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Jeshua Speaks About: In These Times Of Unrest

Jeshua Speaks About: In These Times Of Unrest

Beloved one, let us speak of the days to come. You have a soul purpose—s-o-u-l and s-o-l-e—for being here at this time. You have chosen to be amongst the brothers and sisters at this time, even in these times of unrest.

What you will see in your next year and a half or two years—it may extend— is going to be a great awakening. But in order to get there, there are going to be some bumps in the road; at least, that is how they are going to appear at first. There is going to be much of upheaval. You are going to wonder, “Am I bringing this forth for a reason?” And the truth is, “Yes, you are bringing it forth, because you have prayed for a change. You have prayed for the Awakening.”

And in order to wake up, it is very much like in the mornings of your days when the body wakes up and you do a bit of stretching, even while you are still in the bed, and you allow the toes to wiggle. You sometimes turn over and say, “Oh, I’ll take five more minutes.” And then the body wants to move.

You are going to be seeing that on a large scale with what you term society. You have already seen the beginnings of it, the unrest, and the ones separating themselves into alignment with other ones and saying, “Well, this is where I feel comfortable, but I’m not sure about you,” to the place where there is going to be disagreement.

Sometimes it will start off being a little bit on the loud side, but that is okay. For truly, the brothers and sisters are coming back to a place of being the young ones, like the children that they have been, and they are going to act out drama. You are going to find yourself pulled into some of the drama, because you have very definite feelings about how you want to see things coming together.

And when you feel strongly about something, and you do—there are certain issues, as you call them, that you feel strongly about—everything is going to be turned topsy-turvy, as you would do in the garden, as you are planting something new and you get in there and heave it up and you heave it up, and then you smooth it over later and plant your seeds and so forth.

That is what you are going to be seeing with society in the next year and a half or perhaps even up to two years. Count it all as good, because yes, this is what needs to be. A lot of the old pattern that has been accepted as, “Well, that’s just the way things are,” that old pattern is going to be changing, and the only way that you as a species know to have change is to upheave, to make upheaval and say, “Okay, this is happening, this is changing,” and to look with the eyes of the physical body, but also to look with the eyes of the heart, and to see that truly all that which has been known as truth—lower case “t”—is being questioned.

And it is for good, because it needs to come to the place where ones are going to sit with all of the question marks. You are going to want to be with patience through it.

You will be riding a bit of the wave that is not smooth. It is going to be doing its ups and its downs, and you are going to feel sometimes down at a very low level with something and wondering, “Is this going to come crashing down on top of me?”

And the next thing you know, you are on top of the wave looking at what is happening and interpreting it; interpreting it from what you know in the mind at first, and then you will take the deep breath, go to the heart and ask, “What is truly happening with all of this? Why are ones out in the street with such energy, with such voices shouting what they want to see happening?”

Ones on this side, ones on that side; you are going to see a good bit of that. You already have seen the beginning surge, but I share with you that you are going to feel the energy even more, because when the awakening wants to come and you have decreed that it is time for it, it will be birthed. And as with a physical birthing, it is not always the easiest. Sometimes there is a bit of labor that goes into it, and that is what you are going to be seeing as ones stand for what they think to be the right way to go.

Ones on this side, ones on that side; you are going to see a good bit of that. You already have seen the beginning surge, but I share with you that you are going to feel the energy even more, because when the awakening wants to come and you have decreed that it is time for it, it will be birthed. And as with a physical birthing, it is not always the easiest. Sometimes there is a bit of labor that goes into it, and that is what you are going to be seeing as ones stand for what they think to be the right way to go.

There is going to be a lot of questioning. There is going to be a lot of decision of, “I know best.” And then there is going to be a bit of questioning, “Truly, what is happening?” Ones will have to get through the certain human part of fear. Because when ones get into the loud voices and the demands, it will bring up a memory of fear.

And that is all that it is: a memory, but it feels very real and it feels very Now as ones are dealing with it. They feel that this fear is Now, so therefore, “I have to do something.” But in truth, it is a memory of where they have been and what they have experienced in other times, and it is playing out like an old reel of the old-time movies so that they can look at it anew and see that truly, “I am still here. It did not do me in. I’m still here. I am still experiencing.”

Therefore, they are going to come to a place of reckoning within themselves, a place of reckoning where they can take the deep breath and look anew and say, “If that happened and I was so caught up in it, and it was so seemingly disastrous, and here I am now, perhaps it was not as disastrous as I thought it was going to be. Maybe I Am.” And this is the Truth of your being: eternal.

