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Hilarion: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fourth Round

Hilarion: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fourth Round

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM HILARION!

Once again, I am here participating in this Journey of Forgiveness. As I will always repeat what I have said, the Green Ray comes to heal, to fill all the spaces ripped from your Soul as blockages.

Everything clean from your Soul leaves an empty room. There was low vibration, dense, pain, suffering, evil energy, it doesn't matter; low vibration energy, which we usually call blockage. When this energy is clean, it's like a big hole is left. The function of the Green Ray is to recover, regenerate, and heal that space, bringing a new vibration, an energy of Light, to that place.

It's interesting the way each of you receives what we do. When we say you need to see, participate, and interact, and this doesn't happen, you despair, want to solve it, and even take strange attitudes, contesting what is said. We don't ask anything in this round, and there are always those who think: "Nothing is happening. I do not see anything. What is being done?"

Effectively, trying to understand your mind is highly complex. Through free will, the human being learned to contest everything and not to believe in anything, not in front of him. If you don't see, if you don't hear, if you don't feel, it doesn't exist. Nothing is there. It's really a counterpoint, an interesting challenge that you make, but I can say that we're not worried about your reactions.

We're doing our job. Souls are being freed, being taken off the planet. Souls are learning to love again; they are evolving. And this is our role. This is part of the work that we are doing with you. So we don't care what you think or don't think. Now, to be very clear, I will repeat what has been said here: With each challenge, non-belief, everything ends, everything disappears; it's as if you, with a single thought, destroyed all the way you've come. Because you doubted, you didn't believe, you contested.

So why continue? Stop, and go your way contesting everything in front of you. You have your free will. Use it, but I warn you: Do not continue because it will not bring you anything good. It won't bring anything wrong because we don't hurt anyone, we don't punish anyone; now, it won't do any good. You will not be helping yourself or any soul because if you don't believe in what is done, why are you doing it?

So stop. Be consistent with your own doubts. If you don't believe it, then why do you do it? It's no use. We hope one day you will believe without seeing, hearing, feeling, just knowing that there is something there. There is Light, a loving being, a road; on this day, all of us gathered will clap our hands for each of you because, at this time, you will be ready for the Fifth Dimension.

Until then, the journey is still long. You will still have to overcome many obstacles to prove that you are ready. You don't have to prove anything to us. You have to prove it to yourselves. We are playing our role, and each of you is following the path in two 2 ways: either believing everything that is said and striving to fulfill it, or doubting.

There's no middle ground. You must believe always; a mere doubt destroys everything. But, on the other hand, doubt is a powerful feeling. It has a substantial negative charge that eliminates all the journey you have already taken. So if doubt is appearing in your heart, stop and reflect; how are you on the journey? Believing or not? Do this reflection. Maybe this moment is not your moment; perhaps you still need to walk other paths to retrace the journey.

You can restart the journey whenever you want. So do an analysis of what you are feeling today, right now. How are you behaving on the journey? Giving yourself to it, believing in everything, living each moment, or simply participating for the sake of participating, because you see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing? This is a question that I ask and leave here today to each of you. How are you on this journey?

Forgiving effectively, or is it difficult to believe something could happen. But let the answer come from the heart because if it comes from the mind, it will come full of ego and will not be valid. The answer has to come from the heart. Ask yourself that question. And more than ever, listen to the answer that comes from your heart.

Meditation 5

Do this meditation by sitting or lying down, whichever works best for you, but don't fall asleep. If you do it, repeat the meditation.

Right now, I'm wrapping you in a vast green-light bubble.

Feel this Light all around your body.

Breathe this Light deeply, knowing that you bring Light into your body when you inhale. When you exhale, you extinguish everything that is not light inside your body.

So, breathe one more time.

Breathe deeply again.

Now your body is filled with green Light internally and externally.

I place my hands on your crown chakra and intercede with souls who have been bound to you for eons to break this bond and free both or all the souls involved.

Remain in this process for 5 minutes.

Repeat after me:

"May my Higher Self connect with the Higher Self of every soul present, eliminating all the connections that were made along my soul's journey."

Now, I take my hands off your Crown Chakra and place them on the palms of your hands. They will be on your legs or in alignment with your body.

Right now, the Green Crystal on your chest has tripled in size, and it will be loaded with the Green Ray energy to work for 72 hours.

At this time, everything will be healed, filled, cleansed, and cured.

Continue to receive my Green Ray energy for five minutes.

I will remove my hands from yours. You're entirely within my Green Light. The Crystal has the power to radiate Green Light for three days till the next ray.

Inhale profoundly and gradually return to your consciousness.

As usual, I'll repeat: Whoever doesn't stay 72 hours on my Green Ray gets the same amount of energy.

It doesn't matter the time.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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