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Jeshua Speaks About: The Interdimensional Self

Jeshua Speaks About: The Interdimensional Self

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about your true Being, Who you are and where you have come from. I would speak with you to answer many of the questions you have had about life, why you are here, and how you can see your life and circumstances more holy. I would speak with you about the love you have forgotten, and how you can remember.

Beloved one, what you do within this reality is a great miracle. You focus so intently and so specifically upon a reality that all of the rest of Reality— with a capital “R”—is momentarily forgotten. You focus most wondrously upon a time, a place, a personality, an individuality, a reality—small “r”— and yet at the same time you are functioning within other realities—small “r”. You are having lifetimes in other realities, lifetimes as long as you can imagine and as short as you can imagine: living a whole lifetime in what would be in your measurement a nanosecond, and yet it is a lifetime full of experience within that spark of time.

Within your present reality the collective consciousness—the belief deeply embedded within you as the collective consciousness—says that there is but one reality. It is this “now” moment, and you must attend to this reality. You must give it all of what you feel your energy to be. Within other realties there are belief systems which allow for the sampling of various venues of experience where you know you are having an experience—a lifetime within that dimension—and yet you know that you are also expressing and experiencing in other realities as well.

Now, within your current reality you have moved to a place of semi-remembrance of the Allness of You, where you will allow that there is expanded consciousness with some of the brothers and sisters who do not have to have the focus upon the body; in other words, one which you call the masters, the guides, the teachers, the angels, ones who are not activating the body. And you have built into your belief system a most wonderful door, a door which is opening now because you are decreeing that it is time for it to open, a door which is allowing your consciousness to know more of who you are.

You have dreamt many dreams, and you have dreamt dreams of awakening. That is where you stand now. You know that the awakening will happen —that is within your acceptance now—but there is still the belief in process which says it is yet to be; it is in the future somewhere. But within your belief system you have also put in the most wonderful door and a key to open that door, and you are in the process of turning the key and opening the door.

The key is a most wondrous one, and yet it is most simple. It is difficult for the ego, for the separated ego will not want that to be a part of your belief system. The key is the willingness to believe, the willingness to say, “There must be more than just this reality.” It is that simple. You have been listening to the still small Voice within you which has been saying, “I am ready now to know Who I am. I am ready now to open the door and to walk through it into full realization and remembrance of Who I have always been and What I have always been from before time began.”

So while you are yet miraculously and specifically focusing upon this reality, you are also building into this reality the open door which will allow you to move into the understanding and the experience of the interdimensional You. It also allows you to move into, have conversation with, the other you —plural—expressing in other dimensions.

Now, in times of meditation, in times when you allow the mind to be free of the constraints of the world, you have been daydreaming—most wondrous thing, the daydream—allowing the mind to go without judgment to wherever it would take you. You have gone to other realities and you have played; you have experienced what it feels like to be the most expansive star in the heavens. You have looked at the most wonderful lights in your heavens, and you have known Oneness with those lights. You have felt yourself blended, if you will, in the energy of the star, and you have moved beyond the perimeter of the small self.

As you have looked upon the most beautiful flower, you have glimpsed for an instant how it feels to be the energy of that flower; or how it feels to be as what you call within your concept the deva of that flower, the energy which guides, directs the growth and the expression of that flower; the same with a blade of grass, the same with a tree or a small, small seedling. You look at it and wonder at the miracle of life. You see amidst every creation the miracle of life everywhere. You have allowed yourself from time to time to lose the sense of restriction which says, “I am only this individuality. I am only this body. I am only this personality.” You have lost that small sense and expanded into knowing more of your true Self in what you would call dimensions even within this reality.

In times of meditation you have lost all sense of body. You have even lost all sense of mind. Then you have come back to this reality and someone may have asked of you, “Where have you been?” And you reply, “I didn’t feel the passage of time. I don’t know where I’ve been, but it felt good. It felt expansive. It felt like heaven. It felt wonderful.” You try to find words to explain it, and there are no words, for it is a knowing and a remembrance which goes beyond the restriction of this reality.

You play within many realities even as you would see a slice of time. You play within many realities that do not know or believe in the concept of time. You know how it feels to go as the flow of energy which is unrestricted. Within your concept in this reality you would call it the speed of light, because it the fastest that you know or can imagine within this reality, and yet it is faster than light. It is beyond the concept of light.

You know how it feels to be One with the ocean of being. You know how it feels to experience the wholeness, the holiness, of you and the healing that you so desire. You have touched that place of great healing in times of meditation, in times of quiet. Allow the imagination to be free, to take you beyond what is known as this reality and then to release even the imagination and just be.

As you are beginning the process of connecting with the Allness which is you, use the tools that you have within this reality. You are the most wonderful makers of tools, of techniques. You are the ones who are creative in bringing forth the teachers who will speak to you of ways that will be as catalysts for remembrance. Use those tools in the beginning of this process. Already you have been doing that as you have been visiting many of the workshops, many of the speakers who have found themselves alive with an energy which goes beyond what you have known in everyday activity, and their energy has been so contagious that you have wanted to be in their presence. You have wanted to sit at their feet and to learn what they can impart to you.

