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Kwan Yin - Cultivate Unconditional Love

Kwan Yin - Cultivate Unconditional Love

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM KWAN YIN!

Being here once again brings a lot of joy to my heart. I came here today to explain a little more awareness of what Love genuinely feels like. How was Love created? One day in his existence, Father/Mother God began to create the universe.

Everything he made had a feeling involved: Love. So this feeling reverberates throughout the universe. It commands the evolution of races because there would be no reason for anything without it. The universe would be chaos because there would be no rules or anything that would lead each one to evolution. So this perfect creation of Father/Mother God causes everything in the universe to evolve. Whether it's the orbs, the stars, or the races living in them.

Everyone evolves. Nothing stands still in this universe. The concept of time you are used to living does not matter much to the rest of the universe. At some points, things happen more slowly or quickly, but it all depends a lot on the reference of each location. Here things happen very slowly, for you, not for those outside. But this is not the focus here today. I came to talk about Love.

Right now, what is the purest Love on this planet? It is Gaia's Love for you because, despite your abuses, Gaia continues to love you unconditionally; she never gives up on any child. Even those who pierce her flesh, stain and burn her skin, she never leaves them. On the contrary, she cares more about these, which concerns bringing them to the correct path.

A lot on this planet changed, so the human race depended on other races to survive. Today few of you can conceive of surviving without animal food. The vast majority believe that when they leave this diet, they will die because they will not have the strength to continue living. This is a big mistake, and many are discovering today that a diet totally without the influence of animal origin is doable and brings health and balance to their bodies.

There is still a long way to go to be free of everything you were used to when feeding on animals. Your bodies still feel and ask for those foods. But, little by little, this is changing, and there will come a time when your organisms will no longer accept it. They will have enough because that energy will be incompatible with their bodies. You evolve every day. Your bodies are becoming crystalline. So, there will come a time when the animal energy will be totally incompatible with your bodies, and you will not be able to eat anymore.

For those who are already getting used to it, that's great. They will be able to abandon this habit quickly. Those who condemn or do not accept it will have many problems. And then, at this point, I'm going to talk about your Love for animals. Many animals on your planet have been mentally modified to attack you. So there is no love on your part for an animal that attacks you. We understand that, but that too will change. Animals will no longer receive these influences to be carnivores as they are today. They will also leave the diet of eating each other, just like you, of eating other animals.

But continuing to talk about Love for animals. You tame animals for various reasons. Some of you really love and adopt animals as if they were family. You give Love, affection, and everything the animal needs and, in return, receive Unconditional Love from the animal. Others have the animals for their own interests. They manipulate the minds of the animals to do what is wanted, and they become small robots of man's will. This is not Love; this is using an animal.

Likewise, those who use animals to do their tasks often overload beyond what the animal can handle. Where is the Love there? Where is the respect for that being? Because he is a being, he is not human, but he is a being created by Father/Mother God and deserves all the Love and respect from each one of you.

There are many, I'll call them animals, that are disgusting; they infest your homes, your garbage. These animals are not divine creations; many of them are not. They were created precisely to cause the feeling they do and to bring the imbalance into your homes. Because when their houses have bad energy, they have seized this energy to multiply and invade your houses. Is there love there? No, there is not.

But I would say that it is not by killing them that you will end the infestations. It is respecting those beings who only know how to live this way. So fill your hearts with Love and gently and lovingly ask them to leave your home. No, this is not a reason for jokes or laughter; this is respect for a species, even if it is disgusting for you. Many will say: "But they were not created by Father/Mother God," but they are on the planet, and you will have to learn to exercise Love in any situation, even in favor of those who today you despise and are disgusted with. So fill your heart with Love, transform that environment into pure Light and ask them to leave your house because you don't want to kill them. They will go away if this is done with a lot of Love. They will leave without you having to kill any of them as they came.

It's not killing animals that you solve the problems you've created. Nature is wise. There is a balance in which each animal has the other that consumes it to maintain balance on the planet. But this whole balance was broken, broken by the destruction of its forests, the contamination of its waters, and when its animals began to eat other animals.

What other kind of Love can we say? Love for the planet? Yes, this planet gives you everything. It gives you the air and pure water, which you contaminate; it gives you the ground for food to sprout, and you defile it; it gives you the minerals your body needs to survive through food. Everything was done harmoniously. You are products of the planet. The existing foods on the planet are for you and contain everything you need to live and stay alive. But you don't take care of the planet. You think the planet is inexhaustible because it is immense.

The surface of the planet is finite. It is not infinite. Ocean water is an immense volume, but it does not exchange with any other planet to keep itself clean. What you're trashing stays there unless someone goes there and takes it away. Where is your Love for the planet? You change the rivers millimetrically outlined by Father/Mother God to get where they need to go. You change the course of rivers; you create big dams to supposedly have water at will. And the rest of the way that the river no longer passes? Where is the Love for the planet?

You burn the earth, cut down the trees, and the planet hardly breathes anymore because you are uprooting the trees. And you complain when the weather gets out of hand. When something comes against you, you look up to the sky and blaspheme. Where is your Love for the planet? This idea that each of you is isolated is a big lie. You are all connected because you are all part of one extensive network. It is as invisible as your computer network, but it exists. So everything you do reverberates through the whole. If you do good deeds, this echoes and can contaminate others later on. If you do evil deeds, likewise, those who resonate with what you did wrong will repeat your actions.

