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Lady Portia: Freedom Through Superior Consciousness

Lady Portia: Freedom Through Superior Consciousness

Good evening to each of you. I am Lady Portia. For many of you, I am a teacher, a tutor.

I came to speak to you, perhaps to make you announcements for some, at least to reassure you, you are always in the right place and you are always at the right time.

Your current circumstances, planetary nervousness is an impact of the Full Moon, it plays on your identity, but also a planetary positioning impact that is yours. Many phenomena combine. You have stellar phenomena; you’re positioning in the galaxy. You have magnetic phenomena, understand that your poles are slowly reversing. Yes, your poles are being reversed, so these magnetic phenomena are playing on your attitude, your behavior, your emotions, your hormones would say some. And there is also an obviously waking conjunction, a planetary awakening programming that is underway. Thus, this path, this sum of conjunctions, this alignment of the planets would say some, brings you to this great rupture that you are currently experiencing.

A violent break, I want to hear it, difficult, I want to hear it, however useful. Will you hear it ? Yes, it’s useful. Yes, it is necessary, because, yes, all the powers in place today are there, I will say temporarily. They are trying to put in place more and more quickly, faster and faster, the coercion of peoples. They will find ways to reduce you, to make you obey.

You know, the only obedience you owe is to your Holy Spirit, to Self-Head, to your highest Being. It’s an obedience you owe, yes. This is why this is a bit of the meaning of my speech, because I understand that it is not easy to understand that you must obey your Superior Consciousness. I understand that it is difficult to hear, even to understand. As a result, allow me a little lesson with you.

Your Superior Consciousness is in fact the aspect of you which is still in the world which you call from the Invisible, from the Hereafter, in the other dimension, and this is an aspect of yourself to which you are connected. This aspect of yourself has generated identities that live in parallel. Perhaps you could consider that your Superior Consciousness is your Father or Heavenly Mother and that you are one of his children who came to live an experience. And at the same time, your connection to your Superior Consciousness is so powerful that the word of Father or the word of Mother is very ill-suited, since you are also this Father or this Mother, it is a part of you, you are a part of Him, of Her. Everything is linked here.

When you decided to come to Earth, you, friends, have scaffolded your own plan of existence, your own plan of experience. This experience plan provided that in this era roughly, between 2020-2025, you would be able to be a little more in contact with an aspect, perhaps religious, interior or exterior, to find this contact again with this heavenly Father, with this heavenly Mother.

In fact, this contact is made permanently but not in a conscious manner. And when I said earlier that I invite you to have obedience to your Heavenly Father or Mother, to your divine aspect, to your Superior Consciousness, what I wanted to evoke, it’s the fact that if you let yourself be led by this benevolent instinct inside of you, by this work that crosses you, by this instinct that makes you say that you feel it would be good to do this, it would be good to do that, it would be good to say this, it would be good to say that, you would not be wrong. In reality, it’s like disobeying these benevolent instincts to try to keep, keep your past, your story, or what seems so stable to you.

You know, your Superior Consciousness wants to lead you to happiness. This is why obeying him is a very easy service, since ’hearing your instincts and letting them cross you, letting them quietly implement in your existence is also going towards happiness.

Are you happy beings, my friends ? This is a question I ask you, are you happy beings ? I will ask you the question differently. The job you do, my brothers, my sisters, this job that you do, if tomorrow you were no longer paid to do it, would you still do it ? See, this is a simple question that 80% of you just answered no, and here the right questions arise. The right questions arise because if you answered no, it is that you are not in line with what you are and what you are doing. So you have given up choosing, and you have let the other way choose.

And I told you at the start, everything is perfect. I told you, you're in the right place at the right time. This means that this is not a mistake. Where you are, the job you do, it's not a mistake. This is a place where you are placed to strengthen your faith, your contact with this interior, a place where you are invited to exercise, once again, what you are in your personality. The place where you are, if you don't think you are the ideal job, if you wouldn't do it for free, this place is a place where you are invited to work on your character, your kindness, your desire to help and love. Because when you feel again in the place where you are the desire to help, the desire to love and that it will be exercised, under these conditions, dear souls, your Superior Consciousness may again give all the instructions leading you to your happiness. While waiting to lead you to this happiness, your Superior Consciousness ensures that the place where you are either your instructor, or the instructor, it is true, is not necessarily happiness.

