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Jeshua Speaks About: MIRACLES

Jeshua Speaks About: MIRACLES

Beloved one, you have asked me to speak of miracles. You have asked for miracles. You have said, “This tiny little thing [the corona virus] which has come upon us, I’d like to see a miracle of it being put aside; not necessarily destroyed, but put into a proper place where it is not going to be”—as you understand it—“harming the body.” So you have asked for ones to get very busy with working on how to bring up something that will activate the body to fight this little thing as it would come seemingly from a foreign space.

Down through what you would see history to be, you have periodically brought about certain illnesses, diseases which, in your belief system, would attack the body. In truth, nothing can attack you, the being that you are, because you are beyond the body. But you have seen ones who have said, “Yes,” that they would allow the body to be deactivated so that, in truth, they could come back again, having formed a new body.

In two to three years’ time from now, you will see a great population explosion, where the ones who have left have said, “I want to re-energize, and I want to come and play. The lifetime I have just finished,” they are saying this, “it had its good points. It had its points of love, points where I came together with one and I could see the Light that they are, and they could see the Light that I am, but it was not in fullness. I want to know fullness of Light.”

So they have said, “I will allow the form to go, and I will come back again.” I do not often predict, but this I will predict, that in two to three years of your timing, the ones who have exited off the stage right now will be back with new form, some coming as the babe in arms to start with what seems to be a new learning curve, and others remembering how it feels to be drawn from the river of life and coming in the fullness of body. They were not there yesterday; now they are here.

You have that in what you call some of your science fiction, and you are going to make it outside of fiction; you are going to experience it as a truth. You are going to know ones who come into your circle of friends, and they were not there yesterday, but they come now to play with you in full form. Do they know that this is what they have done? Yes, they will know. Will they tell this? Yes, they will tell it. Will they be believed? By some, yes, and by others, no. It will be a fun experiment. But then you are always in every day experimenting.

You have acknowledged that you have a most wondrous creative ability. Sometimes you create that which is fun, joyful, light; sometimes you create something that is more harrowing and you say, “Whew! So glad I got through that. I don’t know what that was all about, but I seem to be on two feet, two legs; I seem to be here as I was.”

But in truth, you are never as you were, because every moment you are changing. Every moment there are new cells being brought together, and in every moment there are new cells exiting and you make changes in the body. If there is a friend whom you have not seen in perhaps a couple of years, and now they appear—or say twenty years even—they appear and say, “Hi, I’m George.”

And you think, “You’re not George. You don’t look like George.” Well, time has made a bit of a change, perhaps. A bit of the hair has changed. A bit of the coloring of the hair has changed, perhaps. A bit of the form has grown a bit, or not. You make changes day by day; sometimes changes that you do not notice until a bit later and you say, “Oh, I don’t remember the hair being that color.” It is as a most wondrous experiment, being human.

So in what is known as a passage of time, ones are going to be coming back again in a new form to play with a more awakened consciousness. It is a miracle in process right now. It is happening, and as you follow it or as you awaken to it in a year or two or three, you are going to say, “Wow, things have changed,” and yes, they do change.

You have asked for miracles. I have heard you in your quiet times where you have said to me, “Jeshua, I want some things to be changed. I want the body to be a bit more youthful. I want to be able to have more energy. I want to be able to go… wherever.” Perhaps you have an idea you want to go somewhere. “I have a plan that I want to follow, but I don’t really know what the plan is. Will you show me the plan? And will you walk with me; take my hand and walk with me?” And I always say, “Yes.” So be careful what you ask for, because you will get it.

Miracles happen around you all of the time. You are bringing forth miracles. I have heard you when you have been praying and praying and praying and asking for a miracle…and it happens. And you say, “Where did that come from? How did that happen?”

Well, creative one that you are, you are creating moment by moment that which you experience, and you are putting the label on what you experience as either something that you want to experience or something that you are not so sure about, and you can dismiss it as well. You have the power of making the miracle. In truth, you do it every moment.

You are bringing forth the reality that you are experiencing. That in itself is a miracle: how creative you are. Allow yourself to look for miracles. Look for them. There is going to be one that is going to come right up in your face, and you are going to say, “You know, I feel young again. Wow, I feel really energetic. I think I’ll go work out at the gym.”

