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Mary: Accept The Need For Change Be Honest And Don't Give Up

Mary: Accept The Need For Change Be Honest And Don't Give Up

Souls of Light and Love, dear children, I greet you. I am Mary, and I am present today for each one, for each one of you.

My message is often the same. It is often misunderstood, but I will repeat it as often as possible. It happened that many people heard me, perceived me, with these words: Repent.

It has frequently been taken as a pious injunction asking for prayers, asking for some kind of new allegiance to Christ or to the divine Spirit. You are mistaken my children, in part. Of course, your prayers are welcome. Of course, that you enter Christ again, in the Spirit of Christ, that is to say in a spirit of fraternity, all that is obviously welcome, but these words above all mean not to let you have, neither by yourself nor by those who control you or try to control you . Dear souls, your power will always be greater, greater than anything anyone tries to tell you.

In the spirit of ʺrepentʺ, there is the idea of ​​telling yourself not to make the same mistakes again, not to let yourself be taken in the same way by methods that you have already tried. Each of you today knows how to deal with what will be a State lie, or a lie from your brother, from your sister. Each of you can recognize this. Don't use the same weapons as these people, don't be so small. Be tall, rise above, build your destiny. Don't wait for someone to tell you what they want from you all the time. Don't wait for a chef to decide to put you in the right place at the right time. You must, you can, place yourself. And you feel it inside of you, don't you my children, you feel this urge right now to find your place.

So, I hear your prayers “  Where do I go? What should I do ? What is my path? What is my path? What do I have planned for me?  »

We are Ascended Masters – that's what we are usually called – we don't even have the right to tell you that. We can only guide you to guide yourself, to give you clues without giving you the answers.

I know you're thinking, "  yes, but you know, you understand, you see.  “Perhaps, in any case, we are not deciding, there, you are mistaken. We do not decide for each individual his destiny. This choice, this free will, is yours dear souls, dear souls.

You know, regularly you say, “  We don't have free will because we decided everything before we came here.  My friends, when you decide to go to a destination, your decision is to go to this destination, however, the path you are going to take is either a path of obedience to the first trajectories that you have decided, or it's a side road, a different path, a different way to end up actually in the same place sooner or later. It is the same with your existence. You have not decided your paths, you have decided your destination, your destinations, the milestones of your existence, the others depend on you. And we don't have to indicate one way or another, or even one destination or another.

If you had decided to travel the world and live, for example, the experience that it would be like to visit New York, to visit Paris or to visit London, we do not have to decide that you are going to visit London-Paris-New York, or New York-Paris-London, or London-New York-Paris. See, we don't have to decide the order in which you are going to live this stage, nor even to tell you that you will go to London one day, that you will go to Paris one day and that you will go At New York.

On the other hand, we can make the road more pleasant for you, and to make the road more pleasant for you, we will tell you to be well accompanied. We will express to you to control your emotions so that the road is pleasant, because if at the first obstacle, at the first toll, at the first ruckus in your vehicle, at the first mountain, you stop, you will never reach your destination. Because in truth, I tell you, learning courage is part of everyone's journey.

You are already courageous souls to have settled on Earth, on the other hand, to show courage is beyond being courageous . You are already courageous, my children, but showing courage means making decisions that show that you continue to move forward despite the obstacles, despite the fear, despite the anxieties. Each of you will have to overcome obstacles, find solutions, find your way, your way, alone or accompanied. First of all, don't wait — maybe I'll insist a bit on this, if you don't mind — don't wait for someone to come and decide for you where you should be, where you should go from. , of what you should do or say. Become masters of yourselves again.

My friend Master Saint-Germain would regularly tell you ʺmaster and disciple of yourselfʺ, that is the idea. The master in you is your Holy Spirit, your Higher Consciousness, your Christ, and the pupil is you dancing in incarnation, in this world that you model by accepting certain information, refusing others. . This is how you model your world.