Indeed, I place you here perhaps in your childhood, dear souls, when you were in class, in college, in high school, in university, did you like to learn ? Here too, for 80% of you, the answer is: « No. I did not like. All these exercises, all these duties, all these learnings seemed difficult to me, sometimes even useless. » Now, when you were able to implement this, when you were able to really exercise the function by stopping learning, being what you learned, you found a certain freedom and a certain peace after this learning, and you ended up not regretting your studies.

Well, you are in this state of being for many of you. You are still for many of you in a study phase, and for the 20% who are very good in their profession, you are in your implementation phase after these studies. This obviously does not prevent you from improving your character, improving the character, simply, as you have nothing more to learn, you have to be. Once again, the Being is put forward, and the Light of this being.

So, I invite you to see the present time trial as a school, a school in Wisdom, a necessary school that will help you take the plunge, then to leave this period of course to go to a period of being, to go from knowledge to being, that is to say we go from knowledge, to having it, to being it. In this way, here, leave in your profession with joy, and with the conviction that in truth you are at school and not in a very painful work, only in a school, an apprenticeship school, in two words: apprentices – Sages. So here, finding Peace from the storm, trying to understand that your Superior Consciousness uses every moment, every moment, every circumstance, to help you manifest your true character, your true personality, you can be at peace and say to yourself :« I am not condemned to work in the same place all my life, however, I continue the lessons until my Superior Consciousness considers that I have passed the exam, that I passed this diploma in master's degree of myself », because, I tell you unfortunately, for the one who does not control himself and who does not learn in these circumstances, school will continue, work, slavery, will continue.

So you understood that to free yourself from this slavery, what might be necessary was to find peace in itself, to understand that the situation, the place, the couple, the job, where you are, is a necessary, useful and important learning phase ; important because your Superior Consciousness learns love and learns to love, to love what is difficult. This, other beings than me have already pronounced here, nevertheless I repeat to you, because it is my role as tutor to repeat things over and over again.

I tell you again, dear souls, you have come to learn what is difficult, not what is easy in love. Look, loving an animal with a tender look is easy, however loving the one you call the last of the last, this is more difficult. In this case, you have come to go beyond that, and to love what is difficult, understand that it is only temporarily difficult, that you are in truth condemned to nothing.

You are not condemned to live until your last days hoping for what, a meager retirement, having lost your health and having the impression of having lost all your life time ? No. Create your new dynamic today. Create what suits you today. And, when your attitude has changed enough, I repeat, your Superior Consciousness, your Father, your Heavenly Mother will slip intuitions into you. Maybe it's time for this ? Maybe it's time for this ? Maybe you can watch here or there ?

So obey that, obey this intuition, not in instantaneousness, in a reasonable temporal proportion — in other words, grant yourself the possibility of accepting advice from your guidance, from your Superior Consciousness, that is to obey him — naturally, you will be placed on a simple path, on events, coincidences as you say which will allow you to change, to evolve, to pass in another state of being, to go to another state to have too. This is the time you spend here.

Why am I talking about this ? I told you, planetary conjunction, magnetic conjunction, temporal conjunction, a whole period of change. Why do I invite you to trust your Heavenly Father / Mother ? This is because all the instincts that you will receive, and that you already receive for some of you, are a little — how would you say that — excluding competition, outside of your habits, outside your comfort zone, because the world is changing, because your world is changing, because the New World will not be the one before.

Think about it, if you tell yourself that having a government that person or person would be better, it is a mistake, because you still have the idea that you need a government. You still have the idea that everything has to be managed from above and not from below. And saying that, you consider yourself to be downstairs, so you already consider yourself weak. The real question is not who you put at the head of your governments, but who put you at the head of your life. Who are you going to give power to in your existence ? What being, what situation, what film, what music are you going to let in your life, so that it has an impact there ?

Choose. Choose to have an ear that is ultimately not very attentive to those who ultimately belittle you, and choose to have a more attentive ear to what is raising you or to those who are raising you. I'm talking about parents for children like I could talk about situations, like I could talk about friends, like I could talk about a lot to help you get up, understanding that, whatever your age, even if you are 80, 90 years old on your Earth, you remain students of this Earth, of this place which is a magnificent school of Love, a real permanent test.

