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Jeshua Speaks About: Expectation and Expression

Jeshua Speaks About: Expectation and Expression

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Some time ago, as you measure time in this dimension, we spoke about the ocean of Being and how you draw your energy. As the wave coming off of the ocean, you draw your energy from what is perceived to be the Allness of you. And this is true, but it is even more true than what you can perceive in this point of focus, because truly never are you separate, even when the wave will diminish coming upon the shore as you see that happening. The energy still is vibrant, never lost. Even when you get to the place where you have acquiesced to supposedly laying down the body, deceasing the body, your energy is still there, always going forward, always allowing yourself to Be.

Form is to play with, but form is not all that you are. Energy is what activates the form, as you know, and will truly bring into being that which you want to express. You never lose that which you are, even when you allow the form to be back as you would see the original energy in the ocean. Never do you lose the opportunity to take form.

When ones in this dimension will lay down the body, as you call it, and go on as you have seen recently with a friend, the energy still keeps on being, and there can be instantaneous reactivation. Or a time of rest, as you have known down through the ages, a time of saying, “Okay, I have done that which I was asked to do or that which I asked to do,” and to take time, as you measure it, because outside of reality—lower case “r”—time does not exist.

When I have heard ones of you saying, “I am running out of time,” I have said to you, “So be it, and congratulations.” Because truly you are the makers of time, and quite often you allow that idea to run your life, to say, “I have to be physically somewhere at such and such a time.” Time can be your friend, your companion, or seemingly your master if you allow it to play that part.

But in all times you are the one who is deciding who and what and where you want to be. So if you arrive at the appointed time and the rest of ones who are joining with you in the reality of time have moved themselves into a different time dimension, you have opportunity to say, “Well, what happened?” Or opportunity to say, “Okay, I don’t have to be anywhere. I’m here. I will just breathe and take it easy.”

Truly you are activating what you call reality—lower case “r”—and you are using the upper case “R” Reality in order to play with any and all realities—lower case “r”—that you think of. As you spend time in your meditative times, you can go and gather to yourself the realities—lower case “r”—of what you have wanted to manifest.

You sometimes sit and say, “I am daydreaming.” Or then you get a little more advanced in your thinking and say, “I am meditating.” It is all the same, but you may call it what you want to call it.

Nighttime dreaming is a reality—lower case “r”—and daytime dreaming is a reality—lower case “r”. What allows you to have that dream is your Reality— capital “R”—the ocean of Being out of which you fashion all of the daydreams and night dreams.

So I entreat you to have fun with it. Make for yourself the happy dreams. Fall in love; you have done this, and it feels good. You fall in love with another personage, you fall in love with a beloved animal, you fall in love with a space of nature, and you say, “This is where I exist, in all of the wonder of the Oneness that I Am.”

When you go on your trek, your hike, you get to expand. You get to expand into the air waves, and you tune in to them sometimes. You get to expand into the Beingness that is joy because you are free. You no longer have the parents telling you what to do, how to be. “Stand up straight, etc.” You no longer have society saying to you that you have to be such and such and observe the rules of timing to appear at the workplace at a certain time of day and then you are let free at another time of day.

And you say, “Well, now that I am retired….” I like that word. It is like you put new tread on the tires of your vehicles; you are retired; you can go for another million miles. When you are out in nature you do not have the restraints of society, of a boss telling you where you should be, what you should be working on, and then critiquing it and not always doing what you would call the positive feedback. You are free to speak to the wind and then to listen. And you have done this. There have been messages that have come to you on the wind, even on the soft breeze, that has said, “We are One.” And you feel yourself to be One with nature.

I see my beloved friend and teacher bringing nature inside, what you call the flowers and the plants, and enjoying the color, the texture, the design of the different flowers, knowing truly that that is life in its beauty. All of life presents itself as a gift to you, like the furry animals—the big ones and the small ones that run behind the rock and watch this two-legged being walking and sometimes stopping to breathe; other times being in the mind. The furry ones look at you and wonder, “What is that animal doing? Why is that animal out here?”

You share Beingness. You share reality/Reality with all of the other activations that you pass on your hike or your walk. Your breathing time is what I have called it. When I would walk with my disciples—and we covered quite a few miles in walking—we would breathe together, oftentimes in synchronicity with each other, to know the Oneness.

You can do this with whomever you meet on the trail or whomever you meet even when you are out doing the grocery shopping. You can know that truly…stop for a moment and just look at all of the other parts of you, because you are making your reality—lower case “r”—out of the upper case “R”. And if you will stop and watch, you will see the gifting that you make for yourself.

When you get to a certain lookout point and you stop and behold everything that is in front of you, you come to that certain place of acknowledgment that, “I am taking in all of that which I am making as reality.” You stop and breathe and you thank the Lord God of your Being because your reality is so abundant, so varied.

Every time you go out for your hike it is different, is it not? The scenery is different, the animals are different, the clouds are different. Have you ever thought…I know we have had meditations where you have gone to sit on a cloud, but when you are out in what you call reality and you look up above at the clouds and they make a formation that you say, “Oh, that looks like my cousin John with his beard,” or whatever, and you stop for a moment and breathe in the treasure that lies in front of you that you are forming in that moment, you say to yourself and anyone else who is out there, “Look at how rich I am, and I don’t even have to take care of it.”