Imagine that, to speak to you modernly, your world is a three-dimensional impression that is made instantly. You can mold this world, for that you must first know who is in control of the machine. And you see, when you have too many leaders, too much hierarchy, the more leaders you have, the more hierarchy you have and the more you lose control of your existence, the more it is to them that you entrust the right and the power in your place. This world is changing that.

Events will come to help you, therefore, be prepared. Begin already, if you will, to reflect by saying to yourself: “If this world changed completely, this is what I would be, this is what I would do. I invite you to this. Then keep this idea in mind. Start laying the groundwork for what you would be, what you would do. Ask that. Let time take its course, let space take its course, let God take its course. So, right now, get ready, repent. You may now understand better these words 'repent', don't act the same way again .

Understand that the more you associate with your brothers and sisters, in spirit, in body, with or without distance, the more solid you will be, because, yes, courage in a group is often easier than courage alone, that said, true courage is alone, too.

Some of you will understand between the lines in a while, maybe a few years, the words that I have just spoken and what I have been preparing you for centuries almost, because I have been giving this message for a very long time. to prepare your souls from one incarnation to another, to prepare them to be what you can be today.

I accompany you my children. I see many conflicts in this world, many wars, many misfortunes which sadden me, and at the same time I see these beings rising one by one, one by one, to say no.

Erasing history is absolutely not a good idea, because in truth, history is what you have invented in a field of experience, to base yourself on a past of experiences. Note, I said to invent, it is to tell you that History is a support, it is made to be a support on your Earth.

When you launch yourself into incarnation in a time and in a space, this time and this space must have a History to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. And usually, the stories or History that mark you the most are those where you have already lived, to which you have already belonged. This is why, if the wars of the Renaissance speak to you, you have lived there. If Egyptian civilizations speak to you, you have lived there. Therefore, if it marked you, do not reproduce the errors. If you lived in Louisiana in a time of slavery and this marks you, it is also to remind you that you have no orders to give, you have no slaves to have. In this case, do not expect to be served by everyone. Work on the idea of ​​serving, without being enslaved.

Observe the stages of your stories. The History that touches you is also the mistakes not to be made again. There are no real mistakes here, there is learning, and comparatively, a growing soul likes to go through the ʺGoodʺ, proportional to your personality.

Where I am here, Good and Evil do not exist. My suffering is not what you imagine. My suffering is not really that of wars and deaths, rather fair to say that wars could be avoided and deaths, ʺsome deathsʺ could also be avoided in this way. I would like everyone to live in peace and have a death ʺworthy of the characters that you areʺ, worthy of the gods that you incarnate on this Earth. I am not in judgment after all this. What I'm telling you is more: it's a shame. It's a shame, you can do so much more.

You know, sometimes we, the Ascended Masters again, look at you and say, You could be so much more. You could do so much better, like some teachers who told you this in your childhood: “  Could do better. Has abilities, but does not advance. Stands on its achievements  ”.

I could also tell you this in earthly education. You rest on your achievements, some of you no longer seek to know, to understand. Some even try to move away from the computer reality to create another reality, which is good, but also a form of denial. The idea is to know, and to know how to ignore certain knowledge, how to sort out what suits you and what doesn't, but don't hide, don't hide your face and don't be fooled.

So, when the peaceful warrior that you are becoming has strength, has more strength, he is able to carry out certain battles in groups to uplift everyone's dignity a little, to improve the experience of each person, of each of his brothers, of each of his sisters.

It is towards this that I invite you by repeating repent, that is to say do not use the same method, change. Accept change. This is no doubt what is very difficult.

You see, agreeing to change is like becoming another species today, in the time in which you are. And accepting to become another species means accepting changes that are linked to the senses, to the management of emotions, to energy in general . In this case it is necessary because, do not be fooled by that either, your world is going to change, moreover, the human species itself is changing, evolving, preparing for another time that you do not know. Accordingly, agree to change.

Give up everything you think you know. Doubt everything. Question everything and try to see how to create and make society together.

