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Master Kuthumi: Your Mind - Your Choice

Master Kuthumi: Your Mind - Your Choice

I am Kuthumi and I greet you in the Oneness and Light of the Great One.

Many of you have read or heard that you create your life, that YOU choose what you will create in your life, that YOU choose what you will experience on your journey through this life time.

Yet many of you do not fully understand this. It is truth and it indeed one of the reasons why you are currently experiencing many aspects of life.

We hear many cries of sadness and many cries of happiness.

The Ethers are full of these I can tell you.

We see you are experiencing turbulence due to the great transformation of humanity. I have told you of this time.

You may think that transformation of all humanity should be completed like the flick of a switch, similar to electricity which is unseen yet not felt until it is switched on.

Your transformation cannot be done like this my friend.

Why? Because in your past, and I speak of hundreds of your Linear years ago, humanity lived at a heavy, low vibration of energy.

This involved thoughts, actions and therefore your experiences.

Each of you experienced free will, choice, for every thought and every action.

Yet it was more than this for the energy of millions created a heaviness, a low vibrational force in your planets atmosphere, what I refer to as the Ethers.

So it became like a ball which bounced back to many and created a cycle of very heavy energy you see?
You need only look at humanities history on Earth to see this was so.

Now, hundreds of Linear years later, many are waking up to their Soul, to Light energy, asking questions, seeking a better way to live.

The reason is that much more Light, more Source/God energy is available and is transmuting much of the low and heavy energy.

This has only been able to occur because of what millions of you are thinking, asking and are wanting to experience. It is your choice you see?

Yet in your history there has always been those who sought to have control, who lived and breathed through their ego self, through fear. The ego feeds on fear. Fear of others, fear of what others will think of them, fear of themselves – through low self worth in reality. This is a deep subject of allowing ego through fear to rule your life.

Yet it is still rampant in your world today, from leaders of countries, governments,  man made laws, man made religion, your boss at work, sometimes your partner and even some you call friends.

Many levels of control through fear.

Even through your current technology we notice that much negativity is fed to you of drama, pain, suffering through the TV and the internet.

Yes, I am aware. Your conscious mind takes it all and thinks about what you see and hear, on a subtle level at first, but as your mind is fed more and more drama and negativity you begin to consciously believe that this negativity is all there is is. That this is life.

Only a very small part of your life view my friend. Remember this.

Do not become immersed in fear as those who seek control over you would wish to become – fearful.

It is your choice whether to change what you view through this technology. But I urge you to be mindful of the children who are so vulnerable.

If they grow up to believe the world is full of pain, suffering, control, their minds will build a wall of protection for their very survival.

They will become bogged down in negative responsive behavior patterns as they grow because they perceive this is how they can survive. This will prevent their spiritual purpose of incarnation.

You are their Guardians. Become aware of what information is being fed mentally to all.

We have likened the times you are experiencing to birth pains. Indeed humanity is birthing a new Earth, a new way of experiencing a peaceful existence for many of you. But due to those who struggle now to maintain control, many of you are experiencing great difficulties in your lives.

Of course the ancient tribes of Earth have always known the wisdom of living simply and peacefully.

Let us go back a moment to your free will, your choice, for this still remains and it is the one thing YOU CONTROL.

Yes, and I need to explain this more fully. Many have thought if I have free will I can say and choose what I wish to experience in my life.

Many see this as what they will have, possessions, where they will live and how they will live.

This is true, yes, however many get confused with what I call your Inner and Outer life. Allow me to explain further. The Outer life deals with the events which you are unable to choose or control. It is what others create so therefore it is not of your choice.

This involves as I said governments, your boss, those committing crime which may or may not affect you personally, even your diet of food.

Where and how is it produced before it reaches your table?

These are examples of Outer experiences. What is presented to you.

How you choose to respond is your Inner life and your choice, your free will. This is the area where your greatest Soul growth occurs.

You see many times you cannot control Outer life events. Yet you can control your mind, your free will, HOW you will respond to any event you experience.

My friend this is the GOLDEN KEY. How you choose to respond.

What you think, what you feel, your actions. To respond to the same level – perhaps to an angry word from another – gains nothing. You simply have chosen to lower your vibration to match the lower vibration of another. Indeed you may feel justified at the time but I ask how many of you feel a little sorry for the way you chose to respond after the event?

This feeling is your Soul. Yes. Through feeling sorry for how you responded your Soul is trying to let you know that you chose the ego, in anger, and this is not the way forward.

Some say “The Soul is the small voice in my head.” Indeed this is one of the ways your Soul attempts to guide you to a better way, to stay in a higher vibrational energy field. Scientists call this your Bio-field.

We are pleased at this acknowledgement for it is another step forward in humanities evolutionary process. Scientists now acknowledge your great field of energy, a field which encompasses you in your entirety.

This field of energy changes constantly in response to your emotions at any moment of time.

Yet you cannot see it. You can only feel it.

I have told you that your Emotional body is your greatest lesson of all to overcome. To choose and to have control over your emotions – freely. I do not mean saying nothing and ‘swallowing’ the emotion deep within you, no. You must be aware that the emotion never leaves you until it is acknowledged and dealt with.

If a negative emotion is not dealt with the emotion, often anger, frustration and despair finds it’s way to the cells in your physical body, and eventually to your organs which will create dis-ease and illness. This is the process. Many of you know this but choose to turn ‘a blind eye’ I think is the phrase. You think, “If I don’t acknowledge the emotion, it will simply go away.” Sadly no, this is not so.

So let us now go back to your conscious mind and your choice. I hope you now understand the true meaning of free will and choice.

It is YOU who chooses what you wish to experience, yes.

Even in what you feel are negative events you choose how you will respond. Do you choose to stay centered, balanced with your Soul Light, or do you choose to scatter your thoughts, allow your mind to run with various scenarios where your ego self steps in so easily and turns your thoughts into a lower, fearful and negative build up of emotional energy? Your choice you see. This is your free will in action. If you have nothing else in your life, you always have choice.

Choice over your emotions, your thoughts, your mind and your actions. Choice. Free will. One of the things you incarnated on Earth to experience.

I can tell you it will take self discipline to always listen to your Soul, to notice how you feel, to listen to your inner voice, and even more self discipline to choose your response of action. This process is essential in your ascension journey. You will not succeed in raising your vibrational field, nor experiencing inner peace without taking control of your mind and your emotions. Remember you are progressing through many lifetimes of heavy vibrational energy. Understand this and love yourself through the process.

I leave you in Light.

Chosen Channel

Lynette is a recognized clairvoyant, channel, medium and healer who has devoted her life to the service of spirit. She is the chosen channel of the Ascended Master Kuthumi. If you share this channeled transmission, please acknowledge the channel – Lynette and Kuthumi School of Wisdom and our web address. 
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