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Jeshua Speaks About: Your God Is Too Small

Jeshua Speaks About: Your God Is Too Small

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, emerging out of the darkness into a place of true knowing of Who and What you are. You are indeed a great ray of Light.

When I first began speaking with you, seemingly so long ago, I told you the truth of your being. I said to you that you are a great ray of Light. Feel it, know it, immerse yourself in the truth of your being. Immerse yourself in that place of wholeness, of holiness.

Your words, beloved ones, are clues. Your words speak to you of the Allness of your being. You are the wholeness of the holy spirit walking on two feet, sometimes in the wheeled chair, but going amongst the brothers and sisters allowing your Light to be seen and to be shared, turning on other ones’ lights when you make what is called the funny and they laugh at it, and their Light goes up in amplitude; it can be measured. And you can see as you are getting more and more into whatever that is awakened nature, the Light is higher in intensity.

Allow yourself—I have spoken to you many times of this—to go out and get the funny book, the book that is of the funny stories that have at the end a certain punch line, and allow the humor to come forth. Because I will share with you that as you will measure—and it can be measured in this day and time—the energy of you as you get into feeling happy and you open the cells of the body and allow your Light to come into full radiance, this can be measured. This can be seen, and it definitely can be felt.

So get yourself the little joke book and start your day. It has often been said to start your day with a pious thought in treating the Father above. Now, the Father is not above; the Father is within and streaming forth from you always, but start the day with something that is upbeat.

Now, yes, I know that maybe the day before when you put the head upon the pillow you had many thoughts that were the heavies, as you call them. And maybe there were problems that you had to solve. But start off the day with something light, humorous, funny. If nothing else, give yourself the tickles.

“Jeshua, that is the most stupid thing I’ve heard anybody say; start off the day by tickling myself? Yes, that would make me laugh, because it would be so stupid.” Yes, that is what life is all about, finding the humor in it, finding the love to share with ones, and having a good break fast, breakfast of whatever allows the body to be happy.

Each one, allow yourself to find that joy in every day. Feel that you are the radiant one living a life that can be from time to time challenging, but even the challenging times have their humor. And when you get to a point where you can step outside of the heaviness and look at it and say, “Okay, Jeshua says there has to be humor in everything. I’m looking, I’m looking…oh, I dropped my monocle.”

You see, years and years—lifetimes ago—that was your aid, being able to see the fine print and know what you were signing. Have any of you ever signed something on the fine print line and then wondered, “Did I really mean to sign that?” Ah, read the fine print. It says that you are a great ray of Light, bringing together in each moment your reality, the reality of the Light that you are.

Now, beloved ones, I have heard much in this day and time about God. You have your ones who stand up and say, “God tells me such and such, and it is written in the holy book,” and they read to you from the holy book, which contains about this much truth.

But the words they are in are meant not to be all the truth, but to be as catalyst for your own thinking and your own revelation, where you will say, “Well, that’s probably only just part of it, because I have a thought, I have a feeling that that’s just a teaser.” And this is true.

Now, I am not putting down your holy Scriptures. There is much of truth, much of revelation in your holy writings, but they are not the Allness. The Allness is left to you to find within yourself and to say, “Oh, is that the clue? Is that what that really means? Oh, my, you mean I’m more than what I ever thought I was? More than what the parents and the coworkers have agreed that I might be? Even more? What more can there be? I mean, after all, I’ve been fortunate enough to have two feet, two legs, two arms. Even if  I can’t get around on them, I have other things that help me to get around in this day and time. I might even get a replacement if something wears out.” Fantastic time that you live in, because that which you have requested before the birth time has been provided for you, and if you need a replacement part, that’s available in this day and time as well.

In truth, beloved one, it was always available to you, because you are the one who is manifesting the life experience. However, there have been many lifetimes when you have felt incapacitated and held back. But you are coming to the understanding and the realization—making real in your experience—that you are the maker of that which you experience. If you don’t like that which you are walking around in/with, then you go on what is called a diet and make it over in some other form. You are never in a place where you cannot make a redo.

We spoke some day and time ago about healing and how it is always available to you to do the healing of the body. Sometimes it will take longer. Sometimes it can be instantaneous. Those instantaneous times seem like a miracle because it happens so quickly. The others take a bit longer, and perhaps you have a bit of the medical help. It takes a bit longer, but it comes through and you get a new replacement part or you get a certain healing that you do on your own and you say, “I didn’t know; I didn’t know I could do that.”

