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Humanity Is Asleep And Humans Are Awakening - Master St. Germain

Humanity Is Asleep And Humans Are Awakening - Master St. Germain

The current state

Humanity is asleep and humans are awakening! This fully sums up today’s message in one phrase.

This appropriately describes the CURRENT STATE in this world, while the biggest shifts are happening and individual transformational processes occur.

It is a fact: Humanity will continue to sleep and individuals will continue to awaken – more and more, until the “critical mass” that is needed for the shift and ascension has been reached.


I am with you and won’t leave your side, especially in critical times when you need me the most.

Today’s message is about finding your role and place in this earthly life, and about realizing your missions.

It is essential that you neither get impacted nor discouraged by the large amount of sleeping people around you.

It is essential that you stay on course, remain faithful and never get distracted or led astray.

It is essential that you continue to find your path with focus and determination, so that may be YOU are the one last drop that matters in the end.

Finding and living one’s missions

How can this be achieved?

By your desire and your readiness to embrace everything once your missions are revealed to you.
This means working without a safety net.

The same applies to the question on how to live one’s missions: mainly without a safety net and with complete faith in God.

To be able to do that it is necessary that you know yourself! Especially all the hidden areas inside yourself that haven’t seen the light yet. Working with light, with divine light, is indispensable.

If you do this regularly and without making excuses, you are bound to succeed and your life will turn into a harmonious symphony conducted by the Creator.

To sum it up in one sentence, this is what it is about:

Working on your own consciousness must – I repeat: must – be your top priority! Then success is certain.

Only concern yourself with God’s kingdom, with creating heaven inside yourself, and everything will be given to you.

Absolutely everything will flow to you once your inner hardness has become fluid and you have become soft.

You will become like water that ultimately causes every stone to dissolve.

How to deal with interested people?

How should you deal with interested people in your vicinity who don’t have a clue about any of what you are engaged in?

There are two kinds of people:

  1. Those who are unaware but interested, and
  2. Those who are unaware and uninterested.

In the first case, face them with humbleness and never force your knowledge onto them. Bit by bit, step by step you can give them pointers and hints. And know this: You yourself are absolutely unimportant in this.

Anyone who tries to elevate themselves should never “work” with other people or give them “good advice”, but shine within until this need disappears.

The best teacher is someone who doesn’t want to be one, someone who is “forced” into this role. So examine yourself closely, examine your intentions and your maturity, before you share your wisdom with others. 

How to deal with uninterested people?

In the second case, when a person in your vicinity is uninterested in your path, it is indicated to stay away.

Anything else would mean casting pearls before swine.

What this means is: Today each and every one of you is challenged on many levels. And each one of you can master any level if it is their heart’s greatest desire. That’s what matters, for this desire will provide you with the energy needed to persevere.

The focus lies on you today! All that matters now, with humanity still asleep, is your awakening.

Not the amount of awakened beings determines your ascension, and not the energy on this planet, but you yourself, by unswervingly continuing on your path to God; on and on, until you don’t recognize this world anymore, for you have recognized your Self.

I will stay on earth for the rest of days. Humans are my home and heaven is not far away anymore. We shall become one with God on this earth.

I love you endlessly.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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