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Lady Rowena - Seek Your Divine Presence

Lady Rowena - Seek Your Divine Presence

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM ROWENA!

Once again, I bring the energy of Love and Peace into your hearts. At this time, you must forget about the world outside and worry only about your own walks. The world outside boils gets contaminated, gets out of balance, and goes into convulsions, but you are balanced within your heart.

Each of you must find this corner in your heart where you can rest, internalize, talk to us, and emanate only Love. And this same little corner will protect you from everything else. How do you reach this point? Through your mind. Don't be surprised because your mind will create this place inside your spiritual heart.

You all have a heart that beats, pulsates, and is in charge of circulating blood in your bodies; this is your physical heart inside your physical body. In your etheric body, there is a heart, which also beats and pulsates, only it disperses energy so that your etheric body stays alive. Within this etheric body, this heart lies within the Heart Chakra, which we call the spiritual heart.

So this corner, protected and safe, must be created within this heart. How will you make this corner? Through the mind. Your minds are powerful, so imagine this place. Don't try to copy others; everyone should create their own place. It is like a magical place where you have direct access to your Higher Self. It is that place where your consciousness divests itself of all physicality and begins to exercise only spirituality.

So create this place. Whatever it is or where it is, make it a place where you will feel comfortable, peaceful, and safe; nothing will get to you there. When you come to this place, through your faith and belief, in your I Am Presence, it becomes your Divine Presence in your body. And it can give you all the instructions and guidance you need to reach the plateau for ascension.

Get in touch with this Divine Presence. Listen to what it has to say. But the main thing in this process is to leave your ego out of this place because there is no point in you taking it in and hearing what you want. The ego stays outside. You stand inside this place and listen to the Divine Presence, your Higher Self, guiding you, often calling you to reason, helping you find your way.

For all this to also happen, you must believe. Believe that you are there inside this place and are open to hearing whatever is on your mind; above all, believe that your Higher Self will be speaking, not your mind. You have to learn to discern what you hear. But it is as I said: If you leave the ego out, your mind will become silent, and only the Higher Self will speak. Do this exercise.

Like with everything you start, nothing happens right away. You have to start creating this place little by little, start getting to know this place inch by inch, and gradually you will open up to hearing what needs to be said. This is a fundamental point on this path to ascension. You must put yourself into meditation and focus on what you are doing to get to that place. Over time, going to this place will become a habit, and you will quickly get there with just willpower. But this depends on your training and whether you exercise it often.

Everything is gaining knowledge. Each connection you create is strengthened when you use it. If the connections are not used, they weaken. They do not disappear; no connection is lost. It is like a road; if you walk on it every day, the grass doesn't grow because you step on it every day. But if you stop stepping on it, the grass takes hold, and the path starts to fade. But it's still there. The way doesn't crumble; it's just not being used by you. You have to clean it again to be able to walk on it.

So, connections are equal; when I say connections, I mean connections with any of us. If you are in the habit of calling us, of constantly asking for our help, your connection with us is highly strengthened, and you reach us quickly. Now, if you only remember once in a while or hardly ever, that connection weakens, and for you to get through to us takes a little longer.

Everything is action and reaction. We don't fail to answer it, but it's as if the call takes longer to complete. Understand that everything is energy. Connections are created with pure energy. If you nurture this energy, it becomes strong. If you don't feed them, they become weak. I repeat, they don't disappear but become weak, and the response will not be immediate either.

Yes, it sounds strange for you to say this. But think about this: Every time you connect with us, with any of us, and strengthen your connection, you bring us closer and closer to you because your connection with us is strengthened. But, on the other hand, if you don't use the connection, you push us away because your vibration does that. So we become further away, but we are always there for you; we are just not as close as those who maintain a connection with us daily.

So learn to keep your connections powerful by keeping in touch with us often. Then many may think that they need to meditate for each of us. But, of course not, it is enough to mention our name. Our name has energy. When it is said in the Universe, that connection gets more potent because we are attracted at that moment by the connection that was the origin of the call, and we get closer and closer.

There are some things that you do not understand very well. For example, you think that we are always available to you, right there, next door. No. We are beside you if you strengthen the connection, stay vibrant, and call us to be beside you. But one other thing is also important: Listen to your hearts.

You don't have to have all of us around all the time; you have your spiritual masters. So, let you learn to have at least your masters around you. Then many will say, "But I don't know who they are. The simple fact that you make the request that your spiritual masters are around you means they will be because they know. They are your masters. If you make a habit of being there, in that little corner, in your Divine Presence, and calling out to your masters, the connection will be so strong that you will see them or at least know who they are.

Raise your vibrations. This is how you stay high, keep communications and connections active, and fast. It's not about using it once in a while. It's about getting into the habit of using it all the time, strengthening each connection. Again, our name is the key. Just say it, and the connection gets stronger, little by little, the more you call us.

This is one of the ways you can raise your vibrations. But I repeat it: you don't need to call on all of us. Instead, call on your spiritual masters, the ones you identify with the most, who will be enough to raise your vibration and care for your soul.

My brothers, the moment needs this inner work. Forget about the world outside. Everything will change. So don't worry about what happens outside, because everything will end and change. So stop worrying about things in your world. Look within. Create that space. Let each of you access your Divine Presence and begin a dialogue with it to get guidance and information. You will see how all that is out there has no value whatsoever. Nothing can reach you if you are in your Divine Presence.

So forget about the world outside. It is no longer up to your opinion because nothing will remain of what has been done; everything will change according to the Divine Will. The Light will reign on this planet, so your choices will be useless.

The time has come to look within. And to get guidance is to keep yourself elevated and protected so that nothing will hit you when the big wave comes. You are doing a lot for your world. Keep yourself protected, balanced, and ready within your concepts, Light, and the proper vibration for everything. You will be one less out of balance on the planet. And I assure you, this will significantly help the process as a whole.

Look within. Seek the Divine Presence in your hearts. Seek your masters, and above all, live as if you were already in the Fifth Dimension.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

Founder and Owner of Canal Anjos Luz e Terapias, Projeto LACAM and Um Toque Colibri, totaling more than 110,000 subscribers to my Youtube Channels, in which I share Channels and Messages received from various Beings of Light.
Founder and Director of the Nova Gaia Association - NGO in order to bring Christ Consciousness to the hearts of all.
Training: Magnified Healing® Course, Professional Radiesthesia, Crystal Therapy, Facilitator and Akashic Records Reader, Reiki - Level 3A and 3B -  Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner

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