Some of you often ask us: « When will I succeed ? When am I going to have a break ? » When you are with us, when you leave school. However, don't be fooled, if some of you would like to leave this school too quickly, it will be exactly like on your Earth when you left your studies too quickly.

For those who leave school too quickly, often later, they regret it and say: « I should have continued my studies. I should have continued this journey », yet you haven't. That’s why I’m telling you, I invite you to never have regrets, to tell you that you are lucky to be in this school of life, in this school of love that is Earth.

To obey one's Superior Consciousness is in fact to free oneself from the weight of this existence. This weight, I find it difficult to evoke this passage in your life, because this weight is very heavy and I am in total compassion with each, each of you.

When you say to yourself: « I have – I have – I have – You need – You have to », so many solitudes are pronounced here, so many disconnections from your family of souls are pronounced here. Together with Life, if you don't believe anything, just say: « Together with life, I'm going to make this way. » If you believe in your Guides, in your angels, tell yourself seriously: « Today is difficult, despite everything, with my Guides, my angels, I will make this way. » And if you don't believe anything, just say ⁇ with life. Why am I saying this ? Because in truth, I tell you, the Father, the Heavenly Mother, is Life that crosses you. In short, when you say ⁇ with the Vie ⁇ , all things considered you call your Superior Consciousness.

If you say: « Life wants to hurt me », you will keep away your heavenly parents who are not trying to hurt you. Conversely, if you say to yourself: « Whatever happens, Life wants me the greatest good », and what ⁇ whatever happens ⁇ is important, at that time, you are introducing into your life this energy, this substance, these bodies which can help you. You will stop saying ⁇ I must ⁇ or ⁇ il must ⁇ , you will say: « Let's go. Let's do this together » with a real passion, with this idea of passage, of the passage to another state of being, a well-being, do not doubt it, a better-being.

Dear souls, Life has never abandoned you. This time is difficult but necessary. In a dozen of your years, many of you will look at this time as the great era of madness, the one where everything was exaggerated, the one where there were so many precautionary principles that in the end, you no longer even knew what you had the right to do. Under the pretext of not hurting you, under the pretext of protecting you, we will lock you up more and more. Are you going to let yourself go ? No. I tell you; I already have the answer. No, you're not going to let it go. And it's normal that it causes rejection. It's normal that it causes a little anger, too much for my taste. In each of you, deprivation of liberty must awaken a sense of freedom.

Do you think that being trapped in a city, watched by cameras, drones, under the pretext of bringing you security will make you free ? No. True freedom will come when you feel the opportunity to trust your neighbor, your sister, your brother again, when fear stops between people because you will no longer find divisions.

What do you need for this, dear souls ? Do you need a war ? Do you need an alien arrival or an alien threat to make you feel connected again as humans, and stop saying, « There are young people, there are old people. There are the French, the non-French. There are men and women » even ? You are still in this level of separation.

Do not wait for a danger to lie in wait for you today to enter benevolence like entering religion, and start telling yourself that the solution is common, that faced with an obstacle everyone becomes united again. I said ⁇ solid area ⁇ , not lonely as some have heard. I understand, I did it on purpose when speaking because, you see, lonely / united, it is in a way the opposite. Solidarity is made up of solid beings, together, and not weak, alone, precisely.

We will keep repeating, and we have said, how it is useful that you meet, in small groups, without making noise, without making waves, to remake this world, to create your own synergy. Some will do it in their city, others in the countryside, whatever. Whatever. First of all, it's about recreating the bond, recreating trust, consciousness.

The events that will come, and that we do not have to express, are a great opportunity to place this world in action and forward. Your era of revelation has only just begun. All those who thought they had power will gradually, not instantly, little by little, lose it. All those who thought they had control will gradually lose it, to let themselves be led by larger, larger, greater phenomena and acts in spiritual terms, that is to say to stick to values, to a moral.

Your people on Earth are so disillusioned that they think having a new pair of shoes or a nice car is a lifetime. There you are you got there. You know, the accomplishment of a life is when people remember you. This is an accomplished life, of what you are, not of what you have.