I know it, friends, I know it, my friends, my speech seems moralizing. In fact, it is not so much a speech as a prediction, a forecast, not so much a warning, as in truth information of hope that is being played out on this Earth.

Man becomes a god again, but he resists man. You try to attach yourself to what you were before, to the old civilization. I repeat, History is not civilization, what I mean is History is there to prevent you from making mistakes. History is there for that, on the other hand, ʺmodernʺ civilization, it is the method of how you live together, how you apprehend this path that is life in general in this era, not in History, there , NOW.

Are you able to live with less to live better, for example, is one of the questions you will have to ask yourself. To many of these questions, you have already had the answers, you have all more or less lived through a period called confinement on this Earth. It was a shadow plane, in fact, that the Light used as well.

The Light used it to regenerate Nature. Moreover, the Light also used it to show in each one inside of you what was important, which relations were important with the friends, which relations were possibly important with your work? What did you no longer have? What was no longer necessary to buy, to have, to have, to have? In the end, confinement did not prevent you from having, on the other hand, it prevented you from being for many. Some have revealed themselves in this stage, and others have also found what they would like to express.

See how perfect the Plan is. See how prepared you are. See how each event prepares you, but I repeat, in my opinion, everything could be done with more harmony . So, I repeat again and again, repent. Prepare to be before Christ and face it; before Christ, that is to say before your own Light. You will be there one day when you cross this space-time, in front of your own Light in the end. In practice, if you were to take stock of your life today, what will you change in the future when you understand your lessons?

You are on Earth to learn, dear students. I repeated it earlier, it's a class. ʺCan do better, does not yet know its abilities, is only beginning to reveal itselfʺ, that is what I could say very often. Reveal yourself. Accept who you are, accept the energy within you, and stop saying, “  I don't know — I don't believe — I don't understand.  It's the old character, the other who clings to the past who says that, while there's something inside of you that's already connected to a bright future. Just let it come to the surface.

How ? By agreeing to tell you: "I don't know why, I don't know when, I don't know who, but the universe around me, my divinity, my Guides know who, when, why and how, and they will carry the energy of those answers through my time and my space, and I will see them. In other words, we ask you to have confidence in the future , not in ready-made answers that would be brought to you, since we can help facilitate the path, although I repeat it, not choose nor make the path. , simply facilitate this path.

We, as Ascension Masters, currently have the role of working on the planetary future, which is why I allow myself to give you some clues. You could, but you won't, completely scrap this plan and change everything. I know you won't because it's a wonder among wonders, it's the number of open hearts on this Earth, the number of people ready to help, ready to share. That's not the vision you all have. Many of you have a vision of selfish, egotistical people around you, and you even feel like you are seeing more and more selfishness and more and more egotics.

Indeed, it is not those you see who are the key to this plan here, they are among the small, the invisible, the warriors of Light, the many. They are among those who deviate a little from the system, who are quite cautious. Believe me, you are wrong when you say that there are more and more selfish people. You are really wrong.

That's what we're trying to make you believe. So, some of you come in and say, “  Oh, well, if they're selfish, I'm going to be selfish,  ” but that's not true. It's a rumour. It's as if you were told: "there are more and more people wearing red", and although you don't see anyone dressed in red, you say: "if it's the fashion, maybe I'll to put myself in red”. Don't follow fashion, follow your heart, your energy, your audacity. Prepare this path, prepare yourself . Get ready, the times are coming.

I hear them, I hear you so much “  How to do Marie? I am alone, I have prayed to you so much and I have not received an answer.  You are wrong there too. I have been by your side. I send signs. “  But I haven't seen them, Marie.  In truth, each of the signs that I send will be repeated as many times as necessary. It will be as bright as needed until you see it. Don't think that when you ask us something, we'll give you the answer once in your time. We will repeat it as many times as necessary, until you see it. Indeed, yes, some are slower to see, to understand, to hear, to perceive than others, despite that, you always end up getting there.