You are One with all, and you are One with all time. So that which seems to be threatening is only threatening in the lower case “r” reality, the drama that you provide for yourself in order to say, “Well, I must be alive, because I really, really felt that, and oh, my goodness, I was so scared.” But it passes. And it passes with the deep breath. That is your secret. That is your knowing of how to come through in peace.

You will take the deep breath and sit there, stand there, and breathe, until finally the storm passes. Some of the friends that you have are more akin to storms. Other ones are more like the quiet waters that run deep but powerful. So you will in each and every case take the deep breath and allow.

If, for example, the one who often sits next to you gets into a certain place of energy, smile at her. She will wonder, “What is he smiling at? This is serious.” And then after a while she will say, “Well, hmm, maybe it is kind of funny,” and then there will be the smile on her face as well, because she will have opportunity to come out of that place of, “I know I am right,”— this works for everyone—and to move into a space that says, “Hey, you know, that’s pretty good drama that just went on. Ha!” And with that comes the deep breath of peace, and oftentimes the smile on the face.

So you do not have to react in the first moment. I know that many times in lifetimes there has been the feeling of the body which says, “I have to protect, I have to react, I have to do something right away,” but in truth, you have learned that, no, all you need do is be the presence of peace and to breathe, and ones will quickly get through the storm of the emotions that they are dealing with.

Now, I am not saying that all of life in the next year and a half is going to be of storms, because it is not. But there are going to be times when something may come at you around the corner that you were not expecting, and you will say, “Where did that come from? Why did that happen?”

Keep breathing. That is my secret, which is not a secret, truly. Keep breathing. Keep smiling, and they will wonder what you are smiling at. And it will, after a while, get their curiosity as to, “But this is very, very serious. Do you know what our leaders are talking about? Do you know what they want to do?”

And yes, this is your answer: you smile. And after a while the storm passes. Some of the storms may be short. Some may be longer. But it is your opportunity not to bite, although the temptation from previous lifetimes is, “I must defend myself, my beliefs; I must defend.” No, let it pass.

You are the teachers. You are the ones who have volunteered for duty in this time. I know that the small ego of you from time to time is going to say, “I didn’t sign up for this. I didn’t say that I wanted to listen to all this garbage that seems to be happening.” Yes, you did. Out of great courage—out of the heart; courage—you have volunteered to be here at this time, and you are going to be seeing the awakening or the birthing that, yes, has the labor in it, has the pain in it, has the anger that comes as the response to pain, but it is going to be passing.

Allow yourself to know that the happenings, the choices that are going to be made, are going to look opposite of what they truly are. There is going to be healing, but the appearances are going to be not immediately of healing. So for you, you have the knowing, the message from other lifetimes down through the ages, that this too shall pass.

But some of the brothers and sisters are what you would see to be a bit younger in their evolution of awakening, their own awakening, so they may get into more fearful positions. And what you have volunteered to do is to be the angels, to be the presence of love, of peace, of quiet that will allow them to see that if you are not upset about something, maybe they can take a deep breath, at least for a moment, and with that moment will come a great lesson.

In truth, everyone you interact with has chosen to be here at this time, at this time of awakening, and some of the brothers and sisters have volunteered to play parts that seem to be quite destructive, seem to be quite opposed to peace and love. And yet what is going to come out of all of it is going to be an understanding of Who and What they are.

You and the angels who walk with you are here at this time of awakening, this time of birthing, this time of labor to bring forth the new birth. And it is not always going to be pretty, because sometimes with the birthing, even the human birthing, it may not look or feel or sound pretty, but out of it comes new life, and that is what you have said you would be mid-wife for or mid-husband for—whatever you want to call it—but you have volunteered. You know that you have volunteered. There is a piece deep within you that says, “Yes, I did volunteer. I didn’t know what I was volunteering for, but….”

All is good. All is coming to the place where there is going to be a coming together of understanding. And as I have said, the in-between time may be a bit rough, a bit of the sandpapering that will be happening with the very coarse sandpaper, and then comes the finer sandpapering later.

You, as the angels that you are, as the teachers that you are, you have said, “I am strong enough to be the presence of love, even if I see a mess all around me.” You are strong enough. That is why you are here. That is why you are still here. Some of you have come to a crossroads where there was option to opt out. You thought about it and said. “Hmmmm.” And then you said, “Okay, I’ll stay.” There has been a questioning that you have done. But your mission, should you accept it, and you have, is not finished yet.

