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Jeshua Speaks About: The Unified Field


Beloved one, I have been watching what you see on your screen as your sports events. I have been quite educated in understanding some of your sports; for instance, what you call the football. Now, I am not quite sure why they call it foot-ball, because most of the action has to do with running and carrying and throwing, and very little of the foot. But okay, it is football.

I was watching this, because we had games back in the days that you shared with me two thousand years ago. We had the games, but they were a bit more gruesome. Now, I know that the football can be a bit injuring from time to time, but not quite as the gladiators would perform for us two thousand years ago.

Then later in this season I have been watching the game having the basket and putting the ball in the basket. I watch these ones that are now the gladiators, who are the tall ones of your population, almost as tall as where the rim of the basket is so that they can put the ball in easily.

It is most informative to watch the ones who are very good at getting down the court (a different kind of court) and getting the ball into the basket. They are ones who subconsciously— it is not a conscious thing, for the most part—have a view of the whole area, a view of the whole field of the court. They have what you would term to be an extra sense of the Allness around them, so that it may not seem to be conscious, but it is within their consciousness. It is within their awareness, even at a subconscious level. They are able to picture the whole field in their mind. They are the ones who become the really good sports people. They are the ones who have a clue as to who is running behind them, who is around them. There is an awareness.

Your technology has brought forth what your experts call the cloud. Your sports stars, as they are called, the ones who seem to be making the scoring, are tuning in to the cloud around them. There is an extra sense.

And no, you did not miss it. You are thinking, “Well, I didn’t get that part when I was born.” Yes, you did, you got it. It is part of the extended human condition. And yes, you have it. You understand what I am saying to you; perhaps not so much in the words, but you understand that there is a field of energy around you, and you are able to tune in to it.

Case in point: you walk into a room, and everybody is sitting there really dejected about something and they have been having a great argument about things that could be wrong. And you can feel that energy. Sometimes you say to yourself, “I don’t think I want to stay here,” and you leave the grouping because that is not where you want to be.

Other times you walk into a room and everybody is laughing and smiling, giving the hugs. The energy is good and you stay.

All of you have that certain sixth sense. All of you have the extended field that you know around you. All of you can sense energy.

I watch you, and I am your cheerleader. I see the times when the smile comes over the face, and maybe on the inside you are thinking, “Well, you know, I could have had an easier life than this.” Then there’s the smile that comes and says, “Well, I am going to do my best with it, and when I exit, I will look back on that and give myself an A+, because Jesus would.” Yes, I do.

Ask of yourself any time when you have a question, “What would Jesus do? What would Jeshua do?” And you know. You can remember, because two thousand years ago you walked with me. You saw that there were times when the human condition was not as favorable to me, and there were times when I could have groused about something. To tell the truth, there are times when I groused. I said to my heavenly Father, “Why is this happening? What am I supposed to do with this?”

After I got done grousing, complaining, I took the deep breath, and I knew that everything I experienced was a gift, a gift of creativity. The greatest decisions you have ever made that later you thought you regretted have the greatest gifts in them, because it proves at least two things. It proves how creative you can be. Every condition that you make for yourself, you have created. So you look at everything and say, “Wow, I didn’t know I was that creative.”

And every experience that you have brings you to a place of greater understanding of what the other brothers and sisters may be going through, so that you can help them when they are feeling down. You can say, “I understand, but you know…” And then you share with them a bit of the experience that you have had, something that will bring them up to a place of understanding that they do not suffer alone. You have been there. You say to them, “I’ve been there. But, you know, I didn’t stay there, and you don’t have to stay there.”

And they will say, “Oh, yes, I do.” And you will just laugh, because you know that on the morrow, the next day or the next week—it may take a little longer—they will come to a place of looking back on it, because you know that is what has happened with you and for you and as you.

The human life is a gift. Every day you give the gift to yourself of waking up in the morning. Know you that you leave the body at nighttime? You leave a small pilot light on so that it is still there when you want to come and collect it again in the morning, and you remake yourself in that first instant when you are waking up. Think about that for a moment: how powerful you are that you remake yourself.

