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Empty The Goblet Part 2 - Sananda

Empty The Goblet Part 2 - Sananda

Be gracious to yourselves and be gentle in evaluating your actions. You achieve immeasurable things, so give yourself all the love you are capable of.


Good afternoon, beloved Jesus. How are you?

SANANDA: Good afternoon, Jahn. Our coming together today will be very fulfilling. For you and for everyone who follows these lines.

We from being are not subject to delusions, and so we are always balanced and embedded in the universal power of love. Thus, the question of our well-being does not arise for us, since everything is expressed through this natural divine law, which heals all life, flowing and effected by the light.

In order to give a “human” answer to your question, I'm of course very happy, and that's always the case, Jahn. There are no deviations or impairments. A state that you also know, but in human existence the knowledge about it disappears and has to be regained. But you are now on the way there anyway.

Your ascent brings this attitude towards life into your everyday life. Good or bad dissolve, as already discussed, also in relation to your state of health.

Let us now turn to the 9th revelation, and I am at your disposal, Jahn, and await your questions.

JJK: Yes, first of all thanks for your introduction. Today I find your energy to be particularly loving. It is wonderful to “work” like this.

Yesterday's announcement touched on a point in me that has been close to my heart for a very long time. I call this "the errors in the spiritual path". Errors that arise if one believes that the spiritual path, awakening, is connected with no carrying of “burdens”. Although we have already discussed this in detail, it seems important to me to address this again.

The question, however, is where does enduring in love begin, and where does one have to remain delimited in order not to burden oneself with unfamiliar dramas?

How to take this degree and how to act so that we remain unaffected?

SANANDA: The demarcation , which is often spoken of , is a basic requirement for being able to endure. Without a conscious distinction that the dramas of my neighbor are not my dramas, it does not work at all.

Enduring is an expression of love and is achieved through awareness; this is always preceded by a firm decision. You know exactly what the reasons are and you can see the circumstances of your surroundings very clearly. This knowledge corresponds to an "enlightened status". From this awareness you now decide to endure this or that. To carry consciously to stand by someone through the awakened compassion so that he or she can experience relief. You are free from compassion, you neither join the chorus of suffering, nor does the inertia of such energies influence you. You remain self-determined and make this decision in and out of love.

A completely wrong picture, namely the idea that formed out of you victims, determined this term so far. So an impotent submission was made out of a sacred quality.

Defenselessness was the result; completely helpless and exposed to the dramas, you were unable to adequately face this self-created pattern.

So far, enduring has simply had a completely distorted value.

A meaning based on error and ignorance. So far, enduring has always been linked to suffering. Your energetic gate was opened and you were drawn into it, into the darkness, the imperfection that surrounded you. The lightness, the ability to love was lost and you too became the subject of a strange drama. Compassion arose, and your actions took on a different context.

In summary it should be said:

To endure and to remain in the power of love requires the knowledge of the effects of energies, the power of intentions, and requires individual maturity so that the demarcation remains fully guaranteed.

Because only in this way can I alleviate a being's pain and contribute to healing.

As soon as I slide into compassion, I become weak myself and in need of help. Recognizing this is essential in order to be able to follow this revelation!

Does that answer your question?

JJK: I understand it well ... but isn't there an extremely fine line to draw a clear dividing line? And how can you avoid sliding into compassion, where your heart is often cramped just at the sight of a person?

SANANDA: That is indeed a challenge and needs your undivided attention. Constant self-observation, reflecting on your behavior and the decisions you make is necessary for this.

If you notice that out of powerlessness, because you feel at the mercy of a situation, you reach for endurance as a salutary means, then free yourself from it.

Powerlessness is not appropriate where power, clarity, and love are supposed to be. If powerlessness sets in, know that you have crossed the line and are slipping from self-determination into compassion. Subsequently, self-pity also sets in, and your hands are finally tied to the "fate" that was able to spread before you.

If you feel light and clear, loving and powerful, you correspond to your being because your being is powerful and powerful.

Observe how you feel, your energies. Does something change when you decide to "endure"? If you remain happy, relaxed and easy, you will have understood and recognized how this state is to be maintained - and the burdens of others are no longer a burden to you.

That needs your attention; observing your thoughts, looking at your feelings, reflecting on your actions.

This way of life is not only important for this, after all, your life is now being realigned, and the incessant "introspection" is indispensable until this automatically and by itself comes into effect in you. Not just in meditation, but every moment of the day.