You have your plot of land that for some years you take care of, and it is where you live and you may do gardening. You take care of it to make it look beautiful, or what the mate says looks beautiful, and you join together to enrich your acknowledgment of the creativity of the Godhood that walks this Earth, taking in the Earth that you make for yourself.

I know now on your square box they are talking about whether there are living beings in what you would call space outside of holy Mother Earth. What is your answer to that? Are there beings? (Probably) Probably? Good answer. Are there beings? Yes, yes, yes, definitely, aha; yes. Whatever you want to create as your reality is real—lower case “r”. Enjoy it.

If you put into your reality—lower case “r”—space beings, I highly suggest to you that you make them friendly, because before you make them, they can be anything you want them to be. Take that to heart. And when your square box says, “Oh, no, we have to arm ourselves some way against these beings,” you say, “No, that may be your truth, but it is not mine. Every being in my reality/Reality is made of love, of the ocean.

It changes the activity of the body at that moment. The body does not have to be taken care of. It does not have to be protected. It can be in joy, enjoyed, which is what you do when you go out, because you say, “Ah, now I can breathe. Look at what I am enjoying.”

And you come back to the dwelling place enriched. You say, “This that I have enjoyed in this day, this is freedom. I can breathe or not breathe.” You connect with whether you want to or not, but you know that you have someone who loves you waiting for you at home, so therefore you’d better keep breathing.

At all times you are creating your reality—lower case “r”—out of your Reality— capital “R”. When you want to change it, what you will want to do is to…well, imagine, first of all, how this would be, how perhaps if you wanted to be expansive, taking the deep breath and expanding even the lungs of the body and feeling yourself to be empowered by the breath. Yes, the deep breath that allows the body to expand. As your scientists can measure, your vibration expands when you take a deep breath, when you get in that space of knowing that you can be free.

And when ones take the photographs of your aura, they can see the Light and the extensiveness of the Light. You take that and say, “See, this is me. I can actually produce Light, energy.” And you are at all ties. “Ha, I didn’t know I was that great. I’ll have to tell somebody.” And you go running to your best friend and say, “Look. This is the photograph of my aura. Look at this. Look at the Light that I am emitting. Ha; and they said I was a deadbeat.”

Your language is so explanatory, so good at painting a picture with words of who and what you are. And if you want to know who and what you are, stop for a moment and listen to yourself. Listen to the self-talk that you do.

I would advise all of you on the morrow, because I know for some of you it is getting later in the evening, to be aware. Even write down and record some of the self-talk that you do. Write it down so that you can go back and read it later and get a good laugh, because there are times when you will sound like your mother. There are times when you will sound like your father. And there are many times when you will sound like your teachers that you have had growing up, some of the ones who were the authorities, so to speak.

A lot of what runs through your mind at first is recollection from what you have been told, so allow yourself to hear it, write it down, go back and look at it and say, “Oh, that sounds like my fifth-grade teacher. I remember when there was a time when I dropped my pencil. Wow; I heard a string of words, because you see, we were supposed to be meditating, supposed to be quiet, and I dropped my pencil. And I heard about that for weeks afterward.”

So you will recollect certain things that will pop up that have not been disregarded yet. A lot of what you will have in the memory bank can be let go. But not some of it, like when you first fell in love and he was the most wonderful being who walked the Earth; he was so wise. Every once in a while there was something funny to talk about, and he would tell a story that had a punch line that was funny. And you thought he was—and you still do—the best two-footed one who walks the planet. And that is wonderful. It is a very good rewarding place to be.

Find yourself someone to fall in love with. And if you can take it far enough to fall in love with that one you see in the mirror, you’ve got it made.

Love everyone. Appreciate everyone. Speak to everyone. Share your dreams. If they aren’t in the same space that you are, just say, either out loud or silently, depending on what you think the response is going to be, “That’s okay. You can think what you think, but I know that I am the cat’s pajamas.”

Now, do cats wear pajamas? Only a furry one perhaps. If you want to know and change what you are seeing, if you want to know the miracle, allow yourself to imagine. At first it may say, “This can’t be real. I’m working on something.” All of you are working on something, a project of becoming more patient, more loving, self-loving, more expansive, more peaceful.

Allow yourself to imagine, “How does that feel?” Step into that feeling. If you have always in this lifetime had ones saying, “You should be like your brother, you should be like your sister, you should be like…,” and they tell you where you may be falling down on something, speak in your self-talk how good you are, the things that are positive about you, how you are humorous, how you can uplift someone by telling a joke, by turning around whatever has been serious. Lighten up yourself and others. You know what happens when you do that? You can take yourself lightly and you can fly.

If you lighten up, you will suggest to other ones that perhaps there’s another way to be. Now, they may not take the suggestion. It may, in truth, be several lifetimes before they think, “Oh, you know, there might be something…I remember…I had a friend once, and she said to me I could take myself lightly. I didn’t think I could, because you know, life is serious, and if you don’t take it seriously, pretty soon somebody will trip you up.”