You have asked for miracles. You have said, “It’s going to take a miracle to get through this,” so you have set about very quickly, immediately, to work on what will be to you judged as a miracle. Now, in truth, miracles happen naturally; they have to. Everything that you experience is in its proper order, and there is nothing that is going to impede the expression of a miracle. You are the ones who are calling whatever happens a miracle or a non-miracle, but in truth, everything that you create is a miracle.

That which you are—and you are much more than the body, much more than the mind, much more than the personality that you claim—you are the divine, holy one—whole, not missing even one little part—expressing life upon this plane. So take it lightly. Allow yourself to be happy in every moment. There is a miracle in every occurrence, every experience, even when you get to the place of frustration.

The best thing that you can do when you feel that you have come up against a wall, a barrier of some sort where things are not coming together the way you want them to, is to stop and breathe. Allow all of the pieces that are running around in the mind to come to a still point. Wait for the door to open. Wait for all of the pieces to come together. Know that they will come together.

Even this virus, as you call it, which seems to be wreaking such havoc all over holy Mother Earth, has a purpose. It is showing you quite a few examples, Oneness being a big part of it.

It is showing you that, yes, you are creative, you are creating this, and yes, it is following your pattern of what you have asked to know—how creative you are; not how you might be attacked by something. No, that is not its purpose.

You are bringing it forth to show that everyone on holy Mother Earth is experiencing the Christ Self, the power of the Christ Self. Whether or not you activate form, the body, does not matter. What matters is the living Force within you which says, “Even if I lay down the form, the body, I awaken as still alive.”

In truth, the deceasement of the body is no big thing. You will awaken in the next moment, outside of time, probably surprise yourself because you feel so good and say, “Wow, that was easy. I wonder if I can make form again that easily.” And yes, with the thought comes the form.

Now, there is what you acknowledge as timing, because you may not be wanting to return to what seemed to be a tedious existence, so you say, “I think I’ll wait. I’ll wait until things get a little bit easier down there.” Because, you see, you find yourself elevated. Have you gone to heaven? Yes, you can call it that. You are looking, you are watching. You are watching the loved ones who are mourning you. And I would say that they could take “u” out of that word and make it m-or-n-i-n-g—morning—a new day rather than a sadness. Take “u” out of it and understand that every moment is the opportunity to know Self—capital “S”—whether or not you have form.

When I was upon the cross, I looked at the world as it was at that time, and what I saw were ones who were questioning, “What is going on? How can they do this to my teacher, to the one who has been revered as teacher? How can he have said yes, agreed to the seeming deceasement, when he brought other ones back from what seemed to be the dead state? How could this be?”

Well, in speaking to my Father—the Oneness that we are, the divinity that we are—in speaking to my Father, I asked, “What is life all about?” I started asking this from the moment I could put together two ideas. You have done this as well; I have heard you. “What, oh Lord, is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Why? What am I supposed to do? I know I must have a reason for being.” You have asked all of the questions, and the answer has been, “To enjoy, to be in joy; the vitality of Being; to take hold of that and say, ‘Yes, I am going to go on the adventure of life.’”

Now, life is going to be an adventure, whether you like it or not. It is going to bring you all kinds of opportunities to either be in joy or to be in, “Oh, my God, how I suffer.” Well, free choice. You have tried, “Oh, my God, how I suffer,” but that did not bring you much happiness. So then you have said, “Well, I think I will look for the good in life. I’ve heard some philosophy that says there is good. I’m going to look for it.” “Hmm, didn’t find it. I’ll try again.”

So throughout a lifetime—and you have had many; this is not the only one, so do not despair and say, “Oh, my God, if I don’t make it this lifetime, I’ve had it.” No, if you don’t make it—whatever “it” is—this lifetime, you are going to express again and again and again for the sheer joy of being.

Miracles abound around you every moment. You prove it to yourself in big ways and small ways to start to awaken to the creative Being that you are and to celebrate the creativity of the holy Child. You are in the midst of Life—capital “L”. You are in the midst of a stream of consciousness, and you are making for yourself the most wondrous experience.

