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Mary - You Are Reaping the Results of Your Actions

Mary - You Are Reaping the Results of Your Actions

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I'M MARY!

I come here today with a lot of gratitude and with a lot of love, with a lot of affection in my heart. Today's subject is how you should get through the adversities of your planet. For some time now, it seems that Gaia has rebelled, revolted, is acting vengeful and nervous, apparently not caring about those who are under her skin.

So let me tell you something: Imagine a big container of water, just water. And every day you put a little bit of sand, a little bit of earth, just a little bit. And then you will look at that water and it will practically not change anything. But you have repeated this gesture daily for millennia. As it was really little, it took a while to realize that the water that was inside has been gushing out for a long time, from so much sand, so much earth placed in that container. And then that water wet what was around, possibly spoiling something. But was it the water's fault? She was there, calm, balanced in that container, it was up to you to fill it with earth and sand. And the water had no choice but to get out of the container, because there was no more room for it.

This was just an image, a little invention, a little story. Now, bring this action to your planet as a whole. You indiscriminately deforested, you had no pity or pity for Gaia's skin and that balance that there was, no longer exists. So when apparently you realize that your planet is angry, it is punishing you, which is Father/Mother God's work, His punishment; then you look up to the heavens and ask, “Why, what did I do to deserve this? Why am I going through this? Why did I lose the one I loved? The Earth took from me everything I had!”

But you don't look back, you don't wonder, who came first? The waterfall, the river, the sea or the buildings around it? Who came first? Why do you insist on living in places that are not suitable for housing? You insist on living near the rivers, the seas and forget that there is nature there, and that everything you caused, all the imbalance, has resulted. When in some day, there was balance on the planet, the rains were enough to wet the earth, to help the plants to grow, to develop. But everything in balance, nothing in excess. Where there was ice, the ice stayed there, because there it was at the right temperature, it didn't change.

You produced industries, produced heat, produced particles in your atmosphere, heated the planet, deforested the planet, silted up its rivers, eliminated some rivers, changed the course of the rivers; and you want all of this to come to the balance that you expect, that you want. And so I ask you: How big are you in relation to the planet? What do you represent on the surface of the planet? Who is stronger? You think you will someday be able to control the planet, control your actions, activities, volcanoes, winds, waters, earthquakes. Do you think you'll make it?

So look at the size of the planet and look at you, you don't control anything. And worse, you made everything worse. That supposed balance, but it worked, you broke. Every day they become unbalanced with more garbage that you generate, that you throw into your oceans, that kill animals, poison the land, poison the air; build their dwellings in the most absurd places possible, not caring what's up, what's to the side, not caring about the imbalance you're going to cause.

Then, when the reaction of the planet itself comes, you blame it on Father/Mother God. But nobody looks at their own actions, nobody looks at what each one practiced, with what each one collaborated to make it happen.

Nobody holds nature back, but you think so, you think you can do anything, that you can change the course of rivers, that you can store water and everything remains in balance. Nothing that is happening is out of whack. Everything is the result of the imbalance that you have generated, and once again, I will repeat what we have already said: Each one is where they have to be, each one will go through what they have to go through. There is no error. Each one is either there because he was on his way, or because something emanated that took him there. There is no mistake, there is no mistake.

Everyone reaps the result of their own choices. Whether it's the soul's choice, which determined when it would leave, or life choices themselves. Nothing is wrong. The hearts of you, of many on your planet, are in mourning. Many are losing loved ones. What to do? Simply, each one of us, especially me, take each one in my arms, and I envelop you with all my love and affection. Now it is necessary for that being to accept all this love of mine, because if revolt settles in his heart, he moves away from me. And those frightened souls, many totally intoxicated, maddened by not understanding anything, I also bring to the

my lap, and I let each one sleep the sleep of oblivion, so that the disconnection of the body takes place, and when they wake up, they will be calmer and will always have an angel to carry them each on their way.

We are not impassive, we are not insensitive, to everything that happens on your planet, we just cannot intervene, because everything that is happening are lessons that we hope you learn, so that you do not repeat the same mistakes in the Fifth Dimension. Learning is needed. So we can't do anything. The only thing we can do is receive them with lots of love, hug each one of them with lots of love, so that they understand the lesson to be learned. And the souls but still, we help each one to receive the path destined for her.

I feel in the heart of each of you the pain, the feeling, the sadness to see your brothers suffering and dying. Many wonder what can I do? For those who stay: be supportive, help in whatever way you can; for those who are leaving, for the souls who are leaving, emanate only Light, emanate a feeling of love for each one, so that they accept our love and our protection. Because some refuse to do that and they are also respected, and they are taken where they have to go.

I cannot say, my sons and daughters, that this will all pass. I can not. I would be charged in the future for a lie I told; on the contrary, you will see more and more of the results of what you yourself have created. This is accurate. Souls need to go, souls need to learn, souls need to evolve. Then each one will have its way. Don't suffer the suffering of the other, act, this is your role. It's not sitting and crying over your brother's suffering; it's acting, it's being solidary, emanating Light for those who stay and for those who go, this is your action.

And most importantly: analyze every event that happens on your planet, why? Who was hit? Why was it hit? And you will have many answers. And we hope that this learning will serve as a lesson learned for the future, so that when you are in the Fifth Dimension you will not repeat the same mistakes. Having seen, and some even felt, the consequences of what you've done, there's no avoiding it. Gaia also cries. It is as if each point of this imbalance is a sick point on the planet and Gaia feels the pain. It's like big wounds that she needs to release energy to heal, to balance.

So be ready, open hearts, open minds. There is no punishment. There is no punishment. There is no punishment.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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