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Finding Life Work Balance, Mary Magdalene's Perspective

magda3Client Question: What advice can you give on balancing self, family, relationship and work time during the day, week, and month?

Answer from Mary Magdalene:

“Hello, it is I Mary Magdalene. I’m most pleased to be with you here today and your question is beautiful invitation for you to feel into the vibration that you occupy when asking that question. This is going to be a very useful practice going forward. So, feel into the vibration of your question. When you do this, you will feel the vibration of resentment. Resentment as a beautiful gift because it allows you to see where you are victimizing yourself, where you, shall we say, opted into a consciousness of victimization of, "I have no power over, I have no control over"! This is the last frontier of your consciousness shift in this incarnation, is to free yourself from this emotional knot.

Some of it yes, is karmic left overs, of picking up the pieces where you left off, but most of it is part of the set up that you chose. You see, you have in your soul’s design and soul set up for this incarnation the desire to experience a lack of trust and therefore the net result is an overall contraction of your energetic field and a contraction of your consciousness.

So, there is no balance to be struck in the way that you are approaching it. Balance is a bit of a myth and a misnomer and is simply a reflection of a victim consciousness that seeks to exert control in a system in which the foundational principle dictates that it can have no control.

Do you see? It is a very tricky manoeuvre. So, my best suggestion for you is to again understand the dynamic that is at play and to not take it so literally and play the game as you have always played it, but rather to see and to feel into, "What energetic vibration am I occupying?". And as the Anunaki have pointed out, "Am I depleting myself or am I supplying myself?".

You see, there is infinite abundance in all forms in the multiverse, but the human restricts its own access to it by engaging in false belief systems and victim consciousness that blocks. It blocks opportunities, of course it blocks monetary flow and it blocks well-being. So, your most powerful act at this time is the mindful conscious witness to de-block your channel and then to consciously scan the horizon of potential and align yourself with that which feels good from the soul level.

You are well aware and tuned into what your soul needs. You have been blocking yourself based on this contracted consciousness and so I will circle back to the original guidance of: “It is time to step into your own authority and to no longer abdicate your own authority”. That has been playing in your life in ways such as: "I have to, I cannot, I can only". Those are illusions. You are a free will agent and you are sovereign and that does not mean that you do not have commitments, but your commitments are those that light your inner flame on the soul level because that is why you are here.

So, take those commitments very seriously. You know as well as I that your desire to go hunting is much more about rekindling and re-cultivating your direct connection to the multiverse through Gaia, so do more of that. And when your victim consciousness surfaces, it is up to you whether you engage with that and to not give it power over you such as you have. You have all the keys. You simply must now use your will. I AM Mary Magdalene.” END

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Aja is honored to put her channeling and quantum healing abilities to work on behalf of others who are seeking to reunite with their Greater Selves. She serves as a Multidimensional Bridge, supporting others as they break free from the distortions of a holographic reality based in separation, rebuilding their own inner multidimensional channels.

She was told by 4th dimensional visitors, "you have important tasks ahead of you". With that in mind, she has had to suspend her own disbelief countless times, learning to implicitly trust her own inner guidance system. She lives in a zone of magical synchronicity and delights in helping others rekindle the same joy of being. 

Aja has operated a conscious online business since 2009. She has been interviewed on various radio shows and was a speaker at the 2012 The Divine Life Summit. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, daughter and fur babies. She also goes by the name Adrienne (Blauser) Trapani. Source

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