Do you remember who has a nice car at the end of your life ? You will only remember the meetings you made, only the moments that you shared. You will only remember that, and you are in this school that helps you work on it. So, I tell you: Courage ! Of course, courage, valor, recklessness ! Do not leave these values to the knights. You are knights, knights. Do not leave these values to a few. Become this knight, this signet ring of Light. Courage, valor, tenacity, audacity too. And daring is probably what scares many of you to be bold.

« This world is difficult, if I am daring, they will fall on me. » They're going to fall on me, who is this ⁇ on ? Do you think you are separated from this ⁇ on ? If the answer is yes, surely yes, ⁇ on ⁇ will fall on you. Conversely, if the answer is no, if you start to feel united, if you have started to create a community, ⁇ on ⁇ will not fall on you. Therefore, don't be afraid of being bold.

Your audacity may take place next to your profession, in different circumstances. First of all, it's about trusting your instincts here I repeat, because your Superior Consciousness only speaks to you in terms of instinct. Listen to that little voice and, what is important — because this is what prevents most of you from connecting this Higher Consciousness — what is important is to understand that when you receive an idea, intuition, command, whatever, on the part of your Superior Consciousness, this is not an immediate order, that means: direct your gaze towards ..., take the direction of ... Concretely, this does not require you an instant change, to leave family, employment, whatever, tomorrow morning, only to head towards you, because your Superior Consciousness knows the time and knows your time. She doesn't yell at your ears, she whispers. She is in the suggestion.

If you trust this instinct, if you direct your life towards this instinct, towards this conviction, towards this audacity, if you take the time to take each step, and if you have the patience, which is another virtue of the knight, to take these steps, in this case, do not doubt your success, because, in truth, you are not alone on this path, and everything will be done so that each pavement in your path is laid before your steps are even accompanied. Each of your steps will be taken on a traced road if you have confidence, if you are not in a hurry because, here, is also one of the great brakes of your Humanity, the « side How do we change right away ? How do we get along right away ? How do we manage to be, right away ? » Well, we can't. We can not. You can not.

Of course, miracles exist, all the same in truth, changes are made in sweetness, respecting the time of each step. Have you learned to walk in one day ? No. It took you a while. And today, are you walking on all fours ? No. Because you can walk. Understand what I mean by that. Accept this learning time. Accept this evolutionary time. Accept it takes a while, because it's not only a time to transform your external circumstances, but, don't doubt it, it will be above all and above all an internal modification that will be proposed to you on this path. A real internal modification can only be done slowly, because your psychology needs changes of beliefs, changes in behavior, changes in attitudes, changes in his reflexes of words and thoughts. This requires a lot of exercise, a lot of training, courage, tenacity and daring. Obviously, this is my invitation, dear souls. This is my invitation to each of you, to each of you.

And then, for children, also learn to free them from ⁇ il p ⁇ or ⁇ to p. It is good that they are framed, moreover, it is also good that you know how to grant them an area of freedom by specifying it to them. I am sure everyone has understood what I am talking about here, and that those who must hear have heard.

Here and now, I am ready to receive your questions, to try to answer some of them.

So, dear souls, passing the baton to my canal, so that he can relay your questions to me, tell me, what can I do for you ? How can we help you ?

One question I hear before I see it is what can we do to facilitate this change ?

The answer here is quite simple, benevolence. It doesn't mean naivety, it means ensuring the good of everyone, ensuring that everyone is good, is happy. This little step, this little smile, this little attitude, this little compliment, this little gift for a poor, this little object that you made to give it to someone else, all of this is the gold of your world, it is the gold of your heart. That's it. You can do this every day. Is there a day, only one, when you can not smile ? You will be offered this opportunity, but will you take it ? Take it. Take it.

One question raised here is : do the Higher Consciousness have a male and female identity ? Or feminine by the way, I imagine.

I would say yes, and I would say no. Obviously your Higher Consciousness is not gendered, because there is no notion of sexual relations in our energy world. So if you consider the concept of masculine and feminine as a gender identity, it does not exist here. On the other hand, if you consider the masculine and feminine notion as an identity characteristic of men or women, in terms of character, in a kind of relatively radical correspondence with your world, in these circumstances, yes, your Higher Consciousness have a more marked male identity or female identity, more pronounced in one or in one.

