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Master Kuthumi: Divine Blessings for 2024 and Beyond

Master Kuthumi: Divine Blessings for 2024 and Beyond

Liquid Love

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time to gift unto thee a divine blessing of expansion.

It is with great joy and pleasure that we gather with thee this day as we hold you firmly within the Heart of Christ and securely upon the Hands of God

Beloved ones you are indeed in a time of liquid love!

This energy invites you to be flexible enough to integrate the diamond codes as etheric liquid crystalline frequencies.

Everything begins in a fluid like state of movement, and when it reaches the stage where the formation of it decides on its projected outcome, it starts taking on form.

These diamond codes have been bestowed upon your planet for years, more intensely since 2012. These specs of diamond coded light that we suggest you ‘consciously’ integrate and activate, will over time allow a better understanding of this world thus takes on form according to that which you project to experience.

All of life is about experience. As you know these multifaceted multidimensional codes carry the purest form of light, making the diamond frequency easiest to relate to.

As you are 80 % liquid, thus aids each of you to relate to liquid flexibility which resonates with ease, allowing clearer understanding of the new energy.

We gave you metaphors about the dimension of water and how it differs from your dimension of pure oxygen, along with many activations of being comfortable within fluidity. This inspires you to ‘think multidimensional’. Remember you carry the ‘liquid dimension’ within.

I shared about the great unsettledness and despondency upon your planet. These liquid light codes are thus extensions of that which you truly are. You are infinitely a crystalline flame spirit being, thus highly important to receive thus visualize these amazing, coded light particles, to fill your being, and share this with others.

The only way you are going to face survival within the current planetary cauldron of confusion beloveds, is to be flexible.

This is the dance of the Aquarian Age. Thus, learn to dance with your shadow self for you to become more versatile! Open yourself to new options and choose differently.

Beloveds, the frequency of Christ Consciousness, as with Diamond Crystalline Light Codes is what the new earth is about. It is therefore important during your meditations to focus on rescripting a versatile outcome, an adaptive way of integrating new energies that will allow you to be malleable.

These codes remind you of your flexibility as a spirit being, a state of freedom and peace where nothing presents a challenge you can’t overcome.

It is when the limitations of the lower mental field stir uncertainty, insecurity, restrictions, and fear, that things come across as unreachable and not doable.

The powerful stargates and key date celebrations inspire you to expand beyond the norm. When stars align set the intent for new possibilities to be birthed through deep introspection and quiet time. Creating a new viewpoint platform.

You recall my favorite cliché – if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got – more powerfully underlined now than ever!

2024 = Flexibility & Movement

The year of power and abundance, when your manifestation ability is more profound and clear than ever. It is also a year that celebrates the ending and beginning of another powerful cycle. Circles are shifting, and as some movements come to an end, new beginnings greet your horizon. New things are on your doorstep. We urge you to step through your golden door allowing new frequencies to present new possibilities like never before.

The numerology behind this also brings through flexibility imprinted into all. 12 represents in many ways the end of an era or cycle. 1 represents new beginnings and to create anew. 3 represents truth. 2 represents duality. Hence, mixed within the soup of your own making, expansion in 2024 is inevitable! Why not fill your magical cauldron with things anew more palpable and satisfying to the taste? Let the old go!

2024 is the end of the 12-year 2012 cycle offering multiple timeline changes, inviting you to take a new chance on yourself! This year also celebrates the awakening or attunement of planetary changes unlike ever before.

The Dove of Peace Stirs

It is a time where previously sewn seeds reactivate and awaken. Focus on watering and nurturing the seeds of your dreams. Which areas of your life need more, or less focus? Different insights? Needs ‘working on’? Does this need to be meditated on or journaled? Do you need to make physical changes and adjustments? Mental adjustments? Visionary expansions?

Don’t think as you are a master of journaling you’ve done it all! Opportunities are about to shift into a new enhanced frequency for manifestation.

The divine feminine is very present as she aids in bringing through these new codes, especially those of gentle expansion. This encourages you to be the gentle observer. Let your creative juices flow! Embrace the connecting portals and set the intent for these codes to bless every cell of your being which will allow true transformation.

At most times, all you need do to be in the ‘right place and time’, is to be still which facilitates mind expansion. The veils between worlds are thinning, thus set the intent for your intuition to be your guide as you surrender into the gifts of liquid love.

The 5th dimension, where your aim is at, is all about seeing, communicating, and meditating through higher levels of inner knowing within the 3rd eye, telepathic in its frequency.