There are many who are allowing that which seems to be so bad, so terrible right now, to assist them in moving to the next level. Those are the miracles that you have asked for. The ones who are exiting truly are having their prayers answered; not the prayer of the moment that has said, “Let me live; let me live one more day,” but the prayer that says, “I want to know my Oneness with Life—capital “L”— I want to know Who I am, why I am, and where I am and where I’m going.”

As you ask, it will be answered, sometimes in a way that you understand right away, and sometimes it takes a little longer before the Light comes on and you understand.

You are making the most wondrous miracles right now as all over holy Mother Earth ones are waking up. Ones are saying, “The order of how it has been is not the most loving, not the most understanding and acknowledging of the Christ. There must be something more.”

These are the miracles that are happening as ones breathe their last breath of a certain encapsulated lifetime; breathe that last breath and say, “Oh, okay, where am I now? What can I do now? What do I want to do now? I thought that when I breathed my last breath, there would be darkness. I’d be put in a box, buried, forgotten.”

No, I am here to tell you that that does not happen. The form may be—not you, but the form—may be put in a box, may be buried in a big hole in the earth, or maybe it was put in the incinerator and burned. Or maybe it was tossed out with the rubbish. But you, as the energy that you are, can never be extinguished. Hear that well. You, as the energy that you are, can never be extinguished. That is the miracle.

So upon the demise of the form, you take the figurative deep breath and say, “I Am. I am still alive. Now what do I want to do?” And yes, all of the loved ones are going to come to you. All of the loved ones who have let go of form earlier—because they go nowhere away from you—any of the loved ones that you have known and loved in this lifetime, and even other lifetimes, come to you and welcome you; they say, “Hey, we’ve been waiting for you. I don’t know what took you so long.” And you say, “Well, there were things I had to do….”

That is the miracle of life. It is ongoing. You make changes. Changes in consciousness: that is the miracle that is happening right now—in your consciousness, in your awareness, and with your brothers and sisters all the way around holy Mother Earth. Ones are waking up to the Allness of life; not just the part that says, “Okay, this is who I am. Hmm, well, it’s not too bad, it’s not too good; whatever.”

You are much more than the form. You are the Light in the eyes that comes on when you see a loved one. When you even think of a loved one, there is a change in energy that happens. If you are hooked up to the technology which shows the life energy of the body, it goes chirp, chirp, chirp, because you are coming alive, truly alive in the consciousness of Being.

Life—capital “L”—cannot be extinguished. You would call that a miracle. I call it the Truth of your Being, and you can celebrate it.

Allow yourself the deep breath and say, “I Am,” and you are. “I Am everything that I have ever asked to be,” and you have expressed in many, many forms. You have expressed here and on other planes. Even as we speak, you are expressing on other planes.

“But, Yeshua, how can I do that? I mean, I’m right here and I’m activating this body. How can I be in two places or more all at the same time?” Why not? You have created this. This is not all that you are. Now, I am not advocating that you get so otherworldly that you do not have focus upon this life. I am just saying that you are much more than you have been taught that you are, much more than what you have accepted yourself to be, so celebrate it. Know that you are a walking miracle.

You ask for miracles? You are surrounded by miracles. Allow yourself to be joyful, to know that always, whenever you lift up the foot and put it down, you have expressed a miracle.

Beloved one, look for the miracles. They are all around you. Celebrate the miracles, because that is why you make them. Allow yourself to walk forward in joy. Do not mourn the ones who are in process of exiting so that they can express the miracle of rebirth. Life is an ongoing expression of miracles.

You have decided to play with an experiment, an experiment of believing yourself to be just an individual little spark of Light, and to see a lot of other twinkly lights around you. You are as the most wondrous little insect that has the light on the rear and lights up from time to time—the lightning bug, you call it—and you play with each other, turning your light on and off, on and off.

You are the Light of the world. Often you allow yourself to see others’ Lights and you say, “Oh, what a bright Light that one is,” forgetting that truly they are as a mirror to you, showing you truly Who and What you are. So when you see another one coming radiantly alive, remember you are the Light, the Light of what you call the Oneness of Being. You are the miracle you would seek.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
July-August 2020
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