Look, it's — I'm going to use a different analogy — it's like passing a thread through a needle. Some people almost get there with their eyes closed, and for others, they will have to spend time, thoroughness and miss the eye of the needle a hundred times before they get there, but they will eventually get there. You will always get there eventually. Just don't give up, find your thing, find your vision, your right vision. It's the same with existence, don't give up. Everything is done for you to give up. Of course, this is unmistakably the shadow game. If they give up, at that time, they will let themselves be taken by the powers in progress, on the way, which are powers of the shadow, let's be clear, powers of the non-light. So don't give up on your ideas, don't give up on your plans, don't give up. Do not abandon. Just be persistent.

Here is something that is also lacking at this time, to persevere. The fight can seem long sometimes. Regarding the stage you are going through, you have passed halfway. Concretely, it has already been painful, what you have experienced so far is quite painful. Oh, it's not all-out war, yet it's already painful and understandable. You have been brave.

You were brave enough to climb the mountain. Also be brave to descend it patiently. Imagine that someone, when he climbs the mountain, climbs it very slowly. When he got to the top of the mountain, he wanted to go to the valley so badly that he ran up the mountain. He will end up taking a stone, a pebble, rolling and crashing into the mountain on the way down, and not on the way up. That's why I tell you, when you think that everything is going to be better or that everything is going to be better, be careful, stay correct, don't try to speed things up. Be really careful, let your steps be right , and may everyone adjust my words to their experience .

These were the words I wanted to say today. I will let you ask your questions to an angel that I wish to pose by your side for the future. It's the angel Reiyel . He also participates with me, with us, in this planetary change.

My children, be blessed. You are. Be aware. You are. Be happy. You can be.

Blessed be you in the Light and in the Love which dwells in us all.

Archangel Reiyel

Goodnight all. I am Reiyel. At this moment, it is your questions that I am going to try to answer, not to make a decision for you, rather perhaps to give you some clues — as Mary said this for you, to help you carry within from you the energy, the just and impeccable nature necessary for your path, for your evolution, for the planetary evolution which is underway. I don't doubt it, because we've all seen it here, all of us.

I listen and ask my channel to relay the questions you will ask, not necessarily all of them, but a few.

The first question I hear in everyone's heart is:

Will I still be here when this world evolves and changes  ?

My answer is you are already in this world evolving and changing. However, do you accept to see this world change? Do you accept to see it evolve? Would you be willing to question your own principles? See, if the answer is yes, you will understand very quickly that you are already in this changing world, you are already in this changing world.

You would like to arrive at the end of the end of this path, and here I tell you, none of you will be alive at the advent of the most wonderful Earth there is. You will all have already passed our world, but you are part of this path. You participate in this way. You are already there. You are already in this change . And as Mary told you, if you've climbed the mountain, don't rush down the valley running, just be patient a little longer. Other events, other obstacles also exist in the ʺdownhillʺ and you will be able to overcome them, without exception.

You ask us how to help your teenagers in their suffering.

We invite you, it is an invitation, not to try to play the game of what they are already learning in school. Help them reintegrate their senses. Help them and develop taste, touch and smell in them. It is essential to help them . It is a question of helping them to reintegrate their bodies, because everything is done so that they are only in thought. It can exist at the end of life, really not for a teenager . A teenager must integrate his body.

If you help him to develop his sense of smell, to recognize perfumes, if you help him to recognize textures, if you help him to recognize certain music, if you play with your teenager in this, you will help him to reintegrate the body. By reintegrating the body, you suffer less, because by leaving it in its head and in its torments, the suffering is there, it is not in the body at the beginning, it is just in the spirit. Often she is there. Thus, help your children to reintegrate this world through psychosensory experiences.

Put a mask on them. Ask them to smell the smells of the forest, to be able to even listen, to count the number of cars passing in a street just by listening to them, to do this for a few minutes, and to look inside from them what will have changed, what will have evolved in the sensation. How do you feel now ? Because you will have placed them in the present moment, because you will have repositioned them in their bodies and not in their heads. Undoubtedly, often they will say to you: “  but what is this exercise for?  » No matter, do this exercise, you will see after what it is used.