This is why I told you about Heavenly Father or Heavenly Mother, because certain Higher Consciousness have a more authoritarian activity than one can lend to a masculine energy of the Heavenly Father, and others, an authority more in teaching and understanding, which will be a female identity in this case. Oh ! I know, many of you will tell me: « Lady Portia, here you are in caricature too. » No. I'm trying to tell you that this notion of sacred masculine and feminine exists in Heaven.

And let me tell you that trying to dissolve this on Earth seems very strange to us, because you are trying to have ungenerated identities on your Earth now. You will be in the other world anyway, why be in yours ? If God had wanted this to be so, it would have been so, don't doubt it. The idea is: accept what you feel to be once and for all, but do not confuse yourself with an example where you think you are happy. Recognize in yourself what makes you happy and be happy. Above all, don't let anyone tell you if you are a man, a woman, or whatever.

Of course, gender identity exists and no doubt, of course it exists. However, your male or female identity already seems to us a sufficient nuance, and on your side, it is true that you have implanted a lot of nuances to this, unnecessary nuances in fact. Shades that are useless because they create separations again, they create divisions again.

Be what you want to be, don't ask yourself whether it's accepted or not. Be what you want to be, first of all don't let someone else offer you choices you never even thought of. Let yourself be what you are. The answers are already there, it's not someone to bring them to you. It is not for someone to tell you, to check the boxes as you say, to decide if you are this or that. You feel it. You know.

Every child, every being from a teenager knows exactly who he is, who she is. This is the idea, to be simple; to be simple, not to break down into useless small pieces.

To conclude, your Higher Consciousness have masculine and feminine aspects, and have no sexual characteristics.

Lady Portia: Freedom Through Superior Consciousness

Can you tell us about the concept of twin flame ?

At another time Lady Nada will come and tell you about the twin flames. All the same here, I can just tell you that in truth what are the twin flames, they are nothing more or less than the children of your Superior Consciousness. I told you at the beginning of my speech, the Higher Consciousness generate identities of which you are a part, beings of which you are a part. I told you about the notion of Father, moreover you have brothers and sisters. And these brothers and sisters, in energy, are your twin flames.

You have transformed the idea of twin flames into the idea of an ideal couple. You are making a mistake, clearly. Twin flames are learning couples, but are not ideal couples. You have enough notions of soul mates where, there, not having the same Higher Consciousness, you will be able to combine different loves.

The twin flames get along very very well, in practice they will work the ego. This corresponds to an ego work. Soul mates will work on complementarity, an ideal complementarity. See that the work here is different. As a result, just to stop making you believe that twin flame couples are ideal couples, understand that in truth, it means above all that you have the same parents of superior soul.

Let's go on. Let's continue.

How to best hear our Consciousness ? 

This is a question that often arises. There are large and multiple methods, again, as I said before, understand your intuition, understand the little clues that your Consciousness poses, because it is not ’hear, first error, but to understand it.

I told you earlier, your Higher Consciousness is Life. So it means she talks to you through life that she is, since she is life. She is not a small voice next door, your Superior Consciousness, it is Life.

Indeed, of course some are able to hear it, only it is very rare. These beings are what you call flying fish. It exists, however not everyone is a flying fish. Everyone, on the other hand, is alive. Everyone is established in life, and, in truth, the Superior Consciousness will always speak to you through life, through experiences, through coincidences, through sentences that repeat themselves, through a song, through what ? Through everything.

So when you ask to hear, you imagine hearing with your ears or with your thoughts. That said, I insist, the real question would rather be, how to better understand our Consciousness ? By understanding that she is Life. Because when you look at the life that is around you not as a series of events, rather as a dialogue with events, little by little, you will understand what this conversation is that your Superior Consciousness is trying to have with you, because that is what it is all about. Life is a conversation with your Higher Consciousness.

This is already it, you are already in communication of course, passive communication, deaf language would say some. If you go towards active communication, if you go towards life by trusting it in this life, communication will harmonize, and you will understand what your Superior Consciousness wants you, not hear, but understand. Here.

Will everyone wake up ?

No. No, my friends. No, there is still a large proportion of your planet that will remain asleep to all my dialogue. You are at the beginning of this journey, at the beginning of this change of state of mind, and perhaps even you will live in an era which will separate in two from the spiritually awakened beings on one side, and beings who live in a world of controlled fears of the other, nevertheless a world of fears.