You call forth these teachers because you are ready; you are desirous to know the next tool that you can use, the next catalyst for remembrance. You want to know more of your true Self. You want to come truly alive. You know that you can live the daily life, you can earn the golden coins enough to sustain the body, but there must be more to life. As you see your life rushing by—and all of you have felt an acceleration of time—you feel it rather incumbent upon you to get on with this search, not to waste any more time.

Now, in truth, you have never wasted any time, but the ego will speak to you, and sometimes there is the feeling that you have wasted time. You have explored many avenues, but now you are at a place where you want to know the tools; you want to know the process; you want to know the door and how to open it.

The door is within your understanding, your belief, even at this time. The key to opening it is the willingness to trust that you can open it, to trust that you are opening it; not to judge self, not to judge every revelation and to put it down, but to look upon every experience with awe and wonder and to praise self for what you are allowing yourself to grasp as tools in the process.

Play with the tools which you create. Play with the tools of the process. Then sit with the revelations that those tools will present to you. Sit with the revelations and ask, “Where do these revelations take me?”

Allow yourself to be the magician who will put together various revelations, seemingly separate, and as you put them together the magician of you will make a new revelation, a new gestalt, if you will, out of all of the pieces of the revelations which have come before.

Then sit with that revelation and say, “If this be true, where does this take me?” Do not be afraid to claim where it will take you. Go boldly into new territory.

Do you know that is why you enjoy your science fiction programs so much? It is because you want to throw off restrictions of what this collective consciousness of reality has told you it has to be. And you, at the very depth of your being, have said, “No, there is more. There is much more. I vaguely, very vaguely”—and sometimes not too vaguely—“remember living in the Pleiades. I remember flying at the speed of light. I remember great spaceships activated by my energy, activated by thought. I remember…” And then you put it in the future, as a story, saying, “Well, this is a time to come.” And yet you would not have that “story” within the consciousness right now if it were not something that you have already experienced.

All of time is as a sphere, and every point of time-related experience is within that sphere. Every point of experience which you would call “in the past” is within that sphere. Every point of experience which you would call your future is within that sphere. As you will contemplate another point of experience from where you see yourself now to be, what connects you is the line, and that is why you believe in linear time; yet it is a sphere of experience within a concept called time.

Not every dimension of reality is constrained by the concept of time. In fact, you are moving yourselves out of that sphere, that bubble of time. You even have the saying, “I am running out of time,” or, “I am out of time.” You are bursting the bubble of the concept of time and going beyond it. Play with the revelations as they come to you. Allow them to fall into place, into a new understanding, a new gestalt, and see where that will take you. Then allow yourself to breathe and just be. Allow yourself, when you have followed the revelations as far as they will take you, just to be.

Know yourself to be the expansion of Allness. Know that you experience realities and you express as energy, as you understand that upon this plane. Also know that you express as the consciousness of Isness in other realities and dimensions, and what allows the expression and the experience of all of the dimensions and the realities is the interdimensional You, the matrix of You which is not confined to any specific point of reality. That is the ocean of Isness.

I have likened it unto love, and I have spoken with you in what you call olden times to be in the awareness of love, to know yourself as love, for as you will claim the Beingness of love, you know expanded understanding of Allness.

Love is expansive. Even what you know as human love is expansive. When you have been caught up in love with someone your whole world changes. You feel yourself to be greater than what you have ever known yourself to be. You feel that object of your love to be even greater than what you have ever known anyone to be, and the experience goes beyond anything you have known the world to be. You would do anything to stay in love. It is rejuvenating. It is a wonderful place to be, and human love is but a sampling of the Love which is truly you, the Isness of You. I have characterized the Isness of You by explaining it as love, and yet it is much more than human love.

All of you are beloved of the Father. You struggle through your days. You have goals, activities which must be accomplished in every day. You have to go here. You have to go there. You have to be a certain persona. You hope you will measure up to what the employer wants you to be. You hope you will measure up to what the mate wants you to be. You hope you will measure up to what the friends, the peers expect you to be. You hope, in the deepest recesses of you, that you will measure up to what you think you might be. That is the toughest one of all.

And all the time you are beloved of the Father, wondrous, wondrous being which is you. You play a game. You play an all-star game, and you are the star. You get into a most specific focus, knowing that you must connect with the ball which is coming towards you and you must play according to the rules—arbitrary rules—of the game, and you hope that you can measure up. When you do connect, you feel so alive. And all the time you are playing the game, the Self of you is sitting in the stands, if you will, watching the you which is playing the all-star game, cheering you on.

The matrix of You, the interdimensional You, is the source of your power of expression and experience. It is out of the matrix, the interdimensional You, that you manifest every reality which you experience. Out of the matrix of You, you fashion every experience within every reality. You do it so wondrously in this reality that you do not even know you are doing it.

If you would see something in your life experience transformed, expand into the interdimensional You, the matrix of You, the Isness of You, the Love of You.

The above message is from the beginning chapter of Jeshua’s Volume IV in His Personal Christ series of books. The volume is entitled, The Interdimensional Self: The Way to Peace. It will form the basis of our Christos Advance this July. Jeshua has said that He will advance the subject from words and concepts into the actualization and experience of the interdimensional self. You are invited to Advance with us!

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
June 2018
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