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Jeshua Speaks About: Preparation For Christmas

Jeshua Speaks About: Preparation For Christmas

Beloved one, I wish to speak with you now about your preparation for Christmas. And you are saying, “Well, yes, I know, I have a whole list of people I have to buy presents for and people who I want to send a Christmas greeting to; and yes, there’s going to be a lot of preparation, because I have some decorations I want to put up in the house and the lights outside, etc.”

But that is not what I am speaking of. You will be doing that anyway. But what I want to speak with you about is the preparation for welcoming the Christ child of you. That is what Christmas is truly about.

It has become the celebration of my birth, but it is not singularly about my birth. In truth, as I have shared with you down through the years, I was actually born in late summer; I was not born at midwinter, (if you live in the northern hemisphere of holy Mother Earth).

The celebration of the awakening to the Christ Self that you are: that is what Christmas is truly all about. The Christ Self of you is awake all of the time. It is not something that you have to light a candle for, although that looks pretty. It is not something that you have to pray for, because it is you activating the body, so it is not something that is far off. It is right here every moment, but it takes a shift in consciousness, a shift in awareness, a shift in birthing the awareness.

Welcome each and every Christ that you meet in the day, and stop for a moment to really feel their presence, the same as you do when you pray, when you know that you are being lifted up in prayer and feel healed, at least for a moment or so.

When you see a miracle—and you have seen miracles—when you see that miracle happening, know that you are the Christ who is making that miracle. Stop for a moment and, yes, take credit for what you are experiencing; for so long you have been taught and told that you are the lowly worm in the dust, not worthy to even lift up your head.

Now those days are behind you, and you are coming to the place where you can actually look at the Christ and welcome the Christ.

One of the things you will want to do in preparation for the birth of the Christ in your awareness is to keep a record. “Oh, no; no, Jeshua, no; not more homework.” Yes. Every evening before you put the head upon the pillow, write down one joyful thing of the day, one thing that made you smile, even if it was a smile of, “Oh, my goodness, there I go again,” and laughing at self. Please, laugh at self.

Do not be too serious about life. You are taught, from the time that you are very, very small, that life is a challenge. There are going to be tests. There are going to be things that are not happy about life. That is a story. It is not true. It is fiction. The truth of you is that you are the living, breathing Christ, experiencing life, smiling at other Christs as they come by, whether they are on two feet or four feet or with fins and gills and tails that wag in the water, or whether they are on little bird feet; whatever form they are.

That is Christ mirroring back to you your creation. How do you think those creations come into your awareness? By your creating them. So if you create them, yes, you are the extension of God/Goddess, and that is not to be too conceited. That is to take credit where credit is due. I am trying to reverse/ change the thinking that you have been fed for so long, old thinking that you can now throw out the window and say, “Hey, I really do have value. I have a mind that I use. Where did that come from? Why do I have that?”

You have it because you create it. Moment by moment you create it. You play with your toys, as they are called, your creations. And even greater things than what you know right now, you will be bringing forth in what you term your future. You have seen in the past ten years, in the past twenty years, great advances in your creations.

You have brought technology forth, and then you turn around and say, “Ah, but how do I use it? How do I find the right plug and the right wires and the right thing to turn on all of this magic?” And yet at the same moment you are creating what you think to be a challenge. Then someone comes along and says, “Well, you know, if you press this button, or let’s try…etc.,” and then a miracle happens, a seeming miracle. The miracle is that you recognize that you are making a change in your consciousness, in your thinking that, “Yes, I can do this. I can figure out what buttons bring what result.”

You are awakening to your power, the Christ power that you are. The Christ power is not something far off. It is not something way above you. It is you, activating the body, going forth with the smile on the face, going forth to encourage the friend and say, “Yes, it is going to be alright.” That is a miracle.

You have choice in every moment. You have choice to say to the friend, “Oh, I think it’s going to be so bad.” Where does that put him/her? But you did not do that. You said, “It’s going to be okay.” And what happens? It is okay, and you create it. Now, if you have the power to create that—and you do—if you have the power to create something that is so miraculous— truly, healing is miraculous—why would you deny Who and What you are?

“Well, it’s what I’ve been told.” Rubbish! What you have been told, you can throw out and start anew. From this very moment right now you can live anew as the Christ that you are. I will be with you, so it is not going to be difficult. All you have to do is to turn up the corners of the mouth. Turn them up, and your Light comes on. It is as simple as that, and yet human ego will say, “Well, it can’t be that easy. I’ve been taught that life is a struggle, that you have to study, that you have to be lucky, that you have to, have to, have to.”