This opens the gates to the spiritual energies, to God's creative spirit, from which you now draw: Knowledge, wellbeing, guidance and love.

Self-reflection is an uninterrupted process and has no pauses. In this way you reflect on your nature and you awaken. The voice of God can be heard in this way.

Whenever you are in communication with yourself, you are in communication with God.

So your everyday life is woven into the care of God, and your life is a single prayer.

Enduring is truly a “master quality”, if you know why you are doing this and not succumbing to an outdated sacrifice and healing pattern.

JJK: I also think that especially now, when so many people are being freed from old and superfluous programming, endurance plays a special role.

I mean, because you are everywhere with this healing that comes to people. One is confronted with it everywhere; at home, at work, in the cinema, going for a walk etc., wherever people are and come together, and all of these people are in “work”, they redeem their drama, so to speak, in the midst of us. The endurance has to be internalized, otherwise you won't be able to cope with it?

SANANDA: Yes, that's why this is supposed to be revealed here. People should know that these revelations refer primarily to their inner progress, to the growth of their being - towards unconditional love.

Self-esteem is gained through it, and without it the healing of the planet cannot proceed.

In addition to the great, world-changing news, this book is primarily intended to address changes in the individual.

The preoccupation with the self until we become self-evident. Because we understand ourselves, thereby understand our fellow human beings and heal the earth.

This time demands everything from you, a passive waiting for redemption is inappropriate, because you are the redeemer!

The redeemers of those self-defined images of life that block you and keep you away from knowledge.

I am not the Redeemer, it is you!

You are the savior of your pain, despair and fears.

You release your worries, the wrong ideas about life, your desires and intentions.

Through my salvation, I have shown people how they too can come to salvation. But it is not I who create a redeemed state in you through magic and magic, but it is YOU yourself who hold this power in your hands.


The saviors you have been looking for for centuries.

Again, I remind you of who you are.

And again I ask you the question: do you think you are less than me?

Apart from the individual characteristics we, you and me, do not differ in anything!

Are you ready to accept that? And you, Jahn, are you ready to announce that?

JJK: Announce to myself, you mean?

SANANDA: Yes, first to yourself and then to people, as this book will do.

JJK: You and I are equal ... hm ...

SANANDA: No, not equivalent, even more: completely carved out of one “wood”, sprung from ONE source and equally powerful, synonymous and loving everything and everyone equally.

You are exactly the God that I am! Can you announce that You can do exactly what I did.

As a person and what I'm doing now. Do you realize that

JJK: I realize that it is difficult for me to give a clear affirmative answer. It works from the head, yes, but something is cramping inside.

SANANDA: That is an inferiority that is not appropriate. This is a curtailment of your strength. Redeem these structures - you are the Redeemer!

Old ideas are still blocking you and your self-image is incomplete, so you cannot entirely agree with this fact.


In the meantime, I am asking the divine light, HIS light, to dissolve these ideas, and while this is happening, the thought occurs to me that this is the very deception of humanity.

It is disdain for one's being. This inferiority is a major stumbling block that prolongs the victim until the realization that HE and I are synonymous, equal and equally powerful, occurs ... (meanwhile the light continues to work.)

... and another thought comes to mind that every feeling of deficiency is based on this inferiority. And every deficiency needs to be compensated, so conflicts arise in that people acquire and acquire something that is supposed to compensate for this inner deficiency. But these gifts only satisfy for a short time and do not quench the thirst of the soul. An endless cycle of deficiency symptoms must therefore be served. And the external things should ensure a fulfillment.

Impossible as we know! And all because we do not see our worth, our actual size, our power and strength, the sublimity of our being, our light and our love.

Because we don't see who we are ...

Yes sananda


Now I can say that. Yes, it is so, it works now.

SANANDA: Yes, Jahn. You're the one!

Yes, beloved ones, who follow these lines: IT IS YOU!

You are the deity, who also I am, and you are able to do what I also did, and even more: You are called to exalt the earth, but first you are asked to redeem yourself, your hearts to free and help your soul to break through.

Yes, I am among you, but the redemption of Mother Earth is in your hands.

It is in your power to reshape the earth.

You are the walking gods from being, and expecting the return of the bodily Christ is in vain.

Direct your undivided attention into your all-knowing heart because:

The second coming of Christ will be fulfilled as soon as you awaken into Christ Consciousness.


That means you are the Christ for whom you have been waiting in Jerusalem since the days of Jesus. He is so close to you as soon as you are close to yourself.

Because: He and you are one!

You have been given power, light and love - act accordingly.

