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Sananda: Days, Weeks, Months

Sananda: Days, Weeks, Months

Cosmic flooding of light continues to increase, which increases vibration in this world on a daily basis. People's lives and this world are coming to a close.

Are people awakening?

JJK: More and more people seem to see through the dark game in this world. There is resistance and more and more people have less and less to lose due to their social decline. A spiritual awakening is still far away and yet something is happening.

But what about those people who ostensibly walk a "spiritual path" and who have been taken over by the errors of the New Age or the esoteric scene? Is there also a progression to their level, a current spiritual evolution/revolution taking place?

From my point of view, this is not the case. I perceive the exact opposite, in the esoteric scene there is a "bunker mentality" and nobody wants to give up the acquired collateral, the acquired half-knowledge. This means that gurus remain gurus and followers remain followers, whereby, as before, the one-eyed are an orientation for the blind.

So while the average person wakes up by seeing through the crimes of the elites, the "spiritual man" falls behind in development because he still refuses to name these crimes and is frozen to rock in the "illusion of light and love"?

SANANDA: I bless every human child who follows these words from the light, for verily:

Nothing is as it seems, and the further awakening of people concerns those who have slept soundly so far, with the exception of those who devote themselves entirely to their acquired new spiritual concepts; they want to be lived, experienced and acted out.

For this end time, this means that people who have little knowledge of the fact of planetary change are taking big steps towards their own spiritualization, and it means that those who already consider themselves spiritually awakened largely stagnate as they retreat, even shy away from, further knowledge. This is one fact and as a result the distance of these people to the "last knowledge" increases.

Prisoners of the Matrix

Furthermore, it should be noted that many originally luminous ambassadors of heaven were taken over by others and are now determined by others.

Due to the fact that many of their open themes are still waiting for liberation, the dark flattered these people.

It built its power base on the basis of the unredeemed vanities and the unredeemed inferiority of these people. It lifted itself onto the altar, believing to serve the Light, but in fact they pay homage to the Golden Calf and worship evil in darkness.

For those who do not recognize or name the dark forces of this world in today's days are woven into their net, into the matrix of illusion, even if this fact is quite different for those affected and even if those affected experience it completely differently.

Thus, these half-enlightened carry their mis- and half-knowledge as great and ultimate insights, and do not realize that their pearls are fake and lose all fascination and shimmer when viewed up close.

Currently, many light warriors are beginning to turn away from the light path, as the "promised" elevation seems to be dragging on, and so they lose the connection to the light; they neither understand this on a mental level nor do they understand the dynamics of these days on an emotional level.

Many people awaken, many fall back into their twilight sleep; and this applies above all to previously promising light warriors.

The "spiritual scene" is indeed most affected by regression and abandonment, while people who have so far been far removed from any knowledge of ascension experience their first awakening, their first revival experiences.

JJK: From my point of view, this is a very remarkable situation. Yesterday I zapped through various new titles of spiritual books on the Internet. Everything seemed to me like a uniform porridge – absolutely washed out and unified healing offers laughed at me on many covers.

Actually, I can no longer bear this literature and much prefer to read, if I come to it, a well-made political book or just another exciting read. Esoteric literature seems to me today simply too banal and permeated and polluted by dark energies.

SANANDA: A lot has indeed changed here. Arbitrariness has increased radically.

Status of the New Age

And arbitrariness means that certain topics are always infused anew, like a tea, until it is only stale water – re-infused and enriched with new content, and these contents very often bear the signature of deep darkness.

Thus, people are often misled by hitherto reliable channel media and neither deceivers nor deceived people have knowledge of it. In sum, it is an event that is due to the requirements of this time.

And requires consistent knowledge work with, in and with oneself.

A constantly recurring theme at the end of time and, apart from a crowd of knowers, the final relapse of the esoteric scene into a low-vibrational reality of life is within reach.

The group of people, who are now partially awakening as they see through the dark play of the shadow players of that time, will gain a certain degree of knowledge by the final days that is suitable for arriving on a higher 4D world.

That is, today it is more important to see through the connections in this world – and to consciously turn away from it – than to build castles in the air in the sky, just so that one forgets the hustle and bustle in this world or does not have to face it.

Cognitive work involves everything and always starts from within. So if a person refuses to look at himself, he also refuses to look at the world.

The smallest of all groups are the people who will gain great and definitive knowledge.

