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Message from Jesus Christ: Birth And Childhood

Message from Jesus Christ: Birth And Childhood

... so I climbed into the water with John and my heart was filled with joy, I left the sandals on the shore and when the water of the Jordan River washed around me, a great peace spread around us and in the hearts of the people.

Thus, what was destined from eternity was sealed. The everlasting unity of man with God, the unity between heaven and earth.


Beloved brothers and sisters of light.

My heart is filled with joy that there is so much energy of love in you. And this inner light shines more and more, so that it flows visibly into the entire universe.

Today I give you an insight into the time around my birth, my childhood and the attitude to life of my early years, in life as Jesus on earth.

My birth was predicted and so my mother Mary knew from what power the fruit grew in her womb. And the stars showed the sages the way to us to offer their praise.

This happened in the spring, the 4th year of your era.

My childhood was carefree and I breathed the healthy and loving environment of my parents. Although we were often on the road, I always had the feeling of absolute security and in me the confidence in everything that IS solidified.

That's how I grew up, my brothers were born and my sisters.

My first years were marked by the feeling of love and having arrived on earth.

My parents were fully aware of their task and wherever it seemed necessary and possible to them, they accompanied me in a wonderful way.

Slowly I was informed about my tasks.

Much was dictated by tradition, so I was from the house of David and this fact was explained that I should accept the title of king. But there was still time until then.


At that time, our family was in Egypt, in Alexandria. My father worked in his profession as a "carpenter". But this designation does not quite correspond, because at that time it meant doing the entire planning, from drawing to building a house.

It was during this time that I was introduced to the Jewish community of Alexandria, and it was a very nice time of learning and understanding. I spent whole days in the rooms of the temple reading the scriptures.

We lived in a small house and our family lacked nothing. Everything was always there, for the physical well-being as well as for our spiritual growth was taken care of.

It was a sense of absolute God-intimacy that accompanied our family, wherever. And my parents had this deep inner realization, so they never worried.

Slowly, the temple became my home. I spent more and more time there, and the brothers of this church were open and I was able to spread my questions to them.

My inner need to learn and to experience the knowledge of the last things grew.

During this time I also began to make contact with my teachers. Through my intuition and the ability to hear "God's voice", I was able to reach an understanding that amazed many people very early on.

The interpretation of Scripture has been an essential topic of many discussions with the scribes.

In Alexandria I was able to practice this and gradually I gained a comprehensive knowledge of our tasks and life on earth.

When the situation in Jerusalem calmed down and this seemed permanent, we returned and when I was twelve years old, I was officially introduced to the temple there.

My acquired knowledge of scripture and my way of presenting it surprised many and some were amazed by it.

Jerusalem's Jewish community was literally devoted to the Scriptures, and the ease with which I spoke about it, as well as my interpretations, were not really desired.

As our family expanded, Jacobus was followed by Simon, then Judas came, my path began to spread before me. I often forgot the "time" around me while listening to God's answers. The power of love began to expand within me and often it seemed as if I was merging with the whole world.

"The freedom I bring is not from this world, and yet it will redeem this world."

I grew into this consciousness. My everyday life was that of a boy from this area.

Helping the father work to learn the craft, playing with the siblings, we had a great ball game, something similar to your football game, and often we were many young people who shared the joy of it.

Among them were many later companions, and during this time I also showed the ability to heal.

Wherever someone hurt himself, I tried to give my healing power. Either I put my hands on the painful area of the person concerned, or I concentrated and sent "bundles of light" into the energy field of the person.

This ability gained a great power years later, and where I was, a light power emanated from me that transformed and healed people. And in those early years, I tested this divine blessing.

My mother was busy providing for the family in those years, and her gentleness and love for all people was for me a source of pure knowledge that manifested itself in everyday life through her actions. For her, there was neither good nor evil, and any evaluation was alien to her.

So she never spoke badly of others and her heart was full of kindness and mindfulness. The love of my parents was carried by a deep inner understanding of the partner, and often I had the impression that this love grew over the years, because in their eyes it was possible to read how close their hearts really were.

In this environment I was able to develop, and the preparations for my assignment continued in the year 18 by beginning to absorb the "pure doctrine".


My admission to the Essene church, outside of Jerusalem, was the "logical" continuation of my path of formation and growth. Of understanding and becoming.

During these years I gained the most essential skills and all the knowledge to the true reason of the existence of us humans on earth. Much was conveyed to me by my brothers in Qumran, but I had received the essentials through my increasingly opening light channels.

My heart was unconditionally open and so I was able to connect fulfillingly with the world beyond ours. These were the years towards growing up physically as well as and above all in spiritual terms.

During this time we met frequently, because John was also a brother of the church, a little older and well advanced on his way to spreading the message of purity, righteousness, humility, clarity and devotion to God. Already as children we recognized each other, and although we did not see each other too often, we were surrounded by a common, quietly felt familiarity and understanding, beyond words.

What united us was devotion to God and the knowledge of our missions. And in those years, this realization solidified around the meaning of our birth in this part of the earth. Often we sat for hours on stones or under a shady tree, in the sand of the desert or in the courtyard of the temple.

We talked about Heavenly Father and how to achieve eternal return to unity. But we spent most of our time in silence. Immersed in us and connected to the Source that brought us here, brought us together and enlightened us.

Finally, the time had come and John went out to unfold his mission on his own. There was a great farewell party and the tears that were shed were above all tears of joy. Because it was not a farewell forever and everyone knew that the mystery should be fulfilled.

And everyone felt a deep connection to their brothers, beyond all the limitations that our bodies impose on us.

The following years made him widely known, because his sharp spirit and his ruthless devotion to the truth did not go unnoticed. Meanwhile, I went through my "processes", my consciousness steadily increased, what was destined for me grew and I unfolded my divine consciousness.


Full of peace in me, I said goodbye to my brothers to embark on my "last" journey for the time being.

I went to Egypt, Syria to Greece. But this journey led me into my heart, into my inner self and I saw my eternal expression of love in the consciousness of the all-unity of all life.

While this was happening, I was visiting many villages and towns. I studied the people and their behavior, their intentions and motivations. Her story lay in front of me like an open book, I read in her thoughts and could see her feelings. My gaze sharpened and the answers about the meaning of a human life were given to me.

Again and again I withdrew and often I was lost for days in conversation with my Father in Heaven. With the heavenly messengers, the masters beyond the visible and with the brothers and sisters of my spiritual homeland.

In these years of wandering, I finally turned to my comprehensive nature and I fully accepted what was given to me. So I grew into the shoes that were measured against me, my family were now the people of the whole earth, all living beings and every consciousness in the creation of God.

When I returned to Jerusalem, I was a different person and yet I was who I always was: WHO I AM.

"... so I climbed into the water with John and my heart was filled with joy, I left the sandals on the shore and when the water of the Jordan River washed around me, a great peace spread around us and in the hearts of the people.

Thus, what was destined from eternity was sealed. The everlasting unity of man with God, the unity between heaven and earth."

Beloved child

of God, we are all one and united by the power of omnipresent love. Accept this fact and unfold your beauty. Unity can only be experienced in this way.

And truly, we are ALL one.
You are infinitely loved.

Translation by

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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