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Q. & A. with Master Saint Germain

Q. & A. with Master Saint Germain

Dear children of Light, it has been a long time since I have expressed myself through this canal, through this energy. I am Master Saint-Germain, very happy to be with you again this evening, in energy, in speech.

First, I would like to greet each of you as the master that he is, to greet each of you in the exercise that you are living in matter. Dear children, you are so enthusiastic in fact as souls, to experience the current changes, the current period, that it also makes me happy and in gratitude, in a spirit of gratitude for each of you who live this moment, who live this experience of humans, of humanity, of humanitude.

You are entering a precious time when each of you will feel human, close to your loved ones, and close to the beings who seem distant, distant to you, those who seem separate but who are not and never have been. You begin inside to feel this need, this feeling of unity, of simple, peaceful, joyful unity.

On behalf of the Universe, expect great surprises, yes, because the events following this path that you trace can sometimes not be imagined, not be conceived.

Without really having the right to give you details, let me tell you that you are going to experience some surprises, pleasant and unpleasant. I'm talking about surprises in the term not to expect what's in the Divine Plan. So, the divine Plan always aims at your greatest good, always at your learning, to improve the sum of the conscious knowledge that you have of yourself, of the embodied exercise of consciousness that you are.

Dear souls, each of you in your own light finds and will find your way. Do not worry. I read the concern of many of you. Understand that you will remain Light, whatever happens. Understand that the very essence of your being risks nothing at all in the experience in which you are. None of you are really, really, in danger.

Of course, in this time everyone tries to assert their personal sovereignty, their collective sovereignty too, as a result, it can create ego wars and physical wars.

So, indeed, maybe I can invite you to be more in sweetness, in wisdom, in concertation, in positive gathering to advance and advance your time, your country.

As you know, this year we are entering a cycle with our channel which had forgotten it, but which I repeat to it, a cycle of questions and answers, of greater interaction with you. Therefore, our channel will have to learn to read the questions you ask it, that you ask us, while letting energy flow through its body.

For this, and before reading your questioning, I would like to ask a few conditions. I will not answer questions that are too personal, they belong to you and we are not really between us. I will answer broader questions that you may ask yourself. And for our channel, I indicate to him that the ⁇ true ⁇ , the solution so that he remains both aware of my presence and that he can have a sufficient conscience to read the questions, it requires being a little more in breathing, a little more in calm, not in a rush, to have movements that are long, slow, and quiet.

Dear souls, here I am ready to answer your questions, rather collective questions, I repeat. I will not answer everything, I will try to do my best. You know, our teachings, you have already received them, the theory, you already know it, so it may be up to us, to help you on other paths. Let's continue.

I tell Sylvain not to worry if everything goes by in front of him. If the question goes too high, we will forget it, we will not take it, it is not important, nor will we necessarily take the one who shouts louder than the other.

What role does France play in future events ?

Know this, I will transform this question by saying: What role do the French play in the events to come , because it is this people who remain an example to protect freedom.

The role of the French is to protect freedom. I'm not talking about France, if I'm talking about France I'm going to talk about your governments and your governments, you all know it now, are all more or less corrupted by particular ideas, by the idea of control of a people, that it is in fact necessary to learn to let be free again in their thought, in their emotions, in his energy. This will happen.

However, it is useful to understand that the French can serve with other peoples, as an example in this liberation for freedoms, as an example in this liberation for simplicity, for work at the workplace. Here is the role of France, it is always, and the French in particular, a people who serve as an example, which serves as an example of reflection, which serves as an example in the installation. Oh ! There will be others and I repeat, your true liberation will not come from France, nevertheless, this people that are the French will put forward their freedoms, will finally understand what is the key, freedom to evolve and advance in consciousness and even in spirituality, in the steps that now arise before you.

How to be yourself ?

  • Dear souls, the real question is: How do you manage not to be yourself ? 
  • How do you manage not to be pure Love, pure Joy, pure happiness ?
  • What have you added or deleted in your life, in your existence, to feel so unhappy ?
  • What did you accept out of spite ?
  • What did you refuse out of pride ?

In these questions are the answers of your release, and once again, little by little, take back this space.

To be yourself is to be in your true nature. Your nature is not to moan to impose you, to finally affirm who you are as an ego, but to finally affirm who you are as a multitude, as a people, as a nation, as a whole, as a community. This is what it means to be yourself, and if the self brings you back to me, that is to say to the separate identity, to I, you get lost.

The true Self, the Superior Self, is the one who embraces this world, who embraces the community and wants to serve rather than be served, and in an honorable service, an entire human service, conscious, powerful, indeed, powerful of this grouping of souls, powerful of this conjunction of energies, not necessarily between beings who agree in every way, on the other hand, towards beings who have the same aim, the same attention of love, the same intention of liberation, the same intention for peace. Finally, being yourself is revealed through the other ⁇ soi-even. The others we love determine for themselves.