Sometimes it's even the experience that you too have as adults, you will only understand the experience after having lived it, not while you are living it. You will understand the meaning of these trials after having lived them, not while you live them. In this way, perhaps you can also teach your teenagers a little patience, the patience to understand for themselves, not to simply believe someone who is going to tell them that it will be better, it will be fine. , you will feel better. No. Do not say anything. Do it. Trust me and you'll see it's wonderful.

Because ultimately, that's what we're doing with you, we're telling you: I'm not telling you exactly what's going to happen, but trust me, do this and you'll see, it's going to get better. This is how we act with you. We are not here to pre-empt what you should be or feel, only to explain to you that living the experience will allow you to "understand everything" for yourselves, to enter into knowledge, a deep rebirth of your being through knowledge from experience. You still have to live it, and accept to live it.

So don't give up on your trials, they are all there to bless you, to bring you something for you or for a trans incarnation, or even a reincarnation. If you knew how what you do today can have an impact in other lives, perhaps you would accept certain trials more easily . It is quite possible.

You ask us what we think of binational child abductions .

Our answer will not please you, indeed, we consider that it is a test like any other. “  Some children have been put at war when they didn't ask for it. Some children have gone through terrible things with their bodies when they didn't ask for it  ”, that's what you tell yourself from Earth, ʺ they didn't ask for it ʺ. In reality, from their soul the event was planned.

Of course, it is difficult for the parents. Of course, it can be difficult for the child, obviously on this level. However, the test was decided by the soul itself, in these circumstances, we have no opinion to have on these events. We tell you that it is a trial, as many others experience trials.

You are telling us here about an abducted child. I could tell you about the thousands of starving children that I assist every day, that I even help to pass on the other side of the mirror, because they have decided to go through this ordeal to awaken people, to become aware that they were not the body, for a whole host of reasons which are understandable only after the ordeal, sometimes after life.

Many of your trials will be understood only after you have left your body, and can never — I emphasize never — be understood from the experience itself. Don't blame yourself for not understanding.

Our words seem very light, very hard sometimes. You say to yourself: “  But what are these people? It seems like they're laughing at us and don't care about our fate.  On the contrary, we accompany him, nevertheless, you can only understand after death that it was you who decided your fate .

Of course, once you act from your destiny, you say to yourself, “  Why would I choose this? Why would I choose this?  Another question that can only be answered from a step back outside of the existing, in this case, through deep meditation, or through the exercise of passing to the other side of the veil.

We therefore have no opinion on one event over another. However, we know that everyone has chosen their event, and we support everyone as well as possible so that everyone understands what they have to understand in the event. This is our way.

Our words are, I repeat, probably not what you expected; however, they are the truth that you too will understand in your time and in your space.

Is the way of the heart the right way  ? 

It depends on what you call the path of the heart, but of course. What unites is the way, what separates is not the way. What unites minds, people, is love and the only way. But, you see, the fights to gather also exist.

The way of the heart does not consist in accepting everything, on the contrary, in certain cases in fighting to gather the Light. In this, you see, the way of the heart is to feel that gathering is useful, and to pose the fight just to gather and not to separate. Which might relate a bit to the previous question, of course.

We won't be able to answer all the questions tonight. We're trying to bring some leads to a few of them, dear souls. Moreover, you understand that we have tried, and Marie and I, to tell you to what extent each ordeal is also a means of revealing yourself to yourself .

Is France still under Mary's protection  ?

Yes, France is still under the protection of Mary, as well as other countries too. Mary takes care of the planet. But yes, France is under Mary's protection, and under Mary's protection means for those who believe, for those who wish to respect this path, help will be given, presence will be given. Mary does not impose her presence. Mary grants her presence.

Are there injustices in life? Why are experiments so violent  ?

