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Sananda - Evolution and the Ego

Sananda - Evolution and the Ego

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

I remain grateful and always will be. I can never forget to be first, grateful to be able to do what I'm doing here. To say that my teachings have an end, I cannot say that. But today I'm going to close this series, which I've been doing this entire week, where I'm trying to show each one of you that you can and are capable of improving your world, of being a human being in the broadest sense of the word.

Today I'm going to talk about a subject that for many may not be related to what has been said here this week. But I would say to you that it has everything to do; the ego. As I said in my Letters, ego is not something you can discard and not want to live with. I would say he was the prime factor that kept you on this path all this time of your soul, because he kept you alive, he kept you mindful. So, we cannot just say that it is evil, or that it is evil to you. The ego is important because it keeps you alive. Not alive bodily, more alive in thoughts, feelings, reactions.

So you can't just erase it or rip it out of their minds. Only I say that what has to be done is just to place it within its noblest mission, which is survival, which is alertness, protection. Because if you didn't have this inner alert, you would go through a lot of problems physically speaking. Because you wouldn't have this cunning to keep surviving, to keep alert against everything and everyone. This is the function, I would say benign, of the ego, to make you see danger, to make you avoid danger.

Many might call it common sense and I agree. But I couldn't talk about the ego without talking about the side, I'll put it malefic, of it, where exactly, by putting you always alert, it also tries to place you as superiors, as if you were those statues that stand on top of the pedestals, looking at everything from return. Making you believe that you are the one invincible, uncontrollable and that you can do anything. Let's not confuse ego superiority with self-love. Loving yourself is respecting yourself at all points, this has nothing to do with ego and above all, loving yourself first, then loving the other. This is not ego, this is self-love.

So when the ego comes in and you become beings who can do anything, that's where you find yourself in the right to subdue, enslave, dominate, control; because you can; the other just has to submit, because his ego says, "You can do that to the other." Within selfishness, doing this is for your own protection, because if you subdue the other, you are stronger, you are powerful. Then that one will never turn against you; "Keep calm"; so thinks the ego.

And all this selfishness brought your world to what it is today, authoritarian leaders, dictators, who do not listen to the people, subjugate the people, because they are the bosses, and the subjugated people can do nothing against them. So this is the fundamental point that brought your world to what it is today. And it is clear that these great leaders did not get where they are for nothing, this was always very well planned. We can say that..., who runs the planet? Is there a human being who controls this planet as a whole? I would say that there are people who are in this position, and understand that they can do whatever they want anywhere on the planet, because they think they own the planet.

This just doesn't happen because others often don't allow it, but it's the great leaders of this planet who brought the situation you live in today. Who brought the hunger, who brought the violence? I'm not accusing anyone, I'm just accusing their ways of working, the way everything was planned and very well planned by the way, to bring the planet to the stage it is today, where hunger, misery and violence are the topics more important, and I would say, less treated. Because there is an interest behind it all, in keeping them on top of the problems. Because if their rulers effectively wanted to end all this, they would. It would be a coordinated and joint action and it would all end; but everyone would have to hold hands, everyone would have to have the same weight, everyone would have to have the same thought.

So nothing happens, because everyone wants to keep things their own way, looking only at their own navel. So here I am talking about a high command position on the planet and I would say that it has spread downwards, where all other leaders and rulers do the same, with rare exceptions. There are some leaders on your planet today who are imbued with bringing Light to your people, bringing balance, bringing equality. But unfortunately there are still few, the vast majority still question and still do not accept our interference. You think this is all just a simple threat and that they will continue to hold their positions of command forever. Because it's always been that way, nothing will change.

And then I'm going to go a little further down, I'm not just going to talk about rulers or leaders; I'm going to talk about you who become leaders of your families, of your homes and put yourself in the same way as these rulers. They don't listen to anyone, they don't accept opinions, they are true tyrants and dictators in their own homes. Always with the ego telling you, “Is this the best thing you can do? Shut up everyone and fulfill your role.” So I leave a question hanging: How can this end?

It is a widespread disease on the planet. Selfishness, looking at one's navel, authoritarianism are present in many homes, in many families, where others are simply subjugated because they can't do anything. They are driven to this by exactly who is setting the rules. The one who dictates the rules does not give conditions for those who are subjugated to evolve, to get out of that prison.

So what about these people? I would say that these people will be the first to be removed from their positions, because this extreme selfishness is the contract signed by these souls to act in another orb, no longer here on planet Earth.

So many right now... many are wondering: Does nothing happen? And I would say that at the macro level nothing happens, however the work is being done and many are being released. Do you know? No, you don't live in people's houses. Liberation is taking place. So I would say that we are doing work from the bottom up, not the top down, because when we do work from the top down and attack the top, the rest of the pyramid strengthens and starts to mistreat even more those below. So it is slow work, a thorough work, but from the bottom up, because those who were previously subjugated, when they are freed, have their own strength renewed. And as they renew their strength, they become stronger.

And each time this group, more and more at the base of the pyramid, stronger, becomes larger and larger, and no longer accepts slavery, humiliation; they start to have a voice, they start to have attitude. So while you imagine that nothing is happening, your world is changing. Some and many have already been freed, and today they realize how different life is from what was presented to them. So no, don't think that anything is happening. We are coming from the bottom up, freeing those who have always been oppressed and who are sure to no longer accept oppression. That time of subservience is over for them and they are rising up, they are having a voice.

So I want to close this week by saying to each one of you, watch your egos, watch your attitude. Now I would say this: Nobody changes overnight. Don't think that all of a sudden you will become good and everything you've done will be forgotten. It doesn't exist. What you did back there or up to this moment will reverberate further down the line. This sudden goodness of yours will not last for long, because you will be swallowed up by your own attitudes. So I just say to each one of you: Be ready, to welcome your attitudes; not the ones of today, but the ones of the past.

There is what to do to leave this past behind, a little word: forgiveness. Ask forgiveness for all your soul has done. "Ah, but it's not my fault what my soul did!" So let me explain something to you: Your soul is represented by you incarnated today. So today you answer for your souls. So it's no use telling me that what your soul did a thousand years ago is not your fault. You are your soul and your soul is you. So accept your guilt and ask for forgiveness. And if indeed this forgiveness is from the bottom of the heart and has its lesson learned, you will be walking along another road; no longer for the one that will take you to continue in the Third Dimension.

So I say to each of you: There is still time to repent, there is still time to ask for forgiveness, there is still time to treat your souls. So do it. I just tell you that time is getting shorter, each day that passes is one day less. So what's missing for you to take courage, and start the cleansing process, what's missing? Is it necessary to admit that your soul was wrong? This is the big problem. Then I'll go back to talking about the ego again, because the ego screams 24 hours in your mind, that you don't make mistakes, you do what you think is right.

So keep listening to your ego. As long as you keep hearing that you do not make mistakes, you will be on another road, this I guarantee; and moving further and further away from the Fifth Dimension road. This is the real truth. Admitting a mistake is not being weak, on the contrary, admitting a mistake is being extremely strong and courageous, and saying to the ego: "No, I am wrong and I will pay for my mistake, asking for forgiveness or whatever".

So I'm going to close this week by leaving you here with this thought: Which road do you actually think you are walking on? Think, listen very carefully to everything that has been said here and answer me, which road are you walking on?

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