In this way, extend your love again to be yourself. Don't extend your ego. Don't extend the character. Do not try to impose once again, however, recognize that your true love is pure Love, that true joy is pure Joy. This is already in you.

You ceased to be yourself when you thought you were the characters, the bodies, the energy, the general atmosphere. Leave these theater coats. Come back to the powerful awareness of the energy that runs through you. You knew this energy deeply. You would no longer even need to feed yourself; you would be fed on the Holy Spirit itself, the energy of God's Almighty in your body. Become children again, that is to say simple, loving, joyful beings who, yes, say what crosses them but do not have resentment or resentment. All these debts that you leave in bitterness, grudges, stress, anxieties, cravings for fighting, all of this prevents you from being yourself. You end up believing that you are this fight when you are not the fight, you are Peace.

You are deeply in Peace. Access this field of consciousness my friends, access this knowledge, this renaissance in you and around you. Peace settles in the heart of the one who is ready to welcome him, unconditionally. So, when you say:  I would like, if  — I will be in Peace, if…  , you will never be in Peace.

Peace is a choice, not the absolute result of external conditions, but above all the revelation of an internal condition in each of you, in each of you. In this case, continue this quest to the Interior, to the depth of your Being who seeks to expand and expand his Love, and you will be yourself.

Many of you wonder if there are going to be land disasters. 

Yes, we announced it. You had the fire. You had water. You have looked, and you are starting to get the earth in its tremors, in its modifications. There are going to be natural disasters. Indeed, the magnetic field of your Earth is quite upset. This corresponds to a need and a desire on your planet to continue its evolution, to continue to grow, to continue to grow.

From then on, yes, you will suffer in appearance, external layers, certain consequences. Actually, I understand that you are so attached to this life and this existence, but please be aware that you are an immortal being, that your body is only transient. You are in fear because you do not want to give up the ego, you do not want to give up the character. However, if you agree to leave this world, whatever the conditions, you will not leave earlier by being in this state, however, you will be at peace my friends. You will be at peace with the idea of saying to yourself: I can leave tomorrow to join my brothers and sisters in Light, in peace.  When you resist all this, when you resist death, you are not alive.

You are alive when you enjoy every moment, not when you are afraid of the next. I repeat, this sentence is important, you are alive when you enjoy every moment, not when you are afraid of the next. It is necessary to be in the present moment. Your Earth is not the deadliest disaster you experience or will experience in this period of transition, the human himself has become more entertained by sometimes trying to save himself than your planet will ever do.

So yes, there is climate change. Yes, there are changes in energy. These changes were planned, they are cyclical, they arrive regularly, you are not the absolute cause, moreover, they are evolutionary changes in consciousness, evolutionary in your body. Let them go. Do not wonder where and when it will happen, because you would not be present. In fact, the more you are present in the present, the more you will feel a possible danger present long before it arises.

By being in the apprehension of the future, you will not be able to prevent anything and just suffer. Conversely, if you are in the present moment, see, you will be like those animals that have sensors that detect hazards so far in advance that they can get away from them. The same is true for you.

The key to the present is not to tell yourself that you are ready to die only, more simply, to tell yourself that you agree to be there, here and now, in total consciousness. By doing this, you spread the wings of your Unconscious and allow it to receive planetary signals to warn you of a danger. At that time, you will feel when there is danger, however, you will not be afraid of danger, you will feel and you will act accordingly knowing what to do. Not being afraid is the most pragmatic way to avoid any danger and to be ready, if it should happen in your region, in your life or on yourself.

I hear your thoughts of  yes, but I’m scared — yes, but I’m scared  . Dear children, listen to me, you are master and disciple of yourself. You have the education and wisdom inside you to get yourself out of this fear. Stop systematically looking for all of your outside answers. We give you clues. We assist you and help you, only the solution comes from your Superior Consciousness, from your personal sovereignty. In this way, we take steps with you, we help you, on the other hand, the solution is not necessarily in such a Guide or such Presence which will assist you, because this Presence will be content to witness your own delivery of yourself. Be aware of this. Accept this.

Here is a question I am asked : Are earthquakes experienced in Turkey human or of land origin ? 

They are of natural origin, dear souls. There is no human intervention here. Energy turns into air and Earth trembled at the place that was planned.

Will humans raise their consciousness to follow Jesus ?

Why Jesus ? Is Jesus the Savior ? In conscience I would say yes, he is probably the one closest to you, but there is a being even closer than that: yourself. You are your Savior.

