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Empty The Goblet Part 1 - Sananda

Empty The Goblet Part 1 - Sananda

Stay in love. Learn to endure without slipping into submission. Remain aware of your strength and power, in every situation in life, in all of your encounters.


Praised are you who ensure growth on earth.

Your days are blessed and sanctified, for verily:

The descent into human existence is fulfilled in a unique way.

Everything is on the move and a human life is growing in a way that has never been possible before. Awareness demands everything from you, challenges your limits, but everything is given to you to get through this. And this perseverance is necessary if you want to lead your life in light and want to end your life in God. In all challenges that are given to you, to see the meaning behind it, not to despair or despair.

That is humility.

Humility towards life, as one is aware and trusting the logic of one's life. Much is given to you at this time, and every event is for your growth.

"Awakening" is a process and does not allow any deviations that could affect it. All of you who are reading this now have made the decision for yourselves to live this life as an awakened entity. So everything is arranged by you and obey this decision from eternity.

So do not be surprised if it is often "thick" or if the ceiling threatens to collapse over you. These are the creations that move you forward and remind you of your contracts. That is the working of karma, and now a great deal of it is being dissolved and stripped off.

Your awakening conditions this, and so you are forged and refined, polished and honed until your soul emerges as the only authority of your being.

Until you work in everything through your soul and express everything through your soul. A blissful state, that exceedingly happy state that opens up to you through it.


The time of earning has therefore come.

Enduring your own shortcomings and dimensional errors, as well as enduring your surroundings.

The extremely human environment, the release of all wrong programming affects every person, and the proximity to such beings in "work" is not always refreshing. Ultimately, large and deep-seated energies are released from the body system, and this is usually associated with irritation for everyone who is close to such people. The physical proximity alone is noticeable and can cause discomfort.

All, without exception all people you meet, are exposed to this process of purifying their energies.

And all too often seemingly completely uninvolved people get caught up in the dynamics of such a process. Be mild in your evaluations about it, for you too are exposed to this transformation on a daily basis.

If a situation seems overwhelming, just leave it, but stay with compassion and knowing what you are dealing with. The purification of the human race has reached a dimension that many times exceed all your imaginations.

Restlessness, instability indicate this, and also the living out of shadows, which in the individual human being have not yet dissolved in the light.

The higher the flooding of light on the planet, the more powerful and intense this light beam of God affects your beings, the more unconditionally you separate yourself from the programming that inhibits you.

The light causes this progress, but what shows up and what ultimately has to go builds up in front of you and ultimately creates fear and anxiety.

All processes of purification, affecting the planet and the individual, initially generate fear. But as soon as the process is completed, that is, a subject is redeemed, peace and silence return.

Just as the ebb and flow of the tide obey the hidden but natural rhythm of creation, so, like this spectacle, new qualities of light are constantly flushed into you too, so that you can dissolve everything, redeem and free yourself from all ballast.

An important process for the individual and for the earth. So if you see such “discharges” of dark energies, stay in peace. Know what it means and remember these times.

Everyone contributes to the awakening of the earth and to their own awareness.

Know that this is a quality of this time, and so you can see the light in the darkness. The light that breaks through as soon as the errors of a being evaporate.


Recognize it as God's grace, for what it is, because this grace is now given to every human being.

Stay in love. Learn to endure without slipping into submission. Remain aware of your strength and power, in every situation in life, in all of your encounters.

Enduring is a master quality based on the foundations of compassion.

The time to come has much in store for you, but the extent of healing that is being given to the planet and people is such that the quality of bearing is essential to be learned. So you will neither waver nor fall, and your compassion will receive refinement.

This is part of the process that brings a polished vessel of love out of your heart. This is the mysticism of the saints, the essence of the awakened; the "conditio sine qua non". [Translated from Latin: The Indispensable Condition; if the condition is set, the conditioned is also set; the cause determines the consequence. (Author's note)]


Prepare yourselves for it, equip yourself with everything that is necessary for it.

So that you can haul in the sail on stormy seas and spread it out again in calm waves like a skilled captain who is aware of the power of the water and always remains maneuverable. In this way he does not suffer a shipwreck, and so you too will be guided safely through this time; lest the tide surprise you while you indulge in the ebb.

Another attribute is given to you today.

This will make you persistent, and you will calmly watch this process as it becomes. What should be revealed today is given.

What should come to you today has happened because today the return of the human race to heaven is being fulfilled. Heaven, which you are already creating on earth, and this is effectively supported by your knowledge of the current processes.

They descended from heaven, the exalted and blessed, the tried and honored - and they are among you.

The sanctified of those early days of the human race; they are all among you.

Walking gods who accompany your homecoming. Sent out in the midst of you all over the earth.

You are safe in the perfect embrace of God because the kingdom of heaven is now being established on earth.

The Second Coming of the One God who is and is through everything has been fulfilled, and you are the sons and daughters through whom He / They are expressed.

Follow the track of time until you have crossed this section, but meanwhile it is important to mature through enduring and to ennoble your being.

What is offered to you is great. What is given to you is powerful. What awaits you at the end of time is eternal life, the indescribable work of God, our father and mother.

Now pass through this time.

I, Jesus Sananda, stand by your side and walk the way forward, because also

I am in the midst of you!

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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