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Lady Master Nada: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Third Round

Lady Master Nada: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Third Round

Dear brothers and sisters of this beautiful blue planet! I AM MASTER NADA!

To participate once more in the Journey of Forgiveness is a reason for great joy and expansion of my heart. I notice the souls freeing themselves from the chains and ties imposed along time, which is so rewarding.

The entire process aims to bring back the confidence and force each soul essentially has inside. So many souls don’t remember who they are anymore, their missions, or what they represent on this planet. Therefore, these souls lose the willingness to do something good for the Whole because they don’t feel they have the force to provoke a change, whether small or large.

Most souls on this journey know they must remember something. They don’t know precisely what, but they insist so there ahead they may be sure about this impulse that brought them here. Indeed, this is not an illusion. There is an objective in what these souls are going through. Freedom from those chains, feelings, and ties made on their own consciousness for so much time.

Each day and step you take, your souls lose a bit of what had been imprisoning them for so long. But, each piece that goes away, each cured point, brings more force and encouragement to proceed with the journey. The journey is long, but you can’t realize what is happening through your human consciousness. Many even can remember but not most. But, we know you are ready to see. Obviously, one day everything will be shown, and the great test will require you to forgive yourselves, without judgment, for so many errors.

Those who can see some scenes are more prepared and gradually are forgiving and becoming strongest and ready for what is coming. The third round is almost ending. We can say that the next round is a significant peak; you will be in the middle of the way. Many will start seeing things, and some will continue seeing nothing. It all depends on how each soul interprets what was made along the way. However, never forget that no matter what you see or will see, the most important is to have an open heart full of Unconditional Love for your soul.

There can’t be any judgment. The times were different, and societies were not like today. There is no way of judging something you do not live. That moment took to that decision. Today you think that decision was wrong but then did your soul have a choice? So, never judge. Whatever it is, the most horrifying, undignified act of your soul, do not judge them. Your souls don’t deserve judgment. If today you, in your human consciousness, are making this journey, it is because your soul brought you here. So then, doesn’t your soul deserve forgiveness?

Indeed, it does because not even we judge. How could you, a consciousness full of mistakes, judge your soul? The process involves emanating love and forgiveness. The way is sincere forgiveness after learning the lesson. Through this forgiveness, and only through it, your souls will be free. You must deeply surrender to this process. So, you will start quickly seeing, perceiving, and feeling all your souls have been, back in the good times, the golden times of this planet, when you were evolved souls.

Do not lose hope and faith. Continue in this journey, whatever it happens. Don’t give up. Even if it is difficult, painful, or distressing, never forget we are beside you. Just think of asking for help, and we will be there to comfort your heart and help you to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Meditation 6

You should be seated or lying down to do this meditation. However, don’t forget that you must repeat the meditation if you sleep.

If you are seated, I will be right in front of you; if you are lying down, I will be next to you.

I put my hands on your hands.

Feel the energy of the Red Ray circulating on your body.

Take a deep breath.

Inhale a Red Light and exhale everything that disturbs you now.

Inhale the Red Light and exhale all pain, suffering, and any feeling you don’t want to feel in your heart. Inhale the Red Light ad exhale everything that must leave your body.

Now you are bathed in Red Light, both externally and internally.

You will be under the action of my Red Light, the Light of the Red Ray, for 5 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you can see anything or not.

During these 5 minutes, the Souls will be brought for you to ask for forgiveness or to forgive.

Now repeat with me:

“May my Higher Self,

find the Higher Self of each Soul

that had been here,

and may I ask for forgiveness or forgive

according to the action.

If no soul has come to me,

I ask you to be prepared for the following time.

I remove my hands from yours and put my right hand on your chest, activating the internal crystal in you with my Red Ray.

Feel the force of my Red Ray acting on your body.

You will be under the action of my Red Ray for 5 minutes.

My ray will be with you until the next one, bringing you courage, strength, and determination to proceed on your road.

Never be discouraged or lose hope.

Continue your walk, and you will find the peace your soul deserves.

Now breathe deeply three times and then come back slowly to your consciousness.

Stay with the energy of my Red Ray until the next ray.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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