Christ is the Redeemer, the one who will help you understand your dysfunctions to bring you to your own energy vehicle, to your own christic state. He is the Guide. He saves Saviors. It leads you to recognize your Upper Dimension. He is close to you, he is close to Earth this Being that is Sananda, Jesus, above all, he seeks first to reveal to you, you, to raise your conscience. He can read the Spirit of the Earth and its inhabitants; however, he cannot decide in place of this Spirit or in place of its inhabitants. You have full power.

Indeed, it is the example of Jesus and the teaching of Jesus that you are invited to follow, however remember, if you asked Jesus himself who is the Savior, he would just make this gesture, he would point his hand and his finger at you, towards you.

I have already answered some of the questions here, and there you wonder if the year you are living in is a final year, if it will get better later, or if everyone will understand ?

No, this is not the final year of your change, it is not the end of this transition. Duration depends of course essentially on a human will, a human consciousness, an elevation of this consciousness in a planetary way, and one cannot determine, dear souls, from time to your own delivery, you have between two and ten years of this development.

In fact, there are times when you accelerate this transition and times when you slow it down. You slow it down — and that allows me to answer another question — you slow this progression down when you hold on to everything you think you know, everything you think you have. By clinging to all of this, asking that we take nothing away from you, that we don't change anything, you are slowing the possibility of the emergence of a brighter New World. It’s not a world that’s going to kick you out. It is not a world that will plunge you into loneliness or servitude. It is a common world, not communist, common, a world which brings you to more sharing, to sharing of land, yes, perhaps sometimes sharing of dwellings, sharing of resources. This world opens the world of tomorrow.

Let go of what you think you have and know. Allow yourself to have something else and know something else, like someone new. Whatever your age, become students of life again, become students of Love again. Enter these studies again. Your masters are the Masters of Ascension, the angels, the Beings of Light, but you are already ready, you do not, in fact, really need to learn, maybe a little more to understand, to integrate the experience of this world into a larger whole, the experience of your life in a larger whole.

I repeat, in very ancient history and even in the days of my last incarnation, powers were corrupt. They still are powerfully. In truth, none of these powers can face open and united hearts, standing beings, people who say no, not out of rage but out of love : No, because I love, I will not give up freedom, I will not give up on God, I will not give up Peace.  Understand that this is a big key of this present moment. The majority of your governments have renounced peace by deciding who was the enemy. There is no enemy. As brothers, there would be no wars. Without borders, there would be no wars.

What does it take to surprise, surprise or disaster for you to understand that you are Earthlings above all ? This consciousness is already there. This planetary consciousness is already there. Your wars can only be fraternal, fratricidal, because you only kill your brothers and your sisters. There are no enemies.

Those who have taught you that there are enemies are those who seek to gain unshared power, for power focused on themselves or people like them. I am in power for people like all of you. I am for the power of the children of God, and you are the children of God, the children of this immense Source, who searches your heart for all the Love you can deploy in this field of earthly experience.

Dear souls, all this deserves the passage that you are experiencing. All this openness deserves this time. Do not curse this period, it is revealing. It is the most revealing Apocalypse for each of you, because it reveals both who you are individually and collectively, moreover, it also lets you choose who you want to be individually and who you want to be collectively.

This said, I hear those who say to me:  I am awake, but so many beings are still asleep  . It is the role of God to awaken those who sleep, and the awakening rings. Don't be alarmed, don't be worried. Everything here, despite appearances, is made for your own good.

Will the Beings of Light and the Invisible Worlds be more noticeable ? 

In truth, they already are. In truth, each of you is living more and more deep and wealthy experiences with the Hereafter. Little by little, you will learn to communicate with your dead, to communicate with your Guides, to communicate with Grand Lights, and this on a scale of about twenty years not on a scale of several lives, but for the majority of you in this existence. You will not have this experience every day and at every moment as some of you will be able to do, nevertheless you will have this experience, you will have these communications, you will have these moments. And that's also why the planet is transforming its energy field, it is not for a selfish purpose, but also in order to adapt your energy, to adapt your vibrations to the finer reception of these other worlds of the positive Beyond. Be aware of this.

Sometimes you curse these circumstances, so I repeat, if you had the perspective of my soul or even yours, you would understand, dear souls, dear masters, that everything is done for your greatest good, again.

How to free yourself from the mind ? 

It’s the question of a lifetime sometimes. This is the question of a whole existence for some. The answer is simple, you free yourself from the mind when you stop giving it power. We free ourselves from the mind when we seek to become a more natural being, more present to its deep needs, to its deep desires, without attaching itself to it either as being primordial, but listening to that, listening to his Deep Nature and his body too.

You know it, otherwise I will mention it, spirituality does not consist in ignoring the body, in entering a completely ethereal state, on the contrary, in reconciling its bodies. So, in your time and your time, I will say that you are more in your mental body than in your physical body. It is essential to you this physical body and you are aware of it, however you have given thought all power. She has power, but your word spoken by the body has a superior. Your actions, your actions by the body have a creative power far superior to your thoughts.