It is those Light Warriors of the first and last hours who have decided to unconditionally and consistently walk the path of light, which means to do the daily work in their own vineyard with all their dedication and attention and to look at the world as it is, undisguised.

JJK: Worldwide, I am currently seeing how the dark system is preparing for collapse as far as possible. Calls are mounting that the financial system will collapse – even major MM media outlets are already reporting on it. It is interesting that this near end, despite the "awakening" of many people mentioned here, the broad masses still do not want to admit.

SANANDA: This behavior is the protection that those people who do not want to look give themselves in order to be able to prolong their lives on this or a similar level – a behavior that belongs to a certain stage of a person's development.

At this low level of cognition, this behavior is logical, but for someone who has the perspective, this behavior is absolutely foolish.

JJK: There are a lot of people who function like that?

SANANDA: Yes, very many! This means that until the Day of the Days, there will hardly be any major shifts in the collective consciousness of humanity. But it also means that a lot is still possible on an individual basis – until the very end.

The die has been cast!

In general, the die has been cast for all levels of human society and different types of people.

What makes this time so important is that it is important to create an optimal starting position for all people until the end: the starting position and basis from which they start their new life.
When the moment of the "great events" that take place in a cascade of groundbreaking events has been reached, it is too late for a reversal. Until then, however, everything is possible for every single person.

JJK: And we have taken on the task of creating a "good starting position" for our siblings, the light warriors of the first and last hours?

SANANDA: This is why you were born, for this you were sent into the world, so that you 1) prepare this world
for change and
2) establish conditions for this humanity to grow.

JJK: What's next? The full moon portals come and go, just as the days, weeks and months pass and much is done.
However, we are still in this rather sluggish and often unbearable world for me?

SANANDA: A fact that makes many people "headaches". What is it all about now to gain a deep understanding of this situation?

What's next?

It is only a matter of constantly connecting to the source of all sources, to God, and to gaining an inner knowledge of these divine processes through this constant attachment to God.

Real closeness to God automatically also means divine knowledge, means participation in the divine omniscient reality.

As soon as a person engages in mind games and gets caught up in them, he encounters the harsh reality of the mind, which has no access to the infinite image of the Creator and to His infinity.

The following approach to life is currently of great importance: To grasp with the mind what is possible, and with the omniscient consciousness to recognize what is beyond any intellectual perception.

Here you have to change the point of view and always take the superordinate view of a conscious Creator God.

And for such a person, if he is in the service of this world and as a "leader", as a light on the hill, many people orientation and way, the maxim applies: Overwhelms and underchallenges no one – not even yourself! What means in the current situation and here discussed: Recognize where people get out, understand it, without letting yourself be distracted from your own way and from your own certainty about the correctness of all things and your actions. Understand the doubts and skepticism you are now facing and continue to do your work in God's vineyard with all due care and dedication.

These days are best mastered by the one whose consciousness is one with God.

And this unity between man and God is expressed most effectively by continuing undeterred and by lovingly leaning towards the growing grass along the way, for doubters and skeptics are far from this reality.

Helpful in all considerations of this end time and for all people, whether master, adept or ignorant, it is not to expect the mind to expect something unreasonable. This must fail, because the comprehension of this epoch, at the center of which is the rise of this world, is impossible for the human mind.

Call on the mind to serve you, command the mind to remain silent if it wishes to rise to your Lord.

Now begin to trust your inner knowledge, the indescribable certainty within yourself, just as you trust a mathematical formula or an event visible to your eyes in this world. For the reality of all life is beyond the visible. Only a very small part of 1% of your almighty consciousness constitutes life as you perceive it. Where are the 99%?

I tell you: Around you, you are surrounded by it, surrounded by life, light and worlds.

You live through, in and with your unlimited omnipresent consciousness. If you look at this time from a different and limited perspective, you can never grasp the now and the Ascension, which presents itself as a "delay", can only be met with a lack of serenity.

The key is to move the layer. From where do you look into the valley? From the top of the mountain, where the valley is at your feet and you overlook everything, or from a hill between the mountains, where you can only see part of the valley? Trust your inner gaze and sharpen it, then you have recognized and the now is understood.

Events ante portas

Cosmic flooding of light continues to increase, which increases vibration in this world on a daily basis. People's lives and this world are coming to a close.

The events are ante portas!

With these words I bless this humanity.

I stand by this world with my love, strength and glory, now that everything is for life and consecrated to God.

In infinite love

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translation by

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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