The second coming of Christ has been fulfilled. Put an end to your waiting and get rid of your fainting because this will slow your growth. End this delusion!

JJK: That's a big chunk, Sananda.

To proclaim this from the heart:


That can do something!

SANANDA: Yes, once you attain that, your actions will be attuned to this awareness. And you can imagine what that means for people to live together.

JJK: Peace, Mindfulness, Compassion, Harmony, Joy, Creativity, Happiness, Love, etc.

Everything that is desecrating the earth now is dissolving because we are awake.

Is that what you call “the beginning of eternal peace on earth”?

SANANDA: This is without a doubt the beginning of a new era.

A new epoch of humanity.

JJK: I have one more question about bearing.

So, isn't it also the case that as long as we live in the flesh, a certain amount of basic endurance is simply necessary, since we feel very limited by it. Already through our body. I do not even mean illness or pain, especially through the physicality itself, since this is to be "endured". I often feel like I have been robbed of my freedom. What do you say?

SANANDA: Undoubtedly, that is very easy to understand.

The dense physicality is indeed constricting. And many people endure it. Some are happy, others quarrel. But here, too, the knowledge of your being is decisive, so you can deal with it joyfully and know that you are doing something important by being human.

Knowledge of things, of the nature of the world, is always decisive. The endurance of the physicality is part of your game and is noted with joy. But I understand this impulse in you very well, and many people often feel enclosed and somewhat unfree.

But I would like to point out that your bodies will be adapted to the new times, the new energies. In this way you will be freed from indolence as your bodies become finer and more permeable. Leaving the body will soon also be part of everyday life for you and is not only reserved for a few. The physicality as you have known it so far is changing, and that feeling of being "locked in" will evaporate.

But enjoy it too, because beyond the veil there is no such density of body, and it is a unique experience for you. Know that some angels would like to experience themselves in a body like yours. This is something special, this manifestation is unique in the universe.

Here, too, you will gain understanding and an overview so that you do not feel too much locked in. Bear it with joy, for a human soul has much to report as soon as it returns to the oneness of formless being.

Enjoy it and realize the peculiarity of this expression of life from the divine light.

JJK: I feel how important this revelation is.

So that people don't slide into behavior without compassion. Because of the sheer demarcation, to completely refuse to live and the environment, consequently to refuse fellow human beings a priori. But when I know that being able to endure is also part of a balanced life, then I turn attentively to the encounters, delimited, but with the spirit of love.

So demarcation alone can lead to feeling cold, right?

SANANDA: You are a whole. But you can only be aware of this when you fully recognize your individuality. That means, by fulfilling your personal and one-off assignments, with your own touch, you become aware of this. That has already been mentioned.

To recognize individuality also means to act entirely from one's divinity. Realizing how everything is connected is a sign of it. In this way you become aware that you are a whole, a unity in which everyone seeks to fulfill HIS “role”.

And you help each other in recognizing the tasks, and so one serves the other. This service is described as bearing.

You shoulder loads voluntarily (!) And in the awareness of love in order to promote the knowledge of the individual.

In doing this you are free, but demarcated but limitless. Delimited in the energies and limitless in the love that you thereby express.

JJK: A stubborn demarcation blocks love?

SANANDA: Yes, and create separation again where there should be unity. That is why introspection is so important. Constant conversation with God is the key by which you are able to correctly interpret the opportunities.

The key that opens all doors that you are supposed to pass through, but closes all locks that stand in the way of your individual life plan.

Our meeting today for this book comes to an end, Jahn.

I am grateful that you are so readily available to me.

JJK: I often think to myself that it's not enough. Especially since I am usually not able to receive after my work in the café.

SANANDA: Don't judge yourself like that.

This is by no means appropriate, because the dynamics of your work are awesome. Do not reduce this value with your unnecessary demands!

These words are also addressed to the readers. Do not diminish your worth!

Be gracious to yourselves and be gentle in evaluating your actions. You achieve immeasurable things, so give yourself all the love you are capable of.

Do not judge, do not judge, do not go to court with yourselves. Put an end to these hurts that you are inflicting on yourself.

Love yourself for what you do. Love yourself for being, for being who you are.

Don't expect something from yourselves all the time. Stop stressing this out.

All in all:


Strengthened in this way, you become bearers of light and are able to love unconditionally. You can endure with ease, you can explore your limits and those of your fellow human beings with clarity, and with the determination of an awakened being you spread peace.

You are the light, the life and the love.
This revelation is given and unfolds its power (now).

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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