Resume, reinvest your body and then, when you hear repeating thoughts, take the time to tell yourself, to add another thought, perhaps lighter, a thought that says: I'm not giving you the power to hurt me. I do not give this thought the power to destroy this body. I do not give it this power.

Oh ! it's simple, Master Saint-Germain. Do you think this simple sentence can help us ? Do you think this is enough ?

I do not think so, I know it, if it is true, if it is pronounced internally or externally with all your wisdom:  I don't give that thought the power to destroy my body  . And I insist, your thoughts do not destroy the Divine Essence that you are, however your thoughts always destroy part of your body if you let them take too much power. You will let them gnaw inside, rather than using your power of action from the outside to change the circumstances. Realize this. Don't lock yourself in, your Divine Nature can do anything. This truth will set you free.

Realize that you are already associated with the mighty Being you call. Realize this now.

As I speak to you, turn your heart and mind inside. Know how to hear the silence, and say these words :

I give power to Peace. I give power to Love. I accept Joy  , simple, conscious joy, already present in you,  the joy of still being there to do this experience  .

You see, when you say the joy of being there to do this experience, your mind begins to bring what could dissolve this joy: there is war, there are earthquakes, there are abusive powers.  I do not give power to these thoughts. I do not give them the power to destroy peace and love in me.

See how thoughts continue to fight in you. Observe them as a restless child. Let it get agitated. Let it run out of itself and repeat in you:  I will not give power to these thoughts. I am. I Am. 

See how peace settles a little deeper in you, letting a thought do its inner fight, letting go of the grip it has on you, and by granting the Eternal Light to touch you, the Eternal Knowledge to touch you, the Eternal Life to touch you.

I send the purple transmutation fire to each of you, so that it goes deep into your being and sets you free.

In the changing world that you are living, you ask me what is the place of other reigns ? 

Vegetable, animal, mineral, these other reigns just like you transform and suffer. You know, suffering is the deep call to transformation. Whether it is suffered or induced, it is a call to transformation that is wanted by everyone's soul. It's hard to believe, I know it. Some of you will say: No dog asked to be beaten. No crystal asked to be tortured and crushed, escaped from its mountain.  You are wrong, dear children. The soul of each of these beings made this request. It doesn't mean it's fair, from a human point of view. It means it's fair, from a divine point of view, and you can transform this experience of suffering into a liberation experience, because all suffering is a confinement. It is up to you to free yourself and to free these beings from other plans, from other reigns when you can. However, this does not mean that this experience is not desired or desirable, the Plan is fair. Despite your judgments which continue to dissect good and evil constantly, everything, each event is used. There is a deep place in the plan of universal love. You know inside of you that my words are correct.

You also hear the resistance of your thoughts to my own words.  It can't be just Master; God can't want evil.  Truth be told, evil does not exist. Evil is appearance, the lever that pushes a human or other humans, because you are an advanced unit, to advance even more in its field of love, in his field of life in this world. Evil is not compulsory, I agree with you, however evil is useful and believe me, if you think God does not use it, so you don't know who the Creator is.

Everything is used, even when it is generated by yourself, because you are the source of a lot of evil. And when I say ⁇ you ⁇ , I am not only talking about the human being, the animal kingdom is not a reign as peaceful as you imagine. It is a very warrior reign, which also lives its war dances.

The mineral reign also sometimes attacks rocks. You are used, because these reigns live in another rhythm, to believe that they are at peace, peaceful, calm, on the other hand if you speed up the temporality, you would see the rocks and the crystals fighting among themselves, trying to conquer entire territories there too for survival. This battle seems peaceful when it is seen in your time, truly when it is seen in time, it is not.

Stop believing that you are the source of all evil. You have created and manifested it very often, and you are undoubtedly the most powerful creators of this world, that said, the other reigns also have a source of that in them, and do not judge him, because I repeat dear souls, everything is used by the Lord himself.

I am this evening the spokesperson for other Guides who accompany me, who pass through my words, who pass through this voice, through this consciousness and we all agree that we are present for you, with you and by you too, and we are present to awaken you to yourself, to humanity, to humanitude, as I started my speech. Each of you is prepared for it. Each of you is ready, ready. Just be patient.

Access this power of the present.

Don't let your energies disperse.

Act in conscience.

Reveal your unit.

This is the advance of this month.

From month to month, we will help you. From month to month, we will answer other questions. We will reveal, as much as we can, giving you all a few clues, a few pieces of awakening, so that you can pick this plant that is already inside of you, dear souls.

The group I represent salutes every consciousness, every space of light, dear masters. Remember, you are the master and disciple of yourself, it cannot be otherwise.

Be blessed and thank you for accepting our word in you and around you. It is not the only divine source of information, your heart is the Source of it all.


Public channel of 08.11.2022 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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