same.

So, change your tunes, change your frequencies. Want to say something? Look at the sky, look at nature, look at animals. How much wisdom there is in animals. Come to think of it, they know exactly what to do and they don't talk to each other, not by mouth.

So, my brothers, learn to change your instincts, to change your habits. You need to evolve and certainly the mouth is one of the worst poisons you have, because what shouldn't come out of it comes out and then you complain that life doesn't get better.

Need to talk? Speak a mantra, say a prayer, not predefined, a prayer of gratitude, a prayer of thanks to anyone. Fill your words with Light, speak words of Light, this is what you need to do. Think hard about what I said here today. Change your habits and you will see how your lives will change too.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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