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How The Dreams Of Your Soul Come True - Sai Baba



I am amongst you! Every day, from the beginning of time till the end of this reality! Until all of you have found your way back into the light, I will stay right by your side!


I was reborn on earth to complete humanity’s ascension with you.

Today we want to take a look at where the individual’s journey can lead as soon as they are able to take firm steps on the path of light and live their soul’s dream.

How is this possible and what are the “dreams of your soul” about?

The dreams of your soul contain your life plan and are the only reality worth living for. It is the meaning of life that is being revealed to you through the dreams of your soul.

How is it possible to gain direct access to this reality, to yourself? This is what we want to bring our attention to now.


The veil or wall between you and your consciousness are your thoughts. Your thoughts cloud the clear vision of reality.

As long as you perceive the world through the eyes of your thinking mind, the world remains unknown to you and reality remains concealed. The inner restlessness your mind creates in you and the fog your thoughts allow to arise, never reveal the vision of reality. This means that you first need to remove this smokescreen. And this happens through stillness.


Attaining inner stillness in a noisy world is of the utmost importance, because only by being still you are able to connect with yourself.

People who are still inside are peaceful, and that is the soil in which love can grow and the dreams of your soul can be revealed to you.

How can you achieve this stillness?

There are two ways:

1.) through meditation
2.) through activity.

Meditations during which your mind stops are extremely helpful for attaining the state of stillness. Say “stop” your thought processes, tell your mind to “be quiet”! With a little bit of practice you will soon be able to control your mind and enter into stillness at any time.

The second path of “activity” is suitable for those who don’t want to meditate. Dedicate yourself to things, to people, by giving them your undivided attention.
Fully immerge yourself in the moment so that you completely forget about the world around you.

Watch the children playing, how immerged they are and how the world around them disappears. In that sense, become just like them, and you will feel great inner fulfillment and: stillness.

These are the two ways to become “free from thought”, and above all, your thoughts can no longer keep you from alert awareness of life.


In your everyday life, when you are in the middle of sometimes unwanted “activities”, I give you a third pointer; a simple and effective exercise.

When you look at a person or an animal, a tree or an object, just watch it and don’t allow thoughts to interfere. Refrain from any judgment. Look directly at the ocean without labeling what you are looking at. Train this ability in your everyday life; you don’t need a meditation room for this, and you will hereby gain a lot of happiness and peace.

People who enter this stillness attain a new kind of sensitivity. They awaken and start noticing the dreams of their souls. The result is to naturally enter a state of liberation from fear.

Fearlessness is achieved through a person’s knowledge of their origin and destiny. Free from fear are those who have grasped their I AM, who have created a deep sense of peace within themselves, and who order their thoughts to “be still” whenever they interfere excessively.

The secret of a successful and joyful life can be revealed by those who know how to deal with stillness and who themselves have become still within. Then even life in a noisy world is easily manageable, because inside another world has opened up – full of peace and harmony; stillness prevails.

And so we are coming to the end of today’s message.

All transformation on this earth emanates from individuals! The spiritual realms of light and consciousness, the forces of heaven can only intervene based on human progress in consciousness.

The shift is up to you, and any internal transformation you bring about towards positivity and inner light is giving the conversion of this earth a new dynamic.

Truly be aware of your strength, your power and your truth, and see through the veil. This is where the dreams of your souls are revealed and where you encounter reality.

Then your dreams come true, and free from fear you live life in the Now. Stillness is within you and peace spreads all over the world.

Continue on your path and rejoice because your arrival is certain.

You are loved, endlessly.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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