No, not everyone is going to wake up. At the same time, you need the first steps, you need the first people, you need the first people, and you are one of them. This is why have faith, because to love Light, you have to see one of Light. If you only look at the dark, you will not be attracted. And that's what I invite you to be, be everyone's little lights. Even if you are the only light in your city, your neighborhood, your floor, your apartment, radiate. Be happy, happy. In this way, you will also light the locks, the candles, of all your neighbors, of all your loved ones.

The planetary awakening will take place over a good ten years, more probably. Anyway, let me tell you this, and it's very clear, critical mass is reached so that your world changes positively in the long term, after all these tests that you pass. So even if the world sometimes seems cut in half maybe a moment, it won't last very long, because, you see, the world of beings you call awake, because it is only a name, this world will be resilient to all trials. This means that together you will be able to overcome all the energy shortages, the food shortages, or whatever the types of shortages that can happen, because you will be a community that will not be dependent on an authoritarian system. While all communities that are dependent on a more or less authoritarian system will collapse as soon as this system fails.

Understand that this is how the planet will rise. Understand that what many of you are going to experience will seem like a utopia, a sweet dream for some, however when they see that this dream is permanent, they will come to it. And it will take time, dear friend. Be patient. Your generation is not entirely the one that will awaken, let's be clear.

How to stay confident when you feel like nothing is moving and be helpless, know how to act ?

It is extremely funny to hear you say that nothing is moving when I told you at the beginning of my speech, that the poles are in the process of reversing — of your planet, the magnetic poles —, that you are in a particular galactic arm in particular circumstances. You have the feeling that nothing is moving, despite that in truth, if you look closely at what is going on, you will see that everything is falling apart. Everything is falling apart; all the truths will end up radiating and reasoning. For the moment, you have the narrative impression that nothing is moving, however this is not the reality, that is what we are trying to make you believe.

Observe better. Watch your contemporaries. Listen a little, change the way you hear the information and you will see that there are a lot of movements. This movement is a movement, let's be clear, destructive. The Old World is self-destructing, but it will rebuild. Actually, there is movement. Maybe I should just tell you believe me, yet I tell you, if you watch this world fall apart, the fact that there is a collapse is a movement. Maybe not a movement that you would call positive, whatever the truth, and I repeat — understand that I already said everything in my first speech — it is a necessary movement.

As for how to act, it's more like feeling, in your case dear friend. Feel good. Stop feeling anxious at all times, understand that everything here is done for your greatest good.

How to use our character, our ego, to be obeying our Superior Consciousness ?

Your ego cannot be obedient. Your ego is a system that is just independent, who is there to keep the body alive and not to obey. It is even contradictory this notion of ego and obedience, an ego cannot obey. An ego is there for the body's self-monitoring. As a result, he will create thoughts, circumstances and beliefs to get him to lead the body, to direct events, to believe that he is in control when he has no control.

Therefore, to answer your question I will answer this, your ego is not usable. It is precisely a question of letting go of the ego, and therefore asking you rather as a question: what can I do for others, than asking you what can I do to be better, me. Naturally, what can I do to make us happier, we, because the ego is directed towards me and what you are is directed towards us.

This is how I invite you to think about it. Do not try to change your ego. Listen to him. Despite everything, it is a question here of ceasing to obey the ego, I repeat, to obey its Superior Conscience, concretely to trust his instincts more than his thoughts which seem logical, deduced thoughts, and to go towards his instincts, without emergency. Because the real and real key is to go to his instincts without urgency, but with determination, courage, tenacity once again, of course. Of course.

How can you be sure that your Superior Consciousness spoke to you and not your heart, your desires, your desires, your needs, is not it ?

I repeat, the clue, I just gave it to you. If your desire is pressing, it comes from the ego. If your desire is deep, on the contrary not in a hurry, it comes from your Superior Consciousness.

If you want to move quickly, quickly leave your job, quickly create a new company, these desires come from your heart as you say, or from your ego, let's be clear. On the other hand if this desire is deeply rooted in you, truly patient, wise, ready to accept that opportunities arise, here we are going to talk about your Superior Consciousness, dear friend. Here is the means.

