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Saint Anne - Your Children Come From The Future.

Saint Anne - Your Children Come From The Future.

Brotherhood Is The Next Key.

Dear souls, I greet you. I am with you in this time to speak to you about the energy on your planet, about the spirit that is going through this time.

Maybe I should introduce myself first. I am Anne, the mother of Marie, some of you say Sainte-Anne. I am not convinced that I deserve sainthood, because my life in that role was quite tumultuous but always healthy, yes. But holy, that's the word you attribute from this world to designate another world in fact.

Dear souls of Light, your presence on this Earth at this time has the particularity of revealing your own light, your own working spaces, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual conquests, and you are learning a lot.

You learn a lot, sometimes by mistake, sometimes in joy, but you learn, and this is perhaps what I wanted to say first in each of my words, to tell you that you are in the right place, in the right time and under the right circumstances, to grow your soul and your heart.

Dear souls, there are several subjects that I would like to discuss, and I confess that I do not know how to begin, how to do this. Let's just start by reassuring you on a few points.

Your era, an era of Light, will soon begin for you, for your children, for your grandchildren.

You are among those who are preparing a new path, preparing a new way, a fairer way, a simpler way, a quieter way, and for that you must cross an ocean of no light. But I will explain to you why we know it has lost, why the non-light, which is your creation too, cannot take its place on Earth eternally, and why your presence, your energy, your very incarnation, helps to the advent of a larger and fairer world.

Your planet is going through circumstances, galactic circumstances, circumstances that are causing an energy shift within it, a dimensional shift some of you would say, but it is above all an almost physical, geometric shift.

Its location, that of your planet in the universe, is in a rotation that causes it to change its vibration, its energy, and its climate, for you, dear humans, are far from being responsible for this climate. You have a part to do to respect Nature, yes, but you are not responsible for what is happening in what you call global warming, which is in fact an acceleration of the Earth's energy. relative to its solar location, but also its galactic location, because you're going through an arm of the galaxy, a great arm of the galaxy, an arm of the universe that includes this adamantine possibility, this crystalline possibility sometimes, of augmentation energy and warming. This is good news, despite appearances.

So, yes, this cycle is meant to last almost 60 years, and it has already begun. You are not going to die in excruciating pain, in extreme heat as you have been told, because the Earth, you will see, will also adapt, modify, conform. It's used to self-managing, like you're used to regulating your own temperature as needed, but your planet understands the need to transform, the need to improve.

Dear souls, you are carried by this galactic vessel, which is the Earth, so you too, your vibration is accelerating, your vibration is increasing, not only the vibration of your physical bodies, but also the vibration of your energetic, spiritual bodies.

In this phase of increased energy, it is normal for you to be disturbed and for your bodies, your hearts and your energy to function in different ways, and you never experienced in incarnation this difference in vibrations, this difference of modulations in your energy. You have never known this, so this seems strange to you, and you wish for some of you, to rediscover, to return to your old acquaintances.

You are in fact invited to a new birth, in a new universe, with new rules, new behaviors, new habits, healthier, simpler, more in harmony with the earthly field.

Knowing that you are in difficulty to create this new state within you, we have, with the help of the angels of Light, brought to your Earth beings who continue to evolve this plan. Oh ! I am not talking about Ascension Masters; they have always been present by your side. I talk about babies, I talk about children, because these children are important to me. And I would like you to understand this sentence: Your children come from the future. Your children are already carriers of the energy of this new Earth, of this different movement of energy, of behaviors on the Earth.

Thus, the current drop in the birth rate on your Earth may be ʺworryingʺ in our opinion, because we cannot send emissaries from the future if you refuse them, but we understand that you are saying to yourselves: "  in this world in chaos, why do or have children?  To carry the future, my friends.

Do not be afraid of this overpopulation that you will be made to pass as immutably dangerous, it is not. It is only for narrow brains, not understanding that you could make the Earth much more harmonious and habitable than today, in many spaces which are today unexploited or unexploitable.

Let humanity grow. Let Humanity regulate itself and let the children come, because they carry your future.

You also carry the planetary future, but you don't have the faith of babies. So, I repeat because I've said this before, children, babies when they are born, in their mind everything is right, everything is good, everything is simple. A child does not wonder if a war will continue. A baby does not wonder what will be the result of an upcoming election. A baby does not wonder who is lying to him or who is not lying to him. A baby is present in the world, he observes and he loves. He looks around and loves whatever he sees. Whoever his parents are, he loves them deeply, intimately, because he still knows from the other world that he is connected to all this universe, to all his creation, to all this shared and unique creation at the same time.