I have already answered this question dear friend. I know you don't like my answer, yet no, there is no injustice in life. Every injustice you've experienced has been chosen , and every moment you say to yourself, “  I couldn't choose that  ” is wrong, no matter what you think . You can be in a billion percent denial, my sentence will remain true and I repeat, often cannot be understood until after this existence.

Injustice is laid down so that you can lay down justice afterwards, for other people . From time to time, you will experience a test then, after fighting, that is to say, position yourself as a warrior of Light, so that this test does not happen to anyone other than you, or at least to beings possible. Here, the ordeal will find meaning. Moreover, it will perhaps also strengthen your character to help you transform other fields of practice which are “the others”, because there are no others. So, there is no injustice.

The notion of violence of an experience is very proportional. Some people will experience rape in their lifetime and find the event to be harsh but not terrible, and some people will never get over it, because in truth, you decide how violent the ordeal is .

I know it, again — and that is why I was chosen to answer you, I am an angel of justice — so I know very well that what I am telling you shocks, exacerbates many people. Some people will even find themselves angry at my answer. "  But it's not possible, but it can't be heard, but how  can an angel..." Should I lie to you? Should I stroke your ego to the point of telling you: no, this is not all planned my friends. In truth you have not prayed enough, in truth you have not done what? Should I replace this violence with guilt? You didn't make the right choices, so violence was necessary! No need to blame yourself, because you chose your back-up plans all by yourself.

Yes, many of you in your life are going to experience violent trials, many of you. That said, each of these trials serves his soul or what is attached to his soul as an incarnation. Try to remember that it was violent, it was difficult, in any case it was useful, because the worst thing is to imagine that an ordeal was of no use to anyone. There, too, you would be making a huge and unnecessary mistake . None of your trials will have been useless. Perhaps for yourself you will think that it will have been useless, on the other hand, for others to whom this ordeal will have been told, it will have been useful. For others, in other times, you will have avoided it. You will have saved them from experiencing this ordeal, because you will have experienced it.

A lady who has experienced an assault may avoid another — to whom she is attached by her soul, an incarnation, trans incarnation — may avoid an assault because she will feel that the identical circumstances which led you to this aggression arrive. She will then escape this aggression. Without realizing it, you are a hero or heroine for accepting this. Don't see yourself as a victim all the time. I understand it, I hear it. Understand, behind each victim there is a hero or a heroine, someone who has decided to live the ordeal for herself, to bring meaning to others then, then also to bring meaning to another downright time.

These are the greatest of heroes, because the ordeal does not seem to serve them in the time that they live for them, on the other hand, serves another time and another space. It happens. Some even decide to die so that a population awakens, so that there is a change at one time or another. These are welcomed into their souls and into their hearts with the greatest kindness, with the greatest love, they are not lost, no one is lost. Some wander off a bit temporarily, but no one is lost.

You ask us how to overcome certain trials, moments in your life when nothing seems to be going well .

I repeat again – and no doubt this is the meaning, you understand, that there is a common thread in our conversation at this moment – ​​none of these moments when it does not seem to work does not serve. They are like troughs, as you say. They serve, and the more you understand that it serves someone, something and that this does not serve you, yes, perhaps you will experience the ordeal, but do not undergo it.

Live the ordeal, but do not undergo it , this means understand that it serves someone else , even if you do not see it, even if you do not hear it, even if you do not understand it not. Please try to understand that what you are experiencing is useful, maybe not for you, maybe not for the ʺIʺ, maybe not for the ego and the character, truly useful to another experience, another time.

When you understand the usefulness of a test, it is faster, it will pass faster . When you understand that it serves and that it is useful to others than you, it will pass more quickly. You will speed up time because you will no longer be able to resist saying to yourself: “  I have to find something to make this ordeal stop  ”, to just say to yourself: OK. She is helpful. And she will stop.

It is often that, you have understood it, you know, this notion of becoming aware. When you realize, "  Well yes, of course it repeats itself because I'm always like this, I'm always like that, or someone else needs this  ", you know that at that moment the test stops. It stops because it has become useless, you understand.

