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Patience - Message from the Universal Mother

uni mom

Children, it is I, the Universal Mother of all things. I am the lovely feminine energy of light of pulse (heartbeat) of new beginnings, of nurturing, and of creation. There are many representations of me on Gaia at this time and many of you reading this are they. Be at peace. Your new lives are about to begin and we are eager to co-create with you, Humanity.

Let us talk about patience at this time, for this is something that many of you are struggling with. You have been encased and entrapped within the matrix of time for eons, and yet out of this matrix one is free, one has a new and fresh perspective and one is able to move in and through and above and around time and see it for what it is, an illusion. Within the illusion of time, impatience is a very real issue, for much is pressing, there is much to do and many demands on your time, on your precious selves. 

Imagine with me as we create the possibility that it doesn't have to be this way and perhaps, there are many alternate realities, worlds where time is malleable, formative, and serves the greater good. Where if all is in the Now, and all is happening at once, then therefore all needs are met at once. All is completed at once and yet also in the process of eternal completion. Do you see the smallness of impatience from our - and your - higher perspective?

That being said, we resonate with your eager enthusiasm and impatience in a way, for we see your timeline trajectory of victory of the light and it thrills us. It thrills me. My children are coming home after so many adventures! You have all expanded beyond your wildest hopes. Some of you are easily achieving the feeling of planetary consciousness, with minimal effort. Others are working on uniting their aspects. Others are working on intergalactic consciousness expansion. It matters not, for you are all different and the tapestry of beauty that you are all weaving is truly breathtaking! Yes, there may be a few knots in your weaving process, but nothing that we cannot get out together and continue ever onward.

The loneliness that you all have been wrestling with has deep purpose. Make peace with it, for in so doing you are making peace with yourself. Once you are an anchor for peace, you provide glimpses of this for the others, who are watching you and subconsciously feeling your vibration. When your vibration is the highest in the room what happens? All are lifted up. This is what you do best. People of Earth have been so beaten down with fear that they have forgotten the simple joys of laughter, of childhood innocence. It is time to remind, to teach, to live by example. For that is why you are here, dear ones.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother. I am the feminine of divinity and of grace and beauty. I breathe my strength into my dear ones who hear my voice first and Now into all of my creation. Radiate this light out to the others who are not yet awake, who are testy, irritable. Be the light and the love that you are to them that they might remember that they are the same light and love, deep down within.

Connect. Connect to dear, sweet and ever patient Mother Gaia. Send her your love and respect and restore her form. Be the balancers of the crystalline energies currently bombarding your realm and anchor them deeply within your own crystal core and Gaia's. If you all were to do this with mass meditation, much effective benefit would be immediately reverberated across not only Gaia, but the multiverse. For your are Creator gods, and you are beginning to wake up now, are you not?

Everyone settle in and breathe. Feel my heart next to your heart, beating in tune with your own. Feel my breath intertwined within that of your own. We are all connected. You are all so loved. I send you a crystal lily of light and grace for you to gently store away in your innermost heart, for encouragement and strength. I am always here, I am all around you. I am the Universal Mother. You are eternally loved.


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