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Sananda - Peace

Sananda - Peace

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I'M SANANDA!

Once again, I will always repeat, I am grateful that I am here, that Father/Mother God allows my voice to be spread to more and more people on this planet. Today I want to bring you a new subject: Peace! What is Peace?

Many understand that peace is simply not having war. Peace is a state of mind, it's a total balance between mind and body, it's that moment where you can clear your mind and not think about anything, simply surrender to that moment, that situation. You've made a habit of suffering in anticipation, of bringing what you call the future into the now, but not a real future, a future you imagine. What's the use? Who guarantees you that the future you are creating will happen?

So let's delve a little deeper into this thought. We have said here, and it is true, that what you do today interferes with your harvest tomorrow. So following your thought interferes with the future, but as a reaction, not as a creation. It is not enough for you to imagine, to dream that you will have a beautiful home. Of course, the universe begins to act to make that wish happen, but what is your purpose for having that beautiful house? Comfort, pride, wealth, exhibition? Each of these feelings takes the speed of the universe and that desire is placed there at the end of the line, of so many others you've already made.

Thinking differently: you want a beautiful house because you want to give comfort to your family, because you like to live in a beautiful place, or simply you want to have a beautiful house because you want to have a beautiful house. It's not envy of anyone, it's not wanting to be better than anyone, just a personal satisfaction. A dream you don't really believe in, but you dream. So the universe starts conspiring for it. And if you take a few minutes every day and think about that house, what would it be like; a beautiful house, not a rich house (understand a beautiful house does not necessarily have to be a very rich house).

You just want a beautiful home, with comfort, with lots of flowers, gardens, a comfortable home that gives you joy in living in it. They are pure feelings and the universe continues to conspire. And every time you think about that house, there's no anxiety, there's peace in your heart, because it's just a dream. It's not a reason for life, it's a dream that you like to stay there putting every detail, every color of the wall, every piece of furniture inside, every little place inside the house that will be comfortable for you and your family.

And in these moments your heart is at peace, not anxious, it is in a state of suspension; the outside world ceases to exist, because you have surrendered to this dream and it is such a good feeling that you repeat it as often as you can. Many have these dreams for themselves, they don't tell anyone. Which I would say is not a bad idea, because there will always be the one who says, “Oh, you don't deserve this. This will never happen. It's a waste of time!" And then you end up thinking, if you're really wasting time.

So keep your dreams to yourself, believe in them, but with peace in your heart, not with anxiety. Just surrender to the universe and within this peace of mind and heart, the universe works, the universe turns around to bring this dream to you. It's up to you to just keep dreaming, keep believing that it's not a matter of merit, that it's not a matter of praying or praying, it's a matter of believing; that there is a chance, although many may even say, almost nil, but there is a chance that dream will materialize. But with peace in your heart, not with anxiety.

Anxiety is the enemy of the universe, because anxiety is trying to bring yourself into control of something you have no control over. The universe knows the right time, because everything comes at the right time. Delay is often a lesson, it's a break from something bad, it's the improvement of something that can be even better. But you don't understand, you want everything now, in this moment, with anxiety. Wanting to bring into the present moment something that could bring you so much annoyance or bring you many more surprises if you are patient.

Nothing happens outside of time, if you speed things up, you could be taking away from the universe the chance to cut or improve a lot and then you regret it later. So surrender everything to the universe, have peace in your heart, don't be anxious, live in the moment. What does this moment bring you now? Some doubts, some certainties, some questions. Very well, ask the questions and I will answer you. What good is anxiety? What's the point of not having peace in your heart and mind?

Anxiety brings what? The disease, because you speed up your mind and when you speed up your mind, it speeds up your body, it speeds up your cells and they start to vibrate at an unbalanced speed, bringing countless problems. So why the impatience, why the anxiety? Now if you live with peace in your heart, believing that each moment is already written, each moment is already in balance in the universe.

Let's put it this way: Every thing you do now generates a return that is placed at some point in the universe, depending on how you emanated it. Very well, it will be part of some minute, some second of your walk, in what you call the future. So if you walk with light steps, aware that every second has something to happen, things come to you in a light, calm way, because nothing is being accelerated, everything is happening as planned. Then you accelerate. It's as if you pull things that would happen up ahead, to the moment of today. And then what happens? Lots of things happening in the same second and you can't finish anything because it's too much.

You accelerated, you pulled into the present time, you didn't have the patience to let the universe itself show you the way, show you the task of that moment. Because the universe knows, every task in every second, but you speed everything up and then complain that you can't handle anything. Of course, you are attracting things that would not happen now, would happen later.