Ah! If you could carry this same faith, this confidence in the present moment, without questions, without questioning, you too would carry the whole and complete seed of the new space that you will soon receive, of this new Earth, of this new energy.

You are invited to have this spirit of stability, love and above all brotherhood.

In this period of transmutation, of transformation, in this very precise time, the non-light seeks to dominate you. So maybe, before working on this energy, this principle, this base, it is necessary that I define what non-light is.

There are two planes that coexist on your Earth, allowing you to evolve, to move forward, and it is precisely a plane of evolution that we will call the plane of Light, and a plane of involution which we will call the plane of non-light. But the truth is that you choose the Light or the non-Light.

Non-light is not a force that does not evolve. It is a force that seeks stability or retreat to keep a kind of power over matter, a kind of power over creation, trying to turn away from a plan that is fairer, simpler, but which actually requires letting go of the answers, and of the questions themselves.

In non-light, there are beings, there is the opposite of everything. There is the opposite of Man, the opposite of angels, the opposite of archangels, but not the opposite of God, because God is unique. He is pure Love, pure Consciousness. He is the supreme evolution of our own consciousness. God is unique. God is unique.

Whatever happens, you will move forward. In this world, you can only waste what you call time playing with this non-light.

Then it can be useful, because these forces of non-light seek to show you your work, your personal work. The forces of non-light will highlight your faults, your individual faults and also your collective faults.

It seems to me necessary, perhaps, to use a few examples.

The power of money, the power of politics are two great powers on your Earth, like the power of possession and domination.

When someone says to you, “  Everyone thinks this , or everyone thinks that” what do you do believing them?

If you think the same thing, you will reinforce this energy, and if you do not believe in this thing which is announced to you, you will lower your energy by saying to yourself, "  I am alone against 'everyone'  ".

This is why the non-light uses the lie to keep the power, to keep you under constraints, to prevent you from evolving other than as it has decided.

This non-light force is also the main opposite of Love. It is fear, because fear is both the scout on the path to be taken, the Lucifer [1] , but fear is also a great brake in a whole and healthy planetary evolution.

When fear does not exist in someone, this person finds great spaces and great love around him, around him. You can find solutions to everything. You can believe in everything and enter into the force of the baby, that of the present moment, without wondering if it is possible or not possible, but leaving the energy of the divine plan, that one, which is neither shadow no light, but a timeless plan of evolution, taking over you.

Thus, I try by my examples to explain to you that there are three planes.

The divine plan is a plan that foresees your evolution in an undefined time, but your general evolution which will take place anyway. The plane of non-light is the one that slows down this evolution, and the plane of Light is the one that accelerates the evolution.

If you understand what these three planes are, a plane that slows down evolution, a plane that speeds it up, and a divine plan that lets it free and naturally move forward, then why are the planes of Light trying to speed up this plane? divine since he is perfect? Well, the plans of Light, of which I am a part, are trying to accelerate this divine plan to save you in incarnation unnecessary suffering — not that a transformation is unnecessary — because you have other tools in the energy today. to understand, tools that do not pass through the body, tools that do not pass-through experience alone, but which pass through an intrinsic understanding, a kind of downloading of the truth and the teaching of this world .

In the truth of the acceleration of this world, in the truth of the energy changes that pass through this plane, your bodies are changing but they are no longer the only support. Your physical bodies are no longer, the physical world is no longer, it is no longer the only support for your experience, and this is something that is happening as a result of this general planetary energetic increase. As a result, each of you receives a great light in your soul, a light that transcends the experience of matter, so it is your spiritual bodies that begin to be put forward whereas these were rather ignored until -the. You preferred to grant your emotional body and your mental body practically all the powers, which is understood in an ancient world like yours,

But you can no longer be dominated by the body. Anyone who tries by telling you about illnesses, anyone who tries to retard your progress, to anchor you only in the body with drugs or whatever, will see that this retarding action is weak.

Anyone who throws chemicals into the air to keep you from evolving will find that your body, even the physical one, doesn't keep them as long as it used to. You don't get poisoned so easily anymore. I am not saying that healing drugs are useless, I am telling you that there are also other chemical sources that have been imposed on you, the purpose of which was to delay your progress, to work for the plan therefore of non- light, because beings who are already aware of what is happening refuse to lose power, dominion and money.