Few repeat good deeds because each one has their own ego: "I didn't do it, so I don't continue, because I need to have my ego inflated and always say: I did it!" Where is your Love for the planet? Many are turning in favor of the earth, replanting trees, and making springs reborn. These are doing their part for the planet. And where is your Love for the planet? What have you been doing for the planet? You take long showers because it's pleasant, and you forget that many of your brothers on the planet don't have the water you're wasting. They don't even know what it's like to shower appropriately. But you don't bother with that. You throw away the water like it's nothing.

But you are burning your springs. What will the future of the planet be without drinking water? So many places are drying up. What will you do, sit and cry? I tell you, it won't do any good. The action has to be done now, today, or yesterday, and it's already overdue. You are one, correct, but do your part. Give some of your time and Love to the planet; I guarantee this can reverberate and help Gaia. You still have a long way to go to get this planet back. Don't think we're all going to dock here; clean up all the dirt you've created so the earth stays clean. This will not happen. You will need to clean up your own mess. You did it, so you clean. You will have help, but don't think it will be easy. So, where is your Love for the planet?

And finally, how is your Love for a brother, another human being? You laugh at those who don't get around correctly, have mental problems, and beg on the street. You turn your back on those who ask you for help. You don't bother with anything, because it's not your problem. Is this Love for a brother? Is this Love you are building for the Fifth Dimension? The path to Unconditional Love passes through small changes. Unconditional Love is a set of many actions, where each of them you do, you add up and create a quantum of love energy in your heart, day after day. Until the day comes when your heart will be so complete, so vibrant with Love, that you will love unconditionally.

That's how Unconditional Love is created. It's trying to reverse those horrible actions that you commit every minute. It is looking at another brother; it may not be with Love but with respect because another human being is there. If he's in that situation, you're not the one to judge him. Help him within your means. Help him with a smile, greeting, fruit, or a small snack. Those who need it accept it. Of course, there are exceptions. Now, if you emanate that everyone in need will attack you somehow when you get close, you will get it back; that's what he will do to you because you emanated that. Now, if you reach out with Love to any brother, you will receive gratitude back, or maybe not, but those who love don't expect anything in return. You can do it, and he won't even thank you, but you did your part; somehow, you helped that brother. His ingratitude is not your problem; it is his.

Then start looking at your brothers in a more loving way. Don't discriminate against them for their sexual preference. It's their problem. Is he demanding that you have sex with him? No, he's in his corner, and you're in yours, so respect each other, no matter what he does with his body and life. They are his, not yours. Understand this. If another brother's attitude bothers you, it's not your problem; you're judging him. He's that way. "Oh, he's a bandit, a criminal." Sure, he'll get back at some point all the reactions to the actions he's committed. But that is not a reason for you to judge him. He is a soul worthy of pity, as you say, because he is a soul that has not yet found the path of Love and Light; he is lost. And practically 100% of the time, it is influenced by beings of no light. So don't judge it.

When we say "Love your brothers," you think you need to take that brother, hug, kiss, and live together to be the Love for him. No, loving, in this case, is just respecting what he is. Loving a brother is respecting him the way he is, without judgment, discrimination, pointing fingers, or speaking badly. So don't take everything literally. Learn to take charge of your own lives, your own walk. Stop worrying about other people's lives. What a futile thing to follow another's life. I guarantee yours must be total disorganization because you're living someone else's life, not yours.

So each of you should live your own life, don't influence anyone's life, and don't follow anyone's life. Mothers and fathers are responsible for educating, giving Love and affection, and showing the right path to their children. It's showing, not forcing, not imposing; it is to lead the way. And someday, they will make their own choices. Learn to respect the space of the other. This is Love. It's looking at the other in any situation without contempt, anger, or resentment; that doesn't have any feelings involved, that's great. If you didn't emanate anything against that brother, it's better than emanating a bad thing. When you look at a brother on the street and feel something terrible, wrap that brother in Light; this is Love. Only that. Imagine that brother inside a bubble of Light, no need to say anything, just put him in a bubble of Light, and your intention will do the rest.

This is how you begin to grow Love within you so that one day you will reach Unconditional Love. It doesn't come in a little package dropped from the sky or is bought at the corner market. You don't get it from Father/Mother God. Unconditional Love is built, with every step, with every action. So, know how to construct Unconditional Love; it is the sum of all the loves you are cultivating at every moment. And never forget that each judgment, discrimination, the feeling of disgust for a brother diminishes what you had already gathered. You will have to start all over again. Don't think that it goes blank, that what you do is not accounted for; it always is.

So learn to emanate little by little Love for your brothers. As you have noticed, the word Love has many ways of being lived and felt. Know how to find the easiest and simplest ways to make Love live. Respect is a form of them, and I would say, in today's world, the most difficult to live. So think hard: What loves are you cultivating today? What Love have you grown in your heart? How is the pot of Love you are developing? Is it empty or in the middle? Don't tell me it's almost complete because none of you have this pot above the middle. And few have the pot in the middle. The vast majority have 10% because Love lives on one side but burns it with their attitudes. So you still have a long way to go.

So rethink everything you have done against the planet, against animals, and against your brother. Then, change your attitudes so that tomorrow you can have at least half of this pot full. Otherwise, emanating Unconditional Love from one moment to the next will be challenging.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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