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Lord Maitreya: What is Judgement?

Lord Maitreya: What is Judgement?

Dictionary meaning of Judgement:  the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion.

I have noticed that the word judgement has become a spiritual misnomer. Many spiritual initiates believe that simply stating what one observes is a “judgement” and it is believed to be a “negative” action that is judged harshly.

So I sat with Lord Maitreya and asked him to explain to me what is judgement. Here is what he said:

When one becomes awake and conscious then one becomes aware of all that is going on around you in your physical world. You become aware of the energy vibration that is held in another and the energy vibration of what is held in the field around you as well.

You become the witness to what is and may often make comment about what you are sensing or seeing because you are the witness. You are sensing it or seeing it. You become the observer, beloved heart, of what is.

When you observe what is you may simply state what you sense or see as the witness with no preference or judgement of what you are the witness of. It may be as simple as saying the flower is red, or the energy is strong.

To be the observer requires you to be consciousness and awake to the field around you, without attachment to the way things ‘should’ be.

Being the witness is not judgement, dear heart. To observe and witness what exists is not a judgement of what is. It is simply an observation. So we ask you to let go all attachment to believing that the witness is the judge.

To be the judge you are choosing to sit above what is and to judge it as right or wrong, good or bad. When you choose to become the judge of what is then you become separate to what is and are no longer simply witnessing or observing what is. You begin to participate in what you are observing through your attachment to what you believe it should be.

We understand that many on the spiritual path are confused with this awareness and will judge the witness when they state what they are seeing or sensing through their consciousness, believing they in turn are judging.

Yet it is to understand what is judgement – the cause and its effect. When you cross the road you choose to look one way and then the other to discern what is occurring so you may make the choice whether it is safe to cross or not. As you observe the traffic you are not making a judgement but simply observing what is so you may make a choice that will serve your highest potential.

The human mind is designed to make such an observation many, many times each and every day. This then causes the mind to make a choice based on the thoughts, feelings and its sensory observations about what is in that moment that is affecting their reality. Yet is this the judgement that you speak of that causes suffering and pain? For the most part the answer is no, dear hearts.

Your human brain is designed to make such observation using the sensory gifts it has been given to ascertain its reality. These gifts are not to be controlled but simply use them to understand your reality in each moment so you make choices that will affect your potential in life.

This process is the gift you have been given by the divine to support you in the physical world. Trust the divine plan for your human brain, dear hearts, and let go your ideals that tell you the divine plan is wrong and it needs to be changed.

In the first seven seconds of your first connection with another being your brain will use its sensory gifts to observe at least 10-12 vibrations of energy about the being that will influence your connection with this being. This is the gift of your brain. Do not deny this gift, dear hearts, and call it judgement, for it is not.

Yet the action of judgement that you fear and reject through your own judgement, dear hearts, is the conscious decision to create separation within yourself or with another.  This in truth is the judgement that we ask you to become conscious of when you are using your sensory gifts to observe your reality.

This is the judgement that contravenes Universal Law and we would ask you to become conscious of this when you are choosing to create this separation energy and manifest it into your intention.

You make this choice through your sensory observations of what is. This arises because you go into a negative reaction to what you are observing and therefore choose to create separation with this energy that you are witnessing. This beloved hearts is judgement.

We say to you please understand that you do this firstly and more often with yourselves. Often this is an unconscious process that is programmed within your being.

You are observing yourself in each moment and when you do not like or agree with what you observe you then create an intention of separation with yourself. You do this because you go into reaction of what you see and sense in yourself. Instead of accepting and embracing what you are observing in yourself you react to it – reject it, deny it, dislike it etc – and so you then choose to create separation energy to it. This is judgement and it creates pain and suffering within you on many levels beloved hearts. It is self sabotaging and self destructive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This process of judgement, dear hearts, is always created to yourself first and it becomes a program or habit that you continue to do unconsciously each day. When this becomes your way, your habit, then you will begin to project this same process to others. As you observe and witness the energy of others you allow yourself to go into reaction to what you are observing and witnessing and therefore create separation energy with others in the same way you do this with yourself.

This will create pain and suffering for you dear hearts and will affect not only the reality you create for yourself but all relationships you are choosing to have with others. It will not matter if you speak this judgement out aloud or remain silent, for even if you choose to control it or supress it this consciousness of separation and judgement will affect you deeply on many levels.

So we ask you each and every one to be conscious of what you are creating through your observations and acts of witnessing as you receive through your sensory gifts in each moment. We ask you to be aware of when you are in reaction to what is and unable to accept what is, whatever it is, with loving embrace.

For the act of judgement is not observing what is, it is in the reaction to what you are observing or being the witness of. It is the intention of separation energy that you create and manifest from this reaction that is the judgement, dear hearts.

To simply observe what is without creating and manifesting energy of separation is to be the witness. All are asked to be the witness of what is, dear hearts, for this is why you have been given such powers of sensory perception. Honour these gifts dear hearts and create non judgement of them.

We bless and honor you.

Maitreya of the Light

In’Easa mabu Ishtar
In’Easa mabu Ishtar is an international spiritual teacher and counselor. She is an embodied Ascended Master Channel who has worked with the Masters for the past 15 years, regularly channelling high frequency wisdom teachings for groups and individuals. Ishtar lives in the Ashram of the One Heart, which is her home as well as a sacred space for others to come and commune with the Masters. The Ashram is devoted to the work of the Ascended Masters. It is situated near Sydney and holds retreats and meditations each month to support and develop spiritual community. Ishtar also travels to Europe and the USA each year where she runs groups and workshops. Her work is completely oversouled by the Ascended Masters and the Family of Light.

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