Well, of course, you can. You are the one from the very instant when the mother and father cells come together and a new life, as you call it, a new form is in the works; you are the one who has out of the vast universe of Thought—capital “T”—decreed that you are going to manifest and enjoy—be in joy with—that manifestation. No matter how it looks, no matter how it acts, it is wonderful, full of wonder.

How did you do that miracle, to bring the two tiny cells together in a certain explosion of life and then allowed it to develop, the same as you do with your film when you are taking a picture and you develop it. This is what you do with your life. You develop it as it goes along. And if you don’t like it, you take another picture, called a diet perhaps, exercise, or a certain change in thinking.

Now, tonight we are going to talk about your history, which is also her story; we will not be one-eyed or one person about it. You are living your lifetime making decisions as you go along. You think that perhaps you have to follow a certain pattern, that you come with a certain listing of what you can perform, what you can do, and then you get around to changing all that that seems to be already programmed, and each day, as I have spoken, is a new day. That is why each morning you can wake up and claim to yourself, “This is going to be a day of miracles. Everything that I look upon is going to be a miracle.” And it will be, because you have decreed.

Now, where does the energy come from to make a new day? Where does the energy come from, the spiritual energy as you are devising and bringing together, developing a spirit body? It comes from the Allness of you, from the God Self of you.

“Well, gee, Jeshua, I don’t know. How do I do this? I mean, that seems like it is something very nebulous off there, faint; I don’t know.”

You do it by being, by thanking, by rejoicing, being again in joy—re-joice—being in that place of saying, “What a miracle I am, even if I cannot even move from the prone position.” You are a miracle; a living, breathing miracle. Allow yourself to feel the energy of spirit moving through you; yes, with a deep breath. Know that your God, the Christ Self of you, is more than anything you have been taught in this lifetime.

Now, other lifetimes you have known that spirit of you. Other lifetimes, beloved one, you have been the adventurer, the space explorer, the one who lived on a far, far away planet; not even in this circle of planets; not in this galaxy.

“Oh, you’ve been reading too many science fiction books, Jeshua.” Well, yes, and they are fun, but they are also a truth. Why do you get so excited when you watch a certain space odyssey? Because it knocks upon the door of remembrance. This is not the only planet you have ever lived on. This is not the only lifetime you have ever had. I’m sorry if this is going against teachings that you have grown up with, but it is time that you at least had a clue about your Allness—capital “A”, because it is spiritual. It is a clue.

This is not the one and only planet. You had kind of a thinking about that, and when you thought about it, you thought, “Well, this is all that I’ve studied in school. This is all that I’ve been told. But I really get excited when I watch some of the science fiction about a space odyssey somewhere, a space journey, another lifetime where I was Captain Kirk and I knew all of how to steer the ship in between all of the other wonderful stars. Jeshua, did I really do that?”

Yes, you did really do that. “Well, you know, that would take lifetimes; many, many years, and this body…well, I’ll be lucky if I get what…70, 80, maybe to 100 years with this body, but you know, they do that space travel. I’d have to be several hundred years old to get across all of the galaxies.” Think you that you could not do that? If you can imagine it, you have done it. Not only if you can imagine you will do it; you have done it.

Ideas that come to you, where did they come from? “Well, I don’t know. Maybe somebody gave me a hint, and maybe it seemed like a good story and I got excited about it.” It comes out of the vast well of lifetime experiences on other planets. “Oh, really?” Yes. Even in this encapsulated history that you are living, there are hints when you read or experience on your square box the other space travels. Know you how excited you got when you watched Captain Kirk and he was traveling in galaxies between one galaxy and another and all this space travel and what could be? And you say, “Yes, but my lifetime is not that long. I mean, that would have to be lifetimes.” Or the reality of a longer lifetime, right?

When I was teaching my younger brothers and sisters…Yes, I had brothers and sisters. Were they physical? Yes. Were they of the same parents’ DNA? Yes. Every birth is a miracle. So yes, I had a miracle birth, but so did you. It was a miracle that your science knew enough to put what was necessary together and implant it into the mother, and nine months later, along you came.

The same with the rest of you. You had maybe a little different journey getting together, but it happened and here you are, miracle of miracles. That’s what the parents said when you were born; like, really? If they would be truthful, and if they would actually agree to tell you the truth, when they looked upon you, it was, “Did we really come together and make that? Oh, my God, I’m a miracle maker.”