You are already doing it. The fact that you are sitting here reading my words, feeling my presence…how does that happen? If you can do that, you can do anything. Each breath that you take is a miracle. You look around and see various things. Your eyes are a miracle. Your hearing is a miracle. What you take into the brain and interpret, that is a miracle, a miracle of creation. When you awaken on the morrow, tomorrow morning, first thing say to yourself—I will be listening—“I am a miracle.” Because you are. Know you —and yes, you do, because your scientists have told you, and it is a truth —that there are a million and one— actually more than that—chances for you to activate a body, or what form of the body it might be. And you have chosen to activate that which works for you. You have chosen as you went to your wardrobe and picked out a certain color; you had choices. You had choices before you were born as to how you were going to form the body, whether you were going to be of a certain gender or a different one.

You will, in what you term to be future time, be able to change your form at will, but that is getting maybe to the advanced course. But you can put that in the mind. Just store it away somewhere. And as I say that, it awakens within you a remembrance of what you have done in the past, where yes, you did change form immediately as to whatever needed to be. You do that in this lifeform, only more slowly. That is how miraculous you are. You are much more than what you have thought yourself to be.

Now, you do not have to go around to all the colleagues and all the friends and say, “Hey, you know, I’m such a great thing,” and you are, and so are they. What you want to do is to encourage self to be happy with self and to encourage other ones to know how good they are. And it is very, very simple. It starts with the smile; yes, just like that. That is so healing; so healing to self and so healing to others who behold it. The smile itself is a miracle, a miracle of healing. As you live in a place of joy, that is what happens. The smile comes on the face and all the little cells wake up and say, “Oh, must be something good happening; I feel energy. I feel a flow of energy.” Yes, they do; they feel it. And that is what Christmas is all about: recognizing the divinity of spirit, recognizing that no matter what you are activating body-wise, you are a miracle of life. You have now a few days before your celebration of the Christ mass, but you do not actually have to wait until that day. You can begin now, this very minute.

You have my permission. Celebrate my birthday as your birthday, the birth of the Christ, realizing—making real in the awareness—Who and What you are. Be happy. “Oh, that’s hard; it’s really hard.” If you decree that it is hard, it may be hard. If you decree that, “Yes, I see a lot of good happening,” then that is what is in your reality. It is as simple as that. “Too simple; can’t be that simple.” Why not? You are the Christ. You can be happy. “Oh, I can?” Yes, you can. I give you permission. Celebrate the birth of the Christ within, within you, the Christ that is greeting the Christ of another one. That is the gift of Christmas.

Now, yes, if you want to celebrate with the tangible gift, that is fun to do. If you want to write the greeting cards, that is fun to do. If you want to have the celebration of food, that is fun to do as well.

Then stop and breathe and ask yourself, “Who is creating this? Who is creating the gift that I just bought for a loved one?” Who is creating the fact that you found the perfect gift? This year in your Christmas shopping, you are going to find the perfect gift for each one on your list. “Oh, are you sure, Jeshua? I have this Great Aunt who is really finicky and fussy, and she may not like what I give her.” She will like it. If she does not, that is her choice. Down deep she will like that you have remembered her.

Anything that you feel joyful about is one more step toward realizing the wholeness, the holiness of you. You can take that holiness into the season, and hopefully after the holy days you will keep that remembrance, that knowing of how good it feels to celebrate the wholeness of the divinity.

It is not by accident that you are here. You said before even the thought of you was in the parents’ minds, “I want to have an incarnation.” You looked around and asked, “Now, who would I like to be with? Who will serve the purpose of my awakening?”

Sometimes you have chosen the parents who did not look maybe as loving as they could be. Maybe they did not show outwardly the Christ nature, but they were the perfect ones to mold you and shape your beginning. After that, then you take over. In the very beginning they have some influence on you, but not for too long, and it varies from person to person. And then the awakening happens, at any age. At any moment the Christ child of you can be born. It takes only your choice, your smile to yourself, your taking the decision and the awareness that, “Who is walking? The Christ is walking. I am walking.”

Why is it in your language—it is not true in all languages—that you capitalize the “I” when you are referring to self? Interesting clue. Look for the clues; they are all around you, even something as simple as the capital “I”, the divine one that you are. Little clues like that; be aware of them.

That is what this Christmas season is all about: clues to awaken the Christ Child within. That is why we are speaking of preparation for Christmas, because as you will practice in the days to come—a few days, weeks, however long, until someone says to you, “Aha, this is Christ mass day”— if you will practice, when you reach that day, there will be such a joy within you that you will want to, and you will, share it with other ones, because you will have come alive.

So look upon everything that you acknowledge and thank it. Thank yourself for creating it. Celebrate the Christ, the birth of Christ, the awakening and the remembrance, in every day. And at the end of every day, a wee bit of homework. Take out the pen and the journal and write one sentence, one word to remind yourself of the miracle in that day. I guarantee that every day there will be a miracle. It is the Christ gift to you—you as the Christ, to yourself.

And I will be there. Merry Happy Christmas.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
December 2018
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