As this tap into the 6th Dimension things become even more fluid, thus flexible. You work within 3rd and 4th dimensional energies during sleep and awake states. Don’t let lower the 4D and 3D hinder you from reaching out towards the Higher 4D and beyond, hence ‘working’ with the 3rd eye becomes like breathing.

Liquid love crystalline consciousness brings through expanded knowing, higher understanding, and deeper learning for you to have clarity of that which previously may have left you confused. This is why being the observer is so powerful, as it opens higher channels. Beloveds, most times you get yourself into a state of confusion as you do not allow the self to gravitate towards your Still Point which allows answers to gravitate towards you, for truths to be revealed. Inertly you crave and desire this.

If the answers don’t come at the time, it will in time to come. If not, perhaps you do not need to know. Humanity struggles and gripes with the fact that their beautiful blessed egoic side always feels that they need to know everything. Not true.

Much is shared across timelines and dimensions, up to a point. From the dimension I gravitate towards as a group frequency, much is shared to help lift your load and heighten your frequency, to help prevent the heaviness of the earth experience drag you down.

Reverting to stillness brings balance. In so doing, unconditional love infused within every code that ever blessed you, will guide you into the state of peace you yearn for, and deserve!

Your current timeline is still part of the foundational stage for The Age of Aquarius which equals a state of peace.

Planetary Grids

The grids around your planet are currently being upshifted, refined, rewired affecting your energy field and chakric system. Everything is shifting, moving on and up into finer tuned frequencies.

Along with several other channels we told you years ago that your world is about to go mad! Guess what, you finish my sentence!!

How to survive this? Be the observer! Your transformational codes support this! When imparting the love and light that you receive and share without any expectation of return in any way or form, it allows others to awaken to the flexibility being blessed unto you, and blessings are abound!

Give them your biggest gift, transformation. The gifts of non-judgment, forgiveness and gratitude give unto you the gift of unconditional love. Infuse this with your 12th chakric keys and senses, and the gifts of trust and truth are revealed.

During times of sadness, loneliness, and feelings of being lost, invoke the frequency of liquid love consciously. See yourself as a glittering diamond of flexibility and share this with others.

Instead of reacting become creative! No matter your timeline, set the intent from that day forward to focus on that which is at hand. Carve for yourself a new way of being within your visualizations. Integrate this into your third eye and then duplicate this energy or image into the rest of your body. By turning the golden key of your consciousness, you unlock every opportunity that you project!

Go beyond limited restrictive thinking by allowing the essence of MYSTERY beyond your golden door to pave the way!

2024 ~ An 8 Year which shouts power and abundance!

12 years after 2012 it is time to create for yourself a brand-new cycle!

Everything is in alignment for greatness to be your gift! All you now need do is to allow the flexibility of these magnificent codes to remind you of your multidimensional, magical, magnificence! To remind you why you once again came to walk the path of an earthling. You came to remember yourself as part of The Greater Whole! Eliminate the restriction of fear by imparting the infinite ability that love brings.