Yes, because every birth is a miracle. Every physical birth—yes, I am talking about that, and even more so when there is a birth in spirit where you recognize and claim, “I am the Christ being born anew,” and that, beloved ones, can happen anytime, anywhere, any lifetime. You come to that place you recognize and you take in the truth of your being. And in that moment, with the photography that your science can do now, you would see the effulgence of Light that you are.

Now, I know when you get around to your Christmas time you acknowledge a most wondrous birth when the Christ was welcomed. But know you that that happens in every morning when you awaken. If you have set for yourself a small slice of time, even a fraction of time to welcome the Christ of your being, there you are. Even if you are still feeling fuzzy-brained in the bed wondering, “What am I going to do today, what do I have to do, what’s on my list; oh, no, I have to meet with that person,” it is a miracle what you do in every day. Celebrate the miracle which is you. But I get off track.

When I was talking to my brothers and sisters of the family and wanting to explain the Source of being, I likened it unto a father. Now, in truth, the Source of your being is not a father/mother/etc. It is an energy of Isness, an energy of miraculous insight, of knowing, revelatory, knowing the seed of energy of thought that is being birthed oftentimes into physicality, but not always. You are the Thought—capital “T” is for the spirit—of the Source—capital “S”.

Now, to explain to you the Source—capital “S”—is impossible, because you have been so trained to think in physical form that it is a bit difficult to explain the Energy—capital “E”—of spirit that remakes itself time after time into different form, into different venue, as you would understand the venues that you are making for yourself as you go along.

There have been intervals of life—call them lifetimes if you want to—where you have been on the spaceship. You have been born on the spaceship. You lived your whole life on the spaceship. And you repeated this many times so that you were the journey person. Many lifetimes you were the Captain Kirk, the commander, because you understood how to move the spaceship, how to direct it where you had been before.

Do you know that there are maps of space extant even in this day that you as the spark of Intelligence right now, right here, have to expand your thinking to acknowledge? There are lifetimes that you have had in space, many lifetimes. That is why when you watch it on your square box, you say, “Oh, wow, that’s exciting. Yes, I can see myself being on the spaceship; sure.” Well, of course, you can. You have devised the spaceship. You have brought it into being. You have taken physicality, but other lifetimes you did not need the physicality. You went with thought.

“Ah, but Jeshua, that probably wasn’t as much fun.” No, in some ways it was more fun, because there were places and ideas that you could develop, places and ideas that have come through what ones are writing now as fiction, as stories, science fiction they call it. And sometimes they get to be dramatized on your square box or on the square screen, and you say, “Wow, that’s really exciting. You know, when the hero was in that tight place with the other spaceship that was coming to dock on the big spaceship and I didn’t think they were going to make contact and it was going to be lost in outer space forever and ever, oh, I held my breath.” Well, of course, you did. Did you really experience that? Yes; otherwise, it would not come and be within your consciousness even as a story. That is how awesome you are.

Now, when I spoke of the Father I took that at a day and time when the father was the one responsible for the family unit; the physicality, yes, but also for providing for the family unit, and also the one who put forth the rules of being, how you were going to be in the family.

But the Father, God, is not only a father. It is much more than that. It is along the lines of your science fiction, and yet more than that. It is the source of your being in the Allness of spirit which cannot be defined. “Oh, my God, Jeshua, it can’t be this. How am I going to play with it if I can’t define it?” Well, you just do your best. And then you say, “Okay, I’m going to leave that to the philosophers. But there are times, you know, when I’m going to think about, ‘Well, where was I before I came here? Well, yes, I know, I have a genealogy, and it probably goes back to maybe the beginning of time. I mean, the records are not all that clear, so I really don’t know, Jeshua. I just kind of have to imagine.’”

That’s good. Why did you build in the aspect of imagination if it was not to play with? You put in certain hints that pop up from time to time. You say, “Hey, play with this one. Where does this one take you?” Imagine if you lived before the Earth experience. “Oh, gosh almighty, you mean I might have had a lifetime on Venus?” Yes, you could have. “A lifetime outside of this solar system?” Sure. “You mean far, far away; a long, long time ago?” Okay, yes. You’re starting to get it. I think you’re going to get it. Well, did you get it?

