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Message From Jesus Sananda: Have Your Power

Message From Jesus Sananda: Have Your Power

Now you learn to walk, to walk upright, to walk without crutches, to be human without shackles, to live without fears. Then you will suddenly be able to let go of the last patterns. For the one who does not have a donkey is wise and the one who does not need a donkey is wise, but the one who does not know a donkey is enlightened.

HAVE YOUR POWER – 6th Revelation

Blessed are those who have awakened ...

Beloved children of God!

Blessed are those who have awakened, for they are the rightful heirs of the kingdom of heaven.

It is I, Jesus Sananda, the Guardian of humanity, now, in the transition to the light, to the new time, to life that is eternal.

How much you are loved, infinitely honored, and in all parts of creation we know of your great ministry, which is unique in the universe—in all the universes that are, in the infinity of the Lord.

I have arrived among you, in the midst of you, as already proclaimed, but do you also know that it is I who is there, if you are tired, if you are tired, if you lose your courage, even if only for a short time?

It is I who carries you when you can no longer go any further, and although you have covered a good part of the way, if you look behind you, you will not see your traces on the ground, for your feet have not been inscribed in the earth during which I carried you.

Yes, it is I, and if you seem to give up, if you are raped by old patterns, by the fears of the times, and if you no longer feel the strength to resist them, it is I who puts a stop to this, thereby opening up a new opportunity for you to grow, to become, to be, to be.

Yes, it is me – omnipresent and always where you usually least suspect me: in the middle of your life!

Please know as follows:

The mere fact that you have chosen the Light and have reached the first phase of the De facto Ascension does not automatically mean that you are now clear, liberated and strengthened on all lines to withstand every storm. That is by no means the case.

Many people are still prone to "attacks of weakness", that is, they fall back into the old patterns, as they are challenged by life, so that an old pattern threatens to dissolve, as it shows itself again powerful at this moment.

Before the complete clarification enters you, you must have completely removed all topics that cause ambiguity from all areas of your being.

And this "absoluteness", this unconditionality, is currently causing problems for many people. As soon as one thing has been removed, processed and dissolved, the new topic, the new context and the clarification begins again.

Yes, beloved, a thorough cure for those who have chosen you and if this is only begun, the conclusion is only reached until in the root everything is removed that would not be conducive to the new status of your being.

The uninterrupted illumination of your topics and your heart causes problems for many.

"Pandora's Box"

You thought, "I recognize this or that and: done," and then you have to realize that this is not the case. Nothing seems done, on the contrary. As soon as you turn to one, the other opens up as if by itself, from one to the other, the "Pandora's Box", and the never-ending reality of the accumulations of creations in thinking, feeling and being as a human being becomes apparent.

This will now be completely clarified and be sure, this "box" also has a bottom, and this is not as deep as it seems to you very often.

How many times, epochs in time, eons alike, have you accumulated what is now looking for the way out, since you have given the command: Give way!

Give way, you parts of my being that you do not belong to me no longer correspond to my soul intention, which you have become a burden to me, and because you only give me care.

You said goodbye to the parts that bound you to time and showed you the door. But they do not want to give way and behave like stubborn donkeys who do not want to leave. And as long as you don't want to do without donkeys entirely, they stay, even if they don't get you far.

Yes, a great time for you, a time of constant growth of your soul – which is becoming more refined and growing and maturing with each passing day – towards the Father, towards the Mother, who is everything, in you, with you and through you.

So you think to yourself: "Arrived on the 5D, do I still have to deal with these things?" And you feel a discomfort in the process. You think: "Is all this lies and deception, what you are told there, of the dimensions", since your subjective perception has hardly changed?

Beloved, how honored you are, how much!

The game of deception has been so deeply imprinted in you that it is now difficult for you to find your way out. It's hard, certainly, but not anymore! Just a little hard, a bit tedious, but nothing more.