Well, that was your reality at that point. Now you have moved on and you say, “You know, there are times when I feel quite happy and I don’t even know why, but I just feel good. Today I am going to feel good.” And, blessing that it is, you get to bedtime and say, “You know, this day has been a mixture. There have been some of the heavier times, but there have also been light times and, you know, I feel happy.” And that is your gift to yourself.

If you want to see a miracle, envision how it would look. Envision how it would feel. If you want to do healing on some part of the body, you have built in to your reality—lower case “r”—a most wonderful gift, the gift of imagination. You break that down and it is “image action”.

So you imagine how it would feel to have any part of the body that is talking to you whole, healed, happy, and speak to it. If you have a part of the body that is saying, “You know, it’s a little bit…well, it’s kind of sore,” talk to the body. Say, “I thank you for what you allow me to do.”

And then imagine how it would feel to have that part feeling happy, feeling whole, feeling restored. And you may say, “Well, Yeshua, I can’t even remember how it would feel.” Well, if you can’t remember, imagine.

You have dealt into your creative powers all of the healing energy that you may need. You might say, “Well, Yeshua, I managed to take these two fingers and give them away somewhere, and I’ve found out how to live without them, but you know, it would be really fun to show my friends four fingers, putting two back again. That would really knock their socks off, especially if we did it with toes. But it would knock their mittens or gloves off too.”

If you want to do healing of anything, imagine first of all how it would look. You can imagine. Second, how would it feel? You can remember, or if not, you can imagine how it would feel.

You are the master of all that you create. That is why when you go out in the so-called wild, you feel expansive, because you are the master of all that you see. Even if you’re out there and a very large four-footed one known as the cougar comes running out of the bushes at you, what would you do? (Stand there?) Yes, exactly. You would acknowledge that being. You would say, “Hmm, you have a pretty good costume in this lifetime. I’ll bet you enjoy it. I like mine as well, so let’s leave it the way it is,” not being in fear, but being in joy.

This one knows joy, being in that place of acknowledging worth—the worth of that cougar and the worth of you as you are activating form. Allow yourself to be happy. The only person who can take that from you is you. And I have good news for you. It is only temporary that you can take it away. Sometimes there are ones who go through life and, “Life is really bad, you know. I was born into the wrong family. I had brothers who were older who beat me up all the time. I went to school and wasn’t very bright.”

Okay, but that was yesterday. Who and what are you now? “Well, Yeshua, I’m the same as I was yesterday.” But no, you’re not. When you awaken in the morning, you are a new person. You have that whole expanse of time—as you make time—of that day to be what you want to be. Yes, there are ones who are going to say, “Is that the same person?”

Play act. Expect to be different. Assume a virtue if you feel you have it not. You have a good saying in your world, “Assume a virtue if you feel you have it not,” because truly you have a very full bag of tricks that you carry with you all of the time. You reach in there and say, “Today I’m going to feel like the court jester. I’m going to be silly and happy. And yes, if people don’t like it, that’s their problem,” and it is. Because they get to choose whether they are going to be happy or whether they are going to be critical. And as they allow themselves to stay in that place of criticism, what are they doing for themselves? They are imprisoning themselves in that judgment.

It doesn’t touch you, in truth, unless you invite it in. And if you do invite it in, you can kick it out the next second. I have seen you do that. I have seen you hear criticism, and then you have said, “But what is that to me? That’s where they are coming from. And besides that, they are all wrong. They don’t know me the way I know me, the inside me.” You’ve used that too many times against yourself. “They don’t know me. I’m really a weakling inside. I don’t have any courage.”

Of course you do. Breathe. Assume the virtue. Live to the fullest. And when you get to the end of what you think this wave is, take another breath and surprise everyone and keep on going.

You have seen ones do this. They have been at the place where all the medical people have said, “You are finished. You’re going to exit the body.” And then that person has said, “I just remembered. There’s something I didn’t do yet. I did not go to see the Grand Canyon. I have to get well.” And they got well and went to the Grand Canyon and were having so much fun that they said, “I think I’ll  stay.”

It has happened. I have done it. You see, when I was growing up in Palestine, when I was in the country of my birth and after I was freed of the body, crucified, I decided I would see the rest of the world. And I did go to what is now known as the Grand Canyon. Was it there then? Yes. Not as deep as it is now, because the river has kept on grooving, but I did go, and I did visit, and I did see the wonders, as you have, and I was in a place of ecstasy, which you can try, because it feels good.

When you stand at a vantage point and look out and see everything, you see where you have come from and what is in front of you, you can be and you are in a place of ecstasy, a place that says, “My God, how wondrous. I wonder,” you have said, “was I here when this was formed?” What is your answer to that? (Probably not.) Okay, then you have come back in order to see how it looks now.

All of you, play with your imagination, please. Play, imagine, envision, enjoy—be in joy. Be in joy. It is your gift, freely given to yourself.

Now, beloved ones, I will free you to go and partake of the mealtime of the morsels that you want to chew on. Hopefully, you will chew on some of the ideas that we have shared. Hopefully, you will be in a place of enjoying your life. So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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