Usually what you do is think back to how you were the day before and collect all of those thoughts and feelings to yourself, but you can do improv, and I have seen you do improv. I have seen you choose. You have the power of choice. And yes, there are times when you seem not to have the power of choice. I understand that feeling, too.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, “Please, can we do this another way? I don’t especially want to be on the cross. There must be another way we can do whatever I’m supposed to do with this lifetime. There must be another way that I can teach the disciples and everyone who has come to hear me…there must be another way.”

So I listened for another way, and I heard silence. I asked of the Father one more time. I said, “Hey, you know, we’re very creative, and I’ve only done 33 years, and I wouldn’t mind having a few more years to do a few more travels somewhere. Just think of all the ones I can interact with, and I can give your message to ones in other countries. So don’t you think that would be a good idea? We can let tomorrow pass. We don’t have to do the resurrection. I mean, I’ll come around to that later, but maybe…” I listened, but there was no answer.

So finally, after I had agonized—and I did—I decided, “All right, if that is the path, I know that I won’t be traveling it alone. I know that the power and the spirit of the One is what activates every day of my life. Therefore, we will go forth and do what is necessary.” So after the crucifixion I came forth from the tomb. I remade the body, the same as you do every morning. You wiggle the toes, you stretch forth the arms, etc. You check it all out. You put it together the way you remember it to be.

However, the way it has been the day before does not have to be how you make it this day. Now, take that deeply within the consciousness. That which you have experienced before you went to sleep does not have to be picked up the next day. I know that the teaching of the human condition says, “Well, it’s most likely that if I had a pain in my shoulder, it’s going to be there on the next day.” And with that thought—with that thought right there—it manifests, because it knows you expect it.

Now, how do you change that? Practice, my dear; practice, my boy. Practice. What I say to you is to give you encouragement. Now, if it is not happening for you, do not heap guilt upon yourself. Do not say, “Oh, well, I’m too weak, I don’t know enough, etc.” That is not true either.

There is always purpose to everything you experience, and sometimes you will not know the purpose until after you have released the body. It does not always have to wait that long, but sometimes it does. However, I will share with you that at some point, either in time or outside of time, you will understand the meaning of everything you have experienced, and you will see that truly it was a gift.

Now, I know that when you are going through certain pain, either physical or emotional, it can feel like hell itself. But again, you are the creator. You are creative. And even if it really pains you, call it all good.

Every experience you make for yourself, you get, first of all, the gift of, “Oh, my God, I’ve done it again. I’ve slipped and fallen. I feel the pain in my shoulder. I feel it again.” Then you stop and take the deep breath and say, “Darn, I’m so creative.” And you take out your notebook and write down A+ because, “I have been creative again.”

On the first instant of the day, you have been creative. Then you say, “Where is this going to go the rest of the day?” And by the end of the day you take out your notebook and write what you have done in that day, how it has been, and the number of times that you have been able to smile through it, because that is also a gift that you give to yourself: the smile. Every time you smile, you get a thousand points in heaven. It is true. So keep smiling.

Did I smile? Actually I did, on the cross. Now, there was previous training that I had done with masters in what you call the Far East about pain in the body and whether you have to feel it or not. You can train yourself to be outside of the body. You can see what is happening with the body, and you can remove your close association with the body to just observe it.

It does not usually happen the first time. Walking on water did not happen the first time either. Start out with a little puddle on the floor and try that first. Same thing with everything else you experience that you want to change. Allow yourself to approach it from a different viewpoint, a different perspective.

Allow yourself to see you as the energy that you are, activating the whole energy field. Put yourself into that whole field, and allow the energy then to be spread out so that it is not quite so defined.

The expansion of energy into the whole field of energy is one of the trainings that the masters shared with me so that I was able, when I was on the cross having those big spikes pounded into my hands, to lift my consciousness, my awareness, out of the body and to be in a space of love. I knew that the centurion who was pounding that big spike into my hand was doing it out of fear, because if he did not do it to me, it would be done to him. Therefore, he was motivated, but he did not want to do it. And for him, for half a second, he could feel whatever pain I would have been feeling, and he was forever changed.