And you think, "When does this end, now that I'm uplifted?" And I tell you, it ends the moment you become uncompromising and unconditional! Not sooner, but then at the moment!

Many human children have already awakened many qualities, but these are the s e l t e n e n attributes of a human being. This, unconditionality and intransigence, you could never admit to yourselves, allow yourselves, for this behavior, such an appearance, would have been certain death; because time, the old order of the world, put a stop to these very forces with all force – at all times, in all lives that you have ever experienced in this space and time structure.

And today you ask why much is dragging on too long, why you still seem to be stepping on the spot, why you are still waiting for the decisive step into enlightenment despite the many gifts of Heaven.

And you rightly ask yourselves!

Namely, since you know that there is still something that calls for freedom, there is something that has not yet made its way into the light, something that you cannot get a grip on, it seems.

Life-changing decisions

But what is this "something"? It is your fearfulness to make decisions! Unambiguous, clear and life-changing decisions!

So you like to hesitate, here and there, and then you look surprised that the changes you are aiming for do not occur.

And this powerlessness to make decisions paralyzes you and makes you sluggish, you wear out and fatigue and buckle, so an old pattern reminds you to decide on a particular matter.

But then I am with you and I lift you up. I give shadows and bring the living water of life, I take you up and walk with you on the path until you regain strength to look again at what took away your strength, what brought you to the ground and made you tired.

If a soul has chosen the light, the light is given to it, no matter which phases it travels through.

And you, yes you who have chosen 5D, have made this choice and uncompromisingly. That was the choice of your soul and this is a choice that cannot be surpassed in clarity.

But now it is necessary to bring this ability to earth, to integrate it into the everyday life of being human and to overcome the old obstacles; to look forward, to face life and to overcome the old becoming committed to dying – completely through your uncompromisingness!

By being uncompromising towards yourself!

Release the donkeys from your services, they will not take you far and have never taken you far.

Learn to walk on your own feet, to think with your own mind and to come close to the last insights in your individuality.

Do not wait, wait for nothing, be and create without waiting, without expecting, without referring to a field on the outside.

You ask yourself: "Why doesn't this end, I am still concerned with the patterns and ideas of the old times, now that I have been dealing with their clarification for years and now that I have been raised to 5D?"

Yes, certainly, you want it, yes, certainly, you make every effort to do so, yes and certainly, you have spent a lot of time on it. But one thing you have always avoided: making uncompromising decisions!

So you get tired of the repetitive topics instead of cleaning up once and for all.

Many themes have many assignments and have to show themselves again and again in the new dress; that is not what is meant here.

What is meant is that you are too vague and still too afraid to make clear and unambiguous decisions.

There is a very understandable reason for this. For fear was the dominant energy of the times that you have measured, and in fear nothing is born, but in it dies everything that wants to live.

This paradigm shift must now be realized and recognized. This new era creates completely new opportunities and the possibilities to become whole and to dismiss the old topics completely are truly unique.

The old images still surround you, yet, but not for a long time, you so dear; for God Himself frees you today from yesterday, from the past, from what you have experienced, what has pushed you to the ground and taken your gaze upwards.

For too long you have walked on this earth with a bent step, in a stooped posture, always without support. It seemed presumptuous for you to walk upright, to turn your gaze to heaven, to raise your head and to see what God's world has prepared for you.

Now you learn to walk, to walk upright, to walk without crutches, to be human without shackles, to live without fears. Then you will suddenly be able to let go of the last patterns.

For the one who does not have a donkey is wise and the one who does not need a donkey is wise, but the one who does not know a donkey is enlightened.

This is how to go, for everything is within you – Transform your being completely. Before you know how to love unconditionally, you must become unconditional in dealing with your old imprints.

That is the key of this time.

Another building block of being, so that you may rise and stand still, at all times, upright and sublime, like a Creator God that you are – each one of you, so dear and beloved children of men.

The 6th Revelation is given: "Have your power"


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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