What you will want to do in these days of unrest is to strengthen again your knowledge, your deep, deep knowing within you, of that space of rest, that space of peace. You in this lifetime up to this point have had your challenges. You have had your times of questioning. You have had your times when the angels have heard you screaming and saying, “No.”

And then you have said, “Yes, it is okay.” Because you have known the place of peace within, even though everything around you might have been in what you would term a mess. Even though perhaps the body has been screaming at you, you have known the deep peace of heaven, because you have brought it with you.

There is no place you can go outside of heaven. Remember that when you think you are at the place of the last breath. There is no place outside of you that you can go to that is not heaven, because you are heaven, and you create what you interpret as heaven or hell. You have done that in many lifetimes, enough to know it well, to identify and say, “This sure feels like hell.” And for that moment when you were in certain tumult of questioning, it has felt like hell.

But in truth, you are heaven, and you have volunteered to be the presence of heaven on Earth. So when ones come up to you and are so filled with fear that they think they are filled with hatred and judgment, you are the presence of peace. You will know. You will have the strength to be the angel that you truly are. You will know and feel the presence of peace coming from within, and you may wonder, “Where does that come from? I felt a peace, and everything around me was falling apart. They were screaming. There was noise. There were all kinds of things happening around me, but when I took that deep breath, I could feel a peace that passes the understanding of the world,” the peace that is truly you. And you have volunteered to be the presence of peace.

Now, we have been talking about the next year and a half and the changes that you are going to be seeing and experiencing and allowing to pass through the mind. Take all of that energy and allow it to abide in the heart where it will be transformed. Take the deep breath; that is the first important thing to remember. That is what the body asks of you: the breath.

And with that calming presence of the breath, it allows the angelic part of you, the soul of you, whatever terminology you want to use, the true part of you, to have a chance to be felt. And once you feel that space—and you have in your meditations; you have felt that peace—you will know it forever, and you can return there to the place of peace anytime you choose.

Now, granted, when you look with the eyes of the body, you are going to be seeing a lot that does not look like peace. When you look with the judgment of human, you are going to see a lot of decisions that do not look peaceful, loving, understanding.

Allow it all to pass. Take the deep breath. Whenever something comes right up in your face and feels like it is going to perhaps overwhelm you, take the physical step backwards, if you want to, and take the deep breath. And say—either out loud or definitely within—“This too shall pass,” because it will.

Everything that you have to deal with on the human plane passes. That is the good news. When you are in the midst of it, sometimes it does not feel all that great, but it will pass. You have made that as part of your contract, and in the human life it passes, including the body, including the human experiences. They come, you enjoy them. They come, you judge them. They come, and they pass. I think that sums it up.

In the next year and a half you are going to see leaders making choices for their people, and I say that, “their people”, with reservation, because the people are not theirs. However, they feel that they have responsibility and that they have power. You are going to see much of change of power happening in your world, some of it peaceful, some of it not so peaceful. But you are going to see many changes. And as I have said, they may last a while or a short while, but you are going to see much of change.

In time you will see love. In this reality which believes in time, you are going to see love, but it may—or may not—take some longer time. However, count it all as good.

In these times of unrest—and that is where you are right now; it is not that you have to wait for these times of unrest; you are already there—the best thing that you can do is to rest. Physically, yes, let the body rest. Physically, take the deep breath many times over. “But Jeshua, if I keep taking a breath, I’m going to pass out.” Okay, so what? You will come to. Besides, I have not seen you do this yet to the place of falling over.

Allow yourself to be at peace. Allow the turmoil to be seen, acknowledged, and to work itself out. Breathe through it. That is why you built into physicality the breath. The breath is a gift that you built in to this reality. Know you how peaceful the rest is when you put the body down upon the bed—sometimes sitting up works, too —and you allow the relaxation and the peace which comes with the deep breath? Abide often in the deep breath.

Allow your thoughts to be of peace. Allow your words to be of peace. Allow your actions to be of peace. The first person you see in the morning, smile at them. Even if you have had a terrible night of it and you have tossed and turned, you have been awake several times, and maybe the train went by the dwelling place and awakened you every hour as it went by, whatever, first thought is a thought of gratitude: “I am awake; the body serves me well.”

You are creating that miracle moment by moment by moment, and you are walking through that day as the miracle, extending love to everyone. You extend love, and when you do that, what happens? It comes back to you. You are in that moment in the presence of love.

Remember to exude love. Remember to think and be the presence of love, because your world is crying out for love. Your world is seeking the Awakening. That is what it is all about: the birthing pangs of the Awakening, and you are the midwives. You have volunteered.

In these times of unrest, be the presence of rest.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
September 2019
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