Your Superior Consciousness is very patient since it is ready to wait even several of your lives to come true. I am not saying that you will achieve everything in another existence, I say that understanding this patience of several existences, you will understand that in an existence, she is in any case in a great spirit of wisdom and patience. Patience of what ? The patience to wait for the right time, the right place, the right circumstance where you are already. So, trusting life is probably the first step. Understand that.

Can unions and couples form between Higher Consciousness ?

No, not really, because in truth, the Higher Consciousness are all brothers and sisters. The notion of couple would indicate that you would be complementary to two. The notion of Superior Consciousness is to be complementary in the whole. In this case, we would speak of a ⁇ multicouple ⁇ on a planetary scale. Do you understand that ? This is how I tell you.

How to deal with family members who are in judgment, false beliefs about the big lies we are served in the media ?

Let them learn at their speed. Do not try to convince them. Live your life as independently of these thoughts as possible. If they see you happy in your choices, and if you see them happy in their choices, isn't that your real desire that these people be happy ?

If someone is happy in their mistake, let them be happy in their mistake. When he realizes it's a mistake, you will help him, especially don't spend your time telling him it's a mistake, because it's not a mistake, it's his way, it's his learning. As a result, do not bypass this learning too much. Help, yes. Saving at all costs believing you have the truth, no, because maybe you don't completely hold the truth.

So, let them be. Be in tolerance. If they are not tolerant, it is theirs. If you have to temporarily move away from these beings, so be it. I know, it's difficult, however it will allow you to create a family of hearts too, and not just a family of bodies, because the heart here is at work.

Is there a correlation, a connection between the twin flames and our transincarnations ?

Let's be clear, your twin flames are your transincarnations.

Lady Portia, I really strive to be kind and pacify my relationships, but the tips, criticisms and backbiting of others hurt me. How not to let me reach ?

If you let yourself be reached, it is because you have a job to do at the level of the ego, of the one who thinks he is right. ⁇ I ⁇ is right. I am right. As long as you think ⁇ I'm right ⁇ , you will be reached.

The idea is not to think I am wrong, I am not here telling you to be the opposite or to change your mind, your opinion, what I'm telling you is that if others hurt you, then don't leave them that power. What I mean by that is again, leave them to their opinion. Allow them to have a different opinion.

If they criticize you, if they make backbiting, if they hurt you, do you think Jesus was not criticized ? Do you think Joshua was not injured, did not receive any spikes ? It's part of the way, see. Love the people who hurt you. Love the people who hurt you, who leave you, who make you spikes, who are slanderous through you, who are mean to you, that is the Love of Jesus. This is the Love of Christ.

So, dear friend, be happy, because if this happens to you, it is because your Higher Spirit considers that you can have the same love as Jesus, that you have the same ability. Because whoever manages to love the one who criticizes him, not to live with him every day, but to grant him the fact of being his brother or his sister, then this one will know the true Love of God, the true Love of the son. Understand that.

If this test is proposed to you, it is that you are offered to know the greatest of Love. The greatest of loves is being able to love for two. This is the greatest of Love. If the one in front of you does not like you, at that time, love for two, and thank him: « Thanks to you, I will be able to love for two. »

The ordeal is there, dear friend. The test is to understand that we are offering you here an immense act of love, an act of powerful love, an important act of love. This is how.

Dear souls, I will stop my speech here, and you will understand that in truth, I had already answered your questions in my first visit with you. Often you will notice, we give the answers. That’s why, when you ask questions, we remind you that we’ve already told you.

I did this specifically this evening as a tutor, to tell you that you are invited to reread our texts, to reread our dialogues, to reread our exchanges with you, to understand that in truth, you already had the answers in our speech, but you did not try to perceive them. You almost believed that our role was to ask the question and the answer at the same time. It doesn't matter, it's normal in this dual world.

I will accompany you again. We will still accompany you with our love, our answers, perhaps even our questions, because we are here to help you also ask yourself the right questions, not just give you all the answers. You are the work in this school. We will help you but you will, because you are in the world of action.

Be blessed in your action. May each of your steps receive Light. May you also radiate this Light that you are, and thank Life, because it is what you are and you are what it is.

Be blessed.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot

Translation by

Public channel of 06.06.2023 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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