Except that this plan crumbles when your spiritual bodies take over, when each of you is ready for the worst but ready with joy, ready, knowing that there is a beyond, that there is there is an after, that there is another possibility. These people are adventurers, real ones.

So, in this time, many of you are telling us that there is only shadow ahead, there is only non-light ahead, but his strategy is so weak, so visible that it cannot hold in time.

You see, for the plan to accelerate, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies must be aligned to the Light. And the non-light understood that your mental and emotional bodies had taken the lead. Consequently, everything is done so that mentally and emotionally you are unstable and have only one desire, that of finding an old stability rather than finding a new stability.

So the non-light forces have been coming forward for quite a few years, hoping to control your mental bodies and control your emotional bodies, never of course being able to touch your spiritual bodies despite appearances.

This plan can only be temporary since your spiritual bodies, we repeat, take over. So why can't you see the plane of Light, some would say? Because it is a deeper plane. It is a plan which starts from the spiritual to go towards the physical, and not the reverse, but it is a plan which will cross and already crosses all the bodies, all the imprints, and which will be more stable because this plan carries with him the whole of what defines you, and not a part like this non-light which delays a little.

Events will happen to show you this help from the Light in different forms, very physical forms, but also mental and emotional understandings.

Then, of course, the whole planet will understand that it has been deceived by forces which have played on fear and which still continue, which will continue to try to make you feel guilty, which will try to victimize you, turning you into beings who have no power over who they are, over what they do, and that is wrong.

You have this power within you. Deeply and intimately, each one of you has come from the divine Fire of transformation, from the Divine Source, from all Glory, from the Divine Absolute, I do not know what to call it here. The newborns of this world know it, their presence anchors this future that we are accelerating, this future that could not be more positive that is emerging now.

I hear those voices among you when you say, “  now Anne, now  No, not your now, but our now . You still need this transformation. Remember, the Light is reaching out to you. It starts with the spiritual body, then the emotional and mental body, then your physical body which is already prepared in this acceleration of energy.

Some bodies will leave this world, but also to better prepare the next one. Many of your dead, as you call them, are working to help you from the next plane, to bring your consciousness to a level, higher is not the word, to a different level, to a different understanding. This is what I am trying to introduce to you today.

Your world will never be the same again. To want it to return as before is a mistake, a mistake because this world, I repeat, for quite some time has been controlled by these planes of non-light, but the planes of Light are now immutably ahead. So, you don't know or know little, you have few clues apart from some writings from us, of what this New World, this new Earth will be like. This is where an essential element in our relationship comes in, trust.

Just as the baby, whatever the external circumstances, trusts his parents, I urge you, if you wish, to trust the plan of Light, namely that we watch over you, not even over you, we let us take care in you to put forward the greatest light which is.

What can you do while waiting? Be patient, be confident, be brotherly. Smile at people you see and even at people you don't see. Let yourself be carried away by your instincts. Try looking for answers in unusual ways.

You understand, I told you, your New World obeys new rules, this means that the essential information about you is no longer where it was before. If you use the old ways to inform yourself, you won't know anything, you won't know anything but the past somewhere already, you will continue to look at a future past. You will be made to believe in a future that no longer exists, that is already not the one that will be put in place.

This is why you have to look for information in a different way, perhaps in the physical, but especially in your spirit, in your spiritual body.

So, it is a question, to enter this spiritual body, of remaining in peace, of maintaining peace within you. Keeping the peace without thinking is difficult isn't it, you believe. Yes, I'll give it to you. It is difficult for many of you and it is especially possible for everyone.

Observe within you through my speech the peace that is present, like an empty space. See how in this space you are waiting for my next words, for the next sentence. While you are in this space, without a word, without a sentence, with a certain expectation, you are fine . You are already in this peace that I ask of you because, and I thank you for it, for most of you, you trust in me, so you are all ears, you are completely listening to this new message. . But this space, this waiting time without thinking, without too many mental reactions, this space-time is called Peace.

Peace is maintained in brotherhood, sisterhood . You all know each other on this Earth. Each of the eight billion inhabitants of this Earth knows each other, has already met in another time and in another place, in other circumstances sometimes, but you know each other. You have known each other for so long.

To evolve is to have confidence in one's ability to embrace a new future. This confidence is not obtained alone, it is not obtained by a single person. So, there will be no real savior, there will be you, us, together in a harmony of collaboration , no competition, neither commercial, nor physical, nor mental, nor emotional, a strong and powerful spiritual collaboration.

