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Sananda: Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin

Sananda: Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin

The fruitful cooperation of Russia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland is the basis for world peace.

This conversation with SANANDA was conducted on August 21, 2019 for the book You Are Protected and it was first published here on February 8, 2020. Due to current political events, I have decided to republish this message so that we can maintain an "overarching view" and not be absorbed by daily reporting.

America with Donald Trump

JJK: Who is Donald Trump really?

SANANDA: I am with you, Jahn, and I am with all people who want to develop their spiritual wings in my presence.

JJK: I am concerned about this question to the extent that I perceive the 45th President of the United States of America in a very contradictory way. On the one hand, he no longer starts new wars, takes an offensive stance against the pedophile elite, largely abolishes compulsory vaccination in the USA, stops, as far as I know, also the financial support for geo-engineering (no more chemtrails?!) or even puts free energy in the room.

On the other hand, his friendship with Israel's government – despite its crimes as the operator of the world's largest open-air concentration camp in Gaza – is paramount to him. Things are not going well with Iran either. Trump unilaterally terminates the nuclear agreement and threatens with reliable regularity in the direction of Tehran. Russia regularly gets the buck from Trump's administration anyway and at the same time the US is moving more and more military equipment to the Russian border. NATO manoeuvres in the Baltic States have long been customary and the largest country in the world in terms of area is indeed surrounded.

The fact that Donald Trump wants to reintroduce the death penalty for certain "hate crimes" nationwide also makes people sit up and take notice. What is the role of this president and what really makes him special?

SANANDA: This entity has taken on the task of absorbing the complete collapse of its people. It is important to lay a foundation for a mild transition to the New Age as far as possible.

The United States of America is beginning to refocus on itself. In doing so, they are confronted with their karma.

This is an unavoidable process and now requires completely new measures. The old elite, which for centuries secured land and power through crime, is in the process of wiping itself out. The President, who now holds the reins, is accelerating this development.

Here it is important to take an overarching perspective. We live in a time of transition – from the unlight world to the light world. Therefore, in many places, the suitable and intended leaders are now ascending to certain positions. Contradictory in this time is everything that has not yet been subjected to an in-depth and overarching consideration. From an overarching point of view, this entity fulfills its missions exactly.

JJK: That is, in a sense, Donald Trump is an icebreaker?

SANANDA: Old structures are now coming to light. This entity directs attention to where there has been a great lack of light so far. Nevertheless, an entity that is active in the political spectrum today must be energetically suitable for this – and that means in a certain way still being part of the old system itself. This is how the many "outbursts" of this entity are to be interpreted.

JJK: Sometimes the US president reacts like a child. Just the other day, Trump was so upset about the clear no to the sale of Greenland that he defiantly cancelled his state visit to Denmark. Pretty childish, right?

SANANDA: It is the mode of action and negotiation of this entity. Here unredeemed themes of childhood, the injured inner child, mix with learned business strategies. This very often leads to strange behavior and it does not seem very confident.

Overall, be sure that this entity is fulfilling its missions and it is not itself in the deep swamp that is now being drained.

China with Xi Jinping

JJK: Of course, I am also interested in Xi Jinping, the President of the People's Republic of China. For me, this is the classic wolf in sheep's clothing. China is being developed into a total surveillance state by means of 5G technology, the West is taking an example and throwing itself at this state's chest.

The persecution of Falun Gong, involving forced labour, torture and involuntary organ harvesting, is also a chilling example of a thoroughly inhuman regime – and Xi smiles like a gentle Buddha. What role does this entity play and does China as a whole play in this change?

SANANDA: This entity also plays an important role during this time and exercises a correspondingly important political office. Fundamentally, China currently has a very dark aspect.

In China, the future that more and more people in Europe are rejecting is being implemented.

Control, surveillance, manipulation and dehumanization are realized through technology and ideology.

China serves as a negative example to all countries of the world of where the omnipotence of a few and an inanimate belief in technology can lead.

JJK: Yes, for Europe, China is the No. 1 role model, mainly because of the high technology, that in the province of Sichuan, in the southwest of the country, the plants are now pollinated by humans, no one seems to care. There are no more bees there and without the "human bees" there would be no fruit. For me, China is the largest dictatorship on earth and yet it is so courted.

SANANDA: Due to the economic power that actually emanates from China, this is not possible otherwise. In the time of transition, certain dependencies gradually dissolve, but it does not immediately become light everywhere. The processes of dissolution are underway and part of these processes is that certain situations in certain countries are coming to a head.

A certain pain threshold must be reached in all areas so that other people can open up to the path of knowledge.

This "contradiction of time" must be perceived so that the correct assignments become possible.

Russia with Vladimir Putin

JJK: And Russian President Vladimir Putin?

SANANDA: The rock in the surf and the light for Europe! This entity is called to keep things in balance and to assist Germany when it reflects on itself. Russia is aware of the importance of the German people and the German nation – and its president is fully aware of his responsibility to ring in and illuminate a bright future on earth with Germany.

The fruitful cooperation of Russia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland is the basis for world peace.

This is the future that is sabotaged by the ONE and forced by the OTHERS. This fight is now in full swing.

JJK: Has Germany already bottomed out?

Germany in unconsciousness

SANANDA: Germany is currently unconscious. It has forgotten and lost its identity. But people will remember and she will be found again.

Many bright and inspired spirits, people of flesh and blood, are working on the resurrection of Germany. The trough has been reached, but not all the effects of this condition have yet been shown. Again, it is good to take the overarching point of view.

From this perspective, there is enough reason to rejoice.

The German language will not pass away any more than the German speaking peoples – and through unity with Russia, the great Slavic brother, a long peace will be established on earth.

JJK: Will this happen after the major upheavals – pole shift or the like?

SANANDA: These upheavals are part of this change. All levels are affected. Any change for the better and bright – on the socio-political level presented here – is based on planetary and cosmic events that no human being can directly influence.

On the basis of facts that change the earth and God creates, the great transformation of humanity is taking place – a humanity never before and no longer having anything in common with today's. Humanity will be unrecognizable and you yourself will not recognize yourselves.

Everything thrives and pushes towards the light. Remain true to yourself and devoted to your tasks. Everything else is taken care of!

God Himself takes the greatest burdens from the world and lifts the heaviest burdens from your shoulders.

I love you infinitely

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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