You are forever; forever in time and outside of time. “But Jeshua, I don’t like to think about that, because then I feel like I’m lost.” Okay, don’t think about it. Nowhere does it say that you have to. But if you want to, you have the beginnings of some clues with the dramatizations that are exciting.

“Wow, you mean Captain Kirk is real?” Sure, and more. You have a saying in one of your advertisements that, “It is all this, and more.” Definitely. Where do you think these very wise sayings come from? Out of the recesses of the mind, which is more than just the temporary human mind; out of the recesses of memory. All this, and more.

“Wow, that’s more than I can understand, Jeshua.” Yes, and that is why your holy Fathers down through the ages have not given you all the information. They have given you as much as they thought you could handle. Now, in truth, you can handle much more than what they have given you, but they think that they are the drama writers and this is all you can handle, so therefore you go through certain steps of understanding.

And if you are very good and you know how to recite all of the words, then you will go to heaven. Is heaven up there? “Well, I guess.” Or is heaven down there? “Well, it could be down there, I suppose. Who is to judge?” Aha, the beginning of wisdom. Who is to judge? You are.

Everything that comes within your understanding, your knowing, your awareness, you name it, you give it a certain attribute, you say that it has certain qualities; this is. And then your holy Fathers, who said that they knew best, said, “Well, that’s all there is. It’s written in this holy book, and nothing outside of this holy book is true, but everything inside of this holy book is true, so you had better learn your catechism, you’d better learn all of the holy words, you have to learn who is your big teacher, and you have to worship the Christ.”

Now, what is the Christ? Then you get into all of the explanations, the tomes of writing that have explained the Holy One. And then because there are so many writings about it, you had to ask the learned ones to please come forth and explain what is really true. Which book is really true? Which version of the book is really true?

“Oh, my God.” Yes, that is who you have to go to, is the God within you. You, beloved one, are not limited by any definition. Because once you have a definition, it has set itself into a certain encapsulated form; and you are that, and more.

So do not feel, “Oh, my God, you have ruined everything I knew. Jeshua, I don’t care. I don’t want to hear about other spaceships and other realities. I don’t want to hear of any of that. I’ve got enough to handle right here in every day. When I go to work and the boss says…etc. I’ve got enough to handle. Don’t confuse me with the truth of my being.”

Okay, take as much as feels peaceful, feels right, feels exciting. There are times you have good days, yes, good days, and you say, “Well, okay, maybe I can play with the idea that I came here on a spaceship a long time ago; far, far away I came from. Okay, I can go that far. That’s okay. Hmm, it certainly does change how I feel about every day, because if I have that much history behind me, that means that when the boss gets upset with me and says I am just a picky little person, maybe I’m more than that.” The beginning of wisdom. Yes, you are more than that.

So you can take it all in stride with a smile on your face and utter the most wonderful saying, “You may be right.” Of course, they may not be right, but you say, “You may be right.” And the other person says, “Ah, finally she got it; finally he got it, that I may be right.” Well, they may be right, and more. That is the wonder of you, the truth of your being, the truth of your God. Your God is not contained in any definition, because it, the power of the God Self which cannot be contained, is forever changing, forever a current, if you want to liken it to your electricity, a current of spiritual possibility.

“Ha, I don’t think I can handle that, Jeshua. That’s too much. I think I’ll just stay with what I’ve been told.” Okay, it doesn’t matter. You are going to live the true spirit that you are, that you are living in any case by whatever definition someone else wants to give you. You are still going to be the wondrous Holy Spirit that you are, forever expressing, forever enjoying, forever being past the understanding of time and form.

“Oh, well, that’s kind of fun. You mean I’m much more than I’ve been told that I am?” Oh, yes, but do not let it bother your little mind. Breathe into the mind the holy spirit of all that you are, have been, can be, will be, forever the spirit of love going forth.

Why do I say love? Know you the feeling of love? When you are in that feeling of love, there is an expansion, an energy of expansion which is tapping into your true nature. And if you are forever expanding… “Uh, how far can I expand, Jeshua?” It does not have limits. “Oh, well, then I’m going to feel…lost?” No, you are going to feel expansive. You are going to know the Christ nature of you. And the God of your being cannot be defined, cannot be encapsulated, cannot even be put into the greatest cloud of knowing, because the God of your being is forever remaking itself.

You do not have to worry your little self about it, but be happy, because there is an energy of love that loves you, and you have meaning and value in the Allness of God. Contemplate, breathe, be. So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith


Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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