We will recognize each other as brothers and sisters, we will know how to find help when we need it, we will know how to find help when you need it, and that will happen naturally and simply, because you will be together, because you will no longer lend neither vote nor power, to what divides, but only to what unites.

Some of you gather in the trial, but you can gather outside the trial . I repeat, you are no longer obliged in this era, in this time, to experience trials in order to move forward.

There are other techniques, other gathering behaviors that will allow you, not to live the ordeal together, but to escape it together , by creating a joyful and simple system which will be this understanding of love, because the divine plan, the middle plan, is a plan of love. It is a plane of reunion, a plane of unification of embodiment with form and formless.

Dear souls, you are not separated from anything. It's hard to understand that today. It is perhaps even difficult to hear that today.

On the other hand, in these words ʺyou are not separated from anythingʺ, is the solution to many of your worries, whatever their orders. The sick is not separated from the healing. Solitude is not separated from Union, and Evil is not separated from Good. It is by reuniting, when these forces unite, that a new choice is possible. It's paradoxical, isn't it? It is by leaving the choice, by putting your mind back in a neutral state, a state of non-choice, of trust, that then you can again make a choice, and decide to consciously accomplish a plan of Light, a plane of no light or the divine plane. This remains your work. This remains your choice in this formal universe, but you will have this choice again.

To continue talking about good news, you will see the old structures, today, of State, gradually crumble. You will see the lies reveal themselves little by little. Everyone will understand that in the end he could only grant power to his brother, his sister, to those whom he has appointed in this way, and that the greater this appointment, the more stable the person. So, beings will be destabilized.

In the era that you are going to live in, people are going to have to leave their profession sometimes willingly, often by force. It's an opportunity to create a whole, it's an opportunity to create a we. This is an opportunity , not to demonstrate to those who have power, but to create a new power, that of the Human, that of the Brotherhood .

So, it doesn't matter what each of you is going to live in these times, in your years again, these months, I hope, but know that everything is done to create a whole . This is the divine plan anyway and we are going there anyway.

We are accelerators. You are asked to leave fear as much as possible. You are asked to leave the forces of power to move towards forces of cooperation, towards harmonious, fair, simple, happy wholes, united wholes, wholes that will be able to manage crises, not by deciding who is right and wrong, and by seeking Peace at all costs, Unity at all costs.

What does it take to remind you that you are all human? Do you need an external threat to Humanity? Or do you have to think about it, understand it, integrate it, not only intellectually, mentally, or even emotionally, but also in a spiritual way, which is to remember your birth, to remember this knowledge which is already in you?

You all know each other. Each of you have had occasion to meet time and time again on this plane and on other planes.

Dear souls, during my earthly existence, I promised to teach my daughter its values. His presence was for me an immense gift that I no longer expected. Marie knew how to be my daughter and my deepest, most just teacher.

We had also been taught. We also received Beings of Light, but to see an embodied Being of Light, to see the teaching incarnate in a body, someone who from birth never took a step back, even in his cradle, — and this is why I reminded you of the divinity of every child who comes to this Earth at this moment — no attack could touch Mary.

She was sensitive of course, but sensitive to what her human brothers and sisters were doing to her. Never any invisible attack, never any astral attack, never any attack of any order could touch her in her conviction to be a being of pure Love, whose sole purpose was to propagate, spread and learn this love, to herself and to everyone she would meet.

I was her mother; she was my teacher. I continue my work at his side from the Light, to reveal to each of you who you really are, to reveal to each of you what energy he or she can receive in confidence and in love.

My words today, for some, will soar. Some will say that they have learned nothing, but I will tell them: it is in the experience of my words that you will find yourself , not in the knowledge of my words, but in the experience of my words, in the very vibration that I tried to emanate with you tonight in this time, in this moment.

You are more than halfway to a new space, and we are with you, I repeat, to accelerate and avoid suffering.

Trust us, trust each other, brotherly.

Understand this union that you live there in this moment, this peace, and do not be afraid of what will be the continuation, of what will be the new rules. It will simply be joyful, fraternal, beautiful, and full of love. Even if it sounds too good to be true, it will be true.

May each of you receive Love, Light and Peace, in the Holy Spirit who composes us all.

[1] Luci-faire. Lucis originates from the Latin ʺluxʺ which means ʺlightʺ.

Public channel of 08.11.2022 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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