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Mother Mary: This Is The Time Of Redemption For You All!

Mother Mary: This Is The Time Of Redemption For You All!

Beloved children,

May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

The force of Light impels you more and more to take the decisive steps that put you on the path of ascension. Ascension, beloved ones, is not a word that describes a moment in your evolutions. Ascension is a permanent state of fullness that you need to reach to regain the happiness you so desire.

The Sons of the Earth have been prepared by great Hosts of Beings from other spheres, to reach that state of consciousness that returns humanity to true life, life without sorrows or disappointments, without pain or suffering, without scarcity or attachments, full life into a new stage, in which matter and spirit form an indissoluble unity.

Yes, beloved, it is difficult for you to conceive of that state where everything is perceived simultaneously, where there is no past, present or future, where your vision takes place from your heart! How to imagine this state, you say, how to live without worries, without the agitation of a world that demands action, that demands daring, and that sells illusion?

This is a long process that started when you agreed to evolve in that part of the infinite universe that you call Mother Earth, and this is a moment in that stage when you need to cultivate a new way of being in your daily life, seeking to rediscover, through your prayers and meditations, the real world that lies within you.

Your truth, as humanity and as the light that you are, is within you, and needs to be rescued at this time, so that access to fullness can be recognized and followed by each one.

Therefore, cultivate meditation, beloved ones, to calm your physical senses, those that keep you connected with the world external to you, to activate, in the core of your being, the bridge that allows you to transit in other dimensions, unknown dimensions of your physical bodies, but familiar to your souls, and that need to be part of your experiences in this moment of transformation.

Humanity has plunged into a stage that will result in the definitive separation of the “wheat from the chaff”, and this is an experience in which many can give up, for not understanding that the decisive step is being asked for the Children of the Earth who seek to conclude another stage evolutionary in the world of action.

Persevere, beloved ones, persevere in your decision to regain your freedom by conquering your ascension. Nothing is easy in your dual world, and all achievements require a lot of determination, courage and a lot of faith from you. Dare, therefore, to rescue the divine power that lies inert in the human mind, to materialize “miracles” in your lives.

Remember that in your world everything that you cannot explain with the reason generated by your physical senses is labeled “miracles”.

Extrapolate, then, your physical senses, to recognize the power that you carry built-in in your being to generate "miracles", recognizing all the existing possibilities in a dimension where everything happens in the now, and everything can be brought into your lives since the " Laws of the Divine” can be understood and exercised by all of you.

Beloved ones, therefore, cultivate reflection, allowing yourselves more and more to dive into a deep state of meditation, in which your souls are free to show you the beauty of the “new world”, the truth contained therein, the fraternity exercised in it, the understanding established in it and the immeasurable love that permeates it, feeding all beings with the fullness that makes a state of complete peace and indescribable happiness emerge.

Walk, Children of the Earth, walk with long steps to reconquer this world. This is the time of redemption for all of you! Therefore, do not allow your attachments and the limits that you have accumulated to be obstacles to the realization of a new life for you.

Fight with all your determination, understanding that you will achieve nothing by the paths offered outside of you in the world of action, and that only faith in your power can help you to dive within yourselves, in the world of consciousness where Christ resurfaces full for all. those who consciously work to reclaim it and share it in the fullness that the Light contains.

Beloved ones, this is an experience that each one needs to go through, so that the understanding of the reality of the “new world” ceases to be a dream, a remote hypothesis and becomes the truth for all of you. Only through hard work and a deep dive into your essence will you rescue this truth and experience the Golden Age on Earth.

Reflect, therefore, on each one of these words, so that they touch your heart, awakening the understanding of the whole that you are.

May your prayers be the lever to propel you towards that inner dive, essential in this time when language is unique and is revealed by the vibration of Love, the Love that generated you, the Love that feeds you, the Love that makes it real. your path towards ascension.

Beloved, I leave you now, pouring my blessings on you all and wrapping you all in my mantle of protection, because... 

I am Mary, Your Mother.

(Message of Mother Mary channeled by Jane Ribeiro on 08/11/2022)

Source: * Circle of Light and Love of Mary *

By @awakeningdivine

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