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Sananda - Choose the Truths of the New World

Sananda - Choose the Truths of the New World

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

It is with great joy that I am here once again. In my heart, I go back in time when I used to give my sermons on the top of the Mount of Olives. Then, there was nothing like there is today.

Of course, everything is very different, but I feel the same way. Today, I don't have to try to reach the highest God anymore because he is beside me, above me, inside me. He is everywhere I want him to be, and this strengthens me more and more.

Today the subject will be very light: What do you believe? So let's go back a little to the origin of many beliefs in your world today. Why so many religions? Why so many paths to reach the one, God? I would say yes, there are many paths. Just as you choose a way when you are away from your home to return to it, several paths lead to God the Father/Mother. But it is not because there are several paths that I need to believe differently.

God the Father/Mother is one. What is Father/Mother God? I assure you, it is not that white-bearded gentleman, sitting on a throne on a cloud; ah, and with a table in front of him, a pen and a big book, judging each one of you. This is not the figure of God the Father/Mother. Father/Mother God has no form; He is in everything and everyone. He is an immense and powerful consciousness that nothing can shake, nothing can destroy, and nothing compares to his energy.

There is no such thing as good and evil. Otherwise, we would have two universes, one vibrating with Light and the other precisely the same universe vibrating with non-light. So there is nothing comparable to Father/Mother God. Yes, those beings have moved away from this love given by God the Father/Mother and have decided to follow paths of pain, suffering, and evil as you know it. But no one compares to the strength of Father/Mother God; there is no such thing. Evil is powerful. Yes, they have intelligence and weapons, so they can dominate and enslave, but this does not mean that they have the strength of Father/Mother God. And today, evil multiplies where hearts resonate with their energy.

As we always say, "Evil knocks at your door, but who opens it is you." It doesn't invade your door; you must open it to enter. So evil has found the ideal resonance to procreate and develop to reach the universe's balance. An insult to Father/Mother God? Of course, it is, but this is just one planet amid millions of others in the universe. You are no better or worse than anyone else. It is not because you have us on your planet that you are more important. I am here on this planet and on many others, doing the same work. So don't consider yourselves superior and important; you are just another planet.

You were lead to believe that you were unique in the universe to fill you with superiority. So, your ego would inflate, and you would think you are in charge of all things and can do everything. I am sorry but you are not in control of anything, nor can you do anything. Everything follows the Universal Laws, and those who effectively resonate with the love of Father/Mother God accept the Universal Laws because they know that they keep the universe in balance. If they didn't exist, it would be chaos. Maybe the universe wouldn't even exist anymore.

So many may wonder: why was this planet allowed to be invaded? This planet was a great experiment where Father/Mother God allowed free will to manifest in the minds of all its inhabitants. Since you have free will, you can choose which path to take, including the option to walk away from Source or do whatever you want regardless of the consequences. This is precisely what you have done, and look where you are today.

Nobody here is an underdog. Nobody here is being punished. Instead, you are reaping what you have sown. You made decisions when you turned away from the Source and lived independently, without following Father/Mother God-determined paths. But some of you woke up and realized that this path was not a good one; it was leading to the destruction of you and the planet, and you asked for help. And here we are a few years later, ready to take back this planet and remove all the weeds that have settled here from its surface.

There will only be Light, Love, Harmony, Justice, and mainly Equality on this planet. You will need to learn from the diverse, from the different, which you have not known until now. You look at different people strangely, as if there was an animal, and many treat them like animals, not human beings. "Human being is me. The one who is different from me is an animal." This is how many people think. It's shameful you can't see others as beings who are exactly like you. So many will not accept equality, living with those they despise and reject and losing their wealth to end the hunger of millions.

This planet will resurface, whether you like it or not. You no longer have the choice to cause destruction on the planet. This will end at the point when we take back this planet. Gaia's trees will no longer be attacked, burned, destroyed, or uprooted. And how will you survive that? It is respect for the planet. It will be a New Age. Many will accept it wholeheartedly, and for those who do, we will assist them in acting with the same love and wisdom they previously had. Now those who don't accept it, that's all right, but they have made their choices.