  • Visualize yourself floating away from the space you are at. You are grounded and safe.
  • Travelling away from the planet, see yourself amongst pure white clouds.
  • Visualize a magnificent Christ fountain burst open from within as you bathe within cascading Christ Consciousness Crystalline Liquid Love Codes. See these codes continuously being seeded unto the planet way below, with the planet drenched in this glittering energy, a ball of glitter! Pause.
  • In the far distance see your moon. Gravitate towards it, then travel through the moon, to the other darker side. You have been here before. See yourself travelling beyond your moon deeper into space. In your mind’s eye for a moment reflect on how far you have travelled, see your moon, beyond that your planet, and Sun.
  • Visualize yourself as magnificent violet crystalline flame and within this consciousness, be at peace with where you are at. Pause
  • Now, gently allow your consciousness to venture forth Do you recognize some of the planets as you moved beyond them? Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, floating towards the ‘edge’ of your known solar system. Before we venture forth, from a multidimensional aspect, reflect on your solar system behind you and the path you travelled. Pause.
  • There are billions and billions of glittering star bodies all around, many which you know and understand from beyond your physicality. You travel to them in your nightly sojourns, you visit them in-between lifetimes, so many, you can’t even begin to imagine! From an earth aspect this may be beyond your vision, but it is there none the less!
  • Floating in a space of complete darkness, you are guided by The Light from within, you fear nothing. Safely contained within your violet crystalline flame essence you know that anything is possible through the gift of expansion! You are at ease and feel at home, like this is where you belong. You long for this absolute peace floating within the bliss consciousness of The Void. Floating in a space of any and all possibilities far beyond that which you as earthling perceive as your solar system.
  • In the far distance you notice a bright golden door, gravitate towards it.
  • Do you see anything other detail, or just the door? This golden door is infused with your exclusive frequency. Place both your palms on this door and sense what it gifts unto you.
  • Ask your questions.
  • Turn the handle, push the door open, and enter. You find yourself in a magnificent temple with a massive dome. As you float towards the centre, twelve beings manifest all around you.
  • Take some time to decide who your twelve-being support team is. First ask for the presence of four Ascended or Spirit Masters that you work with to become manifest. Next bring in four beings that you so can relate too, family, friends, those that have passed or still in embodiment, who you can call upon etherically for help and draw strength from. It can even be an aspect of yourself. Lastly invoke the essence of four angelic beings to step forth to complete your personal circle of twelve support team.
  • Bathing within this magnificent energy, feel and see how a magnificent pink ray of light connects your heart to theirs.
  • Now see and feel a magnificent crystalline energy with a blue undertone connects your throat to theirs.
  • Next visualize a magnificent emerald and tanzanite energy from your third eye connecting to each of their third eyes.
  • Visualize within your crown chakra twelve floating golden flames, then see, and feel the energy of gold and amethyst connect your crown centre to theirs. Pause
  • This exchange of energy charges amplifies your state of peace. Once complete, the energy diminishes from the crown down, yet your heart essence remains connected.
  • The beings of light now raise their palms towards you; thus, you have twenty-four palms beaming codes of liquid love towards you.
  • The four angelic beings invite you to call upon them when times get tough, and you feel you can be no more.
  • The four beings that you can relate to, each offers you a unique gift to bring you into a space of total divine transition and love.
  • The four Ascended Masters that oversee you, serve as a reminder that all things are indeed possible.
  • The 12 beings release their energies from you yet remain within your personalized cathedral.
  • Visualize a magnificent golden pyramid envelops your cathedral to which your golden door allows entry.

These beloveds are your helpers, your support team. Do call upon them, work with them. We invite you to call them by name, ask them to show you things, to teach you things, to bring clarity and guidance where there is none. Ask them to reveal themselves if unsure. Pay attention to synchronistic answers. Pause.

Now, gently visualize yourself descending from your pyramid, slowly floating away back towards your solar system, towards your planet. Recognize the various celestial bodies as you pass them by. Contemplate on their unique frequencies, what they represent and the gifts that they bring. Move back through the dark moon, hovering above the place you started off, descending back into your space, back into your body.

Feel your feet and legs grow roots, anchor yourself into your Earth, and be back into this embodiment. Pause.

You are love incarnate!

The gift of multidimensional consciousness is the reality that is you. The journey we took you on you travel regularly. All of you nightly, some daily between brain states, and throughout lifetimes. This gifts unto you a window of wider perception, of seeing things differently, welcoming that which is fluid and flexible to be part of your ever-expanding consciousness.

Continue to visualize these magnificent diamond codes of liquid love raining down upon you, and all of life!

Let go of the past cycle of 12 and embrace the next completing in 2036, an 11-master frequency. What do you project into that?

Perhaps to some the past cycle wasn’t what they envisioned it to be, but as you come to settle within the new energy of abundance and power of 2024, surrender into the unknown, for in so doing, you allow unimaginable possibilities to open up before you, so why limit yourself?

See these codes filtering into your DNA, every cell, tissue, and organ. See the essence of your sacred heart glowing with unconditional love and new expanded opportunities! Allow your sacred mind and heart to create an enhanced circular flow of love.

If another cannot recognize this same frequency within themselves, send your love frequency unto them, and let them be. It’s all about choice! By manifesting what you are, you bring a new reality into your being.


By matching your frequency with that which you desire!

You attract difference by being different. Look into the mirrors of your own making and embrace your magnificent soul essence deeply embedded within, infused with love. Love is the only true power.

When destruction and demotivation oppose your love, let the love that you are diffuse their anger, which inevitably ends up where it started via the laws of cause and effect.

If they cannot overcome the obstacles of their hatred and rejection things probably won’t change easily. You came to change things. If someone misses their opportunity of change, they will simply face it again, and again.

This is the reason why beings like you sit within circles like this. You came to recognize who you are. You came to embrace the endless infinite opportunities presented to your spirit self. Above all, you came to be love in manifested form.

May the Light of the Living Christ burn brightly within you, now and always, in all ways.

I bless you with the gifts of love, enlightenment, and inner sight, so that you may go forth and be a beautiful mirror of joy for others. I AM Kuthumi, I am the lord and master Cohan of the golden rays of love and wisdom and greet and bless thee in love. Adonai.

Transmitted thru Chanel Lingenfelder Howick SA

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