He has come back in this lifetime, and we have met. We have exchanged the hug. He has wondered for some lifetimes if he would be forgiven, and he lived some lifetimes after the crucifixion as a most worthless human being. He did everything that you would look upon as being negative, because he felt that he was worthless.

But after a while he got through all of that, and then he began to be the wise one who would teach the small ones or the taller ones who were lost that it is okay to hit bottom. Because when you hit bottom, after that you bounce; you come back up; maybe not right away, but sometimes, yes, right away.

Never feel that any experience that you have has been a punishment. Even when you trip over something and hit the knee, do not take upon yourself the guilt and say, “Oh, there, I’ve done it again; clumsy me.” No, you do it in order to prove to yourself how fast you can heal. Ever think of it in those terms? You do it to prove to yourself how strong you are, even if it is just to the point of saying, “Well, I must be really, really strong, because look what I’ve just come through.” That is a good way to look at it, because you are the overcomer.

Everything in the human condition— this is the good point—is passing. It does not stay; it passes. It comes to pass. So you look at it that way, and it is not quite as heavy. It has come to pass. You have that written in your holy Scriptures, that things came to pass. “And it came to pass that on a certain night a certain star in the heavens foretold that there would be some interesting events….” You can make the story for yourself, and you are, every day. You are writing your own story. Make it a funny one. Put some jokes into it. You can do that.

You have around you the whole field of energy to draw from. You think— and I know this from the human lifetimes that I had—you think at first, “I am just a certain point of being.” But you are, in Truth, the whole field. You draw from the whole field of Being, the unified field that one recently was trying to put into explanation [Stephen Hawking]. Now, in truth, the unified field is you. It is from whence you have come; it is where you go after you take the focus off of the individuality. The unified field—that is you, otherwise known as the Allness of you, the Oneness of you.

The unified field of energy is, in truth, your divinity. There are many theories put forth about how the field is energy and how it becomes ostensible, how it becomes real, how it can interact with itself, because truly that is what it does. Ones can try to delineate and say, “Well, there is this field and there is this field, and they act together. But in truth, if you look at a pool of water, one edge of water is not separate from the opposite edge of the water, and this is the great Truth of the unified field.

What does that tell you even in the words? Unified field: all one. But if you look at one edge of it, with certain characteristics perhaps, and you look at another edge of it, it can be described in a certain way, and yet it is one unified field, everything interacting with everything else, having effect on everything else, which is you, as an individual, having effect on this seemingly individual one and every other seeming individual with whom you interact.

You are part of the unified field, perhaps one edge of it or the middle part or the edge on the other side, all unified as energy expressing. That is what the body is right now. It is energy which is put together in a certain form so that you can work with it, so that you can do certain things with it.

But in essence, when you take it down to the very smallest particle, it is energy. It is divinity, divine energy, and it is unified in the Being of you as you have called it forth. That is your unified field…for a few years, however long you want to make the lifetime.

So have fun with it. Allow yourself to skip through life. Allow yourself to know that each and every one that you meet is a unified field of energy doing the best that they can; and they want to be—bottom line—they want to be acknowledged as the divine Energy that they are; not in those words probably, because they would not understand those words, but they want you to look at them and smile and acknowledge that they are a being in this day and time, and they are doing the best that they can.

You may look at them and, on the scale of one to ten, you say, “Well, I think they’re about a 1½.” But they are doing the best that they can. Another lifetime they may come back and be a ten, as you have done. So allow yourselves to understand how great you are. Allow yourself to understand that you are the unified field of energy…appearing as an individualized parcel, and yet when you take that deep breath and feel the peace which comes with it, you have allowed, for an instant of time, connection with the unified field of divinity. That is how great you are.

Beloved one, I love that which you are, because I know That Which you are. I know the times we have walked together and laughed at all of the small things which happen in a human condition. Everything is to be appreciated. Everything is to be understood as energy and to be loved, as I love you.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
May 2018
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