We have said that the chaff is being separated from the wheat. You still cannot admit and accept this, but it is being done. Each one who has already made a choice is being led little by little to leave the planet and will no longer remain here, not even as a spirit. Their souls are being taken to another orbs. But you don't want to see this; you think everything is the same, or, on the contrary, everything is getting worse and nothing changes. The denial of truth is a very interesting fact about you. You'd rather live with the lie and remain in your comfort zone than face the truth and be forced to forge new paths. This ends.

You will have to choose the path because those who don't accept the truth and decide to continue living in the lie are making their choice; they will be in the tares group. And at the right moment, at the right time, they will leave the planet. Precisely because you have free will, choices are allowed. At this very moment, we could energetically mark each of you, tares or wheat, right now and not give anyone a chance to change. For us, it would be straightforward because it would only take one move to remove all the weeds from the planet and leave only the wheat. However, this is not how Father/Mother God's love works. He has given you free will, so you will exercise that free will until the last moment.

Those we call wheat today may become tares tomorrow, and vice versa. We will do nothing about these exchanges. It will be up to you to choose which side of the road you go to. The truth will allow you to see everything with great confidence and certainty of what you are seeing. Nothing will be hidden anymore. Everything will be made clear. Whoever does not believe and thinks we are lying and all this is a great deception will have made the choice of the tares, even though today it is in the wheat group. Do you understand?

Everything will be taken into account, depending on the choices you make. How will you accept everything? How will you survive on this new planet that will arise? Where there will be no more deceit and lies, there will be a lot of revolts. Still, no more lies because, at that very moment, all leaders who disagreed with us will no longer be on their pedestals on this planet. Beings of Light will already occupy these identical pedestals and bring their people prosperity, food, harmony, and equality.

It is over for them. A New World will arise. But, right now, you who are wheat, if you question this new world and can't adapt, fine, do an internship on the other side. Stay for a while as weeds in some orb of the universe. Maybe then, you will learn that you made the wrong choice and decide to actually evolve. And you will have this chance, but not now.

Each of you imagines a vague idea of what this New World will be like. I am not talking about the Fifth Dimension yet. Still, I am talking about a New World where there will be no more lies, where there will be rulers who think about their people, and where there will be balance in everyone. Will this happen overnight? Obviously not. You will need a lot of time to get this house in order. A place that you have destroyed, that you have hurt for millennia. So you will have to clean up the mess.

So the road ahead is still long for many, but not for all. Some are ready following the wheat line and soon will be in the Fifth Dimension. Now the vast majority, who choose to live the truth and this New World, will have a long road ahead. But, because you will start from scratch on a path you have been walking for a long time, everyone can get there.

This is the great love of Father/Mother God, which allows everyone to make their own choice. Even if they are not an evolved soul because they are a soul originally from the Third Dimension of this planet. So don't worry about tomorrow. Look at your path. One step ahead is as far as you should go. And in this step forward, look ahead and see flowers, a beautiful, flowery, fragrant, pleasant path to walk on. This is the path you need to create for the future.

Remember, what you emanate now is what you will reap later. Then see the path always flowery, fragrant, pleasant, and easy to walk. Don't see problems, don't see bad things. Always repeat to yourself: My path will be flowery, fragrant, illuminated, and easy to walk.

Keep this mantra and repeat it all the time. But imagine this path in your mind, and I assure you that you will be creating it a little further down the road.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

Founder and Owner of Canal Anjos Luz e Terapias, Projeto LACAM and Um Toque Colibri, totaling more than 110,000 subscribers to my Youtube Channels, in which I share Channels and Messages received from various Beings of Light.
Founder and Director of the Nova Gaia Association - NGO in order to bring Christ Consciousness to the hearts of all.
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