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Sananda - Be Aware of Your Fears

Sananda - Be Aware of Your Fears

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

I will never tire of saying this. It is with great gratitude that I sit here, where I always sat millennia ago, remembering those old times and being able to have a voice again. I can tell you that the time is very close. Don't try to understand how close he is, I would say close enough for you to prepare.

It's interesting to note that when we say that the moment is approaching, a wave of joy takes over you, but at the same time almost in parallel (and I wish it wasn't so intense), a wave of fear also takes over you. . The mission we have today, in passing on messages, teachings, procedures, behaviors, has a single objective: to prepare each one of you for the final stretch of ascension. It's not preparing for this moment; it is to prepare for the big moment, the moment where this planet will fully ascend. And whoever is within the frequency of the Fifth Dimension will go along with him; whoever is not will not.

So every moment, every coming fact, you emanate fear. And I ask you: Where are all the teachings that we passed on to you? It's as if all of a sudden you take everything you've learned, put it in a drawer and lock the key; and some forget where they put this key, that is, they forget all the teachings. We have said constantly; that the moment is to trust without seeing, is to trust from the heart, is to trust in feeling, nothing more.

So we will repeat this over and over again. As Miguel already said: “The world will fall around you and you will fall on your feet, if you trust”. The sentence has a condition, it is not unconditional. This will happen if and only if you have faith, you trust and believe that we will be there around you. So in these moments, you forget that too. In many, dread takes over. And I can add that, in many, the ego wants to grow again, due to the losses, the equalities, the new conditions that will be required to move towards the Fifth Dimension.

So let's be very clear, that the walk has rules, the walk has prerequisites; and every rule, every prerequisite that is not met, takes them away from the Fifth Dimension. So I say to each of you, the time is now to look within. It is not about being afraid of what will come outwardly, you have to be afraid of what will come from there within each one of you. Because when we talk about things, you haven't lived them yet. When the time comes, every thing that we say happens, and you find yourselves within that process, it will be different. Talking and thinking is one thing, living and feeling is quite another.

So I would like each one of you to start thinking about it. This is the preparation. Not the preparation for what is to come, because you will be involved in what you emanate. If you emanate love, trust, balance, you will be within that context, nothing will hit you. Now if you emanate pain, emanate suffering, emanate fear, you will attract more of the same.

So I don't say that's the problem. You are afraid of the future, of what will happen. And I say, what happens will depend on each one's vibration, at least for you. For those who are totally isolated from the processes, who have not yet opened their consciousness, the process will be totally different. We are here talking to you who are supposed to hear our messages, believe what we say, and supposedly learn what you were taught. It is for you that I am heading.

Then you will attract, from the external world, what you vibrate. Whoever vibrates love, whoever vibrates balance, will receive more exactly of that, anything contrary, will also receive, because you will attract what you will be emanating. So, I repeat: The biggest problem I see right now is what will come out of there; and that it's there, quietly, hidden and that you don't even realize it exists. Prejudice, discrimination, judgment will come full force in each of you. This is our concern.

We would not like you to emanate these feelings, but we've already seen ahead, so we're warning you in advance. You will emanate it. It will be very difficult for you not to live a great period of upheaval. Then I say to them: What is the use of you being hateful, angry, raving? What good will it do? What will be the result? That road you were on will get longer until the Fifth Dimension, because you will come back a long way.

So we've said here several times: You will have your moment of rebellion yes, as long as we are around you. And at that moment we will come to your aid and you will be able to cry, kick, scream, complain, shout whatever you want, but we will be there around you, shielding your energy. And when you finish crying, screaming, rebelling, we'll be there cleaning up all those feelings; and bringing you reality.

So we are not asking for anything that is not possible, just what we are asking is that you keep us around you, that you invite us to be around you. And how does this happen? By your own walk. It's vibrating high, it's vibrating unconditional love, it's not judging, not criticizing, keeping balanced, eating correctly. It keeps us there, glued to you. If you move away from these pillars, we also move away. And then in that moment of revolt, it will be difficult to contain your energy.

So when we say the time is at hand, what message do we want to get across? It is not a fear emanating message, nor a threat message. We're saying between the lines: "Stay balanced, keep your walk steady, keep your faith, stay out of the loop on your news, stay focused on your walk." That's what we mean. And it's not starting tomorrow, it's starting now, yesterday.

So when we say the time is at hand, it is to alert you to your own emanations. What are you emanating? So quickly try to get back into balance. Don't be afraid of what will come, be afraid of what will come out of you. This is the fear you need to have and you need to be ready to live that fear. And we're putting our help in, we're offering our lap, and to have it, you need to be ready to receive it.

This is the message. It doesn't matter what the time is a week, a month, a year from now, it's near and you have to be ready when? Yesterday. It's that bus that will come by to pick you up at any time. So the suitcase is ready, always ready. When the bus passes and honks, you take your suitcase and go. This is the idea. Always be ready. It could happen tomorrow and you'll be ready, it could happen next year and you'll be ready. It doesn't matter when it happens, what matters is that you are ready, for the catharsis that you will have to go through.

So don't be afraid of what's to come. What will come is part of each one's journey, each one will pass what they have to pass, according to their journey. Nothing will be changed. What we are offering is support for the feelings, which will explode within you at the time of the great reveal, and for that you need to be ready. As for the rest, I repeat Miguel's phrase: “The world will fall around you, but you will fall on your feet, if you have faith”. Only that.

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