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Hilarion: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fifth Round

Hilarion: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fifth Round

Dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth! I AM HILARION!

With great joy in my heart, I participate one more time in the Journey of Forgiveness. The journey is moving along as planned. You have reached an important step in the process where you are releasing very, very ancient connections.

So many of you try to rebuild your past attachments. I would say that if you try, you will find a crowd of people. If you pick one side of the inverse cone; your mother, for instance: above her, there is a father or a mother, and from those two you get four, and from those four you get eight, and so on. And you have both sides of the cone, the mother and the father.

So don't want to understand how deep and far away this work is reaching. First, you must know that not all your ancestors are disembodied. The vast majority of souls are still here on the planet, incarnated now. So why does this disconnection process? Because, in some way, each soul carries all that did at that time, all that has been caused. So it has the responsibility for everything created and received as well.

So realize that thousands or even millions of souls are being affected. You don't know exactly how long you have been on this planet, how long you have been reproducing, and how many Incarnations you have had. So do the math, take a small number of incarnations, 10, and make this inverted tree to see how many people are directly connected to your birth, just 10. You will understand the volume treated and processed during this turn.

My Green Ray is the healing one, but I do participate. The process goes on with me. This is where the wounds are treated, and these connections are closed with much Light and Love. The remaining feelings are healed and treated. So, it is as if I have a double function: the function of disconnecting the souls, but also of healing each one of them, each point that was broken, each disconnection.

It is a work I have mastered over the years, over time, over eons. It is a work that is extremely careful and very loving, and I am very grateful to Father-Mother God that I am responsible for it. Bringing the Light, the healing one, to every emptied and broken point is a rewarding task for me. Within your Third Dimensional consciousness, I understand that it is complex for you to understand this. How can I do so much at the same time? Everything is about consciousness and the force of what you want to do.

So each participant in this journey is connected to me, and it only takes a simple command to my consciousness. The Green Light will surround you, and every single open dot will be closed. It is not difficult for me; it is pretty easy, and this will happen with every soul disconnected. They will all be under my supervision, and after healing, they will all be released, and new souls will come. It is ongoing work, which I do with much Love and dedication.

Don't feel guilty for disconnecting from your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or whoever is in the way of that chain. What you are doing is good for you and excellent for them. But, only Love will prevail, only a souvenir, a sweet memory. Disconnecting does not mean forgetting. Each of those Souls remembers, not you necessarily, but those whom they conceived and, one day further on, caused your birth. So, not all of them are attached to you directly. But, those closest to you will remember you with much Love and gratitude for living with you, and you will feel the same way. Nothing will be forgotten. But any pain, any other feeling, will no longer exist, everything will be erased, and only Love will prevail.

Obviously, this whole process does not happen 100% as we expect. There are rebellious souls in the middle of these connections, souls that were part of your ancestors but whose hearts are black. They are the souls of the non-light. I hope, at this point, that none of you are passing judgment. You have their blood that came to you. There is no denying it. You entered at some point in this generation. So these souls don't accept the break. They don't accept breaking the connections because that's how they manipulate that whole network; they keep manipulating it. And then what happens? Are we not strong enough to break these connections?

Sure, we are strong, and of course, we will break through them slightly differently. So let's say that each of us can clear everything around that soul up to the Sixth Ray. Those who are directly attached to it still remain chained. They try to keep the connection to you at all costs because they know who you are. In these cases, in the vast majority, you are the souls of the Light and powerful, so they must be in this chain to influence you negatively and prevent you from moving forward. At this point, they lose the game and the connection with you. They only can keep links closer to them. We will break the rest.

When it reaches the seventh Ray, the one of Brother Saint Germain, this connection is completely transmuted. Whether this soul wants it or not, it has no longer an option because it is the Violet Flame that does this work, the transmutation of all energy into Love and Light. So at that moment, on the seventh day and Ray, we will be all around these souls, so there is no chance of failure. We will be all around them, and the Violet Flame of Saint Germain will do the transmutation. This soul will be brought before the Divine Laws, the Universal Laws.

Now, know that many of you have these souls in your ancestor network, and you don't have just 1, 2, 3, or 4. It depends on how vital your walk is in the future, which is today. So, do this whole process with a lot of Love, for you to give us the certainty of your liberation, that you want to free yourself. This is an exciting point that has not been made yet. Those whose hearts are closed and do not want to free themselves from their ancestors are not liberated. This will also reverberate as a law of action and reaction of this soul, but we respect their decision.

From you, we reach your ancestors. If you don't want this, we don't do it. We respect your will. We have not said this before because we know many of you would give up on the first day. But be assured that no matter whether it was said or not, if your heart was closed and you didn't want it, we did nothing. You will remain connected and keep holding all those souls above you. Yes, the burden is yours, and the decision is yours. So you have this burden.

Now for those who did it with an open heart, you are all free. Those souls, which I commented on earlier, will also be set free on the seventh day. So be ready. We will clean everything. Although, always, at all times, we will respect your free will.

Meditation 5

Do this meditation sitting or lying down, whatever is most comfortable to you. Then, repeat this meditation if you fall asleep.

I am beside you and involve you entirely in a giant bubble of Green Light.

Feel this Light around your body.

Breathe this Green Light profoundly three times.

Now you are fully filled out with my Green Light.

Now I put my hand on your chest, and the crystal in your spiritual heart emanates the Light of the Green Ray.

This Light will remain with you until the next ray, as in previous times.

You are entirely with my Green Light and energy.

Now repeat with me:

“I, together with my Higher Self, order the rupture of all the connections linked to my ancestors, which objective was my birth.

May each of these Souls be cured, and only my Love and gratitude remain.”

You started the process.

Now you will be under my energy of the Green Light for 10 minutes. After this, the Green Ray will continue acting and rupturing these links to cure the points where the rupture occurred.

Keep yourself loving during all this time.

Call me immediately if some scene, thought, or feeling comes out in your dreams or consciousness, which will be removed from your mind. Believe in the fantastic work you are doing.

It is the pure emanation of Love, a step forward to arriving at Unconditional Love. Now breathe slowly and come back gradually to your consciousness.

When you totally finish the meditation, do the prayer published in the other video.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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