I once said here: Don't plan, don't give dates, let it happen. But in your world, everything has to have a plan, everything has to have a date and then what do we have? Extremely sick and agitated professionals, because they need to meet that date, not knowing what the universe prepares in the middle of the way. Something may come along the way that prevents the fulfillment of that date and then many are punished for this, because they did not meet that date.

This is not correct, nobody knows what will happen in a second. And if you get sick, who will do your job? Nobody is irreplaceable, someone will, but with delay, for sure. What was the use of his anxiety, of what was the use of pulling so much into the moment?

My sons and daughters, learn to live in peace. Peace is not the lack of war, peace is a serene heart, it is a serene mind.

I understand, that you created this crazy world that is out there. Today trying to find peace within this world, many will tell me that it is impossible; I partially agree. I agree that you live in this demanding and anxious world, but I assure you, that if you at least allow yourself to live today, not tomorrow, today, hand over the path to the Higher Self today.

“May my Higher Self bring my way today, all that needs to be done, nothing more!”

Make this request to your Higher Self and he will put in the way of each one what is appropriate to be done today. Not just in the here and now, which would be right, but we're going to have a little adaptation for your world. So let him bring what is to be done today, so that you meet all the necessary deadlines. And nothing comes but what is for today. May you be able to fulfill everything today with peace of heart, without anxiety, without nervousness, without anything that is an obstacle to the fulfillment of those duties that you have today.

I assure each one of you, that you doing this, of course the day will have problems? It will have, because you created this problem somewhere in the past, it will be coming back today, for you to look at it. But with the request you made to your Higher Self, it will not interfere with your activities, because you will be at peace, you will be in balance to look at that problem and solve it; or if you prefer, put it under the rug, leave it for tomorrow. But be careful, because when you start to put a lot of problems under the rug, one day that rug is lifted. And then your Higher Self will not be able to secure that day in such a smooth way, because you will have so many problems to solve that it won't work.

Look at the problems and solve them. It's not pushing with the belly, as you say, it's solving them in the moment, in the act, but with balance, with peace in the heart. The opposite of peace is war. War comes from hearts that have no peace, from ambitious hearts, but that is not the focus here. The focus here is peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of heart. Learn not to think about tomorrow, think about today as much as possible, because the universe knows how to arrange things so that everything happens at the right time.

You are not surprised. The universe wants to bring you wonders, but you want everything today, right now. There is no time for the universe to do, to finish its creation because you accelerated everything. And then you miss the opportunity to have what the universe would do, because it breaks the process, it won't come anymore. So learn to wait, learn to trust what you are emanating, learn to trust that the universe will always bring the best, never the worst. When it looks like it's the worst, it's something that has to be looked at with the heart, not in anger.

So don't be anxious, just look at the short horizon, today; and let tomorrow come as the universe wants it to come, as the universe planned it to come. Begin to experience this and you will see how it all happens gradually, smoothly and very successfully. Because you let the universe do its work, you let everything that you emanated from good build up further ahead. It might take a while, but it's being built. And be sure, that what you need to go through, the universe also doesn't put everything together in the same place, it puts it punctual, at every moment. But because of your acceleration, you think that everything happens at the same time.

And you start to emanate this: "Oh, everything bad is happening to me today." With this sentence you are pulling what is up ahead to happen today. It wasn't the universe that sent you everything today, you attracted everything to today. Beware of words, beware of thoughts. When something bad happens, look at it and fix it. And say to the universe: “Each problem in its own time. Don't speed them up!” In this case you can say the word no, because you are saying to the universe, each thing in its own time.

Find this peace in your heart. Look to the horizon of the end of today. Don't look to tomorrow. Tomorrow will arrive as your Higher Self thinks it has to, don't rush anything because you could be breaking something much better that the universe was preparing. And with your acceleration, the process breaks, because you interrupted that recipe that was running. It's like taking a cake out of the oven ahead of time, it comes raw and you won't be able to eat it properly. Returning the cake to the oven will not work very well, it will no longer be as it would be.

So learn to look only at the day. Tomorrow will come calm and peaceful, if you keep your own heart. Seek peace and balance in your heart and you will see how your life will not be just flowers, but the thorns will be much smaller and will be much easier to deal with.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

Founder and Owner of Canal Anjos Luz e Terapias, Projeto LACAM and Um Toque Colibri, totaling more than 110,000 subscribers to my Youtube Channels, in which I share Channels and Messages received from various Beings of Light.
Founder and Director of the Nova Gaia Association - NGO in order to bring Christ Consciousness to the hearts of all.
Training: Magnified Healing® Course, Professional Radiesthesia, Crystal Therapy, Facilitator and Akashic Records Reader, Reiki - Level 3A and 3B -  Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner

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