In fact, the idea is not what do I have to understand in this ordeal — it may be useful for some, not all — the idea is first of all: It is useful this test, I don't know to whom, I don't know what, I don't know when, obviously this test is useful, too, OK, I accept. Yes. I'm a bit of a hero, a heroine. I'm going to bend my mind a bit and accept this passage which serves, which is useful, which is revered and which is venerable. So.

Are you asking us what the consequences of the current climate change will be  ?

Your planet is changing. She increases her frequencies so that yours increases. This of course seems to cause global warming obviously. It is not due to the Human. Listen to me carefully: it is not due to the Human. The Human accelerates this process, it is clear, again, it is not the cause.

This process is also a process of increasing planetary energy, because, yes, you are experiencing global warming, my dear friends, the Moon as well, Mars as well, Venus as well. Do you live in Venus? March ? Is it air pollution on the other planets that are also experiencing this global warming? Think about that.

The deep meaning is to create a new planet, new rules of operation since there will be rules of climatic migrations, evolutions, adaptations and it is perhaps an opportunity to change society and above all, this warming planetary climate, this sun, sends you frequencies that raise your consciousness.

So, in truth, this climate change will, yes, upset the climates of the planet, will, yes, force you to live differently, to think about nature and your environment differently, in parallel, will, yes also, increase your vibrational frequency and make you more aware, faster aware, less and less manipulable humans.

In this way, understand that behind this trial there is also a real blessing. From now on, more than anything do not enter the guilt, you are not responsible. Each of you could drive three trucks that global warming would have evolved the same way anyway. You just sped things up a little bit, you didn't provoke them.

This warming existed in other times. You know, I assisted many beings at a time which you would place in 1870, to give you a date of your Gregorian calendar. Well in 1870 there was a great global warming. It lasted 10 years, and I was there. This caused consciousnesses to open, this created baby Lights who were then able to create a New World, a new energy, a new era. And there wasn't that much pollution, believe me.

Be aware that the whole planet is in an environment, a galaxy arm that regularly crosses fields like these, that are warming. The Human likes to find culprits and self-flagellate. But just as you are not necessarily responsible for all the rain that falls, you are not responsible for this warming either. You can of course have a connection with nature which will help, it will not change anything now. You will no longer be able to roll back this period – indeed I am telling you this – by a few years, perhaps a dozen here too of this global warming. Truth be told, then everything will be fine. Oh ! not because you will have put in place a whole bunch of restrictive procedures towards Humans, simply because your Earth will once again be placed on a more favorable galactic planetary axis, quite simply. Quite simply.

I won't take any more questions now; I'll just reflect on something my channel sends me into a read.

One or one of you writes: tears are a wonderful sign of healing . My answer is yes, because tears are a release . You free yourself from yourself. You free yourself from your shackles. You free yourself from your illusions. Then your tears become Light. In an instant, they release.

Remember when you were kids, you had more heartaches, sometimes you cried on your bed, heartache, heartache of loss, heartache of fear. Nevertheless, after this grief you felt better, freer, able to enter into a renewal or to change your attitude. So, yes, your tears set you free have no shame. Don't provoke them either, but let them live. Let them experience those tears. Let these tears live within you, they are what you are, freedom.

You are loved, dear souls. You are all loved on a level that you absolutely cannot imagine.

The field of trials, that field is a blessed field, the one that accelerates your evolution to a level that you do not understand. Yes, you have submitted yourself to a dual world, however, this world is an accelerator of who you really are, an accelerator of the revelations that are *

  • Note from Sylvain, “the revelations that are” concerned the revelations that are already in place.

Allow me to embrace your energy. I'm sorry, if you allow me to be sorry, for having probably offended the sensibilities of many. However, perhaps it is time to let yourself grow in the idea that what you are is greater than a single life, a single existence, a single moment, a single planet. You will soon be open to these much wider and much grander horizons.

For the moment, you are blessed in the Light and you remain so.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot

Translation by

Public channel of 06.06.2023 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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